Sunday, July 31, 2011

...and the Veil Thins...

Summer has been hot and humid here in Colorado - a very unusual combination - like most of the rest of the planet - unusual.  Everything has changed as the veil between dimensions thins.

Mother Earth's climate shifts and changes as do our bodies.  We are also experiencing a shift in cellular structure as our heart light, the God Part within us is activated.  The voice of God within will be silent no more.

Do you hear it?  Do you hear the voice of God whispering to you from deep within your heart that there is more, that there is joy to be experienced, that there is power of love to step into?  That those we love whose physical body has died are still here, Waiting in the Other Room - the other dimension - right here, with us...

Are you experiencing strange things happening around you?  My mom recently shared with me that as she watched TV the volume indicator came on and reduced to nothing by itself.  The TV remote lay beside her and nothing was touching it. My computer continues to do "beyond strange" things and my mom and I both have felt someone touching us when no one else is in the room.  We know this is my dad, Big Jim and my grandpa letting us know they are around helping each one of us in their own "warped sense of humor" way - reaching out from their dimension to ours.

The time of energetic shifts are here - NOW!  If you've been ignoring urges to look within to heal wounds of your heart - ignore no more.  Make your life easier by facing, disconnecting, forgiving and healing all that holds you back from living the life of your dreams.

July was an exciting month with the angels as we worked together to bring to you the Communicating with Your Angels Self-Study Class and the 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels to help make this time of transformation easier.  (the 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels will be in an Introductory Special till August 3. 

Other Tools to make life easier:
* The gift of Forgiveness
* Journaling with your Angels
* Ascending into Miracles by Jennifer Hoffman
* Power of Two Coaching
* The Power of Gratitude guided meditation as my gift. You may download it here.

August is a time of harvest.  What seeds have you sown that are coming to fruition?  Our lives as spiritual beings experiencing a human existence is in the process of changing forever.    Open your heart to the whispers of your angels and the Voice of God within you to guide your way...

...and the veil thins....

In love and light,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Death, The Final Frontier?

What happens to the light that is “us” when our heavy physical bodies die?

In 2005 my dear friend, Barbara Mark of Angelspeake, explained to me that death of the physical body is but the exhale of breath. As the breath leaves the body, so does the spirit that is “us.” She learned this from a friend of hers who had died and came back in spirit form to tell her.

Then in 2006, Barbara died. Her sister Trudy called me to tell me that Barbara had passed during the night. I walked into my office and just stood there, as my human brain and body accepted the news. I looked around my office and said, out loud, “Well… I guess I should get some work done today…”

Immediately I heard Barbara laughing and she said, “If you can’t take off on the day your best friend dies, then when can you?”

My heart flipped over and I grabbed a pen and paper to write down everything she said, because for those of you who knew Barbara, she’s a talker!

She confirmed what she had told me the year before. She said dying was easy, she simply breathed out of her body. She was laughing and joyful and shared with me that the love of the angelic realm was more than anyone in human form can imagine.

Through the years , Barbara has come to me often to help me understand life situations and guide me to make the best decision possible as well as “push” me more firmly into my spiritual work – yes, I said, “push!” Personalities don’t change from earth to the spirit realm! Barbara is still the fun loving light that she always was!

Many of you have written to me with questions about “death.” I hope you can join me tonight for the Spiritual Whispers radio show. Lisa Reed Hurtt, author of Divinely Blessed will be with us. She died in a boating accident, was resuscitated and lay in a coma for 28 days. She woke with direct knowledge of what is it like to “die.” We’ll discuss her near death experience and take callers with questions and offer mini readings. Click here to set a reminder for tonight’s show!

I look forward to “seeing” you there!

In love and light,

If you need help connecting and communicating with your angels, you may order my new Communicating with Your Angels self study class by clicking here. The pre-order price expires tomorrow. (We’ve added more goodies as bonus gifts!)

If you are looking for validation of the messages your angels are giving you, or are looking for guidance from your angels, you may order an email or phone angel reading by clicking here.

Read about Barbara and Kate's continued communication with her dad, Big Jim, in Waiting in the Other Room by clicking here.  Learn more about Barbara's work with Angelspeake here.

Remember! Your angels are with you in every moment!

Message from Barbara of Angelspeake

Dear Kate’s Soul Kiss Family!

Big Barbara here! (playing on “Big Jim” – he said it was ok!) I learned how to Angelspeake while I lived a human life and taught thousands how to talk with their angels. Now that I live full time with the angels – and I do mean “LIVE” – I continue to help people open their hearts and talk with their angels. When you “feel” a knowing in your heart that I’m with you helping you to make your angelic connection – BELIEVE IT!

You can make the connection with your angels just like I did, just like Kate does. Have a little faith! Remember the Four Fundamentals – Ask, Believe, Let it Happen and Say Thank You!

I send each one of you a huge Barbara hug!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cleansing, Clearing & Blessing...

We live in a fast paced world and tend to forget or place little to no attention on the fact that we are and everything else is - energy. Thoughts are energy. We turn on our TV, surf the web and listen to the radio broadcast negativity in all forms.

Subconsciously we invite negativity into our homes through media - not to mention gossip, complaining and repeating negative incidents!

Anything negative is of the lower energy of fear. When we participate in listening to negativity via movies, news, music, friends, family - our own mind chatter, we open our hearts to that lower vibration. AND… that lower vibration draws to us more life events and relationships of lower vibration.

We are spiritual beings whose core essence is love and light – the darkness of negativity weighs on us now in this time of global transformation more than ever.

I personally use many tools to help me dissipate and deflect negativity. I learned one of my favorite tools from John Edward years ago – how to Cleanse, Clear and Bless my home. Click on the link below to download this excellent tool.

Ask your angels to surround you with divine white light.
Ask your angels to only allow those of the light to communicate with you.
Ask Archangel Michael to cut the cords of negativity in all directions of time that drains your energy.
Cleanse, Clear and Bless your home on a regular basis – click here.
Use the Cleanse and Clear meditation to clear your human/spiritual being – click here

There is so much energy around us that our human eyes do not see. We often ‘feel’ the negativity – like walking into a room after someone has been fighting - we can feel it! Or walking into a building that the energy threatens to suffocate – there is an old building in Colorado Springs that I simply cannot go into for this reason – it oozes lower vibration energy.

Use the tools above to help you make this time of ascending transformation easier!

In love and light,

Do you need help understanding the guidance of your angels? The Communicating with Your Angels class is almost ready for release and we’ve added more goodies to what you receive with your order!  Or are you looking for validation of your angelic guidance?  Schedule an Angel Reading with Kate here.

Remember! Your angels are with you in every moment!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Spider Came Calling & She Brought Big Jim...

A few days ago there was a large spider in the bathroom floor. Yesterday morning a friend of mine told me a spider woke her up at 5am crawling up her arm. Then last night I was up late working and noticed there was a large spider on the light gray t-shirt I had taken off earlier and laid on the back of a black dining room chair. If the spider had stayed on the chair I never would have seen it. This spider was quite large – he could easily have stretched over a quarter and touched the outside edges. What was odd is he was so far above the floor - and on one of my personal belongings.

This morning there was another large spider in the floor of my walk in closet.

Spiders tend to be elusive creatures - if I'm seeing this many, how many more am I not seeing?


Instead of fighting with spider, I open my heart to her message...

Spider is the female energy of the creative force - the symbol for the infinite possibilities of creation - the winds of change in all directions of time. 

Spider reminds us to be aware of the physical world's web of illusion and our power to change our lives at any time.  We my choose to change direction or be consumed by the illusion of physical world fears and limitations.

She reminds us to keep our heart's open to intuitive knowledge of entangling situations in order to make choices to create the highest possible outcome.

Spider reminds us to keep a record (journal) of our lives in order to go back and see when we are and when we are not active in our power.  This record will help us to remember how we create a new and different reality and how we create more of what we don't want so we can make the best choices for the highest possible outcome in our life situations and relationships. 

Spider asks us to embrace the fact that we are infinite beings of love and light and open our heart's to the love that we are to draw to us and our web of reality that which we truly desire and dream of.

Then Big Jim stopped by...
"I see the struggles of the humans in today's world.  Those who are consciously choosing to live in integrity in hope and possibility are changing the world from a dark place to love and light.  It is an amazing sight to behold.  
There is a lot of worrying going on.  I remind everyone again...  worry doesn't do anything to help you - it only holds you back.  You might as well handcuff yourself to the chair, because you won't be going anywhere.

The tragedies of the weather and the earth like the tornado that caused such destruction in Joplin, Missouri are only beginning.  I mention Joplin, because my mother-in-law lives there and I've always been fond of her.  The point is that horrific events aren't happening just to places on the other side of the world, they're happening in your backyard to your friends and family. 
I remind you that you aren't living on an island by yourself.  How many people did you pass today that you didn't acknowledge?  When I lived on Mother Earth, I waived to people that I passed - yes, most of the time that was on a gravel road between my house, the shop and town, but even on the highway in the land of farming country, you'll see a wave when you pass a pickup.

You live with other people.  Offer a gesture of acknowledgment - a hello or a wave.  My "M.O." was a single index finger wave.  Simple, but effective - a "Hello, how are you?" from the front seat of my pickup.  
Have your angels been sending you messages through synchronistic events?  Open your heart to their guidance with the following tools:
Writing to your angels to open your heart to consciously, actively work with them
Meet your Guardian Angel meditation - click here
Angel Reading - click here
Communicating with Your Angels Class - click here NEW!
Power of Two Spiritual Coaching - click here

  Your angels are with you in every moment - lighten your load - tap into their wisdom and guidance - you can to it!

In love and light,

I continue to share with you The Power of Gratitude guided meditation as my gift. You may download it here.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Announcement - Communicating with Your Angels Class

Learn how easy it is to open your heart
to recognize and understand the guidance of your angels!

We are all born with the ability to communicate with the angelic realm of angels, guides, teachers and deceased loved ones. The physical world teaches us that we are separate, alone, and limited in what we can be, do and have. I believed this, too, and spent years bouncing around, feeling alone, stuck and separate from God and my angelic team.

I knew my angels were real and that they could help me, but I struggled to “connect” with them. I tried meditating, but fell asleep. I took my family to a Doreen Virtue workshop and watched quietly with a heavy heart as my husband and daughter (who didn’t want to go) wrote out messages from their angels while I sat there, pen poised above the paper and got nothing. I read about how I needed to be a vegan to communicate with my angels and my heart sank – because beef is a staple in my diet!

Then I learned the key to opening my heart to communicating with my angels and it was EASY! I learned how to distinguish between “them” (the angels) and my own mind chatter and now I'm sharing how easy it is for you to communicate with your angels!  Click here for details! 

Wait! I have to Breathe...

When was the last time you took a really deep breath? You just did? Ten minutes ago? An hour ago? I mean really deep – have you taken one today???

I often catch myself holding my breath while I type. I spend most of my days sitting at a keyboard and I’ve discovered that my most frustrating days coincide with how much I hold my breath.

Our angels communicate with us through our breath… Our breath IS the life essence of God. Our breath is what sustains the livelihood of our physical body. It is through our breath that we are able to be in our spiritual power as limitless spiritual beings.

Focusing on the breath opens the door to connecting with the voice of God within us.

It is through our breath that our hearts open to change the direction of our lives to create something new and exciting. It is through our breath that the illusions of worry and fear of the physical world dissipate…

We are the only ones doing the breathing in our bodies – we are the ones with the creation of the reality of our lives.

Our breath is as a flint, sparking the energy of our thoughts to manifest into form in our reality as receipt of our dreams.

Did you consciously set your intention for today with a deep, calm breath, balanced in the “possibility” of love source energy? If not, it is never too late. Take a few deep breaths in and embrace the gratitude of the possibility of this moment. Visualize what you wish to accomplish, to do and to receive in the moments of your day. Breathe deeply and embrace the power in gratitude for the ability to step into your power and shift your day, to shift your path.

Breathe deeply, do you feel the alignment?

Wasn’t that easy?

Remember, life doesn’t “happen” to us, we create it through our thoughts and beliefs. Create the life you really want by aligning your thoughts and beliefs with the essence of love that is you through your breath...

Need help? Tools to help you to remember to breathe deeply to release the weight of the physical world from your shoulders and create the reality of your dreams:
1. Meditation
2. Sticky notes around your space
3. Consciously, actively working with your angels on a daily basis
4. Daily Soul Kiss - click here
5. Meet your Guardian Angel meditation - click here
6. Angel Reading - click here
7. Communicating with Your Angels Class - click here NEW!
8. My dear friend, Lynette Turner’s recent newsletter listed seven simple ways to “consciously” create your day and your life. Click here to learn more.

All life begins with a breath…

In love and light,

I continue to share with you The Power of Gratitude guided meditation as my gift. You may download it here

Our gift to you: Daily Soul Kiss - a spiritual whisper of support in your inbox!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crawling out of the "Black Hole"

My dad, Big Jim (Waiting in the Other Room), had a heart attack in 1990 and the doctors performed angioplasty surgery and sent him home with medication.  The side affect of that medication was depression.  Since we lived a thousand miles apart our time together was via phone.  One day I called him while I was driving to Denver and pulled into the driveway just as he began to share the pain of the depression.  

I remember clearly sitting in the driveway looking at the dashboard of my car while daddy talked about being so deep in the "black hole" of depression that he didn't think he was going to be able to crawl out this time and my heart broke.  I sat there and cried feeling so powerless to help him and as an empath, feeling the darkness of his pain.  Then he said it always made him feel better when I called.  I'll never forget that...

The "black hole" of despair is not a conscious choice. Living in a physical body we are constantly bombarded by energy and a lot of the energy we are hit with today is of the negative, low vibration of fear. To some extent we've all experienced the "black hole." 

Over the years, I've experienced periods of time that I've been ready to check out - go home to the angelic realm and be finished here.  To be honest, I've experienced that feeling since I've been actively walking my spiritual path and it was stronger after I wakened my spiritual beliefs!
To pull myself out of it I shifted my energy through gratitude. I remember sitting on the side of the bed one morning holding the Majik poodle and focusing on how much I love him - embracing that love in gratitude until I could feel it pulsating throughout my body.  Then throughout the next few days I would draw on that energy of gratitude till my heart would sing with joy from deep within...

...and life shifted.  I crawled out of the "black hole" through gratitude.

I'm human, just like each of you reading this.  I get knocked around by the negative energies that flood our planet, I cry, I bleed and I know what it feels like to be in the "black hole."  I also know that it is possible to get out of it. Once the heaviness of your heart is identified - because it sneaks up on you sometimes and you don't realize you aren't laughing or smiling anymore - you can make a choice to shift your life to something different.

I'm listing some tools here for you to use, but I want to preface those tools with this:  If you are on medication for depression, keep taking it.  If you suspect you have a chemical imbalance causing depression, SEE your Doctor!  Use these tools in conjunction with your doctor's guidance.

* I continue to share with you The Power of Gratitude guided meditation as my gift. You may download it here.
* sit in nature and write and/or chat with your angels - no matter how isolated and alone you feel - you are NOT alone and isolated - you have a crowd of angels with you in every moment of your existence who want nothing more than to help you - invite them in and allow yourself to receive their guidance and wisdom
* Communicating with Your Angels Self Study Workshop
* Angel Reading to illuminate the path of the limitless possibility of YOU
* Prosperity Tool Kit - 20 tools to help you shift your energy from the low vibration of fear to the higher vibration of love
* Shift to love, feel worthy and forgive - the Healing Trilogy
* Power of Two Spiritual Life Coaching - active support from me to help you reclaim your power and fulfill your dreams!

For me the "black hole" has been a golden opportunity for growth - to shift my energy to a higher vibration of ascension, opening the door to enlightenment of mind, body and spirit.  Once I found my "spiritual sight" I discovered a huge fear staring me down - like a showdown in a dusty western town.  Instead of crawling into a corner, my draw was faster and I blasted the fear to smithereens - returning the illusion of fear to its native nothingness.

I admit, at the time it never feels like a "golden opportunity" but I've come to know that it is and I have the power - as each of you do - to take a quantum leap out of the "black hole" of despair/depression and create something new, different and exciting as the reality of my life.

In love and light,

Our gift to you: Daily Soul Kiss - a spiritual whisper of support in your inbox!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I LOVE My Life! Hmmm…. Do I?

In the past, I’ve felt the joy of, “I love my life!” being a true statement. I would feel and believe this for a few hours or days, then I would feel that sting of resistance when the fear based thought of; “I’ll really love my life when…” would pop into my head. The “when” would present itself because there would be something that I didn’t have or something that wasn’t working in an area of my life.

The “when…” was a deal breaker.

Recently I was slapped in the face with the Mother Load of all fears. With the help of my angels I disconnected from it and began the healing process. Then one evening as I stood in the shower washing away the anxieties of the day while visualizing the Cleanse and Clear meditation, I realized how much I love my life – I mean really love my life!

Immediately my human brain went to the list of things I want, but have not yet materialized in my life, and you know what? They didn’t matter! I still felt the energy of deep joy-filled love for the life I’m living now – in this moment! There was no regret and guilt of the past, and no worry about the future. Most importantly there was no fretting about what I “don’t have.”

My heart was singing with joy in the knowing that I really love my life – with all its imperfections – and therein lies my power – my power to deflect fears and worries of the physical world and create into my reality all that I desire bringing my heaven to earth!

And… You have this power, too!

We each have our own soul journey to experience – our individual life path of hiccups, joy, fear, love, laughter, sorrow and pain. Expanding our heart consciousness within the experiences of the moments of our lives is our spiritual journey of enlightenment.

At some level, each one of us is being offered the opportunity to “rebirth” and step out of the physical world teachings of fear as our normal way of living and step into our power, embracing the divinity within. Actively reconnecting with this light within us realigns our hearts with the infinite possibility that is our essence. This is our ascension process to unconditional love – to bring our heaven to earth.

The destination is the journey to this moment in time of acceptance, forgiveness, love and gratitude of this breath. It is the unparalleled universal flow of love of the creator within – flowing without – and manifesting into physical form in our reality as life situations and things that bring us joy.

As within, it is without.

So long as we stand firmly balanced in our power from the truth center of our being-ness, we will say, “I love my life” and mean it – creating through our love source energy all that we dream of – bringing our heaven to earth.

* writing to your angels to discern, face, disconnect and heal fear
* Angel Reading to receive validation of life path
* Prosperity Tool Kit
* Shift to love, feel worthy and forgive - the Healing Trilogy
* Power of Two Spiritual Life Coaching

The effort to shift your energy from "creating what you don't want" to "bringing heaven to earth" is well worth it!

In love and light,

Note:  The Cleanse and Clear meditation is on the Meet Jesus CD and mp3 download.