Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm back ~ bearing gifts!

For those of you who have been writing to me - yes, I'm ok (I'm responding to email slowly, but surely)!  I was packing to move when I sent out the last newsletter June 20, and had lowered my vibration to that of a virus germ and developed laryngitis. What was I not speaking?  I'll share that in a moment...

We've moved, but I am still unpacking boxes.  However, we are settling in beautifully.  I must confess, though the move was relatively smooth, the process of packing, moving and unpacking in conjunction with the viral infection kicked my behind - not to mention the practice in patience with Comcast internet and phone service (HUGE thank you to beautiful Ella in Texas, Comcast phone representative).  We now have a working phone line and internet access. {{Happy Dance!!}}

So... what was I not speaking?

The answer is more of what I wasn't facing.  I wasn't facing how painful processing into July 2014 was - and has been - July 29 was the second year anniversary of my dear grandmother's death.  My husband and I were discussing that since moving into our new house, it seems as though the three years in the apartment never happened.  Immediately I said, "if the last three years didn't happen, then Grandma didn't die."  The tears started and I knew - I came face to face with the grief of the second year of her physical body passing. I miss her So Much!  Even though her spiritual essence is here - enjoying our new home with us, the human part of me misses her physical body.  This second year, is much more painful than the fist year was - perhaps because I was still so numb the first year?  Grief simply takes the time it takes - even for those of us who converse with the angelic realm daily.

Life will never be the same as it was before the beautiful essence of our loved one ascended to the angelic realm, but our physical world can still be a place of joy and happiness.  A few days ago I spoke with my dear friend, Roland Comtois and he shared with me that in time, grief slips into a vibration of peace that is manageable - and the love continues to grow. 

Are you processing through the stages of grief?  I know how painful they can be and how easy it is to be blind sided by a wave of grief.  Please accept my personal invitation to join me on Saturday, August 2 when the angels and I will share 60 minutes of love honoring our deceased loved ones and you:

Embracing the Love that Transcends Death

To learn more and register for this free program that includes a special gift for you and a drawing, please click here.  When you register for this program you will have access to the live event on Saturday, the recording of the program and be registered for the Waiting in the Other Room bundle.  One email will be chosen to receive a signed copy of my international Amazon best seller, Waiting in the Other Room (the book), Waiting in the Other Room Journal and companion CD.  When you receive access to the recording, a link to the meditation Sacred Space Build It and They Will Come will be included!

During the program I'll share what my dad, Big Jim and Grandma Laura did on the anniversary of Grandma's physical body dying that "surprised" me and caused them to laugh uncontrollably (you'll love it)!

Please share this information with anyone you know who is processing through grief or perhaps has a loved one who is terminally ill.  To be considered for the drawing, you must register by email for the program, but it is not necessary to be listening live.  The recipient of the Waiting in the Other Room bundle will be announced during the live program and will be notified by email.

Asking a favor...
Along with unpacking my guides and angels have been sharing with me some really exciting re-structuring we'll be implementing in the Soul Kisses community.  The membership will be available this quarter along with new programs of support and guidance.

I began the Soul Kisses community in 2000 and a lot has changed since then (OMG!) I've heard from my angels and guides about the direction of Soul Kisses, and I would really like to hear from you to help me fine tune how I may be of service to you and humanity. 

Would you please, click reply and let me know what you need to know that will help you create the miraculous life that you deserve? Communicate more easily with your angels? Take your power back?

As a thank you, in advance, for sharing with me how I may be of the best service to you, please accept as my gift this 4 1/2 minute Empowering Love Audio: Click here to download -- (choose Save)

In love and light,

P.S.  I'm really looking forward to sharing the love of the angels with you on Saturday, August 2!! You may join me for this free program here!  (I know this is short notice, so if you cannot attend live, the recording will be available!!)