Monday, June 20, 2011

How does Worry Enhance Your Life?

Worry is a sneaky thief that has been my copilot for most of my life.  Then one day it dawned on me, "How does worry enhance my life?"  

Answer:  Nothing...

The physical world teaches us that worrying is how we show we care.  The reality is that worry is of fear source and acts as a block between us and:
AND... receipt of prosperity

Today I was shown we have very special, golden angels to help us by taking our worry.  This particular angel had a huge, cauldron for worry.  I placed a few worries in the dark gray container and the entire thing turned to gold, then to a golden light, then in the midst of the light, beautiful heart shaped butterflies flew into the heavens.  My worry was transformed to love and light.

What have you "worried" about today?

Enhance your life by asking your "Worry Angel" to take your worries and transform them to loving light.  

In love and light,

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Doom and Gloom or Joy?

Many have written to me and asked about the doom and gloom prophesies and teachings of our time. Questions stem from teachings of collapsed monetary system, no food, a police state, etc. The thought of any one of these things is enough to strike fear in our hearts, but all of them? The thought of a combination of them can send us spiraling out of control in a fear tailspin.

The fact is there are portions of Mother Earth that are experiencing – at this moment – these doom and gloom prophesies – some have been for years.

But the question that weighs on the minds of my readers is, "Will this happen to me?"

All these things are possibilities and the illusion of fear perpetuates and magnifies that possibility.

HOWEVER, it is my firm belief that "this moment in time" holds the possibility – the mission – to bring heaven to earth. The final outcome will be dictated by the ascension of the human spirit as a collective to a higher plane of existence – to love source.

Will we, as a human race, manage it? I believe that emphatically, YES, we will!

For most of us it would be easier to believe the doom and gloom prophesies is our fate, bury our heads in the sand, and allow the sand that is swirling around in the wind to whip us to shreds.

But we are powerful spiritual beings of love and light… I hold firmly to the belief that the more we maintain a "state of joy in gratitude" the quicker we will create through our energetic vibration more to be grateful for – bringing our heaven to earth…

Briefly I will address stocking supplies. There is nothing wrong with having cash on hand, bottled water, candles, food, oil, etc. As a child I lived in the country and didn’t have the luxury of going to town every day. My mom bought food and other supplies a week or so in advance. Here in Colorado it isn’t unheard of to get four feet of snow in a day – supplies are a necessity of life. Personally having several dozen rolls of toilet paper in the cupboard makes me feel better no matter what is going on in the world around me. ;) Keep on hand what resonates with you and keep those items on hand in JOY and GRATITUDE, not in FEAR!

I continue to share with you The Power of Gratitude guided meditation as my gift. You may download it here.

Gratitude shifts your energy to love source and blocks negativity from sticking to you!

I invite you to email me with your questions. Be patient, I will write back. I will also share our discussions on my blog, newsletter and on the Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers BlogTalk radio program to help others.

In love and light,

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gratitude, the Key to Joy

Many of us throughout the world are shaking off the shock and disbelief of life events and are in the process of creating new lives for ourselves. 

The energies sweeping Mother Earth are in full support of shifting into a higher vibration of love consciousness to create the highest outcome possible. Through tragedies we rally together as one to support and love one another.  With a sword of love we cut a path of survival and creation of something new and better.

YOU have the power to change anything in your life by shifting your thoughts from powerlessness and despair to gratitude for the opportunity to change it!

Everything is energy and creation begins with the spark of the energy of our thoughts - we create everything through the flow of our belief energy.

Do you want an area of your life to be different?  If you've reached that decision, then it is time to disconnect from the past and step boldly and confidently into this moment of limitless possibility, embrace in gratitude your ability to do so and create something different.

Everyone experiences the energy of one person stepping into the knowing of their love vibration of limitlessness.  We are all creators and healers of love and light.  When we disconnect from things and people that no longer serve us and heal within, our healing ripples out to others as well as to Mother Earth. 
Gratitude is the key to joy and opens the way to bring heaven to earth.

What are your grateful for?

In love and light,

As my gift to you, you may download The Power of Gratitude meditation as my gift.  Point your browser here and follow the directions to download The Power of Gratitude in MP3 format.

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