Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to Survive Feeling Like a Deceased Loved One is Still With You...

Our heart felt sympathies to those who have lost a loved one.

When we lose a loved one to death of their physical body, they really aren't lost. Our physical brain and physical world teachings tell us they are lost, gone forever, but our spiritual essence knows they are still with us albeit in another form. The grief we experience after the death of a loved one takes us to another world - a surreal reality where we function as if on autopilot often times feeling as if we are drowning in sadness.

As the days and weeks pass at times we may feel as if our loved one is still with us, feeling their presence with a tickle of joy in our hearts. Our human brain then steps in and tells us they are dead - gone. Yet... there it is again! That tickle of joy that reminds us of them. What is this? It is our loved one in spirit form - still with us.

On October 31, 2005 my dad, Big Jim, died during open heart surgery. Within a few hours of my being told he had died he was here, at my house, in spirit form causing my poodle puppy, Majik, to growl. I knew he was here. I could feel it - I could not see him, but Majik could. As the days and weeks passed, Daddy came back often chatting with me and giving me fatherly advice. One day as I was raking leaves the bag kept falling over so I asked him to help me - he informed me he didn't like yard work while living and he wasn't going to do yard work as a dead person. Yup, that's my dad, same sense of humor!

I began to share my visits with Daddy with the Soul Kisses readers, then he started dictating an article for the Soul Kisses newsletter. Next think I knew he wanted to write a book about our continued relationship since his death. Together we wrote Waiting in the Other Room to help those who FEEL their deceased loved ones are still with them, but they think they are unable to validate it. Our prayer is that our story will help others to not only survive the loss of a loved one, but to continue their relationship for Love Never Dies - it lives on in spirit form!

Also included in the book is the method I used to communicate with my grandfather while he was living with Dementia and could no longer communicate. I was able to connect with his higher self and give messages to my grandmother that gave her great comfort as his physical body failed. The messages amazed me leaving me in no doubt that we were, indeed, communicating through our higher selves with 700 miles between our human bodies.

Waiting in the Other Room provides tools to help move on with life without our loved one including a meditation to connect with them. To get your copy click here. Be sure to register for the drawing of the prizes and to receive the wonderful bonus gifts from our sponsors!

May you recognized and embrace the love of your deceased loved one!

In love and light,

Communicating Through Dementia

Sacred Space ~ Build It and They Will Come

Monday, October 12, 2009

Breathe in THIS Moment...

The past few weeks I've been a very busy girl between the Waiting in the Other Room book launch, 31 Days to Fulfillment, 30 Days to EveryDay Miracles, family and clients. At one point I was thinking that when I've completed my work on the book launch I will relax, BREATHE and return to a routine. I clearly heard "yeah, right..." Not sure who was whispering in my ear, but they were correct. The routine that I have come to expect is gone forever, as gone as life pre Civil War. The southerners lives changed the moment the first shot was fired, mine changed when I printed Waiting in the Other Room.

So now that I have recognized that life has change all that is left to do is to BREATHE now, to relax now and to live in this moment in joy. I still have a huge "to do" list, but I'm not so anxious about it and this process of fulfilling my dream has become easier and a LOT more fun. I'm sure my family thanks me for realizing this.

In the middle of adding sponsors to the book launch website pages it was 2:10pm on Sunday afternoon. It was five minutes to kick off of the Bronco game with the Patriots. I managed to see kick off and stay out of my office for the entire game. At one point I was sitting there with my family and told them - "Wow, we're watching the Bronco game in HD together with good food, life is good!" I can't say that I was totally relaxed, the game did get exciting a time or two and some yelling was done by me, but I was definitely breathing and having a good time - and we won!

At the end of the game our new coach Josh McDaniels was running down the field letting loose his emotions. I loved it! I feel like that - a few weeks ago I felt like I was running screaming into the night in overwhelm and anxiety, but now I'm running into this next phase of my life with grand, glorious excitement - enjoying the journey and embracing the change!

What about you? Are you waiting for something to happen before you enjoy your life? Kids off to college? Next summer? Ski season? Vacation? Don't wait! Enjoy this moment - BREATHE into this moment and embrace the joy to be had - it is a choice!

May you embrace the joy of living in this moment!

In love and light,

Friday, October 9, 2009

Reconnecting with Self...

This morning I woke at 4 something - o'dark thirty... Surprisingly I felt refreshed and my guides showed me the words "Reconnecting with Self". Then we talked about it and I went back to a sound sleep. I hope I can remember the conversation!

I don't know about you, but at times I get so caught up in my "hurry up and get it done" days that my time becomes a blur and literally seems to evaporate! I am reminded - usually through upsetting situations to slow down and Live in the MOMENT.

If I stop the crashing, chaotic momentum and BREATHE I hear birds singing outside, I notice my puppy panting and breathing hard because he was running around playing and now he's ready for a nap. I feel the cushion of the chair against my legs and back and I truly experience the breath as I pull it into my body and exhale it. And... the answers to whatever dilemma I'm working on appear.

Living in this moment moves us from the frantic pace of our physical world and reconnects us with the God Part within - Self - the place of all creativity.

Some people are afraid to do this - to be alone with who they are. Are you?

The 31 Days to Fulfillment continue daily - looking within to discern who we truly are - connecting with our Authentic Self as One with the Creator of All That Is. Our POWER lies in this connection - our ability to create the life we truly desire and to experience true joy and happiness from deep within. It is through this connection that we may discern and release all that no longer serves us and move forward embracing the essence of who we truly are - Self! It is through this connection that the pathway is open before us - illuminated and welcoming with angelic beings to help us with every step.

Cast fear aside, look within, discern who you are - open your heart to the tools (books, teachers, classes, the pen to write in your JOURNAL) and connect with the essence of you - Self.

Self has an infinite field of possibility. Aren't you ready to understand it? Now is the time, grasp it with both hands, pull it into your reality and live!

Acknowledge who you are - a limitless spiritual being of infinite possibility!

Big Jim shared a message with us in the October 5, 2009 newsletter - click here to read it! (scroll down to Big Jim's message)

May you fearlessly look within and connect with Self!

In love and light,

Monday, October 5, 2009

Speaking with Jesus

Casey read All is Not as it Seems... and asked: "How are you able to connect with and talk with Jesus? Do you have a special place in your mind that you relax into to feel his presence? I am able to connect with my guidance but I have never connected with Jesus, that would be awesome."

This is a really great question. A few years ago I shared a visit I had with Jesus with a friend and the friend asked me, "What makes you so special that you can talk with Jesus?"

I was actually naively surprised because my first response was, "Doesn't everyone speak with Jesus?" He didn't think so... The answer to his question is, "Nothing makes me any more special than you are." Which translates to the fact that ANYONE can speak with Jesus.

The answer to Casey's question is: When I wish to speak with Jesus, I set the intention and simply go to my meditation place in the essence of me and He's there. I see Him as a man wearing a white robe like garment. He has long hair and a beard. To me he looks like a picture that I remember my great grandmother having on her wall. I understand that others see Him differently - that some even see Him as geometric shapes! I believe He and the angels show themselves to us in a way that WE will recognize them.

Do you wish to speak to Jesus? You can! He is available to anyone who wishes to visit with him! Set your intention and go to your meditation space - He'll be there!

May your visit be clear and memorable!

In love and light,

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Change Begins Within...

Day 31 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

Florence Scovel Shinn teaches us that our square of life is love, health, wealth and perfect self-expression (our work). Fulfillment in all four areas is mastered when we do the internal work - it really doesn't have anything to do with the external of our lives, it is all about what is going on inside of us.

What is going on inside of us that we have drawn to us our external reality of the status of our love, wealth and perfect self-expression? If our health is poor, what is going on inside of us that we have drawn to us poor health?

If you've been reading this blog for the past 30 days you know we've been digging into our thoughts and beliefs in an effort to get to the root of our fear. If there are circumstances/situations/relationships in our lives that do not bring us joy. We must first discern what they are, then discern what we must change within ourselves to initiate the change in our external reality.

When we look deeply within ourselves we find that at the very root, of all things that cause us angst, anger, worry and stress, is fear. When we transmute that fear to love, the angst, anger, worry and stress dissipate and our external world changes.

As we've traveled these thirty-one days we've worked with the following books and authors:

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra
30 Days to Everyday Miracles by Jennifer Hoffman
The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn
The Keys to Unlocking the Secrets ~The Game of Life Unleashed by Kate Large

The work of each of these authors holds remarkable tools and insight into discerning from deep within who we truly are and what we came here to do. The true gift is that each time we read their work we learn something new because we are at a higher level of understanding and evolvement.

We create our reality, we can change our reality. If you are not fulfilled in each section of your square of life, look within, discern where the root of your fear is and transmute it to love. You must be honest with yourself, you cannot hide from fear. Take your personal power back and embrace that which is yours by divine right!

You are a limitless spiritual being whose birthright it is to live a life of love effortlessly in the abundance that you desire.

For myself this past thirty days has rooted my work and mission with huge caissons to a solid, firm, unshakable foundation. My tools are here in my tool bag to use when I sense another layer of fear revealing itself. I know there is perfection in all things - seeds of opportunity for me to pull forth the good in all life situations, events and relationships. I am tremendously successful at all that I do - the key is to be successful in the abundance I desire and to draw to me only that which I desire. I am doing this.

You can do this, too. I'm just like you, human with bills to pay, people to interact with and experiences to learn, grow and evolve through. If I can do it, you can do it!

We incarnated here to learn, to grow, to experience - and we are. It is up to us as to how quickly we connect with the Light of God within us and understand thoroughly the One-ness of All That Is. All change, growth, evolvement and ascension begins within.

Thank you for joining me on this 31 Days to Fulfillment! What we have done is scratched the surface and begun a journey where there is no turning back - a journey of glorious gifts to fulfill our every need, desire and thought. We have tools to manifest the life we desire, tools to fulfill our mission and purpose - a fully illuminated pathway of our life journey. In fulfilling our mission we are able to help others to fulfill theirs, however our life purpose and mission is our own - ours only. Each one of us has a mission and purpose that only we can fulfill. No one can do it for us. Even though we are all One with the Creator, we must experience our spiritual pathway of evolvement ourselves.

May you open your heart to the limitless spiritual being that you are and graciously accept all that is yours by divine right, under grace, in miraculous ways...

In love and light,

ps - your comments are welcome!

Another Layer of Fear Revealed...

Day 30 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

I've been whining about not feeling well for weeks now. Finally I stopped everything and asked, "What is going on inside of me that has drawn this poor health to me?"

One might ask why didn't I ask this before? Just like you, I'm human and I keep trudging on oblivious to my tools that are right here in my tool bag to help me live my life in an easier fashion.

When I asked, everything was silent - nothing was jumping up at me. Fear has a way of doing that - hiding. So instead I looked back at when did I begin to feel poorly, and when have I felt better? The key was in when I felt better.

I'm currently working on the internet book launch for Waiting in the Other Room. I found that when I was actively inviting people to join the book launch I was excited and felt better. Hmmm... I looked further and discovered fear of success where the launch is concerned. Fear of change in my lifestyle. Fear of success and change in my work days.

Another layer of fear revealed.

Then I pondered... Thinking there is probably more fear. I'll be moving some time in the next few months so I looked at that - yes, indeed, there was fear lurking around the move and the change involved in moving.

I then used the Sedona Method of release as illustrated in The Keys to Unlocking the Secrets ~ The Game of Life Unleashed and dissipated the fear by transmuting it to love.

I feel better today.

When another layer of fear reveals itself, I will use my tools to take care of it.

If you are experiencing a health issue, consult a doctor. At the same time, ask yourself, why have I drawn this to me? What is going on inside of me in my thoughts and belief patterns that has drawn poor health to me? Follow your doctor's orders and look within to discover the layer of fear that is revealed to you and dissipate it by transmuting it to love.

May you feel great and enjoy excellent health...

In love and light,

Journaling... The Weapon of Choice!

Day 29 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

Journaling... I know... I know... no one wants to journal. Why not? Are you afraid someone will read it? If so, pour your heart out, then destroy it. Your writings could be destroyed with a ceremony of
release. You don't have to keep it forever.

A wise man once said that the eyes are the window to the soul. This is true. The eyes are the window to All That Is. Journaling is the doorway to exploring your Field of Possibilities, your essence of Pure Potentiality and Infinite Possibility. Journaling will make your life easier...

We are spiritual beings with the power to live our lives effortlessly as God intended if we so choose. When we stop the rat race we live in and take a look at the possibility:

Live Effortlessly from a Source of Love or Struggle from a Source of Fear

For me it is a no brainer, I wish to live effortlessly in grace from a source of love. But do I do it? Hmmm... I'm getting there because now I am recognizing when I am forcing things to happen. When we force situations and relationships in our lives we are not living effortlessly AND the outcome will probably not be what we really wanted. When we place our order with the universe for what we truly desire from our limitless field of possibilities without holding back, release how we feel we should receive it and be detached of the outcome, we receive what we desire and better in an effortless way.

Barbara Mark of Angelspeake used to tell me that we as humans always try to make everything harder than it is. She was right! It takes more effort on our part to struggle and live from a source of fear than it does to live from a source of love.

Journaling will open the door to your pathway of living effortlessly from a source of love. Open that journal, write down the first thing that pops into your head - write from your heart and allow your angels to begin dictating to you guidance of love. Ask for their help, you have a huge entourage ready, willing and able to help you in this moment...

Make journaling your weapon of choice for survival of all that physical world life throws at you. You will be able to hold on to your personal power through journaling!

May you live effortlessly from a source of love...

In love and light,

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Path of Least Resistance - good or bad?

Day 28 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

What are your thoughts about The Path of Least Resistance? Is it the easy way out, or is it something more?

When we experience life lessons typically they are unpleasant. However if we choose to acknowledge the perfection in the situation and embrace the seed of opportunity the pain of the life lesson will be less severe, learned more thoroughly and be resolved more quickly. Jennifer Hoffman teaches in 30 Days to Everyday Miracles that life lessons have different pathways - one is more painful than the other. It is up to us as to whether we choose the painful pathway or the path of least resistance - the less painful path.

Some may view the path of least resistance as a cop out - giving up. The reality is that if we are continually beating our heads against a wall to accomplish something, then we need to step back and evaluate the situation. Why is what we're doing so hard? Could it be because it is NOT of our highest good? Could it be that the difficulties are a direct sign from the universe that we need to make other choices? Even if it is our job?

It is my firm belief that we do not come here to struggle and suffer. Struggling and suffering is a choice when we believe physical world teachings and conditionings. We have inner strength, wisdom and knowing within us that struggling and suffering is not "normal" - we know from deep within that we are limitless spiritual beings of infinite possibilities.

Struggling with something is a red flag that perhaps what we are working on is not of our highest good. There was a time when I was miserable in my job as an office manager for an architect and felt helpless to do anything about it. If the truck my boss drove was in the parking lot when I pulled in I would burst into tears and would need to get my emotions under control before I could go into the building. I had given my power away. It took a long time for me to open myself up to receive something better. I had to shift my perception of me from within - when I did this another job with better pay and benefits showed up. I was there for two years and got laid off. I then got a job that paid four dollars per hour less. One would think this was not a good thing, but within five years my wage increased 250%, the employer paid 100% of my insurance and I had five weeks paid vacation - and my boss put family first so if my daughter was sick, no problem, I stayed home with her. Did the universe provide for me or what?

People often tell me they hate their job and they feel trapped. I know what that feels like - I always ask them if they burst into tears when they drive into the parking lot - guys always give you a funny look when you ask this... The point is, if we are in a job, relationship, etc that we are that miserable it is because we've done an excellent job at manifesting misery. We are abundant in misery and we need to step back and define what does not give us joy and change it, release it - get rid of it!

We are all powerful beings and yet we wallow in our helplessness and fear. When I went to work for the architect I was going to be there for six months tops - I was there for over four years wallowing in my fear.

If something isn't work, step back, do you need to change directions completely? What is the path of least resistance? What does it look like? There is great strength in looking within to discern guidance and trusting that guidance with complete faith and moving forward on the path of least resistance.

May you open your heart to the path of least resistance...

In love and light,

In Gratitude there is Abundance that we Desire...

Day 27 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

We live in an abundant universe. Everything we experience is of our creation - so the question is, do we live in an exciting abundance of love, health, wealth and our perfect self expression (our work) or do we live in an abundance of lack of love, health, wealth and our perfect self expression (our work)?

In the beginning it is a challenge to get one's mind around the fact that WE create our reality - all of it - everything in our past has led us to this moment of time - we personally made choices from our seeds of opportunity that this is what we have created. Do we love it? Hmmm... perhaps parts of it - perhaps all of it. Or we desire something better.

If we are not happy with our current life situation - any part of it, what do we do to change it? You may feel that all is lost, hopeless from a physical world standpoint. But you forget, you are a limitless spiritual being of infinite possibility - pure potentiality - YOU have a field of pure potentiality that you come from - that you are....

You ARE Pure Potentiality! It is time to accept this fact, embrace it, pull your personal power back to you, from everyone and everything that you have given it to and do the work within to change your reality - for change begins within you!

The very first step is to acknowledge the perfection of the situation whether we can "see" it or not - acknowledge that it is there.

Hold fast in trust/faith that the perfection is there - this perfection is your seed of opportunity.

Pull forth this seed of opportunity - whether you see it or not... and hold it in gratitude for all you are worth. Embrace the gratitude of this opportunity even though you may not know what the opportunity is - embrace it with gratitude. Breath deeply and allow the gratitude to flood your entire physical body and spiritual being. As you embrace this gratitude, allow yourself to experience the visions of yourself as happy, healthy, in harmonious relationships, financially abundant, loving your work. Hold this gratitude and joy to your heart embracing it, claiming it as yours - allow this feeling to integrate throughout your being.

You have initiated change.

Return to these feelings of joy in gratitude as many times per day as you possibly can without whining and fretting about how much you don't like something in your life. Release that fear and embrace the joy of the infinite possibility that you are. The gratitude and joy will not only initiate the change in your life, but will draw to you all that you need to live the life that you dream. If you allow fear to take control of you it will block your receipt. When you feel the fear getting hold, move into the space of gratitude.

May your gratitude manifest the life you desire...

In love and light,

Friday, September 25, 2009

YOU must be a Priority - Learn to Say No - Even to Yourself!

Day 26 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

One would think that learning to say "No" is easy. But the reality is that we don't want to disappoint anyone or even worse we think we are "super human" and can really do it all no matter what else is going on in our lives. I'm a DIYG - Do It Yourself Girl so I'm one of those people that think I can do it all. My husband would add - and I think that whatever it is I'm attempting to create or produce will always be right the first time. So I get disappointed when a simple project turns into modifications, redesigns and at times, complete re-dos - not to mention a learning curve.

The DIYG part of me who is in charge of my time has over extended me and I have worked myself into a depleted endocrine system. Imagine that?

In the Miracles teleclass with Jennifer Hoffman, we learned that one of the seven steps of Miracle Commitment is "You are willing to make yourself a priority in your life."

I thought I was doing a GREAT job of it. I love my life and what I do - I was meeting with my entourage for a few hours each day, working on my internet book launch for Waiting in the Other Room first, then working for clients, eating with my family and some times even cooking the food.

But the stress of fitting it all in, all but cracked me!

I put my desires first, but I really didn't make my physical body a priority. I've been sleeping, but practically every waking moment has been a rush. I've learned there are repercussions to doing this - intense fatigue on the outside - I shudder to think about the inside... Jesus told me today that the world will NOT collapse if I don't do anything on my to do list today. I rested and relaxed and He was right. The world - at least my part of it - has not collapsed.

What about you? Are you truly a priority in your life? Or are you frantically doing things for everyone else as well as yourself and not tending to the needs of your physical body first?

May you be the priority of your life now and always...

In love and light,

What did you incarnate here to do?

Day 25 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

As we have worked through all the ins and outs of the past 24 days, what have you learned about yourself? Do you know who you truly are? What did you incarnate here to do? What is your passion? Has it been revealed to you? Have you asked for it to be revealed?

I've had to ask myself, what in my life does not bring me joy? And release it.

Personally for me, the foundation of my work has been firmly seated in concrete - I know what I came here to do and I'm ready to evolve with it as I'm guided. I've seen my reflection in my meditations and I know who I truly am. I love my life that has evolved of me, my family, my work - all of it. I love it! Now it is time to release all that no longer serves me and continue to do so as I grow and evolve.

I am to allow myself to be One with All That Is - to acknowledge it and understand it.

Do you love what you do? What is your passion? Are there things in your life that do not bring you joy? When you release it a void will be created to be filled with something that does bring you joy. Ask yourself, what brings me joy?

May your life be one of joy...

In love and light,

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thoughts are Life Seeds...

Day 24 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

The first thing I wrote in my journal today is that I don't feel very well. The weather around me is fluctuating, Mercury is in Retrograde and my body and spirit are integrating all these wonderful aha moments and elevated consciousness moments I have been experiencing as well as a theta healing last week. So now I've planted the seed twice of how I feel physically feel today. Negativity snuck up on me and grounded itself through my pen, then my typing... Oy vey...

My guides have reminded me how my thoughts are the seeds that create my reality. So...

I now release all expectations and anxiety concerning having enough time to accomplish all I desire today. Of course, now I really must release the expectations and anxiety! Oh, and I feel great! I Feel Great! I FEEL GREAT! Deep Breath... Deeeeeep Breath.... I am One with the Universe... One with the rain gently falling outside... One with the puppy sitting on my lap sweetly sleeping... One with the love of the angels in my office... Deeeep Breeeeath...

I do feel better...

Monitoring our thoughts, the seeds of our future, that we're always planting is easier when living in the moment and expanding our awareness to include the feelings within the heart. As humans we carry around So Much baggage of yesterday. The hurts, the aches, the disappointments that then hinder our ability to attract and manifest anything different.

There is a line in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra that I believe is truly profound: You become the victim of the past, and your tormentor today is your self left over from yesterday.

Today we are living the seeds we planted yesterday with our thoughts. So... if I don't plant new stronger seeds about how I feel today, how will I feel tomorrow?

Each one of us is an all powerful being with the ability to create the life we wish to live by monitoring our thoughts - our life seeds. Do you know this? Do you embrace your power and use it for your highest good by releasing negativity and embracing the or do you give your power to past experiences of disappointments to rule the life you live today?

May the life seeds you plant be of your highest good!

In love and light,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Living in the Present Moment...

Day 23 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

In Florence Scovel Shinn's book The Game of Life and How to Play It the information is presented in such a way that one may say that it is repetitious. In Florence's case the information is presented from different angles so to perhaps "click" the second time if it is missed the first time. Repetition is good because that is how many of us learn by repeating things over and over - hopefully is is not a life lesson one is repeating.

We all know that we must live in the "present moment." Today during my journaling work the message hit home more clearly than ever before. As a co-creator of my reality all the choices I've made in the past have led me to this moment of now. The choices I make in this moment creates what happens next - my future.

So the question is, what does this moment hold? Am I aggravated because it is almost noon and I haven't posted this yet or am I grateful that I have the opportunity to post my thoughts for others to read? Am I grateful for the crisp breeze coming through the partially open window or annoyed that it is cool outside so the window cannot be fully open? Grateful or in a source of fear? My choice. Yes... things are neither good nor bad, but thinking makes them so...

I cannot put off my happiness and joy till tomorrow because tomorrow will be a better day. I embrace my happiness and joy of this moment - this very moment and am grateful - sending out to the universe energy of gratitude and joy for the universe to match and return to me more to be grateful!

The day could be an "oops... those moments slipped right by me..." or fulfillment of life lived as One with All That Is in love...

May you live in the present moment...

In love and light,

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dream Big

Day 22 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

Each day as I have been working within to rid myself of stagnant, obsolete and plain unhealthy beliefs and thought patterns I learn something new. Some times it is shocking to discover the thought patterns and deep seated beliefs that are the basis for the life that I have created thus far.

Last night I was working on the chapter Dreaming Big in my 30 Days to EveryDay Miracles book by Jennifer Hoffman when I realized that I not only hesitate to dream big, but why. The why really surprised me. After all the work I've done in ridding myself of fear and feelings of unworthiness
they were still there - yet another layer in the onion of me...

As I delved into deep seated beliefs surrounding dreaming big and setting into motion the receipt of what I truly desire, blocks to receiving my desire were revealed to me.

In the past when I would look at what I "want" or what I wished my life to be, my brain would immediately go into chaos and I would be unable to focus at first, then it would just be blank. I didn't want anything. How can that be? Humans always want something...

I believe my quest for answers these past weeks are what opened the door to discover these blocks of hesitancy and lack of focus in dreaming big. The door stood open wide and the excuses for holding back in dreaming big were standing there like deer in the headlights and they sang like canaries.

I leaned that I believed that if I didn't open up and let my dreams soar out to the universe to be fulfilled, I could not be disappointed when I received them and lost them. And I would lose them because I didn't deserve to receive what I want. (I had everything my heart desired in a previous life and lost everything and never got over it in that lifetime, so now I'm getting rid of that fear this life time.) Basically if I didn't dream big, my dreams could not be stolen. Hmmm... didn't expect this...

My reasoning mind joined me to dispel this belief because I live in an abundant universe with a limitless field of possibility just for me. I am worthy to receive all that is mine by divine right and I must release the old to make way for the new and I will receive new...

Another layer told me that I felt from deep within that if I dreamed big the universe would be working on my wishes taking away from someone else. Again my reasoning mind stepped in and dissipated this belief with the knowing that I live in an Abundant Universe and there is more than enough for everyone and everyone's desires are met through their field of possibilities.

When we ask for something less than what we desire, it may not be in our field of possibility, so we never receive it. We must truly dream big and ask for what we really desire in order for the abundant universe that we live in to provide for us.

What is holding you back from dreaming big? Your field of possibility holds everything your heart truly desires. Are you asking for it?

May you dream big without hesitation knowing fully within your heart that you deserve all that you desire...

In love and light,

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Choices R Us...

Day 21 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

I know that my thoughts are energy and that they create my existence. I know this and I practice it, then I get distracted and the information comes to me again and I remember and I focus again, then I get distracted and the information presents itself to me yet again and it is as if I'm learning it all over again, yet at a deeper soul level.

In The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra goes into detail of how as choice-makers we exist fully in our field of possibility with an infinity of choices in every moment of our life. Even though we "think" we don't have a choice in many things, we do have a choice in how we react and experience everything - every thing!

This morning I got up a little grumpy - a choice. My reasoning? Because there is always a reason that justifies us... There was snoring last night, at least one hot flash, then I was cold, the window shade kept making racket and then Jesse's puppy Jayden who is staying with us for a few days got scared and was barking. Then before 6am on a Sunday morning Jayden convinced me he had to go outside. When we got back into bed he needed Reiki instead of sleeping! By then I was more than a little aggravated, but when you look into his tiny little face and he's making eye contact with those huge puppy eyes he has, the heart melts... In this moment he is all love and he shares it. Needless to say, life didn't stay that way - Jay got scared again and started barking and I made the choice to be

Then I sat down with my entourage to journal and there again was the love and my grumpiness dissipated.

No matter what is going on in our lives, we have a choice on how we are going to react to it. We have a choice on whether we acknowledge the perfection/pure potentiality/infinite possibility of the life situation or not. Our choices create our reality - pure and simple. There is a seed of opportunity in every thing - every thing - are we going to nurture that seed of opportunity or hold on to our anger, grumpiness and fear?

I've always believed our minds are far more powerful than we give them credit for. Now I understand that it is our limitless spirit working in conjunction with our physical mind that brings to fruition that which we desire.

What about you? Are you going to make excuses for staying in a place of fear, anger or grumpiness? Or are you going to transmute your agitation to that of love and really enjoy your life?

Remember... Choices R Us!

May love be your source...

In love and light,

Saturday, September 19, 2009

We are One...

Day 20 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

The past 20 days have been miraculous on so many levels. Setting the intention to open my heart more and connect more fully with my angelic entourage and the essence of who I am blasted the door wide open! The Soul Kisses website has been online for a very long time and one might think that I have it all figured out - not...

I am just like every one of you reading this - a human - with human fears and weaknesses, not to mention the strong ability to get caught up in the physical world "to do's" and put my spiritual self on hold.

In the beginning of my active participation of my spiritual journey, I would get a grasp on something new and enlightening and think I was on the brink of "knowing." Since that time I have become truly enlightened and know that I am as an onion removing layers of fear and past/present life experiences that hinder, block and cloud my learning and remembering of the home of the angelic realm, as well as who I truly am.

Now I know that my "knowing" is always here with me, within, all I must do is continue to remove the layers, merging from within as One with All That Is - with each one of you - with God.

How do you feel about your neighbor down the street, across town, in another state, or in another country? Each one of us has a God Part within and is connected to each other.

Our choices are ours alone... Free will... Everything is a choice. I'm now choosing to be as an observer rather than a participant of the drama around me. The human existence of life can be one of drama, fear and chaos or joy and love in gratitude. No matter what the circumstances, it is a choice.

We've learned that there is perfection in all things, that we live in a universe living a life of pure potentiality/infinite possibility with our individual field of potential being positively limitless. Have you integrated this knowing into your being? Have you? As I read these words I sit taller and feel my personal power within me to Be, Have and Do anything I desire stoke from a smoldering glow to a roaring fire.

As we grow and evolve words we've read before, now hold more meaning - they resonate more fully for our hearts are more open to receive the gift of enlightenment that they hold. If you've been thinking about purchasing a book or taking a class or e-course, this idea is gentle nudge from your angelic entourage. Step out of your comfort zone and do something for the essence
of you - read back through the past 20 days of fulfillment - perhaps something will "click" more today than yesterday.

May you embrace your personal power of infinite possibility...

In love and light,

Graciously Giving and Receiving

Day 19 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

The intention and energy behind giving and receiving increases exponentially. When our energy of giving and receiving are joyful, in gratitude and from the heart, we become a magnet to receive that which we are grateful and joyful to receive. When our energy of giving and receiving is of fear, we become a magnet for more to be fearful.

The recipe for living the life we truly wish to live is to give joyfully, in gratitude, from the heart, with love, that which we wish to receive. Then graciously, with open arms, gratitude and joy, receive that which the universe returns to us.

Many of us are givers, but often find it difficult to receive graciously. It is through gracious receiving as well as gracious giving that we maintain the flow of this abundant universe in which we live, in balance. When we refuse a gift, we hinder or block the flow of not only our abundance, but the abundance of the giver.

Florence Scovel Shinn teaches that we are the giver and the receiver - we are one in the same - when we give something, we are at the same time receiving. Deepak Chopra teaches that the power of giving includes our thoughts and prayers. Everything we do begins with a thought - a thought is energy - and the universe notes it. The energy we harbor within ourselves dictates what manifests in our lives. This includes paying bills...

Are you a gracious receiver as well as giver? Are you blocking the abundance that is yours due to fear in releasing money when you pay a bill? With effort that fear can be transmuted to love and gratitude at the ability to pay the bill, thereby sending the money out with new life and energy for more money to take its place.

May you be a gracious receiver as well as giver now and always, thereby maintaining universal flow of abundance in all areas of your life...

In love and light,

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Journaling... A Guide to Creating a Miraculous Life...

Day 18 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

This morning while I was journalimg with my angelic entourage (for we never journal alone...) they helped me to write out my invitation for the Waiting in the Other Room internet book launch scheduled for October 22. I wasn't expecting such a blessed gift and am very grateful for all their input and help. When we were finished I then pondered on what to write about here today. Immediately it was clear - journaling.

When it was first recommended to me to journal I balked. When I was a tween I journaled - tween time was not a happy time, so the journaling was not very happy either - hence sad, painful memories of journaling. Needless to say, journaling was NOT high on my list of things I wanted to do. So I didn't do it - I didn't flat refuse, but I certainly came up with every excuse in the world NOT to sit down and write in a journal.

Then I finally gave in and put pen to paper in my first journaling experience in years. Well... that really isn't true... the pen did not immediately begin to write on the blank page. I sat there and looked at it for what seemed like forever. Did I realize at the time that the reason "why it was so painful" was because of the tween days? Heck no! I only realized the tween days were what was holding me back when I started writing this message to you today (oy vey...). All I knew at the time was that it didn't feel very good - it actually felt really bad - sad and painful. My mind was pulling in the experiences of the past where journaling was concerned - this is what our brains do in order to protect us - while in reality they block, limit and hinder us from opening our hearts to receiving our highest good in the now of this moment...

I didn't let these feeling from the past continue in my present - I persevered and allowed the thoughts to flow from my pen to the paper. Then something miraculous began to happen... as I wrote in the journal I began to get messages from my angelic entourage - messages that helped me to relieve all the pain that I was feeling from journaling, then the pain began to dissipate from the present day words I was writing in the current journal, then I began to get creative insight into projects and situations and people as I wrote and explored this new tool of journaling! A new world was opening up to me through this pen and paper - miraculous!

I know that my experience is not an anomaly. I know in my heart that this is true for everyone if one only takes the time to allow innermost thoughts, concerns and dreams to flow from pen/pencil to paper - typing into a computer software also works. No one journals alone - we are all a crowd of angels, guides, teachers and deceased loved ones in every moment of our existence.

What do you say? Pull that strength from within and sit down for a quiet moment with your angelic entourage and allow the you from within to journal your heart out while being open to the blessings your entourage have for you.

May you be abundantly blessed through your journaling...

In love and light,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Expectations and Detachment

Day 17 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

I've been working every day for weeks and weeks. I took off today and enjoyed the semi-fall weather of Colorado in September. The only expectation I had for the day was to relax and open the new watercolors and brushes that I bought months ago and begin my pictures for the Holy Grail Oracle Cards.

I slept in, then had a late breakfast and finally made it to the backyard with watercolors, brushes, paper, water and paper towels. It was cool enough I had to wear a jacket even though the sun was out. The wind picked up and my hair got in the paint just a little, but so what? The clouds rolled in with the breeze and it sprinkled just a little.

Both puppies would join me, then go inside, then join me and sit beside me requiring a pat on the head. I painted till my neck was stiff from sitting so long. My family joined me for dinner and actually admired my paintings without critiquing - what a wonderful day!!!

Oh my goodness, should I pinch myself?

As humans, we often create expectations of how situations and/or events will be and are disappointed. This day I practiced detachment in how my day would evolve and it evolved perfectly - just perfectly!

Do you place expectations on events, situations and people? Do you get disappointed? What about detachment? How often do you incorporate detachment into your daily expectations?

May your dreams be big, your detachment be effective and your receipt be abundant!

In love and light,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Day 16 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

Several years ago my husband told me that I was very judgmental. I was shocked. I didn't think I was judgmental at all. My first thought was that others mirror back to us what we are, so I felt certain that he was seeing judgment in me because he is judgmental. Then I realized I wouldn't be mirroring it back to him if I weren't judgmental too.

Oy vey...

I took this to heart. When I began to monitor judgmental things that I thought and/or said I was horrified to discover how judgmental I was. I was taught and conditioned from an early age to make judgments on everything - everything! I've worked at living my life in a non-judgmental way transmuting judgment to love - some times I catch it, and some times I don't - I am human...

When I'm successful and live from a point of love without judgment of others, life is easier with less drama charged emotion than when I get emotionally invested and involved in judgment. From a non-judgment standoint I'm able to hold fast to my personal power by living from a source of love.

Some may think that judgment gives us power, but the reality is that judgment of others saps away our personal power and leaves us in a state of emotional annoyance, upheaval and some times in chaos without clear thoughts or direction.

What about you? Where do you fall on a 1-10 scale of being judgmental?

Invest the time to monitor your judgmental thoughts and beliefs. Set the goal of being non-judgmental and discover the love source of living!

May all your days be judgment free!

In love and light,

Monday, September 14, 2009

Victim Versus Responsibility...

Day 15 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

I've been reading and working with 30 Days to Everyday Miracles by my dear friend, Jennifer Hoffman. Jennifer teaches that one of the 7 Miracle Commitments is that we must step to the plate and accept full and complete responsibility for everything in our life - every problem, disappointment, challenge, hiccup - everything. For we are the creators of our lives - it is through our choices that we are living the life we are living.

We have the choice of taking responsibility for our creation or we can be the victim and blame others for our lives existing as they are today. How many people do you know that blame everyone else for things that happen in their lives? Do you blame others for the life you are living today, or do you believe you are responsible?

Sit quietly for a few moments and take a look at your life - breathe deeply and allow yourself to experience the feelings that the thoughts evoke. Are you proud of your life? Do you have aggravation with someone else? Do you feel yourself blaming someone else for events and/or situations in your life? If so, be honest and look clearly and cleanly at your role in the event or situation. Is there forgiveness in order? Perhaps for yourself as well as others?

We are truly powerful spirits taking part in a human experience. When one wraps the mind around this statement, then the truth becomes clear that we have power over our existence - we truly are co-creators of our lives making choices left and right. If this is the case, perhaps we need to make our choices conscious choices rather than subconscious choices.

Taking responsibility and making conscious choices yanks our personal power back from everyone we've given it to. We become empowered spirits of infinite possibility with an abundant universe at our feet. I'm ready to place my order now with the universe. What about you?

Where do you stand in the creation of your life? Do you take full responsibility for your life or are you a victim of what everyone else is doing?

May the grasp of your responsibility open the way for abundance in all

In love and light,

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Seed of Opportunity...

Day 14 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

I'll always remember the day in December 2007 when my dad, Big Jim (deceased 2005), and my Protector Guide, Chief Running Bear, convinced me that there is perfection in all life situations, events and people. Even though I could not see it, the perfection is there. They wanted me to acknowledge that I understood this. I was standing at the dining room table sorting Christmas paper and crying my heart out about some life situation that in my mind was traumatic.

I acknowledged the perfection. They were very happy ...and I felt a tangible shift within myself. This shift initiated a change not only within me, but expanded exponentially outside of me.

In Deepak Chopra's book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, he exemplifies Perfection in all life situations as a "seed of opportunity."

Grasping the magnitude of a seed of opportunity opens the door to infinite possibility. Allowing oneself to explore the possibility that perhaps, indeed, all IS in Divine Order sheds a new light on life as we know it in this moment.

When we truly grasp that what is going on in our external universe, is a direct reflection, a mirror if you will, of what is going on inside of us, we then have discovered the "seed" of the opportunity to change our lives to whatever it is that we truly desire.

If all is in divine order... is your life in the divine order that you wish it to be? When you look within, what is your "seed of opportunity?" What is the perfection of your situation that is the starting point of your transformation to shifting your thoughts, beliefs and actions to create the life you truly desire?

It is a choice whether to accept the responsibility of our own choices in creating the life we live or to hang on to being the "victim" of our environment, family, etc. If you need tools to help you, ask your angels to guide you to them - they will!

May your day be one of great insight and wisdom to connect with the root of your desires and release all that no longer serves you...

In love and light,

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Identify What the Issue Is

Day 13 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

Mercury is in Retrograde and I am allowing the energies to fluctuate my emotions. It is almost like a rollercoaster at times - high and low. Probably everyone reading this identifies with this on some level!

So... I sat with Jesus this morning and asked, what is my problem?

He laughed.

Then He asked me, what do I feel I'm lacking in my life? What is missing?

It didn't take me long to come up with: Balance. Followed quickly with Focus.

I eat, sleep and breathe my work - I LOVE what I do. I also have a family that I love more than anything. Blending the two with little to no separation leads to lack of focus. So instead of feeling fulfilled as I should be, I feel scattered and grumpy.

Jesus helped me to identify the problem, so together we went over a list of things I can do to live and work with balance in my life, which would then open the way for me to focus. Following is our list:

* set work hours - this time really keep them
* put a sign on my office door to let my family know when I will be available to them - and stick to it
* set a specific time of day to return emails and phone calls
* continue my de-cluttering spree to my office drawers, desk top, shelves, closet, walls and book case AND use my Feng Shui questions:

1. do I love it?
2. do I need it?
3. does it support who I am and act as an affirmation of who I am?

Feng Shui question #3 is great - it really cuts the cord or makes it stronger - separating the wishy from the washy.

Today we continue to shake up the energy, clearing out the old to make way for the new. What a wonderful opportunity - perfection in the situation of imbalance and lack of focus!

What about you? Are your days in balance and your focus is right where it needs to be? If it isn't, why not? Ask Jesus, or your favorite guide or angel to join you and help you define what is missing in your life and how to resolve it!

May your day be one of fulfillment and love...

In love and light,

If you need some help connecting with Jesus, your guide or angels, perhaps Sacred Space ~ Build It and They Will Come will help you!

Friday, September 11, 2009

What do We Really Want?

Day 12 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

I've discovered that I hesitate to discern what I want. I feel my desires in my heart, but hesitate to put those desires into words and anchor them into the universe - I hesitate to begin the manifestation process. Duh... why in the world would I do that?

I know the tools, I know the process, I'm a spirit of infinite possibility! What is my problem?

Bottom line... if I receive that which I want, I may lose it. If I never have it, I can't lose it.

Self sabotage or self preservation?

Self preservation - I have learned this deep rooted fear is from a previous life.

I have a new life this lifetime. I have finally identified the source of this fear from the previous life and it no longer serve me. When I sit down to anchor into the universe my desires, I set aside the hesitation and allow myself to dream - and to dream BIG! We are spirits of infinite possibility living in an abundant universe - all is at our feet, so to speak.

I now discern what I truly desire and set into motion fruition of my desires.

Do you know what you want? Is there anything holding you back?

We live in an abundant universe and the only thing keeping us from being, having and doing what we truly desire is our own limiting beliefs and blocks. Now is the time to identify your personal limiting beliefs and blocks and be rid of them!

So... what's holding you back?

May you identify quickly limiting beliefs and blocks that hold you back and be rid of them!

In love and light,

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Forgiveness... An Integral Part of Fulfillment...

Day 11 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

When you look at your life of today, what do you see? Does it look the way you really want it to be? What do you feel is missing? More importantly how did you get here?

We all got to where we are today, in this moment, by making choices. It isn't about what someone else did to us, said about us, or even thought about us - the dreaded "what will others think?" We are living the life we are living because we created it through our thoughts, beliefs and actions - our choices.

At times when we review our lives, we will feel pangs of regret or guilt. Not good to have the feelings, but wonderful that we recognize them. When we identify these feelings, forgiving ourselves is in order.

Forgiveness of others is important, but forgiving ourselves is crucial to moving from a state of fear to one of love - both forms of forgiveness must be completed. Lets face it, if we are harboring guilt and regret over something we've done or didn't do, we are continuing to create fear and negative energy around the life situation or person.

Take a look at your life again, any feelings of regret or guilt? Do you see anything that requires you to forgive yourself for in order to move on? If so, sit quietly, breathe deeply and go through the process of forgiving yourself completely for the life event. Then breathe deeply and embrace the gratitude of lightening your load! Move on with your life guilt and regret free!

May you see the limitlessness that is you!

In love and light,

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Accept who you truly are..."

Day 10 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

Florence Scovel Shinn teaches in The Game of Life and How To Play It that our square of life is: health, wealth, love and perfect self expression (our work).

Our lives reflect who we are on the inside. The question is, are our needs and desires fulfilled in our life or do we feel as though we are lacking in an area of our square or life? And if we are lacking in an area, why? We live in an abundant universe - why would we be lacking in any way?

This morning as I journaled I asked my angels, "What inner work (within myself) is required in order for me to be my idea of success?"

They did not hesitate in their response, "accept who you truly are."

These words tap into thought patterns, beliefs and deep emotions. As the cogs in my brain were turning defining who I truly am, my higher self stepped in and took over - I am pure potentiality, infinite possibility whose field of potentiality is limitless.

Whew, it resonated! I could feel it from the very depths of my being that YES! This is who I am! Then another angel said, "and how many of your waking moments do you know this and feel it like you are right now?"

Ah.... the catch... No need to sugar coat things for me... I got it.

Accept and know who I am in all moments of my existence in gratitude without ego. Yes, there is inner work to do here.

When you read I am pure potentiality, infinite possibility whose field of potentiality is limitless does it resonate within you? Are you embracing this knowledge, this knowing in every moment of your existence? The pathway is illuminated and the tools will be shown to you to help you be, have and do everything you desire. It is your choice.

May your heart be open to your divine guidance...

In love and light,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Begin everything with a few deep breaths."

Day 9 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

This morning I chose to be aggravated by the time I walked into my office to journal my heart out. I worked all three days of the Labor Day weekend (whine, whine, whine) and my family left me alone to do it. They were sweet and supportive and allowed me to do what I needed to do. I finished the Orb Photographs Validated e-book in time to offer it for sale and as a bonus gift during Eldon Taylor's book launch for Mind Programming that began today. (I will expand the e-book to a paperback format soon - hopefully before the next holiday!)

So why am I aggravated? Good question! Because I chose to be. My original plan was to complete the e-book and write the newsletter on Saturday, then on Sunday, respond to the business and personal emails that I've been holding in my inbox for weeks and Monday would be for family. But once again... the best laid plans of mice and men went awry....

I must ask myself... why am I aggravated now? The weekend is over...

Hmmm... why am I aggravated now... The answer was in my journaling... Because I'm in day 23 of 31 Days to Fulfillment, of course!

I vented a full page into the journal, then I flippantly asked my angels if they had anything to contribute. Jesus stepped in... and instead of asking me what my problem is, like I thought He was going to, He was laughing...

Then he said, "It's a process, you are human, you know. Begin everything with a few deep breaths - move yourself outside the aggravation to a higher place of existence by breathing deeply - then just keep breathing!"

There was a time I would have thought this response to be as flippant as my question to the angels. But today, I know His words hold great wisdom.

I breathed deeply - and I felt better. I breathed deeply again and truly felt the aggravation within me begin to literally melt away. A few more deep breaths and the aggravation was gone and in its place... I felt joyful!

The key to what Jesus told me to do is this: "Begin everything with a few deep breaths." When I took the first deep breath, my focus turned to how if felt to breathe deeply. It felt good! Our angelic entourage connect with us through our breath. Clearly my angels were love and joy in the air I was taking in because it changed everything.

In meditation one focuses on the breath to "move oneself outside (the physical world) to a higher place of existence by breathing deeply."

I find myself breathing more and more shallowly when I get aggravated, annoyed, etc. AND... I keep catching myself holding my breath while I work - as I type. Clearly not a good idea.

I'm reminded to "Begin everything with a few deep breaths."

What about you? Did you take a long deep breath while you were reading this? If you haven't, do so now. Notice how your body expands when you breathe in deeply. When the focus is changed from that which is going on around you to the life giving breath of God everything changes.

Take Jesus' words to heart - "Begin everything with a few deep breaths."

How will it change your life? Be open to the guidance in the breath - in breathing deeply you welcome in angels...

May you feel the love of your angels in every breath that you take...

In love and light,

ps - even in aggravation there is divine order - because I asked, I received this wonderful tool of breathing deeply from Jesus... there is perfection in all things...

Monday, September 7, 2009

All is Not as it Seems...

Day 8 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

Last night I pondered the success of 31 Days to Fulfillment. I was seeing a pattern of working with my entourage in the mornings - reaching that invincible state of I can be, have and do anything! Then I would set my intention for the day, get started and experience this amazing day till late afternoon, then it was as if the physical world "stuff" would overcome me and I would be wiped out - and perhaps a little grumpy.

This morning I chatted with Jesus about this and he showed me a vision. It was me on rollerskates. When I physically rollerskate I typically clean the floor with my behind, but in this vision I had angels on either side of me holding each elbow so there was no way I could fall down. I was in the lead, directing the route we took, but they were my total support. So I rollerskated really fast - and I didn't fall! It was an amazing feeling - no fear, only exhilaration and joy! Amazing!

Then he showed me another vision. I was sitting beside him on the beach on a bench. Jesus then put his arm around me and I felt completely and totally safe. He told me we were in the palm of God - always safe. It was then that I noticed it was storming, yet Jesus and I were in a bubble of sunshine. Jesus told me the bubble is my faith and trust that I am safe in the palm of God.

Next thing I knew we were in the choppy sea with waves hundreds of feet tall coming down on us, yet we were safe in the bubble where all was peaceful, serene, calm and joyful! I get seasick from the motion of the water, but not in this vision. The roughness of the sea was a non-issue. I was safe in my faith and trust that I am One with God living in an abundant universe.

Jesus has asked me for years, "Where is your faith?" Finally, he told me, "You DO have faith!"

Clearly when I maintain my connection with my entourage - with God, I am strong and fearless. It is when I allow the physical world to be in control of my thoughts and emotions that I falter. Now that I have recognized it I have the choice whether to allow it to be, or to change it. All I need do is move back into my space of pure potentiality to shed the fear that clutches at my being.

How conscientious will I be? Will I let the physical world run all over me? What about you? Are you recognizing fear in your life or are you oblivious and simply struggling every day just to survive? We have a choice, what is yours?

May your moments be fearless!

In love and light,

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Real Affects of Shifting Energy!

Day 7 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

Two weeks ago my daughter, Jess, and I rearranged furniture, threw out things that no longer serve us and re-initiated feng shui in my home. If you read the last Soul Kisses newsletter of August 24, 2009, you know that we also rearranged my husband’s office while he was away. All ended well… he loved his office – and he built new shelves for my office closet!

Then I began my quest of 31 Days to Fulfillment program. The shifting of so much energy from material possessions around the house to my spiritual essence within has opened the way for a plethora of creativity just in time for Mercury to go into retrograde.

I made my list of things to finish during this retrograde time frame and I’m very excited to complete each item.

Each one of these past six days on my fulfillment program has revealed exciting information and guidance to the next step of my life and my work. Mercury going into retrograde comes at a perfect time to complete the old and make way for the new. How exciting!

Some view Mercury going into retrograde with frustration and anxiety. Approaching it from a standpoint of anticipation, excitement and joy will expedite the completion of my projects and help me to roll through any communication hiccups.

The initial shifting of energy throughout my home with the cleaning Jess and I began two weeks ago have had far reaching affects. As we continue to look within and release what no longer serves us, new information and guidance will manifest.

Are you ready to shift and shake up the energy around you, blessing on its way that which no longer serves you and embracing that which does? Are you ready to open your heart to the infinite possibility of you? Complete those projects that have long remain uncompleted! Turn on the light to welcome in the new and exciting! Now is the time!

May your guidance be clear in all that you do…

In love and light,

Saturday, September 5, 2009

All is Not What it Seems

Day 6 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

Journaling is a priceless tool to connecting with our angelic entourage of angels, guides, teachers, deceased loved ones… and… God. I write about the first thing that comes to my mind when I put pen to paper and the answers flow through the ink along with my… I’ll say sharing instead of venting.

The ideas miraculously spring forth to the paper quickly followed by steps to bring the “ideas” to fruition – Amazing!

Today I was chatting with my dad, Big Jim, about an issue that has been troubling me. From a spiritual, universal standpoint I could see several scenarios as to why this particular situation came to be. When daddy cut in and said, “Everything is not always what it seems.”


A little more info would have been good, but either he left or I got physical world distracted. Chances are, I was physical world distracted and he continued to watch me and grin – waiting for my higher self to kick in and make sense of the whole thing.

I stepped into the angelic realm to ponder the issue of my attention and left the emotions of the physical world behind. Hmmm… without fear a lot was revealed… Being human I am at times an impatient creature (imagine that?). I wanted validation, so I asked for a reading from my dear friend Jennifer Hoffman I didn’t even have to bring it up – she did. She then laid out what I knew in my heart.

I could see clearly the “perfection” of this startling and unexpected life situation. Clearly it is one of Infinite Possibility!

Good or bad is always a perception. When we move ourselves to a place without emotion (infinite possibility/pure potentiality) all may be revealed. Fear is what blinds and blocks us to the perfection of people and life situations.

Trusting in the fact that All is not as it seems lights the way to opportunity and possibility.

Where is your trust today? Are you listening to the intuition, the still voice within, or are you winging it on your own?

May you open your heart to the knowing within and discover the infinite possibilities of trust…

In love and light,

Friday, September 4, 2009

Judge Not...

Day 5 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

It is human nature to judge others - to judge everything. We base and evaluate - judge - every new experience on past experiences. We decide if things are good or bad or if someone is good or bad. We judge a multitude of things throughout the course of a day - we put our judgment on it. Is our judgment of a love source, or fear and negativity - creating more negativity? Judgment is ALWAYS based on fear. Changing this pattern of behavior requires great effort.

When we judge our children, they feel our judgment of them and put up a wall to protect themselves. When we feel the judgment of others of us, we put up a wall to protect ourselves.

Shakespeare said, "Things are neither good nor bad, but thinking makes them so" thinking being judgment.

One of the steps to moving into a belief system of being Infinite Possibility/Pure Potentiality is to be nonjudgmental. To accept people and life situations as simply "being."

Non-judgment in today's world almost sounds irresponsible. I pondered... Perhaps we are to take steps to change something we do not agree with, rather than sit in judgment over it. Then I was shown that when we shift within - remove our judgment of something, then life and situations shift outside of us. Then if we are guided to take steps to change something, we do so from a source of love, not fear.

There is no judgment in love. When one stands in the shoes of love and surveys the world and people around them, there is no judgment. We just are. Things that we would "judge" to be negative have no power from which to feed when we do not judge them as negative!

Non-judgment is power to live and exist in love, peace, joy and harmony!

Would you want to live your life without judgment?

Can you live your life without judgment?

Will you live your life without judgment?

May your life be one of non-judgment - love, laughter, harmony and light!

In love and light,

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Experiencing a Place of Pure Potentiality

Day 4 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

This morning during meditation Jesus and I went into the Akashic records and took a look at my records. There are a few things that I have been putting off because they are, in my mind, too painful to deal with. Which means I am living from a source of fear where these issues/situations are concerned.

I noted that as I spoke with Jesus about them I felt no fear, no anxiousness, no dread, no anxiety whatsoever - no pain. The situations just "were." I asked Jesus about this. He explained to me that my painful emotions were my human perception of the situation - my human ego based interpretation. He assured me that when I move back into my physical surroundings of the physical world, He is still with me and the feelings I have concerning these situations are my choice - choose fear, pain and anxiety or love and opportunity.

In that place of Pure Potentiality, the space of Infinite Possibility, I discovered serenity, a One-ness with the Universe - One-ness with God, a place of "being-ness" - a place of bliss. It was then that I could truly appreciate, acknowledge and accept the perfection of the situations. It
was then that I caught a glimpse of the opportunity that the situations provided to me to evolve.

After experiencing the situations from a basis of love, I can now move forward using this "opportunity" to transform a once painful situation to one of something new, beautiful and fulfilling.

As a human I need that experience of love to draw from. As a spiritual being understanding and existing as Pure Potentiality, the love source is the natural state.

I now set the intention to exist as Pure Potentiality, living from a source of love. I acknowledge the physical world teachings and bless them on their way...

My heart is of love, free, uncluttered, accepting and joyful - Pure Potentiality...

The conditionings and teachings of the physical world are strong. Have you looked within to discern what is true for you? Today, in this moment, can you move into that place of Pure Potentiality? How long can you stay there? Clearly it is a much better place to be when compared to the struggles, friction pain and fear of following the conditionings of the physical
world. What is your choice?

May your truth be clear and your choices be strong.

In love and light,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who Am I?

Day 3 of 31 Days to Fulfillment!

Before I was fully awake this morning Archangel Metatraon, my writing associate was talking to me. Helping me to open my mind to the fact that we are "Pure Potentiality."

I've been reading The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra. Reading it and re-reading it and re-reading it. What a wonderful compilation of truths! When I first began reading it my brain came close to "tilt" trying to wrap my mind around some of the concepts while others I grasped immediately. The constant was that it all resonated.

The second time I read it, my brain didn't have to work so hard. In picking it up again, my heart was fully open and able to embrace from deep within the truths of the words.

The physical world teaches us and conditions us to the physical world reality of limits - beating us up almost daily that we are victims and unworthy losers. These teachings are false.

We are infinite possibility - pure potentiality.

When we wrap our minds around the heart of pure potentiality and move fully into that space of infinite possibility, we discover a place of serenity, of true One-ness with the Universe - One-ness with God, a place of gentle "being-ness" - a place of bliss.

The calamity and chaos of the physical world ceases to exist.

We are One with All That Is without judgment, without worry, without the experiences of the past to burden our present - we are the air that we breathe - pure potentiality.

The first time I experienced this place of understanding, it was profound and wonderful, yet short lived because I experienced it then moved back into the place of judgment - the physical world with all its limits. But I caught a glimpse of the "being-ness" of Deepak's words.

This morning Archangel Metatron helped me to open the door more fully and hold on to the reality of who I am - pure potentiality.

From this understanding and acceptance of who I am, judgment falls away - things are neither good nor bad, they just are. With acceptance of life being what it is, my heart fills with blissful joy and gratitude - making me a magnet for more to be grateful for. The shift begins.

My brain reasons that if I'm pure potentiality, then I am invincible, too.


Yes, I am invincible. It resonates and calls out to me from deep within my heart that yes, I am invincible, too! In that case, what is holding back my dreams coming to fruition?

Hmmm... nothing...

As a spiritual being of infinite possibility - pure potentiality - I cannot fail.

Will you accept the fact that you are pure potentiality? What would you do today if you knew with all of your being that you cannot fail?

May your heart be open to the guidance of the truths within you.

In love and light,

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stepping into Our Authentic Self

Day 2 of 31 Days to Fulfillment...

During my morning journaling my dad (deceased 2005) joined me. We talked about fear being such a huge part of our lives that it might as well be breathing. Then, of course, there is the fear we bring with us from previous lives. Fear becomes so normal to us that it does become like breathing - it becomes a part of us - so much so that if it were gone, we would definitely notice it. We would laugh more, breathe more deeply, sleep better and our vital organs would probably think they had been granted a reprieve!

Fear blocks us from stepping into our authentic self.

Who is our authentic self? Clearly that person is fearless... Our authentic self is One with The Creator, One with the Universe, One with a blade of grass... Our authentic self is wisdom of the ages, wise as the wind, all knowing - infinite possibility.

How does one get their mind around being infinite possibility when they feel trapped in life situations?

We allow the issues of the physical world, the collective consciousness of fear to rule our thoughts, our beliefs and our possibilities. The physical world conditioning is strong, yet dissolves upon command.

We are spirits of infinite possibilities! When we fearlessly take back the personal power that we give away without reservation to life challenges and hiccups we get a glimpse of the light - the light of God that illuminates our pathway to fulfillment, to freedom, to receipt of our highest good - to abundance to freely share with others.

We step into our authentic self.

It is all a choice, albeit subconsciously for the most part. What would this day be like if consciously we chose to be fearless in our truth? What if we stepped into our authentic self and commanded God's light to illuminate our pathway clearly and safely. What if we knew we could not fail? What would this day be like? What about tomorrow and next week?

May your steps be of your authentic self - fearless in this day of light and love.

In love and light,

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Perfection in All Things

It has been months since I put finger to keypad and posted the musings of my human brain. No... I didn't fall off the face of the earth, but at times it certainly felt like I did.

The "startling and unexpected" life events of the year have certainly held their ups and downs - some were wonderful and some were not so wonderful, yet all held perfection.

One of the hardest things I have learned in the past few years is that there is perfection in all things - life events and people. Ideally I would see this perfection, yet what I have had to do is trust that the perfection is there - especially when it is nowhere in my sight!

Accepting and acknowledging from deep within that there is perfection in all things begins a reaction of dissipation of fear.

Personally I've lived my life running on fear at some level. In looking back I am pretty much horrified that this is true. What a waste of fun time - being in some form of constant fear - not to mention the wonderings of what it has done to my vital organs... No wonder Jesus has asked me so many times, "Where is your faith?"

This year I have accomplished more in my spiritual work than all the years put together - at least materially. Daddy and I finished Waiting in the Other Room the book, the journal, the website and created the production company. My entourage and I created four guided journey CDs: Sacred Space ~ Build it and They Will Come, Communicating Through Dementia, Communicating with Orbs and Healing Circle of Love as given by Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. I created my first workshop and traveled to Maryland to share it live on stage with Adele Linsalata of and Trudy Griswold of I have two other books in the works to be completed yet this year as well as a few other exciting projects. Plus I've taken on new clients creating several new websites along the way.

I look back at this and my first thought is no wonder I feel like I need a little more sleep!

These things were accomplished by firmly anchoring them in the Universe through creating my list of Exciting Highlights of 2009 in January of 2009. With paper and pen in hand I imagined it was January 2010 and wrote down the exciting things that I had completed, accomplished and participated in. When I wrote down that I would stand on a stage with Adele Linsalata and Trudy Griswold my human brain said, "yeah, right." But I did it in Maryland, July 26, 2009 and it was wonderful!

My focus has been less than desired this past month of August. I have many more things on my list to accomplish this year, yet instead of the rest of the year being a crazed frenzy of burning the midnight oil, I'd really prefer gentle, methodical, balance combined with focus to be the theme.

But how do I get there? What do I do differently to fulfill my to do list while experiencing a balance with the demands of my physical world existence?

First I researched how many days it takes to change a habit. Some say 21 days, others say 28 days. I believe it is determined by how much focused effort one puts into accomplishing the goal. I'm proposing 31 Days to Fulfillment - the month of September plus today.

Anchoring in the Universe is magical to bringing dreams to fruition. In writing in my journal to my entourage of angels, guides and teachers I'm given answers, doors to creativity and guidance are opened and love is the theme for my day instead of a physical world worry. Every day for the month of September I will chat with my entourage through journaling first thing in the
morning and share their insight here in this blog.

What about you, dear reader? Is your life a fulfillment of your dreams? Are you working with your angelic entourage or are you winging it on your own? Get yourself something to write on and join me this month of September 2009! Simultaneously we will open the doors to receipt of our highest good in all things as well as become more open to the guidance of how to best be of service.

Today is Day 1! I already know this month of September will be one of profound enlightenment, guidance and fulfillment for me, what will it be for you?

In love and light,