Sunday, October 12, 2008

LightWorkers, Claim Your Power!

There is great fear running rampant over the soils of Mother Earth. Between the economy, gas prices, food prices, health care, diseases that eat away at our bodies, terrorism, biological warfare, and now clearly visible space ships predicted to descend upon us on October 14, 2008:

Now read about what Lord Amin Ru has to say through Adele Linsalata:
NOTE: Any channeling from an ascended master MUST be read slowly and carefully to fully and completely understand what they are saying. We must remember these ascended beings are of the angelic realm where thought is the mode of communication – not words. Keep in mind if you read a channeling from an ascended master that reads like you’re talking to a fellow human, it is not a true channeling from an ascended master. The Channeler may have been chatting with an ascended master, but they have added their human spin to the words.

Jesus woke me this morning talking to me about all of this.

Fellow humans, we are in a magnificent spiritual shift. There is no doubt about it, however, there is no way that I am going to believe the “plan” is to bring to fruition the footage of a Hollywood movie as in Independence Day.

Quote from Big Jim, “Some people will believe anything.”

The level of evolvement of the peoples of Mother Earth is extensive, from those who have separated themselves from their God Part within due to teachings and conditionings of the physical world to those who have direct connection with Spirit and truly understand the workings of the ascension. Those who have separated themselves from God typically do not even know that they have – they are often times devout followers of their religious leaders. These people would certainly spontaneously combust into fear and chaos should a space ship become visible in the skies of Mother Earth.

The spiritual realm that I work with would not allow this.

The epidemic of fear that is running throughout our planet will take on form if it is not stopped. We as limitless spiritual beings can and do hold great power within us to manifest what we focus on – whether we desire it or not. When we focus on fear it can become a shadow in the room that follows us around grabbing us unexpectedly by the throat, scaring us so badly our physical body bursts into a panic attack – our eyes see the fear in shapes and forms.

Fear is man made! Fear is how we are controlled by one another.

Fear is not of God. There is no fear in the angelic realm.

Lightworkers! Now is the time to stand tall in your truth – to claim your birthright as God’s messengers to stop this insanity of fear. What are you waiting for? Stand united. Release the ego, release your own fears – claim who you are immediately!!! Teach and touch all you can with the love you came here to impart. There is no fear in love.

Lightworkers, your mission is clear, your service is necessary to help the planet of Mother Earth heal and balance. The people around you need you. It is time to take the sword Archangel Michael hands to you and fearlessly cut the cords of fear surrounding you. It is time to stand tall, fearlessly and shout clearly for all to hear, “No MORE!!!!!!!!”

We are the hope of this planet. We are the hope of the people who are looking to us to initiate the change – the shift into the collective consciousness of love. As we get our minds around the source of love – as we truly grasp the concept of the power of love the momentum of love builds – fear dissipates – balance is restored.

Fear claws at the steps of the Lightworkers. Face it and it will dissipate to its native nothingness. Remember Fear is the illusion. Fear is man made and truly cannot harm us when we face it.

Here in the US the election nominees are calling for change. Change must occur, change from fear base to a true source of love – it must or the lives of the peoples will dissolve into collective chaos. Change begins with one person – you – one person – me.

The Soul Kisses articles abound with the uncovering of my own layers of fear – how I’ve discovered them and how I have faced them and dissipated them. I am no longer afraid. I have the peace of God within me – calmly – assertively guiding me. I see myself as this huge spirit of strength pulling to me the humans who are fearful – opening the way with a mighty swipe of the sword Archangel Michael handed to me so the angels may cleanse away their fear.

This also, is you – each Lightworker reading this has the power to help others – in love and light – purely without ego – in love only.

The energies that are integrating into Mother Earth – the energies that are balancing her, healing her are also working at balancing and healing the humans. There are those who are struggling to discover their truth. Many of you do not know why you are feeling the imbalance within. Do you know who you are? Look within to discern and Do NOT give up! You are strong, you are vital, you are important in what you are here to do. Look deeply within – discard all that no longer serves you – discover the God Part within you – make that connection to no longer be separate.

The reality is that we are all One with God. It is our own deep seated beliefs that we are separate and alone – often being told that we come into this world alone and that is the way we leave it – alone. This is NOT true! We are always, at every moment in our lives, a crowd of angels, guides and teachers. It is up to us as to whether we have the eyes to see, the ears to hear them and the knowing within to acknowledge, accept and follow their clear guidance of love.

Again, I call to you, Lightworkers stand tall – scream at the top of your lungs – No MORE! Embrace the source of love that you are and hold fast to the power of that love. Leave the ego behind and fulfill your mission as the messenger, the Lightworker of God.

We are limitless spiritual beings based in love – pull from within that love, that strength and the “change” we call for will happen – the “change” that is required for the ascension of Mother Earth will happen. Be discerning of the darkness for there will be those who appear to be of the light, who are not. Look within, you will know.

I am evolving and learning just as each of you. As each one of us pulls from within the strength to fulfill our mission of love in this incarnation on Mother Earth, others will find their strength to join us. Look within yourself to discern what resonates with you - do not take anyone's word for the happenings - not even mine - look within - discern...

The collective consciousness of the planet can shift to one of love. Which side are you going to be on? Fear or Love? It is YOUR choice - look within - discern...

In love and light,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Love from September 11

September 11 - 911 as it has come to be known.

September is my favorite month, probably because my birthday is in it. Now it has new meaning to me and to so many others. On this day of remembrance, I say a prayer for all who have contracted to return to the spiritual realm in mass as well as those who transitioned home one at a time.

Transitioning home singly is devastatingly painful for families and friends of the individual. Group transition touches the masses - countries - the world. Group transition ignites the spark of love within - the God Part within - to reach out and touch one another with unconditional love that is buried most of the time under physical world fear. There is no race, no color, no religion - only helping those who need help being helped by the human spirits. We join together in love to help one another in times of tragedy no matter what country we are in or what nationality we are. Love reigns supreme - as it should - as it must.

Sharing love in times of sadness and loss gives us great strength to follow our hearts in times of adversity - in times of chaos. Chaos and tragedy are the catalyst for true hope. These are moments of great opportunity for spiritual growth. These are moments that hope and love are found and embraced. It is in these times that the spiritual beings experiencing a human existence cast aside physical world conditioning and fear and live from a basis of true love. Love seeds are planted deeply into Mother Earth by acts of kindness from the human spirits. Joy, peace and love spring forth from these seedlings planted. Pathways are opened to the truth of the God Part within each one of us.

Life changes.

Life shifts.

Do we hold to the elation of these emotions experienced - acts of kindness and love - a connection of all being a part of the whole of God - a One-ness, or do we revert back to separateness, back into the shadow of fear that the physical world teaches is normal?

It is a choice.

We are being given great opportunities for seeing and experiencing God's love. What are we doing with it? Those who have contracted to leave in mass have not done so in vain, have they?

Now is the time to lay aside the physical world fear and chaos and embrace with great gratitude the perfect love of those who returned to the physical realm so perhaps those who were left here would "get it" that we are all One. Mother Earth is shifting. The collective consciousness of the planet is also shifting. Startling and unexpected life events are in full swing for most of Earth's population. How are we dealing with it? Are we grasping this golden opportunity with both hands to look within, to connect with God and His messengers, our guides and our teachers to work in tandem to aid others as well as ourselves? Or are we wallowing in guilt, unforgiveness and fear, blaming others for the events that are shaping our lives and who we are?

Now is the time to be the limitless spiritual being that we are, to grab the bull of fear by the horns and to look it right in the eye and claim our own God given power back. We are limitless, infinite possibility. We are One with God. We continue to be One with the loved ones who have transitioned Home to the Spiritual Realm before us. We ARE the strength of God. We HAVE the sword of Archangel Michael in our hands, together, cutting away the ties of fear and darkness. We HAVE the healing hands of Archangel Raphael to heal the human spirits. We ARE One with Jesus, the man who walked the grasses of Mother Earth bestowing miracles on others - we too have miracles within each one of us. Will we pull these gifts forth, claiming the true God essence of who we are, bestowing unconditional love, strength, healing and love everywhere we go?

Will we?

We are the love of God incarnate and we are not alone - we are truly, each one of us, a crowd of angels, guides and teachers. Are you asking for their help? Or winging it on your own?

Blessings of great love to those who have gone before and for those human spirits who walk the grasses of Mother Earth.

In love and light,

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Today is Memorial Day here in the US - a time of remembrance and often a time of gatherings with friends and family. I write these words in honor of all the loved ones who have transitioned before us for whatever reason. I send love to all to experience this day as a day of celebration of the life lived and shared with these loved ones.

Here at my house, my immediate family are here. Fred is working on a bid, Majik is exhausted from sniffing fresh air all day yesterday, Jesse is working on her new photography website and I'm just so grateful we're all together. Many of you read about Jesse being injured at work March 26. It has only been the past five days that she has actually had "good" days. Thank you, God and all the angelic and human healers who have worked with her!!!

Even though many of you reading this are living your days in grief of having lost a loved one, allow yourself to experience gratitude for the time shared and celebrate that sharing. Close your eyes and allow yourself to experience the love you shared with the loved one(s). The love in your thoughts will bring them to you. Acknowledge them - Big Jim says it is like "applause" and they can't get enough of it.

In love and light,

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I am my own flashlight to light my way...

Why are so many of us afraid of the dark?

I've felt the rush of adrenalin when I've stepped outside alone in the dark and there is a rustle in the corner of the yard that I cannot see the cause. If Majik barks and runs in that direction my heart kicks into full gear too. I really don't like that feeling. Oh yes, and then there is the emotions the body slices through when wakened by a noise during the night and you're the only one in the house and you can't remember locking the door, or even closing it... I really don't like that feeling... Or WORSE, you get up in the morning and go downstairs to discover you left the dining room door open all night (before the arrival of Majik, the Wonder Poodle) and you just
pray that the night was too cool for a snake to crawl in to take up residence... Now there's a rush...

The daily Soul Kiss for May 12, 2008 is: I am the light of God - I am my own flashlight to light my way through the dense physical world.

Don't you just love this? If one wraps their mind completely around this statement, then there is no room for fear, for in theory we would always "see" the path. Ahhh, and then there is the realization that the path is then within us... We are the light, we are the pathway... we are part of The Creator of All That Is - we are One... Embracing our "oneness" with The Creator means experiencing our existence from a basis of love and in love there is no room for fear. What would life be like?

The media practices striking fear into our hearts on a daily basis. We are continually bombarded with information that is negative - then there is the fear we have brought forward into this lifetime from past lives. How do we deal with this? How do we maintain living our lives from a basis of love?

As I evolve spiritually I continue to peel away the layers of centuries and hundreds of lifetimes of "negative issues" - including "fear issues." After Big Jim transitioned, I really worked hard at looking within and releasing fear and thought I was done with it. How naive of me. Then when Jesus told me to give him my fear, and I took off a coat of armor of fear and gave it to him, I was horrified because I didn't know I still had so much fear! But after giving it to Jesus, that fear was gone. Again, I thought I was "rid" of fear. Still naive...

In finding more fear within me, I thought I was not truly releasing it. Now I understand that I am growing spiritually and I am releasing it, but there are still layers to peel away throughout my journey of spiritual ascension. Now that I have realized it, instead of being discouraged at discovering more fear hidden deep within, I celebrate the discovery, because now I may rid myself of it and step into the next phase of my spiritual evolution.

What tools do you use to dissipate fear in your life?

May your life be based in love...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Infinite Possibilities!

Welcome to this day of Infinite Possibilities!

The words: "Infinite Possibilities" keep popping into my mind. I love those words and all that they represent. It is easy to allow ourselves to get caught up in the negativity and worries of the physical world. We're bombarded daily, almost moment by moment with negativity and sludge. For me, these two words create a "Miracle Shift" - they move me from being closed off to receipt of my highest good to being OPEN to receive my highest good. In breaking free from this we open the door to receive deliveries from the Universal Supply Warehouse!

Many of you clicked into this page feeling the strangling weight of the negative-ness of the physical world on your shoulders. Then you read the words... Infinite Possibilities... Lets read this again - Welcome to this day of Infinite Possibilities!"

Hmmm... something starts to change, perhaps a spark of "possibility?"

Now lets say it out loud... This is a day of Infinite Possibilities! C'mon, say it out loud...

Now say it with conviction: This is a day of Infinite Possibilities!

Hmmm, is there a chemical reaction going on? Because I feel lighter in my chest. I've transmuted my focus from negative sludge to the possibility of something good manifesting in my life - in MY life.

The words Infinite Possibilities, for me, are magical. They shift me from a negative state to that of excitement - I'm now in anticipation of experiencing something unexpected and fabulous.

Do the words Infinite Possibilities do this for you? Is there another phrase that opens the doors to miracles for you? What are they? Are you using them? Why not?

Discover your Miracle Shift and activate it NOW!

May you be open to receiving your highest good in this moment and in every moment after...

In love and light,

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Connecting with Our Angelic Entourage

Blessings, and welcome to Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers.

We are, indeed, a crowd. When I look in the mirror, my physical eyes, see my physical body. My spiritual eyes, see my angelic entourage of angels, guides, teachers as well as deceased loved ones and friends - I am a crowd. This brings me great comfort. The physical world can be a challenging place. Shifting from logical physical world fear, to trust and faith of the generosity of the Universal Supply Warehouse and the safety and comfort of residing in the palm of God can be challenging at best.

The Soul Kisses website, began as a place to not only find comfort that we are profoundly loved spiritual beings experiencing a human existence, but also to offer support that we are so profoundly loved and are, indeed, a crowd. Since my dad, Big Jim, transitioned in 2005, the site has evolved into one of support that love does live forever. Big Jim didn't fear death, he had already brushed against the veil during angioplasty surgery twelve years before his spirit transitioned home. I know he's fine and he looks great when he's here, but I still grieve for the loss of his physical presence.

Now the website offers yet more support that death is not to be feared, but celebrated as a life loved and lived, and as a life continuing to live in another form. At the same time support is offered to grieve for the loss of the physical presence, for as humans, we must experience grief. We must experience the stages of grief - acknowledge them, embrace them and bless them on their way - releasing the grief emotions and feelings so as not to suppress them in any way.

Honestly it is easier to suppress grief than it is to deal with it. However, this is very unhealthy on many levels.

How long does grief last? In my opinion, it never goes away. It only gets easier. Big Jim often breezes through here, laughing and chatting, yet it is not the same. I still move to pick up the phone to call him, then realize he will never be on the other end of a telephone conversation. Some times I cry. Some times I just acknowledge that he just winked at me.

We are strong spiritual beings, limitless in our potential and unfailing in our power, when we choose to embrace it and accept who we truly are. As we walk through the illusion of the valley of the shadow of death, there is no evil to fear, only love to embrace. When we know this and accept it, life is easier. For there is no room for fear in love. In living from a love base, joy springs forth, eternally generating gratitude of all that is. Living from a love base, makes us a magnet for more love.

Living from a love base, opens our hearts to the crowd in the mirror as seen by the "spiritual eye." They are with us always - in every moment of every day and every night. It is up to us to discern between our "mind chatter" and our angelic entourage. We can all do it if we so choose.

My angelic entourage has encouraged me to share Sacred Space: Build it and They Will Come to help those who wish to connect with their angelic entourage. You may download it here as a PDF file.

Practice creating your Sacred Space and connecting with your entourage as much as you possibly can. As you look within, your life will shift from the fear of the physical world, to that of safety, peace and serenity with the angelic realm.

May you allow yourself to release the fear and embrace the love.

In love and light,

Monday, April 7, 2008

Become One with the Essence of God

Blessings to you in this moment of infinite possibilities!

Life has had many twists and turns since I last placed fingers upon the keyboard to share thoughts with you. My daughter was hurt at work and spent three days in the hospital. I shared the blessings of that evening in the Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers Newsletter of March 31, 2008. Each day she improved, but by the sixth day there was great improvement. Thank you to all who sent to us love and healing, may you be profoundly blessed for your generosity and kindness.

The day Jesse was hurt, I had been feeling stuck and overwhelmed by my human "to-do" list. As I sat there, beside Jesse in the stillness of the hospital room with only the beep of the IV machine and the gentle sound of her breathing breaking the silence, I was reminded of my "to-do" list. It had lost its importance. The accident was a wake up call on so many levels for both Jesse and myself. As each day unfolds, information and revelations are appearing. The energy shift is phenomenal.

Archangel Metatron has joined me to help me with writing this blog as well as adding more information to the Soul Kisses website. I graciously and excitedly welcome him!

Friday morning he spoke with me regarding the air that we breathe. The angels tell us to breathe deeply to connect with them, with God, with our guides and our deceased loved ones. Archangel Metatron went into more detail explaining that our air is truly the essence of God. There is a God Part within each one of us. As we breathe deeply, we interlock together our God Part within with the essence of God (air) that we are all breathing, hence we all are One with God through our breath.

As we breathe in the essence of God (air) our connection becomes clearer, more refined, more tangible. We open the way for our spirit to draw in the knowledge that we seek. We are open to remember the spiritual path we came here to experience. It is through our breath and intention that we reach out our hand to grasp the support of our angels, our guides, our teachers, our deceased loved ones, our Creator of All That Is. The action of setting this intention elevates us in the ascension of our spirit to a higher level of faith and understanding.

When we exhale, we have complete faith that there will be more air to breathe when we inhale. We experience no worries whatsoever about this. The limitless quantity of air is directly parallel to the abundance of the Universe. The Universe is a limitless supply warehouse of everything that we as humans could ever desire. When we, as spiritual beings living a human existence get our human minds around this, acknowledge it, accept it and practice the knowledge that the Universe provides for all our needs, abundance will be ours in all things. There will be no fear of lack, of not enough - only abundance, only a knowing deep within that our cup of plenty runs over.

Fear will be eradicated from our hearts forever. For as we live in gratitude of plenty, there is no room for fear, only love. As we shift into living our lives from a love base, everything around us shifts. It is as a Domino Effect - touching first one, then another, then another.

Big Jim, my dad, who transitioned on October 31, 2005 showed me this in December 2006:

A few days ago, I set the intention to visit with my Master Teacher, Ezra. I usually find him sitting on the edge of a high plateau overlooking a beautiful green valley. There are two chairs, one for me and one for him. On this day, as I hiked to where he was sitting, I was surprised to find that my hair was braided - so was his. Then I noticed my Protector Guide, Chief Running Bear to my left - his hair was braided too. I sat down between them and asked why my hair was braided. Ezra told me they had a surprise for me.

Next thing I knew my dad, Big Jim, roared up on his Harley and stopped right in front of me. We were all going to go for a ride. Daddy's skunk, Alvin was riding on the gas tank and was ready. Snuggles, his dog, got off the bike and sat in my chair (she doesn't like to share, so she wasn't going with us). I briefly gave thought to how Daddy likes to ride really fast and how I don't, but decided they wouldn't kill me, so I climbed on the bike, daddy twisted the throttle, and we were off!

As we roared into the sky, the day shifted into early evening. Below us I could see points of light - but they were not like city lights - these lights were projecting up into the sky, as beacons, and were of rainbow colors. Daddy explained to me that the lights were the spiritual element of us humans. We are seen as beacons of light from the other side by our deceased loved ones and our angels. The graduated intensities of the lights show the level of spiritual development.

As we watched the lights below, the lights would grow brighter when they connected with another light. This was the sharing of love. As one light touched another, then another, then another, all the lights began to grow brighter - it was a Domino Effect. The sight was truly breathtaking and filled me with awe.

As we traveled through the sky the feeling of peace was palpable. Amazing - peace on earth...

I could see the turmoil of Mother Earth and of the people I could also see great patches of vibrant, loving energy. Yet where we were, above everything traveling through the fourth dimensional realm of divine mind, the feeling was one of peace, joy and an all encompassing blend of opulence and love.

The meaning of the word "surprise" doesn't come close to describing the experience of my connection that day. Know that you too, can connect with those you love who have transitioned as well as your guides, teachers and angels.

We are all a part of something so much bigger than ourselves - what keeps me in awe (without ego) is that we are such an important part and we all have our spiritual mission. In Macbeth, a play by Shakespeare, Macbeth said:

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
Creeps at this petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death; Out, out, brief candle
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing!

I love this passage - because it is SO WRONG! In the bigger picture of everything, my "to-do" list doesn't matter. It is the spiritual path, the people I touch, the unconditional love that I offer as a gift to others that becomes the catalyst for a Domino Effect of Love. I certainly have my humanoid moments of whining about my "to-do" list like I did on March 26, but now I remember that love is the most valuable, most precious, most important thing there is and Love is where my focus must be to fulfill the experiences of my spiritual path - for both myself and others.

Breathe deeply and allow yourself to experience the connection of One with The Creator Of All That Is. Your breath will help you put into perspective your "to-do" list. Your breath will merge into the cells of your body the peace that comes with the Love of God.

Breathe deeply and allow yourself the experience!

In love and light,

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Physical World is Sleeping...

It is dark outside and my physical world is sleeping.

My family, Fred and Majik, are sound asleep, but there is much activity going on here. Angels are coming and going, loved ones are popping in - it is almost Grand Central Station. What a wonderful world.

A new shift, a gift of enlightenment, is bursting forth from the soil of my subconscious to my conscious state. I am in awe...

Last week I received an Activation that was amazing. It is called "Unified Grid - Integration/Activation." I received it from April Colón-Pagán of As April began the activation I closed my eyes and just waited. In the beginning I felt a surge of energy come up through my chakras to my crown and out. Then I followed. I became bigger than myself without ego, if you can imagine that. I could see down below me the activity of Mother Earth then I was moving out into the Universe. I hesitated, but the coauthor of the activation joined me, took my hand and told me not to be afraid. I innocently said, "Okay." We moved out through the Universe, the galaxies, parallel universes, to beyond. Then I came back to Mother Earth. I held Mother Earth in my hand and blew pink love dust on her and felt great joy. I moved back into my body and the activation was complete.

In the days since, April's coauthor has come several times through different people and subject matter - validation!

As I integrate this connection of energies I'm humbled at the enormity of All That Is. The veil is thinning quickly for me - the evolution of ascension is nothing short of miraculous. Combining this total commitment to love and the physical world is challenging, but so worth it!

Each one of us is experiencing introductions to higher energies on a daily basis. Are we ready? Are we ready to function from a basis of love? There is no room for fear/negativity in a love base - it must be one or the other - love or fear. I thought I had resolved my issues with fear - but recently I learned I was incorrect when Jesus told me to give my fear to him and I removed a "Fear Coat of Armor." I'm still horrified to think I had so much fear still clinging to me, guiding me, supporting me, constantly infringing on my life - my life path! I was oblivious! The fear was so normal that I didn't even know it was there. Huge doors of enlightenment have opened for me since giving the armor to Jesus.

Breathe deeply and look keenly within your heart. Are you shrouded in fear - fear that is so normal you don't even know it is there? Are there issues that need to be resolved? Do you need a physical world tool to help you? Click into the Soul Kisses website to discover the tools listed there. If you don't find the tool you need, click into the Links page. Perhaps the information for you is on another website.

Ahh... Majik has come to get me. It is time for me to sleep.

Take this moment to focus on that which you are grateful. Breathe deeply and inhale your gratitude - embrace it. Allow the joy the gratitude generates in your heart to expand and glow from your pores as the love energy that it is. Fear cannot live in love. Return to this state of gratitude and love throughout your day as often as you can.

May you be blessed immensely.

In love and light,

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blessings to you this day of Easter Celebration!

Welcome to Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers on this glorious day of celebration - Easter Sunday.

This morning I sat in meditation with Jesus to bless an Angel Hercules quilt that I made for a very special baby. When I create the quilts some times they are for specific people, some times only Spirit knows who they will go to. After the quilt(s) are completed, I sit in quiet meditation
and Jesus joins me to bless them. After the blessing, I record the blessing on parchment paper to go with the quilt to the recipient.

Today was no exception, following is the blessing that is printed on the parchment:

Blessing of the quilt:

Jesus met me in a sunny, flowers and grass meadow. He sat down beside me and took the quilt from me. He spread it over his lap. It was then the Angel Hercules popped out of the quilt and danced above the lap of Jesus. Jesus laughed and enjoyed the dancing. Then the angel slipped back into the quilt.

Jesus held his hand over the quilt and blessed it. He said, “I bless this quilt with the Healing Love of my Father, to be experienced by everyone who touches it and resides beneath it.” After blessing it, He touched his hand to the Angel Hercules. The angel began to glow with white light. Jesus then held open His arms to the heavens - beautiful bright white rays of light came down and infused into the quilt. The light spread into the open arms of Jesus. The light, the quilt and Jesus became ONE...…

Jesus then wrapped the baby in the glowing quilt and held him close to His heart and said, “This child will know that I am with him always. The angel Hercules will reside with him as well protecting him and filling his heart with the joy of God.” The baby began to laugh. Jesus then softly kissed the baby and rocked him gently. When the baby fell asleep, Jesus carefully laid the child wrapped in the still glowing quilt in his bed.

I gratefully thanked Jesus for this miraculous blessing. Please be open to receive the Healing Love of God that comes with the quilt.

May you be profoundly blessed in this moment and in every moment after...

In love and light,


Jesus asked me to remind us (includes me) that we are always a crowd of angels, guides, teachers and deceased loved ones. It is so very easy to get caught up in the physical-ness of the physical world and "forget" that we have our own specialized entourage to help us in every moment of every day and every night - at all times.

My dear friend Liliana reminded me of this article written after Big Jim transitioned. I am honored to share it with you...

When I look in the mirror, the room is full. I am a crowd.
When we look in the mirror, we see ourselves looking back at us. If we could see through the veil, we would also see angels, our spirit guide(s), probably a few Archangels, deceased loved ones, and perhaps even a few ascended masters like Jesus or Mother Mary. At any given moment of any given day, we are indeed a crowd.

Brooke, a sweet angel child I know, has the ability to see our angels. At different times when she has counted my angels, I have had as few as sixteen and as many as forty-five. One day my puppy had ten! Even the puppy is a crowd!

No matter what is going on in our lives or around us, and no matter how alone we feel, we are never alone - never. The reality is that when we are born, angels are in attendance. Throughout our lives they are with us, and when our physical body dies, they welcome us back home and make our transition a celebration of love.

Each one of us has Free Will. We have the choice of building our connection with God and our personal team of angels to walk our divine life path to our highest good, or trying to manage and control our life path by ourselves, which we do blindly, as we don't know what is truly in our best interests.

Our angels are God's messengers just for us. They are available to help us every moment of every day. All we have to do is ask, trust that they will help us, and be grateful for their help. They will guide us if there is anything we need to do - and remind us if we don't do it.

"God helps those who help themselves" doesn't mean we're on our own. It means God helps those who help themselves by having the trust and faith to ask God for help and guidance.

God's messengers, the angels, are with us in every moment of every day to help us, guide us, protect us, comfort us and love us unconditionally. It is physically impossible for our loved ones and friends in our physical lives to do this in every moment of every day, even if they wanted to! Therapists that we pay don't have access to "the bigger picture" of our life, but the angels do.
Angels are available to us 24/7 with no busy signal and no answering machine. You won't hear an angel say, "Can it wait until the commercial?"

The more we talk to our angels, ask them for help and allow them to help us, the greater our union with God. Through angelic communication, prayer and trust, we develop a deeper understanding of God's Grace and Love. We become clearer in our understanding of our mission, our life path and ourselves.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, each and every moment of every day we bring with us all our guardian angels, spirit guides and deceased loved ones. We are thus indeed a "crowd." This thought brings comfort in the dark of the night, in moments of receiving bad news, in the vital seconds after the initial adrenalin rush of a fearful or traumatic event, in the sweetness of sitting in the warm sunlight coming through the frosted window while sipping hot
cocoa at Grandma's kitchen table.

We are a crowd because we are never alone, always loved and always cared for, no matter what we do.

Knowing we are a crowd is our candle in the window, our guiding light to hope, joy and love. We must remember this as we move about in our travels today and every day after. No matter what happens in our lives, we are never alone, for the candle in the window is always lit, reminding us that there is hope, there is joy, and there is love. We are profoundly loved every moment of every day. God and the angels are with us to help us, guide us, and lovingly give to us the comfort that only God can give.

Ask God to make your life easier. He will. Ask the angels and your spirit guide(s) to guide you in all that you do - to lead you to your highest good - to show you in detail how you can best share love with the world and to best serve God. As a profoundly loved, deserving, worthy child of God, you will be gently guided, and your square of life will be abundantly filled.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply and ask your loving crowd to surround you with God's Divine White Light and hug you. You will feel their divine presence surrounding you and filling you with the peace and love of God. Repeat this often, and the moments of your life will be more peaceful, more joyful and more loving than ever before.

When I look in the mirror, the room is full. I am a crowd.

May this day, this hour, this moment be blessed for you always...

In love and light,

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Welcome to Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers!

Blessings to you and thank you for joining us today.

We believe in God, Spirit, The Creator...

We believe in angels...

We believe love lives and that our loved ones whose bodies have expired, are as close as a thought...

We believe and acknowledge that God, His angels and our deceased loved ones exist and that we can communicate with them. We ask, accept and allow their guidance to help us fulfill our divine life path.

If you've never clicked into the Soul Kisses website, please do so: The website has been designed as a healing tool for all who visit. You will find tools to help deal with the challenges and experiences of the physical world as well as support for your spiritual journey. Many of the tools are available at no cost.

I've been guided to write this blog not only as an extension of the gifts of the website, but to provide greater, stronger, even more loving support to those who have lost the physical-ness of loved ones and wish to find a connection and to know and feel from deep within that those loved ones are ok and are still within the arc of our love.

Message from the Angels:
Dear Ones, you have been Divinely guided here to read these words. You know within that they are important to you - even though you may not know why. It is from within you will find your answers - the answers to all that you wish to know. It is from within you will discover and embrace the peace, joy and abundance that The Creator has for each one of you. Blessed Children of God, Free Fluid Spiritual Beings, we are with you - with you in every moment of your physical existence - embrace this knowing from within - we are with you.

We are...

Your crowd of Angelic Entourage

Again, I offer blessings, comfort, healing and love to you who have joined us. Please place this page in your favorites so you may visit us often - I will be writing two to three times each week. The Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers website is in a constant state of growth and expansion. This year of Abundance - 2008 - will see many articles, photos, classes and love added to the website.

Pay forward a blessing you have received this day.

May you be profoundly blessed in this moment and in every moment after...

In love and light,Kate

Where do Dead People Go?

I'm including this article here in the Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers blog to give comfort to those who have lost a loved one. I've leaned that grief doesn't go away, it only becomes less painful...


Where do dead people go? They ride through the universe on a red and silver chrome Harley - no helmet, with a black dog and a skunk as travel mates, eating all the Kentucky Fried Chicken they want. They roar in to check on loved ones, exciting the physical world puppy and leaving a trail of peace and well-being as only hugs and love from spirit can do.

At least, this is what my dad is doing.

The expiration of the physical body is not the end, but a continuation of the beginning - a continuation of the spiritual growth of the spirit. It's a change in the blink of an eye from physically breathing in the human body to experiencing complete freedom of movement, knowing, understanding and love as a spirit.

As humanoids living on the physical planet Earth, we learn to fear death. What is it? What happens? Is death all there is, or does the spirit continue to live? In not knowing, fear arises - fear of the unknown.

When the physical body ceases to breathe and the heart stops, the etheric cord is severed and the spirit leaves the body for the final time. The soul/spirit is met by angels, spirit guides and previously deceased loved ones to help them transition home to the spirit world of the angelic realm. No one is alone. We say that we come into this world alone and we leave it the same way - alone. This simply isn't true. Because we can't see the angels, guides and loved ones who help the spirit transition, that doesn't mean they aren't there.

As children of technology, we trust that when we put our coffee in the microwave, close the door, push a few buttons and open the door when we hear the beep, the coffee is going to be hot. We push the numbers on a cell phone, hold it to our ear, listen for the signal of ringing and expect someone to begin speaking. Can we "see" these things? If we traveled back to the 1700's with our microwave and cell phone, how would we be perceived?

Our transition home ignites a love celebration of such a magnitude that our mere human minds cannot comprehend it. If we think of the most amazing love-filled experience in our human lives, it doesn't even come close to the love of the angelic realm - of God.

Fear can and does spoil events and situations for us. To reach a place of understanding and allowance will alleviate fear and anxiety and give us peace. In my dad's case, he had a grip on death. Three days before he was scheduled for open heart surgery, we had a phone chat about that. (We lived a thousand miles apart).

It was Friday morning, October 28, 2005. We discussed things going on in his life, his friends, my mom, my brothers and his Harley. If the weather was warm enough, he was going to ride his Harley that afternoon and Saturday and Sunday as well. On Monday, he was scheduled to check into the hospital for his surgery, and he wouldn't be able to ride the bike for a while, so he needed to make good use of his time between now and then. Daddy was 70.

As we chatted, we discussed my work, and I brought up communicating with deceased loved ones and angels. Daddy always listened, and would sometimes comment that I always was different. On this day, he told me that anyone who would believe in "Stargate" (a TV program) like he did should be able to get to where I am in my beliefs - but he just couldn't quite do it. I suggested perhaps he is actually an alien, and this cracked him up. It was then that he shared with me the following spiritual encounter.

Twelve years before, he had a heart attack and the doctors performed angioplasty. While under anesthesia, he said he found himself in a hallway. In the hallway were two doors: one was the door of death, and one was the door of life. Behind the door of death he was being contacted by beings who told him that if he chose the door of death, he would find things more wonderful than he could imagine. He told me he didn't feel afraid, that it was quite comforting and peaceful. The beings on the other side of the door of death were quite insistent that he would be very happy should he choose to come through their door. He, however, chose the door of life. Because of this experience, Daddy told me he wasn't afraid of death.

I knew then that if Daddy found out they have Harleys in heaven, he'd be out of here!

I sent out emails to my spiritual friends, asking them to keep my dad in their prayers during his surgery and recovery. One of them shared with me that open heart surgery statistics are very encouraging - only two percent of patients don't make it. All my spiritual friends felt my dad was going to be "fine."

October 31, 2005, started out like any other Monday. About eleven o'clock my time, I called my mom. She and my brother had just been told that everything was going great in the surgery, so they were getting some lunch. A few hours later mom called. She was panic stricken - there was something wrong. The surgery was over and everything had gone well, but Daddy wasn't responding. The doctors were trying to save his life. She would call me back.

I was a thousand miles away. What could I do?

I called Adele. Adele is a metaphysical teacher who has become my spiritual mentor. Our relationship is proof that there are no coincidences. Her guides told her earlier in the year to contact me to build her website - that I could help her. I built her site, and she has helped me part the veil - clear my communication with Spirit - identify more clearly who I am and my divine life path by looking within myself.

When Adele answered the phone, I explained to her what was happening. She asked for my dad's full name, for she was going to try to connect with him. I waited patiently. With the help of her guides, she made the connection. She asked me if my dad was in the military. I told her yes. She said he was explaining to her that the problem was a "cross over," like when you're in the military and orders get "crossed over." She explained that there was cramping on his left side, near the arm pit. She assured me my dad wasn't feeling this. He kept telling her that he was "fine."

Then she told me to hang up the phone and meditate. Adele wanted me to try to connect with my dad, and she would call me back. I hung up the phone and as I sat there, my brain flipped over. How was I going to connect with my dad in surgery a thousand miles away? This was no time to be skeptical of my abilities - I needed to act! I began to meditate, and immediately - amazingly - I connected with my dad. He was waiting for me. In fact, he had told Adele to send me...

It was as if I was over the operating room. I could see and feel the sterility of the room; it wasn't gory or scary. My main focus was on my dad's spirit - not his body or what the doctors were doing. My dad was ecstatic to be free of his physical body - he was FREE! But he was annoyed that the doctors weren't seeing what the problem was. He wasn't angry, just annoyed - my dad had his own unique way of being annoyed. He explained the cross over to me. A few weeks before, he had added some new lights to his Harley and the wiring diagram was wrong. It took a long time for him to get the "cross over" of the wires straightened out. He was using this example to explain the "cross over" situation to me - it was something I was familiar with. Then I heard a flat line. I was so hoping they were just working on him.

These few minutes with my dad were precious.

Adele called me back, and I shared with her what had happened. Adele asked her guides if Daddy was going to make it. She asked them in several different ways in order to be clear. Then she asked me if I knew he may not decide to stay. I understood this. As she examined the functionality of his physical body, she discovered there seemed to be some paralysis. I knew then that if my dad couldn't ride his Harley, he would not opt to stay in the physical world.

Just before it got dark, my mom called. Daddy didn't make it.

I already knew this in my heart to be the reality of this day.

I called Adele back. Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael were with my dad as he transitioned home. When he asked them if he could ride his Harley in the transition and they said yes, his decision was made! With Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael at his side, my dad rode his Harley into the light of God.

He was indeed better than "fine."

Being the spiritual person I am, I knew then and I know now that my dad is in a much, much better place. Being a humanoid, I feel the loss of his earthly body expiring, so back here in the physical world, shock set in.

It was Halloween. My dad has such a sense of humor; he transitioned home on Halloween. As it grew dark, I sat there at my desk in my office, crying and pondering and thinking and rejoicing in the experience of his transition. Imagine - to ride into the light of God on a Harley with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael at your side - what an honor! What an experience! The love I felt was more awe-inspiring than words can describe - there simply are no earthly words. What a blessed gift I had experienced with my dad through Adele and her guides!

Just before my mom called to tell me that my dad had passed, my significant other, Fred, had left to buy candy for trick-or-treaters. My daughter was Halloweening with a girlfriend, and I didn't want to tell her until she got home. I was alone in the house with Majik, my four-month-old poodle puppy.

Majik was so sweet. He sat with me as I digested all that had happened. As the sun disappeared behind the mountains, darkness began to creep down the hallway toward my office. The invasion of the retiring day was halted by the light over my desk. Without warning, Majik jumped up and marched to the door. As he stood there in the open doorway, peering into the darkened hallway, he growled. He was now Protector Dog, showing his intention to protect me by growling for the first time in his young life.

I knew my dad was there.

I went into the hallway with Majik and whispered reverently, quietly, "Daddy?" It sounded so loud in the dark house. I wanted desperately to see him standing there in the hallway, yet I was afraid if I did, it would freak me out. I sat down on the floor in the dark with Majik and waited for Fred to come home.

Somehow we all got through the evening. Fred and Majik gave out Halloween candy, and I watched. Majik really enjoyed the children - we all did. It came time to pick up Jesse and I did. It was so hard to tell her Daddy had transitioned home. The evening was surreal.

When tragedies/traumas affect our lives, we find release and relief in sleep. For a short time our bodies rest and our minds release the pain for the tranquility of slumber. Upon waking in the middle of the night, it takes a moment or two for the sadness of reality to come back to us. In those few moments, those fleeting seconds - all is well. Then the remembrance of our pain fills our mind and floods our body. Yet I woke during the night and this didn't happen. I remembered my dad had crossed over, but I didn't feel those choking emotions of loss. What was this?

Then I heard what woke me up. I was hearing Barbara Mark reading me the Post Script from the Other Side for the newest Angelspeake newsletter. She had channeled Rosa Parks, and Rosa had explained how beautiful all the colors are on the other side. Rosa's words kept repeating over and over in my head about how incredibly beautiful the colors are in heaven. As if in a slow motion movie, I heard Rosa's words, and was able to see the most vivid, beautiful, amazing colors. It was then that I realized this was a "direct message" from my dad - for you see, Daddy had glaucoma and hadn't seen true colors for a very long time. He had explained to me that at one point, everything was the same color. Now he was "seeing" everything and experiencing color! He was so incredibly happy! I could feel his elation, his joy. I was grateful and went back to sleep.

The next morning when I woke, the events of the previous day came rushing back, as did the visit of color during the night. But surprisingly, the pain I expected to feel simply did not manifest. Was I in denial? Shock? Or were my spiritual beliefs protecting me? As I dressed, I clearly heard my dad say in his charming, teasing way, "You've put on weight!" I was definitely shocked now. It was such a personal comment, but it was so like him. I responded, "Well, yeah - I'm 45."

The days turned into weeks and the weeks into months. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him - many times because he sends me a direct message. Daddy was my hero spider killer, so in the days right after his transition, many, many spiders came by to say hi. Harleys showed up at the most synchronistic times. He visits in dreams and meditations, and sometimes, he just visits.

*In a phone call to Adele, she said, "I knew you were going to call - your dad was here today, riding around me on his motorcycle." I asked her if there are animals with him when she sees him. She told me to wait, then said, "There's definitely a dog." Then she started to laugh and asked, "Does he have a monkey?" I laughed too and told her to look closer. My dad had a skunk (saved from certain death as a tiny baby and raised with great love) that sat on his shoulder as he watched TV. Two beloved pets of Daddy's who crossed before him, Snuggles the dog and Alvin the skunk, travel with him. They were reunited on the other side, for love never dies - not even with pets.

*Early one morning as I was driving to Colorado Springs, I had the thought, "I should call my dad." Duh - that hurt. The physical side of me began to cry. I pulled off the highway to get something to eat and turned the John Denver CD down while between sniffles I gave my food order. When I pulled away from the window, I turned up the stereo, and John Denver was singing, "Lady, are you crying? Do the tears belong to me? Do you think our time together is all gone?..." In my mind's eye, I saw my dad and John Denver slapping each other on the back and doing that man bonding hand shake hug - very happy with themselves at sending me such a vivid, indisputable message! I had to laugh.

*My dryer was taking way too long to dry my clothes, so I went in search of the manual to find the model number for the heating element. As I searched through my archive of manuals going back as far as 1978, I found a file entitled: Letters. Then I remembered: I have letters from my dad! With great excitement, I pulled out the file and opened it. The letter on top was indeed from him, and post marked August 12, 1998. With reverence, I slowly pulled out the neatly creased paper and unfolded it. The words he wrote years ago were much more powerful today: "Just a line to let you know I'm still here."

Continued connection with loved ones who have crossed over is possible. They will do all they can to let us know that they are okay and still with us. It's up to us to have the eyes, ears and knowing to understand, accept and validate the connection. It's up to us to cast aside the conditioning of the physical world and allow ourselves to enjoy the wisdom of spirit. Peace, comfort and love can be found in spiritual wisdom. The more we acknowledge their presence, the more our loved ones in Spirit will do to let us know they are around.

May you accept, acknowledge and allow love to live.

In love and light,