Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Transcending Fear to Ascend into Love

We are in an unprecedented time of ascension to Christ Consciousness.  Some are struggling, spinning out of control in fear, while others are opening their hearts even more to the love of God within them to share and send that love to others.  It is no coincidence that we are at the holiday of love and joy - the final days of this year of 2012 and we are being forced to choose - love or fear?

My human heart has been weeping while the rest of me has been working at staying out of anger and fear.  Our hearts will never forget tragedies that touch us so deeply, but we will heal.  Many are focusing on the anger and calling for the elimination of guns.  I'm reminded that a man wielding a knife stabbed 20 children in China on the same day of the shooting in Newtown.  We know there are no coincidences.  Guns don't shoot people by themselves, nor do knives stab people by themselves.  The core issue is the human holding the gun, holding the knife or making the bomb - the human that is lost in a abyss of fear.

On Saturday morning my guides woke me up very early showing me that the children were and always will be in the arms of Jesus - without pain or fear, playing with angels.  I saw Jesus and many angels in the school holding the space of love - not fear.  They then showed me that there are many, many more humans of tortured energy on the cusp of lashing out to hurt others.  My guides asked me to help hold the space for healing of not only those who are suffering from these tragedies, but also a safe space to send healing love to those who are contemplating such horrific attacks and to share that space with others.  You may download these guided journeys by pointing your browser here.

Then I read this article on Monday, Mom says 'I am Adam Lanza's mother,' details life with terrifying son and I understood the magnitude of how important it is for us to come together As One to share the love of God from deep within.  We each have a voice and can help!  Through loving, compassionate hearts we will have clarity of thought for words and action steps to bring healing to these tortured souls and their loved ones.

There will be more horrific tragedies to force us to choose to spin out of control into an abyss of fear or tap into the wisdom of the love that is our essence.  Fear holds us hostage, while Love holds power, healing and clarity of thought.

How do we live in love over fear when we have been conditioned for lifetimes that living in fear is normal?  We must choose!  The old teachings of the physical world condition us to hold on to the pain of unforgiveness, judgment and to seek revenge.  The new paradigm of living in Christ Consciousness holds the energy of compassion and seeing past the tragedy of a life event to the reality that the spirit lives forever and love is eternal.  Love source energy illuminates the bigger picture of healing from deep within ascending our energy as one.

 The energy of love knows no time or distance. 
The energy of love is All Powerful and embraces the human spirit with comfort.
Love Heals... ALL

 My business associate and EFT expert, Nick Ortner, lives in Newtown.  He is setting up a program of love for healing.  You may click here to learn more.

These past few weeks my focus has been to share tools to help those who are grieving to flow in ease and grace through the holidays.  In light of the pain of these past few days, my work is clearly divinely guided.  It has been challenging to hold the energy of joy, because as a human it feels as though we are betraying the pain of physical loss that others are feeling when we "go on about our lives in joy" and we feel guilty.  These feelings of betrayal and guilt are but an illusion of the darkness of fear.

Here - now is the fighting in the streets between fear and love.  Do you choose to stand in the light of love fully supported by powerful loving angels or do you choose to succumb to the darkness of fear?  Life events are forcing our hand - we must choose.

I send love and light to each of you in gratitude that you are with me on this journey through the darkness to the light.

In love and light,

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sending love to Newtown...

There are no words to take away the pain of the tragic event in Newtown, CT - or even ease it.  It would be easy to fall into the abyss of shock, anger and confusion and be lost.

Our human hearts are broken and we weep...

I light a candle to dispel the darkness and light the way for hope and healing.

Many are asking, "What can I do?"  Millions of us are too far away to physically hold those who have lost their loved one to death of the physical body, but what we can do is send "love" from the very essence of who we are to everyone touched by this horrendous experience.

The energy of love knows no time or distance.  
The energy of love is All Powerful and embraces the human spirit with comfort.

Love Heals... ALL

Our human minds are challenged to take in the pain of this tragedy.  Yet within us gratitude holds the light for the lives not taken.  We are grateful that our loved ones are safe - and with that spark of gratitude we can breathe into the comfort of love and send that love to others who are suffering the intense pain of loss.  We can send love to those who have memories of seeing, hearing and feeling things that cannot be unseen, unheard or unfelt.

On this same day, on the other side of Mother Earth in China 22 school children were injured by a knife wielding man.  On December 11 people were killed and injured at a mall in Oregon.  On July 20 people were killed and injured here in Colorado at a movie theater.  There are other troubled, tortured souls who long to inflict suffering on others.  Who are they?  We don't know, but instead of being afraid, we can send love to them, too.  The angels will guide the love of our hearts to the individuals who need healing.  All we need to do is set the intention and send it.

In this time of ascension we are being called on one by one to hold the light of love in our hearts as a brilliant flame.  These tragedies are fanning our flickering pilot light of love to a glorious, brilliant glow of light.  Sending love globally to all who are suffering pain and grief will deliver comfort.  Sending love globally to tortured souls who are considering hurting others will illuminate their darkness so that they, too, will see and feel the light of God surrounding them.

Through these tragic events we human spirits come together in love.  This time of ascension is serious.  I invite you to join me in dissipating the distance between us and come together As One to hold the safe space for healing with love.  The angels and I have created a safe space of comfort to send healing love to those who are suffering.  We've also created a safe space to send love to the tortured souls who feel the need to lash out at others.

This one thing - Sending Love from our hearts - we can do!  With multitudes of angels in attendance we have the ability to send the love of our heart to connect our essence with others - As One - to bring comfort and healing.

This pain is fresh in our minds and in our hearts, yet we yearn for a return to "normalcy."  Without guilt seek out ways to experience joy and laughter.  You won't be betraying those who have transitioned to the angelic realm, nor will you be betraying the pain of those who are still living.  By elevating your vibration out of the sadness to joy, the love that you send them will be that much more powerful to comfort.

You may add yourself or a loved one to the Pray it Forward Prayer List here.

On Thursday night's radio show, December 13, I shared a shielding exercise and a love exercise to help this holiday time flow in ease and grace and bring comfort for the pain of grief.  You may listen to the archive of that show here.

I send you love and light as we come together to heal our broken hearts,

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Grief and Holidays...

The holiday season can be very stressful due to all the hustle and bustle of families getting together, traveling, completing your "to do" list, not to mention people being away from work – both physically and mentally! But when you add grief to the mix, it can be very challenging to see the joy of the holidays, much less experience it.

And then there is the thinning of the veil between our physical world and that of the angelic realm where our loved ones exist whose physical bodies have died. This ascension of love energy to more closely match that of the angelic realm that we and Mother Earth are experiencing has increased exponentially this past year and continues to expand in all directions of time.

On the one hand, it is a very exciting time. On the other, it can be even more painful.

My grandmother passed July 29 of this year. I’ve been feeling better, but recently I felt a huge wave of grief envelope me as a thought of my grandmother popped into my head. I sat down in the chair sobbing (because I’m human, too, and I must allow myself to grieve) and Majik (the poodle) jumped into my lap. I hugged him close, then looked him in the eye and asked if he misses Grandma, too?

Without hesitation I clearly heard him say with some confusion, “I don’t know what your problem is, I see her all the time!”

Needless to say, I was surprised, then… in my mind’s eye, I saw her sweeping my kitchen floor! ;) I had to laugh! I cried through the grief, then I experienced laughter.

It was then that I realized that it was Grandma’s energy coming in to see me that initiated the wave of grief in the first place! Hmmm… well, in that case the experience wasn’t so bad - it was comforting!

This year I won’t be able to call my grandmother on the phone to wish her Merry Christmas or Happy New Year (or just chat at least twice each week). When I began to fret about this an angel whispered in my ear reminding me that I haven’t had the opportunity to spend the holidays with her since the 80’s, but I will this year! She won’t be here in physical form, but she will be here in spirit. She’s here now watching over my right shoulder as I type this – but she’s a little distracted with the other loving spirits in the room!

Grieving isn’t only for loss of life, it can be initiated by the loss of a way of life - including, but not limited to:
Death of a human loved one or pet
A child leaving home
Loss of a home or job
Loss of a relationship
Reliving the trauma of a tragedy

Tools to help breathe through the grief:

  Consciously breathe deeply – we often hold our breath when we are stressed. Our angels communicate with us through our breath, so breathe deeply to help your physical body feel better and allow your heart to open to the comfort of those of the angelic realm.
Before getting out of bed, ask your angels and set the intention to experience joy and laughter at some point during the day.
Allow yourself to experience the grief, then shift your focus on the love you have between you and embrace that love – allow the love to pull you from the depths of despair and experience the joy and comfort of the love. Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel the energy of your loved one. Allow yourself to experience fully the love that they send to you through the veil, from the angelic realm. Then “allow yourself” to carry that love throughout your day without guilt.
Read a book that is written with love and humor about the experiences of others who have experienced physical loss. My recommendations: Waiting in the Other Room written by my dad and me, of course, And Then There was Heaven by Roland Comtois, however, there are many good books out available. Your loved ones in spirit will guide you to the right book.
Talk to someone and let them know that you aren’t asking them to “fix” your grief, you just need an ear (or eyes if you’re emailing) and for them to send you love. (It is okay to ask for others to send you love)

When someone is experiencing the deep profound pain of losing someone they love to death of the physical body, it sounds weak from a “mainstream” viewpoint to say, “I’m praying for you” or “I send you love.” But the truth is – the amazing real truth is - that love is more powerful than anything – ANYTHING! Love heals and Love is all Powerful!

The intense pain of feeling “loss” never goes away, but it heals to a higher level of love when you allow it to.

I invite you to join me for tonight’s Spiritual Whispers radio show. I’ll be sharing tools and stories to help you if you’re grieving – or not grieving – to flow in ease and grace through this holiday season. And I’ll share some private thoughts about my personal grieving process. I will also share the last thing my grandmother said to me before her physical body passed and what happens when we “let them go” sincerely from our heart.

Oops, Grandma just reminded me, we’ll also experience a shielding exercise with the angels of the angelic realm and the earth angels to help make this time easier!

There have been times in my life when I’ve been so far down that when I’ve heard the sound of my own laughter, I was surprised, because I had not heard it nor experienced it for so long. Physical life is toooooooo short. Yes, we must allow ourselves to grieve, but we must also allow ourselves to “Live.” Living and experiencing joy and laughter is exactly what our loved ones want us to do – and when we do, they FEEL that joy and laughter just like we do!

I send you love and light sincerely from my heart to each of you reading this.  Please put your right hand on your left shoulder - your left hand on your right shoulder and accept a physical cyber hug from me!

In love and light,

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Messages from the Aspens...

Thanksgiving weekend my husband took me to Estes Park, Colorado.  When we go there we spend a lot of our time in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  There is an area of the park where the Thompson River flooded in 1976 that has often made me feel uncomfortable, but this time when we drove into the area, I felt right away that the energy was different.  It was welcoming instead of full of anguish.  Since I was there last, the area has healed at a very deep level.

As we drove between the Aspens that lined the highway to the other side of the flooded area, I was, as always, in awe of the hieroglyphic images etched into the bark of the trees.  I've always believed these images tell a story and on this day, that belief was confirmed!

My husband stopped the truck and I watched, mesmerized as the images in the bark of the Aspen trees came alive and began to speak in hushed whispers.  They were all talking at once - too many at one time to understand what they were saying, so I asked for one to communicate with me.  The excited whispers subsided and I clearly heard a deep Native American voice begin to speak.  He explained, "The images tell the story of those who have walked the soils of Mother Earth before.  They are not stuck spirits.  They are the essence of their imprint energy."  He explained that the Aspen trees are all connected beneath the soils of Mother Earth and how the energetic imprints are connected from all over the world through Mother Earth's soils to the Aspens.

Oh My Gosh - how cool is that!

I've felt the "eyes" of the Aspens and have often wondered about them.  This was my opportunity to learn more!  I asked about the feeling of their watching and was answered with laughter, "The eye of the Aspen is as the eye of the Mother and the eye of God as one.  Ever watching, ever seeing, but do not fear little on the seeing is from the heart of love."

If you've ever stood with open heart under an Aspen tree you can feel the presence of God.  With the whisper of the breeze, you can hear Him breathing...

One morning we got up early and went to the same spot to eat breakfast.  Freddy had the heater on and his window down when we stopped.  He teased me to watch for forest animals on my side of the truck, but he was the one who needed to be on the lookout - moments later a Magpie tried to join us through his open window!  Fortunately he decided inside the truck was not the best place for him and settled for the side mirror.

As we sat there eating breakfast Fred voiced his concerns of the beetle kill and fires changing the forest forever.  It was then the Native American of the day before returned.  He said not to feel sorry for the forest, for change is the cycle of life.  Instead he asked that we send love to the forest and all its inhabitants for through the love is healing for all - the forest, the critters, the soils of Mother Earth as well as we human spirits.

This time of "change" is accelerating at a dizzying pace.  I encourage you to use your favorite grounding method to keep you grounded and balanced as we experience transformation of our spirit and body to the higher dimensions of love and light.  Allow your heart to be open to the voice of Mother Earth as well as your angels.  They are speaking and sharing love of The Father.

Please know that you are not alone in this hustle bustle time of year end, holidays and ascension changes!  We're all in this together!

May you feel and accept the comforting guidance of your angels...

In love and light,

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Love, Honor and Respect in Celebration of Veterans

Today I share with you a tribute of love, honor and respect to those who serve their country and humanity to preserve freedom.  My maternal grandfather, Chester Stockam, fought in World War II.  My dad, Big Jim, was in the army when I was little, then was a deputy sheriff when I was a pre-teen.  My step father-in-law fought in Vietnam and my father-in-law was in the Navy.  One of my daughter's best friends now serves in the US Air Force and was in Afghanistan.

This past summer Jesse and I had the honor of living next door to Jules, a World War II veteran.  He is 95 and makes the best Sock It To Me cake ever!  Since we were caring for Grandma, we didn't have much of a social life, so Jules would come over and visit us as often as he could.  I loved to hear about his travels while serving our country and he enjoyed sharing them.  The hours we spent reminiscing took me back to Grandma's kitchen table listening in fascination to every word my Grandpa Stockam shared with me about his time away from home during World War II.

Grandpa was called to serve our country first, then while he was away, one of his brothers was called.  Several months later while eating in a mess tent with hundreds of other soldiers on the other side of the world, Grandpa ran into his brother, proving that even though there were no cell phones or social media, we were still connected.

Grandpa received the Purple Heart when his hand was injured by shrapnel.  He was proud of serving his country, but shared with me when he showed me the scar on his hand, that he felt he was undeserving of the Purple Heart because the wound was so insignificant.  Little did he know then that he needed that Purple Heart so five years after his death, I could finally have it in my possession, to love honor and respect not only him, but all who serve to protect.

Grandpa's Purple Heart holds tremendous energy - it is almost overwhelming.  When I hold it I feel the pain of separation from loved ones as well as being a part of something so much bigger than one person or one family - or even one country.  I feel the connection we each have to one another through the essence of God within us.  Holding it magnifies God's love that transcends time, distance and even death.

As I hold the Purple Heart I'm reminded of Grandpa running into his brother in a mess tent in a foreign country.  In my mind's eye I see him in full uniform - saluting me - and the veil thins...

In love and light,

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Message from the Angels

Message from the Angels
Dearest Children,

We walk with you in all moments of this time of transformation of your earthly plane.  We hold the light to dissipate the shadows of darkness, but it is you who hold the switch to turn on this light.  We ask that you open your heart and ask for this assistance.  We hold the safe space for you to stand tall in your power to take control of the creation of the coming days of your physical lives and your physical world.

Sit with us, in nature if you can and breathe in our love.  Ask for our assistance to help you shift from the illusion of fear that clutches at your confidence to the magical strength of your true power - the love of God that is your essence.

Know that through this essence of God within you all is possible.

Your Angels, the Messengers of God

In love and light,

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reconnect with Love during the Holidays

Yesterday while I was out I noticed Christmas decorations at a local shopping center.  This year has practically evaporated!  Since the holidays last year everyone on the planet has experienced significant changes in their lives.  Many have lost loved ones, including me, and this will be the first Thanksgiving and Christmas without their physical bodies.

On my birthday this year the absence of my grandmother's physical voice was deafening.  Her love always made me feel very special. I looked forward to my birthday and would put a candle on the cake for every year of my life.  Granted the cake has become quite the fire hazard, but nonetheless, all the candles had to be on there and lit.  This year I just wanted to get through the day - no cake, no singing and no candles.  The sadness of the first birthday without Grandma was very painful, but I (we - my family and I) got through it.  My grief was so strong I could not feel her with me, although I knew she was here.

Then almost two weeks later my brother had a birthday.  I was in a much better place, embracing joy and setting my intention to laugh each day.  That morning Grandma woke me up kissing me on the forehead.  Then her spirit sat down beside me, took my hand, like I had taken hers so many times last summer, and she talked with me.  Just how special was that?!!

A day or two later as I made the bed I thought about the coming holiday season.  Immediately I remembered Grandma's physical body won't be here to call or honor with a special gift.  Then an angel whispered in my ear...  "You haven't spent Thanksgiving or Christmas with Grandma for years.  This year she will be with you in spirit!"

OMG - of course she will!  This was a perspective I had not anticipated - my heart began to sing with joy and anticipation!  Grandma will be here for Thanksgiving and for Christmas!

I share the experience of taking in this new perspective because for many of you this will be the first holiday season without someone you love - or the second or twenty-second...  No matter how long they have been physically removed from Mother Earth, the love lives on - and they are only a thought away.  

Today the veil between our worlds is thinner than it has ever been and tomorrow it will be even thinner.  Those you love are not buried or ashes.  They are love and light and they are here.  Take a deep breath and open your heart to the love and joy that they are.  Embrace the joy of reconnecting with them and welcome them!  Sit down and have a conversation with them.  Ask for a sign that they are still with you and allow yourself to have the eyes to see and accept the validation!

The holidays can be the most stressful time of year.  Many times we feel alone and often a little lost.  Set your intention now to experience love, joy and laughter this holiday season with those you love - especially those who are of the angelic realm!

In Honor of Grandma
I've added a page to the Soul Kisses website in honor and celebration of my grandmother's life.  You may read it by clicking here.  Again, I thank all of you who supported Jesse, Grandma and I with your loving thoughts and prayers!

I send love and light to each of you reading this.  May your heart open easily to the guidance and love of your team of the Angelic Realm.

In love and light,

Monday, October 29, 2012

The End of the Mayan Calendar, What Now?

We are in the final days of the Mayan calendar.  What does this mean?  With a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in British Columbia on Saturday and Hurricane Sandy sliding into the East coast of the US toady, not to mention other "natural disasters" and human challenges, it would be easy to allow fear to clutch our hearts.  What we must remember is that fear is an illusion of man and is only of the physical world.  

When I was a child I was afraid of death of the human body and embraced teachings of all things fearful.  It took years to get my mind around that living in fear is a choice.  Granted it is a choice made most often subconsciously, but it is still a choice.  

In these final days of the Mayan Calendar, we are faced with the social drama of uncertainty laced with fear.  BUT, this fear is a choice!  When we open our hearts to the essence of who we are - One with God, we find a deep sense of peace and profound love.  There is no space for fear in love, so the fear must dissipate and therein lies our power and our control.

In this time of uncertainty it is more important than ever that we take advantage of the thinness of the veil and tap into the universal wisdom that is our birthright to have and understand. Through the Soul Kisses website I provide tools for transformation, comfort and guidance that I use myself.  Due to the challenges so many face in this very moment, I'm offering pre holiday specials to help you shift the energy of these coming days from fear to love, balance and joy.

You have a huge team of angels, guides and teachers with you in all moments.  Remember, the number one complaint of angels is that we do NOT ask for their help enough!  Know that you won't be bothering them when you ask them for help!  They are ready and eager to help you in every moment of your existence.  You don't have to go through life winging it on your own!  Open your heart and tap into the wisdom and guidance that resides within you!

In love and light,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Breathe through the Pain of Grief with Roland Comtois & Kate

Today when I pulled back the window shades I was greeted by several inches of snow.  The Majik poodle was thrilled - the only thing that would have made him happier is to go outside naked instead of wearing a snowsuit!  When we came back in I removed his snowsuit and wrapped him up in a towel and helped him pull the snow out from between his toes (he wasn't wearing any shoes...).

Then a wave of grief that my grandmother recently died swept over me and I started to cry.  Majik licked my face, then just snuggled against me while I sobbed.  When I gained control of my emotions I looked him in the eye and said, "We miss grandma, don't we?"  To which I "heard" from him, "I see her all the time, I don't know what your problem is!"  ...and I laughed!

It was in those moments that I realized the wave of grief was initiated because I felt Grandma's energy with us.  She was enjoying - for the first time - Majik playing in the snow!

Even though I often talk to loved ones who have died and are now in spirit, I'm still human and I grieve.  Grief has its own schedule and there are no rules.  It just is.

Roland Comtois and I are walking similar paths.  We communicate with spirits of loved ones whose physical bodies are deceased and we know they are all okay, but we still grieve the loss of the physical presence of those we love who have died.

Know that our loved ones whose physical bodies have died are but a breath away.  No matter how alone you feel, they are still with you and you are surrounded by angels to bring you comfort as you grieve and heal.  

In love and light,

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Love, Honor and Respect

Are your relationships based on love, honor and respect – you for the other person and the other person for you? Or is the relationship unbalanced with you loving, honoring and respecting the other person, but the other person treats you terribly, without love, honor and respect? But not all the time, just some times – more than you would like, but not all the time, because when they are loving to you the relationship is wonderful, but sometimes, it isn’t... Relationships are not meant to be complicated.

Relationships that are less than loving with only the outline of honor and respect are not fully of the light, they hold shadows of darkness. In this shifting time of NOW, darkness can no longer hide from the light that is transforming our planet and raising our energy. The light is revealing the darkness to you. These revelations are all around us, personally, professionally, politically, etc.

What can you do about it?

There is nothing we can do about the other person - it is not our job to "fix" them or make them treat us better, but we can change within ourselves and set boundaries for acceptable behavior.

Love, Honor and Respect Part One
We can only receive love to the level at which we love ourselves. So the first step to being in a loving relationship with someone else is to look deeply within and open our heart to loving US!  For years from a subconscious level I believed I was unworthy and undeserving of happiness, joy and being loved – I didn’t have a clue how to love, honor, and respect ME!  As a result I attracted to me people who did not truly love, honor or respect me. Then I opened my heart to the guidance of my angels and they helped me to see me as they do, as the essence of God.

We’re taught to put God first above ourselves, but the reality is that we are the essence of God, so in order to put God first, we must honor the divinity within us!

When I learned this, I was able to embrace the love of God within me and came to understand that I am worthy and deserving of happiness, love, joy, prosperity – all things of love that are my birthright. I learned to love, honor and respect myself and I attracted to me relationships that love, honor and respect me, too.

Love, Honor and Respect Part Two
We’re taught to “turn the other cheek.” I was taught that this meant to basically let people walk on me, but I believe the true meaning of this concept is to love, honor and respect myself enough to “turn my cheek and walk away.” This doesn’t mean I don’t love the other person, it simply means I refuse to wallow in the pain of being a victim. It means I stand in my power, loving, honoring and respecting the divinity within me. I’m not in agreement with the other person and so long as I stay out of the pain of victim mindset, I have the power to send love to the other person and bless them on their way.

This creates a void in my life that the universe rushes to fill with a relationship that is of Love, Honor and Respect, because that is the energy at which I vibrate!

The time is NOW to look deep within your heart and discern at what level do you love, honor and respect yourself. Leave others and their judgment of you completely out of the equation. Do you love, honor and respect yourself? Open your heart to see yourself as your angels see you, as the beautiful essence of God that you are whose birthright it is to live in love, joy, happiness and prosperity in all things.

When you love, honor and respect yourself at the deepest level possible, you will attract to you relationships that love, honor and respect you. If a current relationship does not expand to this higher level of love, it will fade away and the Universe will fill the void with the loving relationship you long for.

You are a beautiful spirit of love and light. Open your heart and embrace the divinity within you and love, honor and respect yourself as One with God. Allow the relationships that hold the shadows of darkness to dissipate – send them love and bless them on their way, then open your arms wide to receive the relationship that fills your heart with joy and love.

May you embrace the love light of God to illuminate your journey and make your life easier and filled with joy.

In love and light,

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Support from the Angelic Realm

Jessica Ridgeway is 10 years old.  She left her home in Westminster, Colorado on Friday, October 5 to walk to school.  She never made it.  She is missing.

Jessica is 4/10", 80 pounds, has shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes and was last seen wearing pink and purple glasses, a black jacket and black boots with pompoms.

Our prayers go out to Jessica, her family and friends as well as those who are looking and praying for her.

Support from the Angelic Realm + Radio
Many of you have written to me to about not receiving emails from me. Your email processor is fine and your email is still in good standing in my database.  I have not sent out a newsletter since September 27, my apologies.  Shortly after I returned from Arkansas my mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer.  After an exploratory surgery her doctors are confident chemo treatment will return her to good health.  Then my father-in-law experienced a health scare and spent several days in the hospital.  My husband is in and out of town for work and I have very human days of grieving the physical loss of my dear grandmother.  I'm human and life events caught up to me, so to speak.

The days leading up to my birthday in September were especially challenging - the first birthday without a card filled with love from Grandma.  My heart cried from my soul and I just wanted to get past it.  I'm working at shifting from a state of "numbness that protects me" to really living - breathing, laughing and loving life ...and I'm getting there.  This week I was thinking about the coming holidays and experienced a turning point in my grief.  I realized that I'll finally be able to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with Grandma - albeit she will be in spirit form, but that is okay!  I'm looking forward to it!

Grief at any level is almost too difficult for the human brain to comprehend.  Connecting with your angels through angel readings you have ordered has been a tremendous blessing for me.  I'm very grateful to each of you!  As difficult as this time has been, opening my heart daily to the love of the angels has made this time of transition and acceptance easier.

As my heart heals from the pain and adjusts to this new life without Grandma's physical presence and the ever shifting energies of this time, I get glimpses of incredible joy.  In Trudy Griswold's October newsletter she shared a message she received from her sister Barbara, of the Angelic Realm, and a group of angels who call themselves "The Messengers." Tonight on the Spiritual Whispers radio show we will discuss this exciting message from Barbara and The Messengers along with messages we are seeing repeated in angel readings with you about "healing in all directions of time."

Even though we are in the month of October, a time of ending for plants and trees here in the US, it is a time of renewal and a promise of hope and possibility.  As the trees transform themselves from brilliant and dusty greens to blazes of yellow, gold and red, the breeze turns brisk and reminds us to think ahead and dress for this time of change.  From within our angels whisper to us reminding us to let go of days past and live in this moment, setting our intention to breathe deeply and live from a space of joy without worry.

Our angels remind us that we are never, ever alone for in each moment they are with us fully supporting us to release the illusion of fear and embrace the promise of love - as one, with God.  I hope you'll join Trudy and I tonight as we share how easy it is to communicate with your angels and not only feel their loving support, but understand their guidance to help you create the highest possible outcome as the reality of your life.

In love and light,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Last Week's Energy - OMG...

Last week was a tough week.  I found the new energy waves that swept our planet to be very harsh for my physical body.  I felt as though I was walking through mud and at times the nerve endings in my body were heightened considerably - to the point that sitting in my office chair for extended periods of time was more than uncomfortable.  Did you experience this, too?

We've been experiencing epic waves of energy these past few years and they are intensifying significantly.  Each wave leads us to an opportunity to expand the love that is our essence to create monumental positive change from deep within to then create our highest good as our reality.

The question is, are we?  Or are we fighting these energy fluctuations that we cannot see tooth and nail?

As humans it is easy to experience these waves of energy as conflict and struggle against it.  Fighting this shift of energy will leave us bloody, battered and bruised and send us into a spiral of worry, confusion and chaos.  Welcoming and recognizing the energy for what it is - an opportunity to expand the love within us, step into and stand firmly in our power, will help us to flow in ease and grace.  As the love light within begins to glow more brightly new options and opportunities will be revealed to us to help us create the highest possible outcome in all areas of our lives.

How do we do this?

When an influx of energy occurs, energy within us that is less than love comes forward as what we perceive as a hiccup in a relationship or as a life experience and begs to be healed.  Immediately our hearts will feel one or all of these emotions: victim, anger, frustration, hurt, anxiety, overwhelm - fear energy that is less than love. If we suppress these emotions, we will, probably sooner rather than later, fall into a spiral of worry, confusion and chaos and arrive at the same destination bloody, battered and bruised.  Remember, no one gets to opt out of ascending their energies - no one.

The recipe for standing in our power to flow in ease and grace, is simple.  When we experience a situation or relationship that causes inharmony and resistance within our heart, step back as an observer and ask, "What is this experience mirroring to me that I need to look at, disconnect from and heal?"  Take-the-time-to-look-within!  Acknowledge the seeming hiccup as the "golden opportunity" that it is and follow through with your tools to heal the core energy of the inharmony, shifting your energy from fear to love.  The result will be to ascend your energy and flow in ease and grace through the earth energy fluctuation.

I also recommend:
~ get more sleep if you can
~ give your worries to your angels and Do NOT take the worries back and play with them some more
~ practice breathing deeply - especially if you catch yourself holding your breath!
~ practice your favorite grounding exercise several times each day
~ ask God to make your life easier!

This time for many is laden with fear, but it doesn't have to be.  No matter what is going on in our lives, it is our choice to worry and wallow in fear or stand firm in the higher vibration of love.

May you easily release all that is less than love to live in joy filled blissful love.

In love and light,

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Onion Dynamic of Creation

I'm human just like you - as an onion.  As I grow and heal, "old" things I thought I had healed come forward.  Through experience I've learned that we can only release to the level that we can understand, hence the figure of speech, "we are as an onion."  As we grow and evolve, new layers of understanding are revealed to us.  Sometimes these new layers are exciting and joyful, other times when something we thought we had healed from the past is exposed at a deeper level, it is painful.

This past summer I was faced with many things that I thought I had healed years ago, and I did to the level I was capable of.  Now that I've raised my energy to a much higher state of love, the final shadows of life situations and relationships that were yet unforgiven surfaced.  I had several reactions to this, such as Oh my God - where the heck did that come from! frustration and anger.  Then when the initial shock of being faced with something I thought I had healed was over, I got to work.  I looked deeply within and with the help of my angels I faced it - I faced it all, disconnected from it and healed it.

With this healing, new energy of power was revealed.  This new energy is tricky to put into words...  Angels... need your help here...

Dearest Children,

This energy of which Kate speaks is the raw energy of creation.  This highly vibrating energy is within each of you.  Many of you do not feel it as yet because the shadow of fear hides it deep within you.

This time of existence on Mother Earth is revealing these shadows that stand between you and the powerful creative force that you are.  Know that we are with you in each moment of your breath to help you illuminate these shadows, and claim the power of love essence that you are.

The human way of your beings is to put power in people and weapons.  The power is in love.  Always has been and always will be.

We eagerly wait your request for help to make this time of the humans and Mother Earth's ascension easier!

The Angels of Love and Light...

This energy of power is very exciting and flows effortlessly from a state of balance and confidence.   In the last newsletter I talked about our "will being energy and how our will turns thoughts into reality."  (If you did not get the article, you may read it here (scroll down the page).)  Stepping into the "belief" of the ability to control the flow of life force energy changes everything.  The energy within becomes all but tangible!

What is standing between you and the life your heart longs to live?  Are you holding on to shadows of unforgiveness, perhaps the shadows have been with you so long, you don't even know they are there.

Set your intention and open your heart to work with your angels to face, disconnect from and heal that which has been hidden from you.  Work with them from their safe space to give fear a swift kick out of the way and claim your power as the master creator of your highest good that you can be!

In love and light,

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Your Will is Energy!

"Your will is energy. Your will turns thoughts into reality."

I finally watched the movie The Green Lantern and was surprised to learn of the power of its message: The power of the Green Lantern Warriors was only as limited as their imagination. One warrior explained to the new warrior that “Your will is energy. Your will turns thoughts into reality.” He then threw out his arm and made manifest before him what he was thinking of. The veteran Green Lantern taught the newbie how to focus his will to create ways to defend himself from the movie’s villain, the energy of fear.

Could it be any easier to understand how powerful we are over our fear? Granted, we don’t wear green spandex and have a glowing green ring. But we do have the power to focus our will – our energy – to turn thoughts into reality. All we have to do is focus our will to project our energy through us to manifest as our reality – we do this all the time with things we don’t want, why not do it to create what we do want?

We are each powerful master creators – turning our thoughts into our reality. What are you thinking of? Where is your focus? Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Are you hiding from paperwork, clutter, life situations or relationships because it is just too painful to face? If you’re experiencing any of this, then you’re probably also asking your angels repeatedly how to change it or to help you. You may even be thinking your prayers are unanswered because your human-ness feels as though you aren’t getting any guidance.

If this is the case, know that your angels are always with you – they haven’t gone anywhere – and they are trying to help you, but you are in the clutches of the energy of fear and it is blocking you.

It’s time to take control of your will/energy, like the Green Lantern newbie and focus on what you really want to create instead of what you don’t want. You may be asking, but how do I change my focus when I’ve got to be responsible and take care of all these things I’m worried about?

Please accept the reality that it isn’t necessary to worry about things to be responsible. The reality is that the responsible thing to do is to release all worry and accept that no matter what happens you are divinely guided, protected and provided for.

I’ve been in the depths of despair at times in my life. I’ve been a single parent divorced from a drug addict, hiding, struggling and drowning in fear. Somehow my angels stepped in and showed me that it was my choice to live in fear - or not. It was my choice to worry about money - or not.

So, how do we change our focus? We choose to and we just do it! It is that simple.

When the Green Lantern “Decided” he wasn’t going to be afraid anymore and claimed his power, his life changed and so can yours! No matter what is going on in your life you have the power to choose your thought energy. You are a powerful creator – you can choose to create more of what you already have in your life or you can choose to create something different. What will it be?

“Decide” you aren’t going to be afraid anymore and claim your power. Focus your thoughts on what you want to experience in your life and direct your will – your energy to flow through you to create what you desire. You can do it!

I hold each of you in the light of powerful master creators fully capable of making choices that will create the highest possible outcome as the reality of your life.

In love and light,

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Uncertain or unsure? Get clarity!

Mother Nature is giving notice here in Colorado that summer is sliding into fall.  Bright yellow leaves can be seen amidst the beautiful green of the trees around us.  Children are back in school and thoughts of holidays and colder weather are but a breath away.  2012 is in its final months...

Are you uncertain or unsure of the coming days?  Have you been reminded of people or life experiences from your past that stir emotions that you consciously feel are better left behind?  Are you experiencing endings to relationships on all levels, from personal to work?  Does time seem to evaporate into thin air?  Are you wondering, "What can I do now to make life easier?"

The shift of energy we've been experiencing from deep within is manifesting as our reality.  Some times these shifts are unexpectedly painful.  When life events occur that make us uncomfortable, we have a choice as to whether we address the resistance within us, or suppress it and just keep going.  The suppression will manifest uncertainty and feelings of chaos from deep within, while at a human level looking within to face a situation will also create feelings of uncertainty and chaos.  It is when we breathe into the power of our true essence - of the love light of the God Part within that we find balance, true healing, opportunity and guidance.  It is at this spiritual level of healing that we set a firm foundation for our human reality.

With a deep breath, open your heart to fully connect with Divine guidance of your angels.  Breathe in deeply of the breath of God and allow yourself to feel the tingle of the hope of possibility within your being.  Release your worries to your worry angel, letting go of uncertainty.  Set your intention for clarity to make decisions of your highest good to create the highest possible outcome in all areas of your life.

You are a limitless spiritual being of love and light and you have dominion over the creation of your life!  What are you going to create?

I believe in you!

In love and light,

Thursday, August 30, 2012

ElderCare - Hope & Help from ElderRage

I'm very excited to announce that Jacqueline Marcell, author of ElderRage ~or~ Take My Father... Please!, will be my special guest on tonight's Spiritual Whispers radio show. 

I received ElderRage from Barnes and Noble last Saturday (receiving books in the mail is like Christmas!) and began to read it right away.  Between sharing my time with work, family and reading, I finished it at 12:52am Tuesday morning.  It is a must read for anyone who is or will be caring for an elderly loved one. 

As I read of the trials, tribulations, horror, love and blessings of Jacqueline's experiences, I realized there were sections that she could have been writing of this past summer as Jesse and I cared for my grandmother as her health declined, and I was comforted.

Jacqueline shares from her heart the pain and the love of the journey she shared with her parents who both suffered from a form of Dementia. She intimately shares the initial shock and progression of chaos that her life became and how love illuminated her path to healing and aligning with those who could help her and her parents.

The stamina of Love has no measure, no rhyme, no reason.  The power of Love is infinite, powerful and all healing.  If we could harness the power of the energy of love as a viable, natural energy source, the struggles of our planet would be over.  In her own way, Jacqueline harnesses the power of Love to not only bring her comfort, but to guide her and pave the way for others before her story ends. As you turn the final pages you find yourself held in a safe space to face and stop the downward spiral of the pain of feeling helpless and powerless. 

Dementia and Alzheimer statistics are staggering and will touch everyone in some way.  ElderRage is one stop shopping with a plethora of resources and facts to light your way through the darkness of uncertainty. To order your copy, click here.

I hope you'll be able to join Jacqueline and I as we discuss how she gave her power away to fear and then took it back with a vengeance tonight on the Spiritual Whispers radio show.  Click here to set a reminder.

May the light within you glow brightly to dissipate the darkness of the fear of feeling powerless and helpless.

In love and light,

Monday, August 27, 2012

What do I want my life to look like?

I've returned to Colorado with a different perception of my life.  I didn't realize how deeply painful my time in Arkansas was until we returned. The numbness of the past three months is wearing off and I'm healing.  I've faced and disconnected from pain of the past that crippled me for years and I'm faced with a question, "What do I want my life to look like now?"

Its time to take back the reigns from my angels who have comforted me as I've grieved and answer the question.

I learned a long time ago that the definition of "working for God" changes and evolves.  I'm definitely evolving and expanding, shifting and transforming to an existence with more balance, peace, joy and love, but what do I want my life to look like?  There are aspects I see clearly, but others that are elusive.


I feel the energy of what I want all areas of my life to be.  That energy transcends gratitude and is of giggly excitement and joy showered with love.  Together with my entourage of angels we are working hand in hand as a team to live in the bliss of joy as my reality - in the energy of what I want my life to be.

I know many of you are walking this path with me and it is time to answer this question for yourself, "What do I want my life to look like?"  If you're unsure, close your eyes, take a deep breath and step back out of the emotion of indecision and allow yourself to identify the energy of what you want your life to be.  If you have no point of reference - nothing to pull from, identify one thing you're grateful for and embrace that energy.  Allow it to expand till it encompasses your entire being till you are in a blissful state.  There is no anger, worry, helplessness or powerlessness in bliss - no chaos or confusion.  This energy of bliss is the energy you're looking for.  Once you find the energy, your angels will help you fill in the details.

Remember, you are a powerful creator.  Take the time to find the energy you truly wish to exist and create from, then powerfully create the life you truly wish to live.

May you work easily with your angels to step into bliss!

In love and light,

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Expansion and Power

In last Thursday's blog post, August 16, I talked about the universe nudging us to heal from deep within through life events and relationships (click here if you missed it).  Today we'll look further into the source of the energy that is pushing us to expand the love within our hearts and reconnect as One with God.

The movement and alignment of the other planets in our solar system and solar flares from our sun influence the influx of higher vibrating love energy to our planet.  The essence of God within each one of us responds to this higher vibration of love energy.  Within this flood of energy is hope, love and the promise of something better than we've ever experienced before - and this promise of hope and love is real!

As a result of the shifting energies of our planet some people feel a fulfilling sense of peace deep within their hearts.  Some feel as if they are on the cusp of something wonderful and exciting.  Some feel as though they have been blind sided by a life situation or relationship going sideways and some feel as though everything they hold dear is being stripped away from them.

How can an influx of love energy create such a range of experiences?

Each one of us is at our own level of expansion to love source energy.  We are as an onion, growing from within, pushing out and shedding that which no longer serves us.  Holding on to what no longer serves us is all that is between us and the creation of our heaven on earth.  Everything that no longer serves us is of the energy that is less than love - fear in some form.

What can we do to ease the pain of this expansion to love?  Open your heart to the perfection that lies within all life situations and relationships.  Allow yourself to see life experiences that are painful as the golden opportunities that they are to create something new, wonderful and exciting as the reality of your life!

The universe is fully supporting you to face and release all that no longer serves you.  You may feel nudged to "clean house" both externally, releasing material things and members of your Soul Group, and/or internally, releasing limiting thought patterns and beliefs.  The members of your Soul Group may be family members, friends or business associates.  If you are guided to release a member of your Soul Group, forgive them if you are holding them in unforgiveness, then sincerely from your heart send them love and bless them on their way.

As with anything human, events that are a surprise create an initial reaction.  It is what we do after the surprise is over that creates change in our reality at a higher plane of existence in love or stuck in the mud of pain, chaos and confusion.

No matter what your current life situation is of this moment, if you're reading this, you're ready to step into your power using the life force energy of God within you to access all that you desire that is already made manifest on a higher plane of existence. Stop what you're doing and look within.  Ask your angels to guide you to any tools you need to help you shift your energy from anything less than love to the splendor and bliss of love.  Be open to the guidance.

Click here to discern if any of the physical world tools of the Soul Kisses website may be of assistance to you.

Remember, within you is the power of creation.  Tap into it and create the highest possible outcome as the reality of your life - others will follow...

In love and light,

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Time of New Beginnings and Prosperity!

Are you struggling through mud of chaos and confusion?  Have you been feeling resistance in your body that something "isn't right" with regard to a business deal or relationship?  Is the universe "forcing your hand" to do something or face something that you've been avoiding?

If so, stop and look within and ask your angels to show you the energy of fear that lies within you that is drawing to you the uncomfortable and/or painful life situation or relationship.  Ask them to help you disconnect from it and heal it then ask them to illuminate the darkness surrounding you so you can "see" what action steps to take to create your highest good.

Allow yourself to experience whatever they reveal to you and follow their guidance.  If you are unsure, ask them for signs to confirm your understanding.

This time of August 2012, the 8th month of the year is a time of new beginnings of prosperity.  It is a time of hope and infinite possibility.  Are you ready for limitless prosperity that brings you joy and happiness in all areas of your life?  Or is there something that blocks your receipt of such prosperity?

Life situations and events are forcing us to look within by revealing all that we have been refusing to face through uncomfortable situations and relationships.  Some of these situations are down right painful and our human instinct is to retreat from the challenge and jump into the darkness of fear and hide there.  But your light illuminates the darkness and painful life events will continues until you face the fear within.  In its own way the Universe is forcing you to step into your power as the limitless spiritual being that you are.

Now is a time of rebirth and renewal of life at a higher level of existence in love and light.  Your angels are with you, extending their hands to help lift you up to this higher plane of existence to create your heaven on earth.  The level of trust that you have in who you are as a spiritual being of infinite possibility is what determines your level of creation.

What do you choose?  To suppress what you are experiencing then have it come back to you in another, perhaps even more painful situation or relationship, or do you face the core fear energy now, dismantle it for the illusion that it is, and claim your power?

The universe fully supports you when you are in your power and reminds you when you - are - not.  Many are fighting this ascension to love tooth and nail and as a result they will be bruised, battered and bloody throughout their journey.  Choose to flow in ease and grace by stepping into the driver's seat and taking control of the creation of your reality by facing the core energy of what is painful in your life, disconnect from it and heal it.

Tools for Disconnection:

  Communicating with Your Angels CD/manual
With Love from Your Angels workbook/journal
Disconnect the Cords to Heal the Wounds of Your Heart
How to Create Your Heaven on Earth
5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels
Prosperity Tool Kit
Step into Your Field of Potentiality
Gift of Forgiveness program - NEW

Love and blessings back to you!

My dear grandmother has let me know that she is still with me from the realm of the angels.  I will share more of her fun sense of humor soon - for now I must hold her appearances close to my heart.  At this time I want to send love and blessings back to all of you who have written to me and who keep me and my family in your prayers.  I will be responding to all emails as quickly as I can.

In love and light,

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Heal Your Soul with the Gift of Forgiveness

In the spring my guides asked me to create the Gift of Forgiveness program to help each of us during this often challenging time of transformation. When I began working on the program, I had no idea how it would become my lifeline to traverse the drama of the summer.  The program became my foundation to face, disconnect and heal soul contracts that have held me hostage for 40+ years.

Through the years I've released a lot of negativity, thought patterns and beliefs, cut cords and stepped into my power at a higher level of energy and understanding.  Then I was reminded that we are as an onion... In the past few months unexpected life events revealed to me deep, dark pain from the past. I came face to face with years of suppressed feelings of shame, guilt, and victim mindset - the energy of unforgiveness.

Immediately my guides stepped in to show me how important this Gift of Unforgiveness program is and how crucial full unforgiveness is to the future of my spiritual work. I found myself face to face with the mother-load of suppressed unforgiveness - not only where others were concerned, but unforgiveness I secretly subconsciously held for myself in the shadows of my heart.

Together with my guides and angels we wrote the program and I experienced its power first hand. Through the loving gift of forgiveness I faced the challenges that were revealed to me and disconnected from and healed painful soul contracts in all directions of time. 

Jesse and I thought we were going to Arkansas to hold the loving space for my dear grandmother. Once there we discovered that she was also holding the loving space for me to open my heart to full forgiveness of soul contracts that no longer served me with others of my past. I'm now in a peaceful state of balance with a higher level of understanding to create what I truly desire as my reality.

If you are holding unforgiveness in your heart, open your heart and ask your angels to help you face, disconnect from and heal the pain.  If you are unsure whether you are holding someone or a life event in unforgiveness, ask your angels to reveal to you any shadows that are hiding in your heart.  Don't wait till the universe blind sides you with the pain of unforgiveness from your past.

If you need help, please click into the Gift of Unforgiveness program to discern if the method I used to heal myself resonates with you.  The programs given to me by the angels are more and more powerful, and this one has far exceeded my expectations.

The energies of our planet are forcing our hearts to expand with love. If your heart is bound by the cords of unforgiveness, you are trapped. Use the Gift of Unforgiveness as the key to unlock your shackles in all directions of time!

In love and light,

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Horror/Compassion Vortex

In the past few weeks lives have been changed forever in a matter of seconds due to violent acts of individuals. How do we get our minds around such seeming senseless acts of violence?  My friend, Jennifer Hoffman, has told me Archangel Uriel refers to these horrific events as Compassion Vortexes.

Horrific events affect the collective consciousness of the humans of Mother Earth. We are all one spiritually - connected through the God Part within.  But we are also connected physically on a global scale through the media and internet social networks. When horrific events occur humans all over the planet learn about it almost instantly and hearts open with the love of prayer. Through our individual prayers the love within connects and joins with the love of others to create a compassion vortex that raises the collective energy of our planet to the higher vibration of love.

...and we and the earth ascend.

What about the victims of the violence?  Why were they a victim?  Did they elect in their soul contract to sacrifice/end their human existence to create together a Compassion Vortex?

My dad, Big Jim and my guides have been showing me for years that what we judge as horrific events, whether man made or by acts of nature, will be a part of our reality until we shift our energy to the higher vibration of love as a state of "normal" living.  The time is now to open our hearts to the energy of love that is our essence - to forgive that which is yet unforgiven, to send love to all life situations and relationships that cause angst, pain and resistance within our bodies and...  to accept what is.  As we accept what is, we face the fear in our hearts from a source of love and light and the fear must dissipate - it has no choice - for there is no space for fear in love.

The darkness can no longer hide from the light.  Anything that is of the darkness of fear energy within your heart will be revealed to you by the light - there is no opting out of this - everyone - and I mean Everyone - is experiencing this. In the past few months the light has revealed shocking heart wrenching energy to me. All the excruciatingly painful reasons I left Arkansas thirty years ago that were hidden in the shadows of my heart came forward to be faced, disconnected from and healed - plus the trauma of what was happening with my dear grandmother.  Through it all I was and am fully supported by my angelic entourage of love and light.  Their teachings of love and forgiveness are what has made living possible.

We are all spiritual beings experiencing a human existence and as such we must allow our human bodies the time needed to acclimate to healing the pain of the past and the pain of current life events. The more balanced, connected and at peace we are with the essence of our truth, that love light within us, the less painful our lives are and the easier it is to shift our energy to the higher vibration of love to experience bliss.

Physical World Tools to help shift your energy to love:

Journaling/writing with your angels
Angel Reading with Kate - see yourself through the loving eyes of your angels
Power of Two Spiritual Coaching with Kate 
How to Create Your Heaven on Earth Program
The Gift of Forgiveness Program
Disconnecting the Cords to Heal the Wounds of Your Heart Program

Remember, no matter what life situation you create and/or draw to you, you are never alone - you are the center of a crowd of angels, guides, teachers and deceased loved ones in all moments of your life.

If you are experiencing any form of trauma in your life, allow yourself the time you need to grieve.  Open your heart to the full support of your angelic entourage to help you process the human grief, bring you comfort and shift to the higher vibration of love as your normal state of living.

May you feel the loving support of your angels in all ways...

In love and light,

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An Earth Angel joins the Angelic Realm

Beautiful Earth Angel, Laura Mae Hailey-Stockam joined family members of the angelic realm for a magnificent celebration of her life early Sunday morning (3:15am CT 7/29/12) Earth time.

We grieve that the laughter of grandma’s physical body has been forever silenced. Yet we rejoice that she now laughs and giggles freely with the angels free of the physical restrictions of her frail human body. She is no longer afraid to fly and soars with the angels in joy and laughter.

Grandma's higher self visited me on Saturday before she passed, while I was doing an email angel reading.  She was beautiful.  We chatted for a bit, then I heard grandpa calling her.  I hugged her and didn't want her to go yet.  It was then I knew I had let her go consciously, but subconsciously I was holding on with both hands.  She told me "you have to let me go so I can live."  I let her go and knew she would be joining the family members of the angelic realm very soon.  Before my eyes closed in sleep that night I checked on her higher self.  The angels showed me the beautiful light of God bursting forth from her chest letting me know she had either crossed over or would be before I woke up.

We know that she is as close as a breath and are comforted with the love that binds us together always and forever. 

I will be out of my office for a few days.  The radio program will air on Thursday with Carole Matthews as my guest.  I've rescheduled all appointments that I cannot keep.  If you have an appointment with me this week and I have not contacted you, we are still scheduled to meet. I will respond to emails as I can.

I send huge angel hugs of gratitude and love to each of you for your love, prayers, support and patience as Jesse and I cared for Grandma these past three months.

May you be profoundly blessed in this moment and in every moment after...

In love and light,

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Karma, Drama and Blessings

Aurora Tragedy

This newsletter comes to you from Colorado - Aurora, Colorado.  We hold all who have been affected by the shooting at the Century 16 Aurora theatre in the light of healing love and ask that you as a member of the Soul Kisses family, collectively as a group, hold a moment of silent prayer for all who have been affected by violence.

{{{{{Silent Prayer...}}}}}

Karma, Drama and Blessings

I'm writing this newsletter from my office in Colorado.  Grandma's children told us to go home and they placed Grandma in a hospice facility. Jesse and I visit her higher self and she is fine, yet our human hearts are grieving.  During our time with Grandma we saw the angels tend to her spiritually as we tended to her physical needs.  It was devastating to pull out of the driveway without Grandma, but knowing that she was surrounded by angelic beings of love and light made it possible.

I've heard horror stories from friends about how families lose coherent thought when a family member is dying, then I learned first hand how my family is no different than any other family - we have hiccups and drama just like everyone else. My guides have shown me that our time with Grandma was complete and it was time to go. Jesse and I were fully supported throughout our trip arriving home safely. During our time in Arkansas we were adopted by our earth angel neighbors Miss Dorothy and Jules, 80+ and 94 respectively, who became our family.  When leaving after a visit, Miss Dorothy would lean over Grandma's chair, pat her hand and tell her how much she enjoyed being with her. For them and all who prayed for us and Grandma, we are forever grateful.

Jesse and I provided loving care for Grandma while learning the true meaning of forgiveness with regard to humans.  I was writing the Gift of Forgiveness program when we went to Arkansas, worked on it while I was there - and used it...  It will finally be a completed program next week (thank you, everyone who pre-ordered it, for your patience!).

I mentioned in a previous newsletter that we were there to hold the space for Grandma, but we discovered that she was also holding the space for us - for Jesse and I to learn the depth of healing in forgiveness.  It was through the love of forgiveness that Jesse and I were able to stay calm during the drama and are now able to understand the karmic healing that is in process.

The seventy-eight days Jesse and I cared for Grandma will live forever as a huge blessing in our hearts. To us she will always be the best grandmother ever!
Jesse and Grandma
in matching t-shirts

Kate and Grandma
Grandma is incognito as a diva waiving to her fans

We all have our part to play in the action packed drama of life.  Its up to us as to whether we embrace the blessings of what is mirrored to us through seeming adversity or struggle, kick and scream about it, fighting the opportunity to heal with every breath.

If you are experiencing what you judge to be adversity, if you are struggling to find peace and balance, stop what you're doing and look deeply within and ask your angels what is being mirrored to you that you need to disconnect from and heal.  Then be open to their guidance - they will show you the way.

If you are drowning in unforgiveness, click into the Gift of Forgiveness program to discern if it resonates with you.  When I began to work on the program with my angels, I had no idea it would become the foundation of my life to help me heal terrible pain from the past and the present.  It has healed my soul.

Thank you for joining me in prayer for all who have suffered from violence.

May you be profoundly blessed in this moment and in every moment after...

In love and light,

Monday, July 2, 2012


This past week has been challenging for many.  We've set our intention to create something different than before - something wonderful, exciting and new and yet...  with the act of setting this intention we've been slapped in the face with feelings of jealousy, helplessness, powerlessness, anger, frustration, overwhelm, anxiety, shame, guilt, doubt and a huge rash of worry because we KNOW that all these "feelings" are less than love and we cannot create what we want from energy that is lower than the vibration of love!

What the heck!  We've done the right stuff, now we want validation and creation!  So WHY are we suddenly on this roller coaster of emotion that reeks havoc with our energetic vibration?

Answer:  We are drawing to us life situations that reveal what stands between us and the manifestation of our intention.

Reality:  This is a Golden Opportunity!

Action Step:  Now is the time to look within and face all the feelings that are less than love - embrace them to our hearts and let them go.  As we dissipate this strong emotional energy we want to ask our angels to fill the void that is created with love and help us expand the love that is our being - out as our reality.

With this expansion of love we set a firm foundation to manifest our intention to create something new, wonderful and exciting!

This month of July is all about dissipating the shield of fear that lies between us and the dreams of our hearts that are already made manifest on a higher plane of existence.

Material things come and go, but we are more than a physical being, we are limitless spiritual beings of love and light with the power to create our highest outcome in all life situations.  At what energy are you vibrating?  Are you stuck in fear creating more things to be fearful of or are you facing your fear, dissipating/disconnecting and healing from it to open the floodgates of prosperity?

Now is the time to recognize seeming adversity as the Golden Opportunity that it is and ask your angels to SHOW you what your shield of fear is that you must face, disconnect from and heal.

Make good use of the energies of the full moon on July 3 to illuminate the path that you feel called to through the whisperings of your heart.  Ask your angels to show you action steps to take and ask for signs!  Cast aside worry and doubt and know that you are divinely guided in all things.

Tools to help you understand your Action Steps!

Communicating with Your Angels CD/manual with the With Love from Your Angels Workbook and Journal
Disconnect the Cords to Heal the Wounds of Your Heart
How to Create Your Heaven on Earth
5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels
Prosperity Tool Kit
Step into Your Field of Potentiality
Angel Reading with Kate
One on One with Your Angels and Kate

This time of transformation is all about shifting our energy from the lower vibration of fear (all that is less than love) to the higher vibration of love.  Life situations come in all forms to help us shift that energy and sometimes they are painful.  Remember there is perfection in all things.  Everyone has angels with them to help identify action steps.  If you need help dissipating doubt of your angelic guidance click into the links above to discern if one of the tools listed resonates with you.

In love and light,