Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Angel Hug of Support April 30, 2015

Dear Children of the Light,

Your collective is breaking apart - those who are stepping into the light are separating from those who wish to hold fast to the underworld of the darkness of fear.

Do not be fearful of this...  Those you love who wish to hold fast to the darkness have the opportunity to choose a higher outcome - as do you - in all things.  Opportunities are equal, for they all begin from within.

Know there is no judgment... only open arms of loving comfort to BE as One with The Creator.
If you are feeling as though you are stumbling in the darkness of the rampant fear, be still....

Be Still... and Breathe...

Breathe in deeply from the source of your heart...

Breathe into your heart space where all there is.... is love...

From this calm, safe space, you will discover that your eyes adjust to the darkness and you can see through the darkness - through the darkness to the light...  And as you continue to breathe peacefully into your essence of love with God...  You are One...  And the darkness dissipates to its native nothingness...

We are with you, dearest children...  we are with you, holding you safe as you transcend the fears of your physical world to bring forth the very essence of heaven itself.... love...

Your loving Angels of Light...

Monday, April 27, 2015

Angelic GPS April 27 - May 3, 2015

April 27 - May 3, 2015

The powerful energy of this week supports you to overcome Obstacles and Challenges!

As spiritual BE-ings experiencing a human existence we live in a very real container of illusions.  I say very real because what we see, hear and touch give us a reference point for everything else - based on our perception within.

However, our perception is often skewed from previous experiences - often times experiences that occurred as children when we didn't have an adult understanding.

As a result when we face the uncomfortable energy of fear that reveals itself to us today as resistance, we discover that this fear is based on things we've believed to be true, but aren't - such as our worthiness or being deserving or good enough.

This week when you feel challenged or blocked by an obstacle, access the knowing of your heart - the knowing that you are truly limitless in what you can be, do and have!

Face any fear filled resistance that reveals itself to you - pull it into the light  ====> Remember -- Fear is of the darkness - YOU are of the Light!  When you pull uncomfortable fear forward, into the light --- it must dissipate because darkness cannot exist in the light!

The fear of the obstacle or challenge is an illusion.

Use these less than love energies as a guide to course correct to create and experience a higher outcome - the highest outcome possible - your highest good!  ...and be grateful for the opportunity to re-anchor your intention solidifying the energy of what you wish to experience to something better!

BE BOLD - Claim what you want and hold to that energy or better!  When you overcome the illusion of anxiety associated with the obstacles and challenges, they will fade away to their native nothingness because they have no power.

NOTE:  Seeming obstacles and challenges provide the opportunity to get even clearer about what you want.

Now... Powerfully claim what you want or something better!

So Be It --- And It Is!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Angel Hug of Support April 23

Dear One of Love and Light,

What you feel as perilous times, is the dawning of a new age of prosperity, joy and happiness.  We understand that your human eyes, may not be 'seeing' this transformation, but we want you to know that it is... indeed... happening!

In our realm there is great celebration of this shift to the energy of the Divine!

Not having been human ourselves, your feelings of 'worry' is beyond our grasp, but we do know that you experience it and that it is painful for you.

With this knowledge we implore you to give your worries to us, so that you may be free to experience your birthright of joy.

Your heart is of pure, Divine love - love of The Creator - love of All-That-Is.  Be open to this and there will be no room for worry in your heart.

As you know that your world continues to rotate on its axis and your sun rises in your morning, know from within the cells of your BE-ing that you are fully supported to create a higher outcome than your worry can envision.

We are here - with you - to help you - please ask for our help, then stand aside as we fulfill your request!

Your loving - worry free - angels

It sounds impossible to "choose" not to worry - to give the human need to worry to your angels, but it is possible!

You can do it!

If you received benefit from the hug of support from the angels, we would love it if you would share this with your friends!

In love and light,

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Angelic GPS April 20 - 26, 2015

April 20 - 26, 2015

The powerful energy of this week reveals Temptation!

Take a deep breath and open your heart to angelic support so when the temptation to worry and fret over things that haven't happened yet bubbles up, it won't overpower you.

We were born into a human body fully connected to God - our source of Love that is our essence.  Then we grew up and believed the limited teachings of this physical world.

Your heart is wakening to the truth that you are one-with-God...  not separate and alone.

With this wakening of knowledge accessing the power within you is easier, however, you still live in a human body that holds on tightly to the limited teachings of a suppressive society.

Know that you are fully supported by your A-Team of angelic assistants to see the temptation to worry for what it is -- an illusion of being disconnected from God.

Remember that Love is your essence and...

"Love is the most powerful magnetic force in the universe!"
~ Florence Scovel Shinn

Ask your angels to help you maintain love or above energy - hold on to it with both hands - and when the temptation to worry about something you don't have or hasn't happened yet - reveals itself to you, BREATHE Deeply through the illusion of need within you to jump on the worry bandwagon - and embrace the joy energy of BE-ing who you want to BE - experiencing what you wish to experience --- when there is no sign of it in sight!

Make the conscious decision to monitor the vibration of your energy to 'notice immediately' when you are tempted to worry!

If the Angelic GPS helps you to live a happier life, I'd love it if you would share with your friends!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Angelic Hug of Support April 16

Dearest Beautiful Beings of Love and Light,

The light within you shines brightly - we ask that you allow this knowing to be true in your mind as it is in your heart.

What you consider miracles are "Normal and Effortless" for us. 

We ask that you open your heart to allow "Miracles" to be your "Normal" way of living. 

Allow your mind to have the eyes to see that your heart has -- and miracles will reveal themselves to you. 

You will discover opportunities you did not see before. 

You will receive financial currency coming to you in unexpected ways.

Love that brings your heart great joy will weave effortlessly into the experience of your life.

And when you embrace the love that you are to experience prosperity in ease and grace, the cells of your physical body will rejoice with singing!

Open your arms wide to receive miraculous prosperity in all ways --- it is your birthright!

Expect miracles in unexpected ways and they are yours!

Your Loving Angels of Miraculous Prosperity

If you received benefit from the angel's message, I would love it if you would share with your friends! <3 <3 <3 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Angelic GPS April 13 - 19, 2015

April 13 - 19, 2015

The powerful energy of this week builds the momentum of Accelerated Motion!

NOW is the time to focus your creation energy, specifically on what you want to experience, in order to flow with this tremendous whoosh of energy that supports change, transformation, creation, and manifestation.

The energy of last week supported you to clean house and get clear on what you wish to experience.  You were fully supported to align your three levels of consciousness.

This week's energy makes that alignment ---- are you ready for this?  UnSTOPable!

BE consciously aware of your thoughts
- are they in alignment with what you wish to experience or are you allowing them to wallow in fretting or whining about what you do not like?

Where your focus lies is what you will be powerfully creating!!!

I'll say this again ======>> where your focus lies is what you will be powerfully creating - so BE Aware!

Kick worry to the curb and consciously - with powerful intention - focus on the joy experiencing what you want will give you =====> when receiving what you want is no-where-in-sight!

The conditions around you are PERFECT - whether you "see" it or not. 

we do not see energy - but it is REAL!


==> sit quietly with your angels and dream BIG about what you wish to experience - e.g. if you want to experience an unlimited shopping spree, experience the spree with your angels to the degree that when you complete your time with them, you feel as though you've "shopped your brains out!"

==> Repeat. Above. Every. Day.

==> demand a lead/a hunch/an action step that you can take to experience the vision of your experience.

==> on Saturday use your favorite New Moon ritual or join me for the live program: Access Your Prosperity Portal ~ with Angels & New Moon Energy to powerfully stimulate the New Moon energy in your favor!  Gather friends to magnify the energy exponentially and make the manifestation/transformation you seek inevitable!

For many, being in the flow will be challenging because it will almost feel as though you've been zapped with energy and you may feel awkward, uncertain or like you're on fast forward.  If you find yourself "fighting" the flow of energy, STOP --- and BREATHE!  Ground yourself and re-establish your energy to the joy experiencing what you wish to create will bring you.

No matter what is going on around you, stay focused - maintain your energetic flow of joy at already having received what you want - hold to your trust.

You are magnificently powerful - surrender to it and embrace it!! 

ps - I invite you to join the Access Your Prosperity Portal ~ with Angels & New Moon Energy experiential program here.

pps - If you are enjoying the Angelic GPS and benefiting from the guidance, I would LOVE it if you would share this with your friends!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Let your Angels do the heavy lifting!

I received many emails after posting the Angelic Hug of Support on April 2 (click here if you missed it).  Thank you for writing to me and if I haven't responded to you yet, I will!

The manifesting energies we're experiencing right now are unprecedented.  Each one of us is powerfully creating - FASTER - than ever before.

Right NOW it is vitally important to BE consciously aware of where you are focusing your energy.

If you're feeling joy in your heart and you're focusing on gratitude, congratulation!  You will spontaneously create more to be grateful for!

However... if you're aggravated with someone who just cut you off on the highway and you're mumbling under your breath all the way to your destination ===> you will draw to you more of this aggravated energy of frustration and feeling helpless!

When you discover you're not in the energy you really wish to BE in - ask your angels to help you!
Angel Hug of Support
Dearest Children of the Eternal Light,

We want you to know that in your darkest hour...
We are with you...
In your moments of joy filled celebration...
We are with you...
We are with you to - in your words - do the heavy lifting.
What you do not understand is that it is just as easy for us to get you a parking place on an empty street, as it is to get a parking place among hundreds of your automobiles.
We are the ear of God...
All things are of equal importance and effort. 
God created the complexities of your human body - He/we can bring to fruition as your experience anything you desire.
Give to us your doubt - give to us your hesitation - give to us the belief that you are not worthy or do not deserve or are not good enough.
You ARE Worthy - You ARE Deserving - You ARE Good Enough to experience joy beyond your comprehension!
Give to us the heavy lifting - and LEAVE it with us!  We will work with you to bring to fruition the joys of your heart!
Focus on what you truly wish to experience and it is yours!
Your Loving Angels of Light
It is so easy to get caught up in the frustrations of less than love energy.

Change your story!

Recognize when you are NOT in the energy you truly wish to BE and ask your angels for help to BE the energy of love - joy and happiness - powerfully creating more to be happy about!

Experiment:  Upon waking - before your mind kicks into anything less than love - breathe deeply into JOY and embrace it!  Set your intention to experience something truly Wonderful and Awesome today!  Celebrate like you're 7 years old and its Christmas!

Ask your angels to help!  Then let them!!

In love and light,

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Angelic GPS April 6 - 12, 2015

April 6 - 12, 2015

The powerful energy of this week reveals to us valuable Partnerships & Alliances!

When we think of partnerships and alliances, we naturally think of partnerships with people, but this week's energy supports more than our relationships with people.  This week's energy source begins with our alliance within.

Our energetic BE-ing consists of our subconscious, our conscious and our superconscious.  The average human lives from a point of "conscious auto-pilot" with the beliefs of the subconscious calling the shots.  The conscious may wish to experience "xyz" - but the subconscious is in control and it confers with the inner beliefs housed in the archives of past experiences to discern what it best.  After quietly reviewing this archive, the subconscious may decide (subconsciously of course) that the desired result is too risky based on previous experiences.  At this point the subconscious will guide us to sabotage our receipt of "xyz" in order to protect us.

And we're left standing there wondering, "what happened?"

However... the superconscious knows that "xyz" is in our Field of Potentiality - and knows that we not only deserve to experience "xyz" - it knows it is our birthright to experience it!

This week's energy holds the door open for the subconscious to align with the conscious and superconscious to create the experiences our heart longs for.  So sit with your angels and allow your heart to focus on what brings you joy.  And ask your angels to help you align your three levels of consciousness to powerfully create your desired outcome.

If what you wish to experience relies on the help of someone else, the universe will guide you to that person - be OPEN to this guidance - it may come as a hunch to go somewhere or do something that brings you into contact with the perfect person to help you!

Decide on what you wish to experience, ask your angels for help and be open to and follow the guidance you receive - it may be to nullify an old belief that no longer serves you and rewrite your neural pathway of belief to what serves you now in 2015.

Your angels will guide you to disconnect from past archives of pain that are just that - of the past - to propel you into the freedom of creating and living something new and exciting!

I hope you'll take this week's energy source to heart and work with your angels to align your 3 levels of consciousness to powerfully create your biggest, most magnificent life!

In love and light,

ps: There was a Full Moon on Saturday, April 4.  As you know the moon and other planets of our solar system affect the magnetic pull on the earth AND on our bodies.  Its time to flow in ease and grace with this magnetic pull and stop struggling with it.  Its not too late to use The Moon Cycle Blueprint for Prosperity to help you use the power of the Full Moon to empower you -  so click here to get yours if you don't have it! ------ This guidance includes Full Moon - A Time of Revelation to Magnify Manifestation and New Moon - A Portal for New Beginnings - plus all the new and full moon dates through 2015!  (Game of Life Mastery Students you'll find this in the Mastery Tool Library)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

You GOTTA see this Angelic Hug of Support!

Many who are walking their spiritual path, as way showers of the light are struggling right now.

If we're in a time of unprecedented support from the unseen realm of loving angels, God, the Universe, Mother Earth... WHY are we struggling when we're "doing all the right things" - "walking our talk" and "BE-ing the Light that illuminates the darkness for others"?

"WHY?" you're asking!

Because our human-ness is subconsciously working to hang on to the physical world illusion of fear.  Not consciously - mind you - subconsciously.

You are an ascended BE-ing of Love and Light and if there is physical world fear hanging on to your bootstraps - whether it is subconsciously or consciously it will derail your path.


Here is the key to stopping this runaway train of fear:

1. REST when you're tired!  I cannot emphasize this ENOUGH!  Your human body is working Over-Time to acclimate to the ascended Christ Conscious energy that is saturating our planet - and as a human, it gets TIRED.  Schedule more time to rest and sleep - this is critical! 

The NE of the US has experienced an extremely harsh winter causing excessive human anxiety on more levels than I can count.  The ascension of the planet has not slowed down due to harsh weather conditions, on the contrary, the ascension shift has increased exponentially and our bodies are diligently working to acclimate to this higher vibration of energy - you're feeling the pull!

2. Keep your Worry Angel employed!  You don't have to wage this war against fear and worry alone!  It is NOT your job to worry - your job is to live your life from a vibration of joy, love and happiness!

3. BREATHE Deeply!  The human response to anxiety, worry and stress is to breathe shallowly and to hold our breath.  STOP doing this!  Consciously focus on breathing deeply throughout your day and your day Will.  Get.  Easier.

4.  Live from your Heart-Space!  Holding tightly to the Faith and Trust that you are Divinely supported, nourished and cared for - and God is NEVER too late!  I know, sometimes this is a tall order when you're facing bills you cannot pay or food is getting scarce or the car won't start or your kids are running amuck or your spouse is ripping your heart to shreds and your boss/coworkers are just mean.  YOU - ARE - STRONGER - THAN - THIS!

I don't like to call this a "test" of our loyalty or commitment to BE-ing the limitless spiritual light that we are, but we are being forced to choose: succumb to anxiety and fear or steadfastly stand our ground confident that our highest good is coming to fruition in all areas of our lives and accept nothing less - when there is no sign of it in sight!

I'm human, too.

I'm facing obstacles that I can choose to allow to become a struggling challenge or I can hold the faith, giving my worry energy to my Worry Angel and getting the rest my body demands to maintain the strength of my heart's convictions and break through the Fear Barrier that threatens to devour me. 

I'm determined to terminate struggle in my life to flow in ease and grace - living from my heart space - will you join me?

Angel Hug of Support

Dear Children of the Light,

Your human bodies are of love and light.  The ascension energy pulls your body forward, while the limiting fear of your society pulls you back.  This ever persistent ebb and flow of energy tires your body till your energy ascends to match the love vibration.

We know you feel "Alone" when you experience this, but we want you to KNOW that you are not alone - for we are with you - your lieutenants of love and light to support you - comfort you and guide you - instilling within your heart the strength you need to push through the Fear Barrier and breathe into your most magnificent life!

Your physical world is in a time of transition that holds the promise of joy, love and happiness for all, but it is a choice.  You have free will to decide:  fear or joy?

Your choice will determine your present and your future.  Miracles you cannot fathom follow the choice of "joy"!

We love you, we support you, we are with you in every moment!

Your Loving Angels of Light

There is a Full Moon on Saturday, April 4.  As you know the moon and other planets of our solar system affect the magnetic pull on the earth AND on our bodies.  Its time to flow in ease and grace with this magnetic pull and stop struggling with it.  The Moon Cycle Blueprint for Prosperity will help you use the power of the Full Moon to empower you - and through Saturday it is free - so click here to get yours!  (Game of Life Mastery Students you'll find this in the Mastery Tool Library)

It is not necessary for you to struggle - let go of the human "need" to struggle and enjoy your life - it doesn't mean you don't care - its the first step to taking your power back and creating the life you came here to live!

Sending you all the love of my heart - you can do this!!

In love and light,