Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Unexplainable

Last week I wrote about the turbulent energy we and Mother Earth are experiencing now.  There is so much fear on a grand scale.  The bombing in Boston, the explosion in Texas and the earthquake in China.  It affects all of us.  As way showers of the light (and you are if you're reading this) you feel this fear - sometimes in tangible ways.  I've talked about headaches, body aches, nausea and lack of focus - these are some of the ways our bodies are dealing with these waves of energy.

Our spiritual being-ness has worked hard to ascend our energy from fear to love and our bodies have aligned to this higher vibration of love energy.  Then events happen in the world causing an onslaught of fear waves and our bodies have to work that much harder to stay aligned with the higher vibration of love energy.  When this happens, be gentle with yourself, get more sleep if you need to, drink lots of water and practice your favorite grounding exercise and above all, use your free will to ask your angels to surround you and buffer these energies that are less than love.

On top of all that we have the unexplainable.  I mentioned this last week, that unexplainable things are happening. Many of these things cause us to question ourselves.  One example: at night I put my computer to sleep and turn off my monitors.  One morning last week when I got up the computer was awake and the computer monitors were both on!  I distinctly remember checking to make sure the monitors were off the night before, how did they turn themselves on?

A couple of nights ago I stayed up late working, then at 12:36am when I picked up my cell phone to plug it in, I decided to see what was happening on Facebook.  I swiped the screen to access my app and a different screens began to flash before my eyes and I heard someone's phone ringing - I was calling someone in the middle of the night!  Then my daughter's info came up.  I was calling her at 12:36am - and she answered - she was still up, unable to sleep.  Of course my call in the middle of the night freaked her out at first, but then we chatted.  What happened with the phone, why did it decide to call Jessi?  Clearly she and I needed to connect in the middle of the night.

The one thing all situations and events of unexplainable logistics of the human mind have in common is that they bring us into "This Moment" in time.  Our minds are centered and laser focused on whatever it is that is happening.  We're being forced to stop the hustle bustle of our lives and explore "what just happened" - we're looking within, we're questioning and most importantly we're waking up to "This Moment."

It is in this moment that we are most powerful in creating our future.

What's going on in your life?  Are you experiencing unexplainable events?  Are you finding yourself facing things that are unexplainable?  Looking within?  What are you creating from the energy of this moment?

We all tend to get caught up in our every day rush.  I encourage you to take this moment to take a deep breath and evaluate what your energy is, are you stressed?  feeling joy?  What are you creating in this moment?  If you are not in the energy of creating something that brings you joy, use your tools to shift your energy back into joy and create something wonderful!

In love and light,

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Turbulent Energy and the Unexplainable from the Human View Point

This has been a week of turbulent energy both globally and individually.  Places along the surface of Mother Earth have endured human tragedy, leaving her residents seeking comfort and some semblance of the "normalcy" of life.

The days of "normal" are fading fast as we embark into a new state of being.  We as humans are being forced to decide whether we will stay in the energy of fear after the initial shock of life situations or if we will choose to embrace that for which we are grateful and shift into the state of love, accepting that there is perfection in all things.

Many have written to me and talked with me personally about personal turbulent energy, e.g. headaches, lack of focus, nausea, losing time, finding things that have been lost and other unexplainable experiences.  We are all stepping into an unprecedented space of energy that we've longed for, but are hesitant to embrace.

Our spiritual being-ness is whispering (LOUDLY I might add) that we have the ability to create miraculous lives, but our human-ness is unsure, awkward and hesitant with this responsibility.  We can keep our finger on the pulse of human living by watching the news, following tweets and Facebook and fan the flame of fear.  Or we may choose to ground ourselves into the loving soil of Mother Earth, welcome the angels to surround us in the safe space of love and firmly, fearlessly stand in our power, as one with the Divinity within us and ascend our energies to the Christ Consciousness that is our mission to fulfill.

With a fearless finger on the pulse of humanity we have the power to brighten the light of love by tweeting, Facebooking and sending love to the news of fear.  We have a choice.

Monday morning I woke to a body that felt awful for no apparent reason, so I went back to bed for a few hours.  I felt better when I got up, but still felt off, then I heard the news of the Boston bombings and I understood why I felt so bad.  There was a wave of fear energy even before the event.  If you are experiencing the symptoms I mentioned above for no apparent reason, disconnect from the energy causing it, send love to it and be gentle with yourself.

Those of you reading this have been steadily working at raising your energetic vibration to that of love as best you can.  When life events occur that are twisted with fear, like me, you may feel it even before it happens.  Your body is working to stay aligned with the higher energy of love, while being bombarded with fear from outside of you - something that doesn't even have anything to do with you.  Be gentle with yourself as your body works to stay aligned with love and light - and send love and light to the fear that surrounds you.

Remember, the darkness of fear cannot remain in the presence of light.  It must go - it has no choice.  Light illuminates the darkness.

We continue to send love and light to those who have and are experiencing human tragedy. May your heart feel the comfort of Angel wings surrounding you as you rest in the palm of God.

In love and light,

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sending Love and Light to Boston and the World

I started writing this newsletter yesterday, then had to stop to finish a project.  Today I'm writing something completely different, because like on September 12, 2001, Americans woke to the pain of shock and disbelief this morning.

I send love and light to Boston and all who were touched by this tragedy around the world.  As I type I see this beautiful vision of the healing light of love infusing the city dissipating the darkness of fear - holding the human spirits gently as they heal.

Tragedy reminds us that our "normal" state of human security is fragile and as humans we become afraid.  Yet, while facing imminent danger and chaos, the human spirits race in to help the wounded.  The light of love from deep within guide the footsteps and the hands of comfort without regard for personal safety.  In the midst of chaos, love prevails and it continues... we come together in prayer, sending waves of love to an area of Mother Earth that yearns for healing.

Lynn Robinson, a Facebook friend, posted this quote by Fred Rogers:

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of ‘disaster,’ I remember my mother’s words, and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers — so many caring people in this world.”

You are one of these "...caring people in this world."

As spiritual beings of love and light, we find comfort in Divine order and life force energy being eternal, albeit in a state that is not human form. We come together in love united, sending prayers of hope, of love and comfort to Boston and all who are touched by the tragic hand of violence.

Today's daily Soul Kiss is this:

"I forgive that which is unforgivable ~ I send love and light to all concerned."

In this moment of today our world is of an energetic imbalance.  Those who consciously, with deliberation, hold the energy of Christ Consciousness feel this imbalance and hold the space to achieve "balance."  There was a palpable wave of energy yesterday that began during the night.  The energy was of anxiousness and fear.  My physical body struggled with headache, exhaustion and nausea for no physical reason.  Many of you have been experiencing these same symptoms.  As lightworkers I believe experiencing these symptoms are signs to hold tightly to the higher energy of love in prayer and meditation to help our bodies stay aligned to love's vibration.  When you work with the light of love to hold your body in alignment with it, you will feel better and show the way for someone else with the brilliance of your own light.

We come together as one today in reverent prayer of love without separation of time or distance, surrounding Mother Earth and the human spirits with the comfort of loving hearts.

I send love and light to Boston and to you around the world.

May your heart feel the comfort of Angel wings surrounding you as you rest in the palm of God.

In love and light,

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Importance and Value of Symbols

We live our human lives dependant on visual symbols to guide us.  

Being aware of the meaning of and abiding by this symbol and this one can mean the difference between whether we make it across the street as a human or as a spirit.

The physical world teaches us symbols that speak to us without words.  When we are sleeping symbols are revealed to us through our dream state that can be as important as red and green lights in our physical world.  Take snakes for instance.  To most people snakes are creepy and sometimes downright horrifying.  But when they are in our dream state they can represent a myriad of information.  If one bites you, then you may be leaking energy in that area of the body.  If you're walking on them without being bitten and you aren't afraid, your dreams may be showing you that even though you're afraid of walking through something in your physical life, it will be safe.

Dreams have a miraculous way of processing painful life situations that are difficult for us to deal with when we are awake.  We have many dream guides to help us and some of those guides are animals.  Our dream state can be frightening, remember the Freddy Krueger movies?  I had to stop watching them altogether!  Then I learned how to trust my dream state AND that I can ask ask questions in my dreams or change the outcome of a dream experience by going back into the dream and simply changing it.  

Our dreams are extraordinarily powerful to not only process life events from our waking moments, but also to help us to maintain our energy at the highest vibration of love.  All we need to do is work with our Dream Guides.

Are you working with your Dream Guides to help you expand your awareness to the Christ Consciousness?  Do you know how?

Many people are afraid of their dreams and feel helpless when they go to sleep. Set your intention to meet your Dream Guides and to work with them to make your physical life easier!

In love and light,

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spiritual Beings on Vacation on Mother Earth

Recently I was visiting with my angels and one of them said we humans are "Spiritual Beings on vacation on Mother Earth in human bodies."  I think of a vacation as a really good time, so my first reaction was that I don't feel like I'm on vacation and thought perhaps I had "mis-heard."  Then I heard, "Everything is perception."

Hmmm...  perception...  The definition of vacation is: "a respite or a time of respite from something - a period spent away from home." Applying this definition to what the angel said makes the statement true, but my definition of vacation includes recreational fun.

Then I remembered one of my favorite lines from Shakespeare's Hamlet:  "There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so."  As spiritual beings we incarnate here to Mother Earth to experience the duality of emotions and life situations using judgment to categorize these experiences.  It is this judgment, the "thinking" that discerns whether something is good or bad.  The angels will tell us that life situations and experiences simply "are" - it is our perception/judgment that labels them good or bad.  Could I shift my perception, my process of thinking of every day life, to experiencing the fun energy of being on vacation?

With this understanding, I'm led to the concept of my perception or judgment dictating my level of enjoyment at being a spiritual being on vacation on Mother Earth in a human body.  Which then leads me to the question, "What would my life look like if I'm on a fun vacation in a human body?"  And...  "What can I do create this visual as my reality?"

Answers came quickly.  All answers were rooted in my energetic state of being.  Am I choosing to be a victim, overwhelmed, helpless or powerless or am I choosing to tap into the strength within me to stand in my power, solidly grounded in love and light?

What is your definition of vacation?  Is your vision of "vacation reality" an experience of life fulfilled with fun, joy, love and light?  Is this an accurate description of your life or are you struggling?  Are you feeling guidance within you to make changes in your life, but you're unsure?  Are you clear on what changes you would like to make in your life?  Take this moment to click reply and write to me about the changes you would like to make - taking this action will begin those changes!

You are a powerful, limitless spiritual being!  Step into your power and take action to create the highest good possible as your reality by getting clear on what you truly want your life to be.

In love and light,