Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Angel Reading Special Expires April 1

Your angels and I have begun fulfilling the scheduled angel reading appointments and they have been spectacular!  The loving messages that come through are heartwarming and bring such beautiful comfort and love - at times it has been a lot to take in!  The love is so deep, so profound that it takes a few moments for the human body to acclimate!

This is a gentle reminder, if you would like to schedule an angel reading with me and your angels, we do have a few appointments left Wednesday through Saturday of next week, April 2-5.  However, the opportunity to schedule and purchase your appointment will expire on Tuesday, April 1.

The angels are:

* providing validation of what they've been telling you

* holding the space to forgive what has been unforgiven

* sharing guidance on how to connect with them more easily

* holding the safe space to face the fear that has held you hostage

* validating that love and hope are eternal and forever

I love sharing messages from your angels with you - holding the safe space for you to feel their energy and expand your awareness of their presence!  It is such a beautiful, joy filled, loving experience for all!  {{{{Angel high fives all around!!}}}}

I don't know when I'll be offering angel readings again - probably not for a few months.  This spring special expires April 1 or when all the appointments are booked -whichever comes first.   Click here now to schedule your appointment before they are all spoken for!

To all of you who have already scheduled, I'm SO EXCITED to meet with you and your angels!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your divine journey!

In love and light,

Thursday, March 27, 2014

What is Possible? + Angel Reading Special!

When we turn on the news our ears and eyes are assaulted with stories that break our hearts and leave us feeling drained, sad and questioning just why we came here.  What the news/media does not report

We've expanded into a new arena of light that is unprecedented. You and I, we are exuding the light of love - the light of Christ Consciousness and through that light we are illuminating the darkness that has been flying below the radar of Earth's people.

is that this is the Darkness before the Dawn.  

The darkness can no longer hide from the light. The walls of lies, and deceit are being revealed and crumbling away of their own weight.  And through the crumble of the old shackles of fear, more light bursts forth!

On Saturday morning it started to snow where I live.  When I took the Majik poodle (who is feeling better, thank you for all your prayers!) out, I wore grandma's purple jacket.  While he was taking care of business, I noticed the snowflakes on my arm - I could SEE the intricacies of some of the snowflakes!  OMG, what are the chances of that? 

We are transcending the shackles of fear that have held us hostage for centuries.

Today, we are tapping into the power of love within us to create a new reality, like never before.  Many of you are ready and you're stepping to the plate to claim all that is yours and through that assertion of love based energy you're attracting miracles!  You're solidifying the love that is your essence into your daily life and that love is lighting the way for you to create a new world of love and light!

You're finding that what is possible, is everything your heart dreams of experiencing!

Tips to expand your power of creation:
* ask your angels to help you
* listen through your heart for their guidance and action steps
* open your arms wide to receive!

SPRING Angel Reading Special you're going to LOVE!  {{{ special expires April 1! }}}
April is just days away... are you feeling nudges within you to do something or change something in your life?  Are you wondering what's possible for you?

I love, Love, LOVE connecting with your angels and bringing forth their wisdom, love and guidance, but my schedule is rather full so I don't offer them very often.  But the possibility of spring is in the air so I've moved some things around to offer a Spring Angel Reading Special so you can easily learn from your angels just what is possible for you! 

During our time with your angels, I will share with you everything they tell me and show me, plus I'll help you feel their energy so you will recognize them when you work with them on your own!  You may schedule our time together as early as this Saturday!  This exciting, special opportunity expires Tuesday, April 1. Click here now to schedule your appointment!

What is the possibility of seeing the intricacies of a snowflake?

Everything your heart desires is possible - claim it!

In love and light,

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Its NOT----Too---Late...

The Game of Life Mastery Program began on Tuesday, March 18 and the first class module was FANTASTIC!  The private Facebook Community is hopping and building a beautiful foundation of support. 

My team has been shipping The Game of Life Workbook across the US and ordering them in Canada, France and Germany to get them to everyone as quickly as possible.

If you want to be a part of this exciting, welcoming, supportive community who are claiming their power to create miraculous lives consistently, you're Not-Too-Late!  Register today and we'll ship your workbook to you ASAP and provide you with the materials you need to be caught up with everyone else.

And... we've been adding more goodies to the program! 

We're already getting feedback from participants about shifting their energy and attracting miracles!  Yeah!

The enrollment for this program ENDS at midnight TOMORROW!!!  At 12:01am you'll have to wait till this program is presented again and no date has been set for that yet...

Click here to register and take the first step to powerfully transform your life to love or above!

In love and light,

Monday, March 17, 2014

If it were simple...

When my dad, Big Jim, would discover I was struggling with something in my life, he would tell me, "If it were simple everyone would do it!"  Well... let me tell you, it IS SIMPLE - the reason people aren't living happier lives is because they don't know how to shift their energy to focus and create something better.

Tomorrow at 5:45pm MT I'll be sitting here at my desk in great anticipating for the first class module call for The Game of Life Mastery Program.  The energy of Florence Scovel Shinn will most likely be sitting to my left on the end of my desk filing her nails - calmly waiting for the program to begin.  For the past few weeks she's been here with a clip board in her hand guiding me through the details for this fantastic program.

The first class module ROCKS energy!  We're going to dive deeply into the ins and outs of the power of our energy and discover how to harness it and focus it.  Everyone listening in will be in a different place of empowerment energetically when the call completes, than they were when they dialed in by phone or clicked in through the web.  The foundation will be anchored and set to creating more loving relationships, releasing avalanches of financial flow, saying good-by to worry and wakening the job that makes their heart sing with joy.

We are taught that we must struggle to get what we want - this is not true.  Life does not have to be hard.  Life does not have to be a struggle. 

What does your life look like in this moment?

Living a life that you love to wake up to each morning is simple - if you aren't, the only reason is because you do not know how - because you WOULD if you knew HOW - wouldn't you??

Join us and learn the HOW and what to do when your STUFF tries to sabotage you!  Join a community of like minded loving individuals who magnify the power of two as a group! 

Open your heart to your own brilliance and power to Be, Do and Have what your heart dreams of and join us!

I've designed The Game of Life Mastery Program investment to be easy to say yes to today - however on March 19 it increases, then on March 21 - Friday, the doors close for this program and you won't be able to participate until I present it again.  NOTE:  This program will NOT be a digital download self study course this year!

It is time to step out of the darkness and into the light. 

Metaphysical principles and Universal Laws are the same for everyone. Those who understand them, and consciously use them, create miraculous lives...Will you join us and be one of those people?

I personally invite you to join us and Rock-Your-World by discovering HOW to create the highest possible outcome as your reality in all areas of your life!

Click here and register today before it is too late, the enrollment doors close, and you have to wait!

In love and light,

ps: Trudy Griswold, co-author of Angelspeake, How to Talk With Your Angels, told me that when she read The Game of Life by Florence Scovel Shinn in the early 80's the information "Rocked Her World!"  She's joining us for this exciting program tomorrow night to be "Rocked" some more!  Will you?

pps: Claim your LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to this program by joining us!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Worry and I broke up - life is looking exciting!

In the past three days, within 24 hours I received news that shook my world.  1) My Majik poodle's liver enzymes are high - which totally freaked me out because in our house Majik is a valued family member. 2) A dear friend's life has completely collapsed.  It is human nature to stay in that energy of being freaked out, feeling helpless and wallowing with the human best friend - worried. 

My staying in the abyss of fear that this news put me in does no one any favors - not me, not Majik and not my friend.  I've used the tools I'm teaching in The Game of Life Mastery Program to shift my energy out of my fear surrounding them into the higher vibration of love. 

The higher energy of love supports me to support them.

Worry and I broke up - what about you?  Are you ready to shift your energy into a higher state of being and end your long term relationship with worry?  You can do that when you show up powerfully for The Game of Life Mastery Program on Tuesday, March 18.

And why should you join my Game of Life Mastery Program?

Because this is the reason you're not happy with an area (or all areas) of your life right now:

1. you don't know "how" to do something different AND/OR
2. you know how, but you need support to implement the how consistently

And this program teaches you HOW and provides support to implement the how consistently!

This program is your golden opportunity to tap into your brilliance and harness your Life Mastery Power. People are joining daily and some are already mastering the creation of a new reality.

Florence taught with simplicity how to master the game of life during the depression.  The new Game of Life Workbook, which the program is based, brings the best kept secret of the 20th century into today's world. 

The 60-Day Game of Life Mastery Program expands the workbook to the highest level possible with experiential weekly classes that illuminate your pathway to discover where your power truly resides - tap into it, harness it and direct it into form as your reality - in all areas of your life: love, wealth, health and perfect self-expression + everything in between. 

The program provides guidance and support to understand why your "stuff" comes up and tools to process that stuff.  And... the program magnifies the "Power of Two" with hands on access to support through our active PRIVATE Facebook group,

Florence's teachings have always been magical - when you pick up The Game of Life and open the book randomly, whatever page you open it to SPEAKS to you and gives you guidance.

NOW....  The Game of Life Mastery Program explodes that magic!!  Your life will NOT look the same after the FIRST CLASS when you show up powerfully for this program - I guarantee it! 

The program begins in TWO days - Tuesday, March 18.  It is a 60-day program.  What does your life look like today?  What would you like for it to look like in 62 days?  The same as it does today?  Or better?

Your enrollment opportunity window is closing fast - I invite you to go to - ask your angels to look at it with you and discern if this program is for you!

In love and light,

ps: You will receive a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to this program - yes... that means we will present it again - this year, however a date has not been set yet, AND... June is coming in roughly 60 days, do you want your life to look like it does today, or are you ready to create something new, something different, a life that makes your heart sing with joy - NOW?
The Game of Life Mastery Program

pps: I will order and ship your Game of Life Workbook for the program to you.  Some of you already have the workbook, but if you do not, I will provide a PDF file to use till the workbook I'm ordering for you arrives.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

You DESERVE to be Happy - are You?

We incarnated here to Mother Earth to experience the dualities of this planet - happiness, sorrow, joy, sadness, heartbreak and bliss.  I believe that our mission is to love - and when we choose and reside in the higher vibration of the energy of love, we attract to us miraculous prosperity, joy and happiness in all areas of our lives.

When we look at life from the aspect of an observer, we can see that to understand true joy, bliss and happiness, we would first need to know the opposite energy - the pain of sadness, disappointment and heartbreak.

You've experienced this duality - you get it.  Now it is time to choose something different - a happier existence - the happiest existence possible - but how?

We're taught by the physical world that we're limited in what we can be, do and have - and we believe it.  It is easier to believe the bad or negative things about ourselves than it is to believe that we are actually limitless in all we can be, do and have - the possibilities are endless...  So we watch other people from afar (sometimes up close) living miraculous lives of joy and happiness and we LONG for our own joy and happiness.  How can we do it - what is the key?

Today, we are living in a time that we have longed for - a time of true opportunity to change and transform our reality to something different.  We're living in a time that fully supports shifting our energy into a higher state of being to BE miracle magnets attracting the highest possible outcome as our reality in all areas of our lives.

The higher vibration of Christ Consciousness is winning the battle of light over darkness.  It is time to stop allowing your life to be defined by things outside of you - things outside of your control - and take your power to form your creation energy into something beautiful that you love.  I know... how?

You deserve to be happy!  I invite you say it out loud:  I deserve to be happy!

I Deserve to Be Happy!


The words have an energy all their own - did you feel it?

YOU have the power to transform any area of your life to something you love. 

No matter who you are - no matter what you have or have not done - no matter where you live - no matter what your life looks like in this moment, you have the power within you right now to create something different - something-you-love! 

How?  What is the key????

I've created a powerful 60-day program - a miraculous energetic container of support, class modules and bonus tools to show you how to master consistently a higher state of BE-ing - a higher state of creation - in the form of The Game of Life Mastery Program.  This program begins on Tuesday, March 18.  It is loaded with exciting, juicy, life changing exercises, tools and support like you've never experienced before.

The program is based on the teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn through her first book, The Game of Life and How to Play It. Florence was a pioneer - way ahead of her time, when she self published this in 1925.  She taught people how to live miraculous lives during the depression - and they did.

The energy of our planet has ascended exponentially over the past 100 years and fully supports your creating/manifesting a more love filled life for yourself - NOW - are you ready to transform your life into loving relationships, living in a state of being worry free, attracting money in miraculous ways and loving your J-O-B?  What would that feel like???

The truth is we create our lives - whatever your life looks like right now, you've created.  You've created it because you did not know how to create something different.  Are you ready to tap into your power, claim and create the happiness within you that you deserve?

The enrollment period for The Game of Life Mastery Program will be ending soon.  I don't want you to miss out!  Go to and register today and secure your seat for this "Rock-Your-World" program now!

Scholarship recipients for The Game of Life Mastery Program have been notified by email.  If you missed your email notifying you of your position, please click reply to the email and let my team know.

I invite you to read through the details of The Game of Life Mastery Program and ask your angels to give you a sign if this is the program you've been asking for.

In love and light,

ps: The Game of Life Mastery Program begins on Tuesday, March 18.  Will you be there?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Magic, Blessings and Miracles!

First I want to thank you for opening this email and reading it.  I send you angels to surround you with their wings of love and help you feel how valuable, how special, how important you are.  I send you love and light to illuminate your pathway.  I ask you to take a deep breath in and close your eyes - slowly exhale and then take a few more deep breaths and allow yourself to feel the love of the angels that are with you.

I ask you to allow yourself to feel from deep within that you are limitless possibility - and allow Hope, Joy and Love to expand within your heart and throughout your body with each deep breath.  Close your eyes again and allow yourself to FEEL how truly loved you are from within and without.

I ask you to allow your body to relax into the powerful, sweet, gentle love that glows brightly from deep within your heart - the essence of who you are - as One with God.

When I was a little girl, my dear, sweet grandmother would rock me and in her arms and I felt this all encompassing love.  Then I grew up and she would hug me and I would feel it again and knew I was safe and I was loved.

The first time I really felt this profound love from within without her, was when I held in my hands The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn and took in the energy within the pages.  I felt strength within me renew and the darkness dissipate. I had a connection with Florence even though she had transitioned to the angelic realm 50 years before. I felt connected to her in a way that surprised me.  As I read her words - her teachings - I became empowered from the inside and I felt myself shifting and transforming into a new energy that felt really good.

Then I would get caught up in whatever was going on in my life and the really feel good energy would sway...  so I would pick up my very worn copy of The Game of Life and I would open it and whatever page I opened it to, would speak to me and pertain to what was going on in my life.  I would be amazed and would read the book again. 

As I re-read the book, I would be surprised to find insight and guidance that I did not remember reading before.  What was this?  How could this be?  This happens EVERY time I read Florence's books.

So I asked my angels, how do I find words I don't remember reading before - words that shim my sagging confidence, determination and will?  How does this happen?  And this is what they told me:  They explained that every time I read Florence's books, I would be at a higher level of understanding and energy than I was the previous time, so the information would connect with me at a NEW Higher Level.

Wow... is that cool or what?

Florence's teachings are simple, magical and attract miraculous blessings when implemented.  I've designed this program to expand on the magic exponentially and CONSISTENTLY!  Maintaining the highest vibration of love possible consistently is what directs your creation energy.  Knowing what to do when life throws you a curve ball determines consistent energy flow or rollercoaster ride.

Effective paradigms of living ascend, expand and change.  This is one reason why I've included a LIFETIME Membership to the Game of Life Mastery Program for those who participate in this first presentation of the program.  Every time you participate in the program, you'll be at a higher energetic vibration to receive higher guidance AND you will have continued access to any new bonuses added to the program.

The Game of Life Mastery Program begins next Tuesday, March 18, but all class modules will be recorded, so if your schedule does not coincide with the class time, you won't miss out!

Voice message from Patti:  Thank you, my dear Kate, for introducing me to Florence and the tools to maintain my highest level of Creation Energy!  I've been flowing in ease and grace without worry from within and my WITHOUT is reflecting my inner strength and energy of prosperity!  In the short time since we spoke, I was well received at a live presentation and sold all the CDs I had with me, enrolled TWO new six month coaching clients and my 91 year old father is coming home from the hospital!  PLUS I'm taking time off - without guilt - for me and my wonderful husband!  I'm creating a tidal wave of miracle energy from within and it feels FANTASTIC to be directing my energy flow instead of being blown about on a sea of worry and despair!

Autumn's experience:  My husband was laid off from his well paying job just before we were introduced to 'The Game of Life'.  We began to implement Florence's teachings and my husband received an even more lucrative position right away. What I LOVE about Florence's work and Kate's expansion of it is how SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE it is to implement into your life and step into your limitless power to create what you really want!  I can't wait for The Game of Life Mastery Program to begin! 
The doors for the program will be closing soon!  Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

In love and light,

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tips for Mars Retrograde - Discover what is Holding You Back!

The planet Mars goes retrograde about every two years (March 1 - May 19, 2014) and it can mean a time of feeling overwhelmed with emotions - feeling weepy, swift to anger, waves of sadness, magnification of depression... the energy opens the door to rethinking, regrouping and reintegrating.


What does this mean for you and me?   

It is a time that reveals your weak spots so you can find ways to BE more empowered! 

It is a time of energetic support to get clear on your relationships with people, with money, with your environment, with your job and with your own body. 

It means that NOW is a perfect time to look deeply within and reconnect with the divinity within you, a time to fan the flame of inspired motivation and claim your passion that has been forgotten or underdeveloped - a time to rekindle your dreams...

During this time of Mars in Retrograde, you are fully supported energetically to explore issues hidden deep within your subconscious - issues that have been hidden in the shadows of your heart - issues that hold you back from stepping into something new and different - something fun and exciting!  Isn't it time to shed light on all that holds you back?  Did you know that shining the light on the darkness of "issues" dissipates the darkness and transforms them to light? 

Are you struggling with an area of your life that is a problem? Mars retrograde energy fully supports reaching out for help to accelerate healing from deep within...

What you may be experiencing is a "darkness before the dawn."  What will bring forth that dawn of possibility?

Can you do it on your own?  Do you need a supportive hand of help?  I invite you to listen to the replay of the attract "prosperity miracles" webinar, read through The Game of Life Mastery Program information and discern if this is what you've been praying for to help you claim your power of love or above and transform your life to something more wonderful than you can even imagine in this moment.  Point your browser here to access all this information:

In the mean time, here are a few of tips to make Mars in Retrograde work for you instead of against you: 
* Ask your angels to surround you with peace, love and light and hold you in that magic bubble of loving control.
* GROUND yourself periodically throughout your day.
* When you feel the resistance of friction beginning surrounding a situation or a relationship, step back and take DEEP breaths and Ground yourself before proceeding.
* Ask for clear guidance and listen to the voice of your heart - the divinity within you.

The intricate challenges and drama of life can get you down.  Stop the madness by implementing the 3 steps to attracting prosperity miracles that I shared with you in the complementary webinar.  Download your copy here: 

In love and light,

Monday, March 10, 2014

Are you attracting miracles? -- Replay Available


It's Kate, checking in with you...  did you get the replay of the recent how to attract "Prosperity Miracles" call?

The Game of Life Mastery:
Activate Your Extraordinary Life and Begin Attracting
Avalanches of Prosperity Miracles to You ImmediatelyIncluding... Loving Relationships,
Financial Flow, Optimal Health & Work that You Love!

You'll find the replay here:

On the call I shared the ONE thing you must do to activate your extraordinary life, plus bonus information:

* the 3-simple-steps to attract "Prosperity Miracles" like a magnet

* why you block receipt of your miracles and how to stop-the-block

* what to do to build miracle attracting momentum

You may listen in or download now:

In the replay you'll also learn the details of The 60-day Game of Life Mastery Program, where we'll be diving deeper into the miraculous teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn with The Game of Life Workbook.  In the program I'll be sharing the proven tools my clients and I use to create more joy, more love, more happiness, more money, improved health and work that we love!  These insider secrets open the door for miracles - no matter who you are, where you live, or what your life looks like in this moment!

What this means for you is that by the end of The Game of Life Mastery Program, you'll have everything you need to create that better life your heart longs for.

The more powerfully you participate in the program, the more quickly your life shifts and transforms into a higher, more joy filled state of BE-ing!

Hundreds of people participated live on the Tuesday and Thursday calls - and over 700 people have downloaded the replay.  The enrollment for this "game changer" program has been PHENOMENAL!

Be sure you have all the info you need to make an informed decision here:

Many have also had questions about Florence's work and how I co-authored the workbook with Florence.  Watch your email tomorrow to get these exciting answers!

If you're tired of being feeling helpless, powerless and STUCK in any area of your life, I invite you to listen to the replay and follow your heart.  If you have any questions, please click replay and email them to me! 

Sending love and light,

PS:  When you enroll in The Game of Life Mastery Program you will receive a LIFETIME Membership to the program.  You may take the program again each time it is offered and receive all bonuses.

PPS:  The Game of Life Mastery Program begins March 18. 

Listen to the replay here:

Sunday, March 2, 2014

3 Steps to becoming a "Prosperity Miracle" Magnet

I attract prosperity to me in the most amazing ways.  I use 3 steps to be a "Prosperity Miracle" Magnet. 

Would you like to know what they are?

I'm sharing them in my new f*R*e*E webinar:

Activate Your Extraordinary Life and Begin Attracting
Avalanches of "Prosperity Miracles" to You Immediately
Including... Loving Relationships, Financial Flow, Optimal Health and Work that You Love!

DATE: Tuesday, March 4, 2014
TIME: 5pm PT, 6pm MT, 7pm CT, 8pm ET

People from over 30 countries have already signed up for this program!!!

The morning of March 5 will dawn.
Will you have the tools you need to improve your life?

The webinar is based on the simple, miraculous, magical teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn in the new Game of Life Workbook.

What others are saying about the Game of Life Workbook:
"Kate Large's 'Game of Life Workbook' is an extraordinary expansion upon the life-impacting classic of Florence Scovel Shinn. Kate brings to life the concept that we all must accept responsibility for manifesting our own reality with a series of transformational exercises that will support you to see life in a wholly new way, a way that empowers you to step into your magnificence and take responsibility for creating the life of your dreams. Her workbook is spiritual and grounded, uplifting and enlightening, interactive and challenging. Meditate upon the concepts, do the exercises, and watch your world transform into one marked by love, happiness, contribution, and possibility. Highly recommended!"
- Dr. Joe Rubino
Creator,, The and

"Kate has incorporated a classic and powerful book by creating a valuable resource for you. This workbook has the potential to radically change your life and your results in powerful and positive ways."
- Peggy McColl, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Great job!! I love Florence Shinn's work and what you have done with her classic by way of the workbook, is simply outstanding!"
- Dr. Eldon Taylor, Ph.D., New York Times Best Selling Author of Choices and Illusions

"Dear Kate your book is amazing! I really feel it will ensure that Florence's works endure in the 21st century and beyond."
- Charles Napier

NOTE: People in over 30 countries have registered for this program of human support.  So many people at the same time that we've experienced technical difficulties processing the registrations.  If you experienced trouble registering, please let me know.  We will get you registered!

You may get instant access to reserve your spot here!

I invite you to share this link with those you love who would receive benefit from the Game of Life Mastery webinar:

In love and light,

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Are you stuffing money energy?

We're in the post shadow of Mercury Retrograde - whew what a relief!  It has been a harsh one for technology, but we're still in the post shadow!  And now the planet Mars is going retrograde!  Plus there have been other energy influences at play.  We have been experiencing massive solar flares that affect the electromagnetic field of Mother Earth and the human body.

What does this mean for us?

The flow of these energies reveal to us the emotions we've stuffed away without processing - specifically the energy surrounding relationships and money - the top two topics of human conversation!

NOW is the perfect time to get really clear on what you brings you the most joy and happiness. My guides are showing me that it is critical to gain clarity before summer in order to improve your relationships, your cash flow and the work you do that generates cash flow. 

If you do not look within and define a path to your joy, you will find the continued influx of energy much more challenging - and if you've been struggling, the struggle will be even more challenging.

I know what it is like to struggle - to feel like the very life force within you is being drained out of you - to feel helpless and powerless.  Because of experiencing my own struggles and overcoming them I've created a free webinar to help you look within.  Together we will hold the safe space for you to begin defining what a happier life feels like to create it as your reality.

I invite you to join me Tuesday, March 4 at 6pm MT for the free Game of Life Mastery introductory webinar. I will be sharing insight into shifting your energy to a higher state of BE-ing-ness - a place where it is easier to get clear and make good decisions about relationships, money, your health and your work.

I'm commit to you to provide the powerful energy of support through my voice.  I invite you to join me to discern if what I have to share is right for you.  You may get instant access to reserve your spot here!

NOTE: People in over 30 countries have registered for this program of human support.  So many people at the same time that we've experienced technical difficulties processing the registrations.  If you experienced trouble registering, please let me know.  We will get you registered!

ATT (Awesome Transformation Tool): Clarity Questions
*Set your intention to get clear on a specific topic such as a relationship, money, job
*Close your eyes - take 3 really deep breaths - focus on the beating of your heart - take 3 more slow deep breaths.
* Ask your angels to reveal to you where your joy resides with regard to the topic you chose.
* Allow yourself to take in whatever comes to you - breathe into the experience to expand it.
* Ask your angels to show you action steps to guide you to create the highest possible outcome and be OPEN to what they show you.

The Game of Life Mastery webinar is a rare opportunity to get proven mastery level prosperity consciousness teachings. I hope you'll join me.  If the webinar does not resonate with you, please ask your angels to guide you to the information/teacher who will support and nurture YOU to step into your power of creation.

I invite you to share this link with those you love who would receive benefit from the Game of Life Mastery webinar:

Watch your email tomorrow for another ATT to implement immediately!

In love and light,