Thursday, February 28, 2013

Take control of your life through your dreams!

Dreaming is a part of the human experience of sleeping, however, many of us don't remember that we dreamed, much less what the dream was about.  Then there are those of us who clearly remember our dreams, yet we are confused by what we dreamed.

Since December of last year I've been consistently remembering snippets and full dreams upon waking. As I consider the aspects and energy I experienced during the dream, I've understood clearly that I've been processing pain of the past in a HUGE way.  As I ponder, reflect and review what I remember, I recognize the events and props in the dreams as the symbols that they are, which leads me to a deeper knowledge of what the dream means - both for me and to me.

It is as if I've been taking classes while sleeping to release All That No Longer Serves Me! For this sleeping process of release, I am grateful.

These "sleep classes," if you will, have helped me to identify why I draw to me life experiences in my waking hours that are less than pleasant. With each experience I'm faced with the choice, "Am I finished with the energy of this experience, or do I need to experience it again to really get what the energy is teaching me?" Believe me, I really don't want to experience situations that are less than pleasant again so it is in my best interest to be finished with the lesson/teaching! But did I get it?  It only takes a few moments to STOP the "the rush of life action," look within and explore "Why did I draw this to me?"  Then there is an "aha..." moment when I experience the energy of a dream symbol.  I recognize it for what it is and simply let it go.

In these moments of realization - remembering the dream, experiencing the energy in waking life and connecting the two, I make the choice to step out of that shadow of restrictive internal belief and step into my power.

Sometimes we experience nightmares, but when examined with knowledge of the energy and symbolism of the nightmare, the fear that choked us upon waking dissolves and never returns.  If you are experiencing nightmares, repetitive dreams or are curious to understanding more about dreams, please join Lynette and I tonight and click into her website to discern if her Dancing with Your Dreams Program resonates with you.

We have all the tools we need available to us to exist in a state of control creating the life we "dream" of.  Take control of your life through your dreams!

In love and light,

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meteors and Planet Earth, Message from the Angels...

Dear children of beloved Mother Earth...

Much has been happening on your planet of Mother Earth.  Your media presents to you political and economic unrest and now the threat of space particles touching your lives.  All this equates to fear - fear of the unknown outcome of future moments.

What your media reports little of is the love that sweeps the beloved planet of Mother Earth.  You do not hear of the hand that reaches out to help another nor the forgiveness that shifts to love.  At this time, you do not see the light of the prayers of love that beam from your human bodies, but you will.

Many think that we watch from afar what you experience, but the reality is that we walk among you and feel first hand your fear. We want you to know that we walk with you and hold you safe in our wings of love in times that you are fearful.  We ask that you allow your heart to accept the knowledge that fear is but an illusion of man.

The beloved Mother Earth is experiencing shifts of energy from deep within her.  Her center of gravity pulls to her that which is outside your human control, however, your Spirit does have power over her gravitational pull.  The energy of love within you has dominion over Mother Earth, yet so few of you accept this and use the knowledge to create a higher outcome.

Stepping out of the harness of fear will change the reality of your lives and the experiences of Mother Earth as well. The powerful energy of love within you can and will create your highest good when you use it.  You are the Masters of Creation!

You are living on Mother Earth at this time to serve humanity with your loving influence . We are with you to help you release the burden of the illusion of fear and open you heart to the power of love that is your essence! Know that we are with you to help you understand this power of your loving spirit!

Call on us, for we are near, we await your will to expand your being-ness to the power of love - fear-less-ly healed in all directions of time.

Your loving angels of love and light...

The angels show me how powerful we are as beings of love and light.  We've talked about this for years, of the shift to the energy of love, of the power - of the infinite possibility to create all that brings us great joy.  We've talked of the natural disasters experienced by Mother Earth from within our atmosphere, now, in our lifetime, we have experienced damage of debris outside our atmosphere.  And as with floods, tornadoes, fires and earthquakes we feel helpless.

...but are we?  The angels say we have dominion...

This year of 2013 is pivotal to our experience of higher dimensions.  It is time we look at the energy of our existence in this moment.  Do we feel frustrated? Overwhelmed? Stressed?  Or are we relaxed in joy?  At what energy level do we spend the majority of our waking moments?  The more we focus on maintaining an energy of joy, the more we stand consciously in our power with focus and direction - with the power of dominion...

Fear is an illusion.  If you fully believed in your heart that you are divinely guided and protected, how would you be living your life?

In love and light,


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Are you hiding out from life?

A main stream term for "hiding out from life" is procrastination.  Spiritually speaking its more than that - its hiding out from stepping into our power as the limitless being of love and light that we are.

When we're spiritually "hiding out from life"
* we watch mindless TV till we pass out from emotional and physical exhaustion
* we abuse our bodies with substances like sugar, alcohol and drugs
* we self sabotage our joy
* we stop the flow of prosperity in our lives when we arrest the expansion of our heart to love, because its something "different"
* we wallow in feelings of overwhelm, helplessness and powerlessness
* what we can do today with only minimal effort, we put off till tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
* we blame life situations and relationships for not accomplishing what we "want" to do
* we give our creative power away to emotions, people, life situations - anything that will take it...

And THEN...  all this hiding is normal.  Hiding becomes our normal way of living.  Doing something different becomes a foreign concept...

I know what this feels like - I've done it - over and over again...  But now... I understand it.

In essence we numb our thinking processes and wade through our lives in murky, sludge waters of pain, disappointment, guilt and shame - feeling helpless and powerless. And... we have an excuse ready as to why we haven't, well...  stood in our power as the master creators of our reality that we are.

The key here is water...  Water represents change.  No matter how dark or deep the water is, we are beings of light!  All we need to do to change our present condition/situation is to choose, breathe deeply and embrace the energy of HOPE that breathing deeply and choosing something different ignites and shift to that energy!

Many are experiencing challenges of hardship and challenges, from cash flow to relationships - to the death of loved ones and everything in between that is less than love.  As a human, each of these experiences are painful and must be grieved.

However... grieving need not last for ever.  In this moment of today there is light.  There is promise of HOPE and a higher experience of love.

In this moment there is the opportunity to acknowledge the energy of less than love and choose to embrace the higher energy of love and change your reality.

In this moment you can choose to step into the expansion of love in your heart and create a reality that mirrors the love you are within - the beautiful essence of all things of love and joy - or you can choose not to.

For years I've written and spoken about the energetic shift we and our planet are experiencing.  My heart tells me we've overcome the "hump" and have arrived in a new place - a new energy of reality.  We're experiencing the power of creation like never before.  It is easy to hide out from life - from the promise of active, conscious creation - yes, this energy of the past still lingers, but our power is stronger - stronger than it has ever been!  Now is the time to "choose" to let go of the disappointing, painful archives of past experiences and embrace all that is new - with the trust and wonder of a child.

Are you hiding out from life?

You have the strength and the power to Be, Do and Have all that your heart longs for.  It is safe for you to experience your brilliance and your magnificence!

In the moment of now, your energy creates your reality.

You are fully supported to easily stand in this power of love creation by All That Is...  - God, The Universe, Mother Earth - All That Is...

In love and light,

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feeling alone... Without Love...

When I was in elementary school Valentine's day was a big deal that held joy, yet a reminder of tremendous sadness for me.  Even though the day was a celebration of love and light, it reminded me of a deep profound love that eluded me in my physical world reality.  My beloved grandmother would send my siblings and I Valentine cards through the mail, but I missed her terribly.  I would hold her card, close my eyes and revisit our time together and the love that she held for me.

Looking back I can see that when I put the card down, I reverted back to my normal feelings of existence: empty, lost and alone, shrouded in darkness without the warm fuzzy glowing light of love.  I was my own worst enemy, because I then beat myself up for being "weak."  I beat myself up for allowing myself to feel like I needed someone else to validate that I'm lovable.

In my child's thought processes, Grandma was the only one who filled that emptiness within me with love.  Now I understand that Grandma's unconditional love was my connection to home - that home being the angelic realm.  It took me many years to make that angelic connection by allowing myself to open my heart and love me for who I am, yet... I still wanted approval and validation at a deep subconscious level.

What about you?  Do you feel a sense of emptiness and alone-ness?

Now is a time of energetic ascension in all areas of our lives.  Today's energies of Mother Earth will not support that energetic need for approval and validation from others - whether the need be conscious or subconscious.  As a result of that lack of energetic support, life situations are occurring that force us to face that need within us as the energy that it is - the energy of beliefs that no longer serve us that must be let go in order to stand fully in our power as beings of love.

The collateral damage of this shift in energy from deep within is an energetic disconnection from people, such as friends, coworkers and many times... family members.  If we try to stay connected energetically to these people we stagnate our energy and stay in a lower vibration that blocks us from creating new and wonderful experiences as our reality.  Disconnecting energetically from people does not mean we don't love them anymore.  It simply means we are being true to our authentic self by disconnecting from energy we no longer align with.

When we choose to disconnect from energy that no longer serves us, and embrace energetic ascension to love source energy, we find a ourselves in a state of balance and gentle peace with joy coursing through our bodies.  Our heart expands with love and our light grows brighter and brighter.  We heal the soils of Mother Earth beneath our feet and the love that is our essence expands throughout our community and touches all we come into contact with.  And...  we discover manifestation of the life our heart desires a reality.

When we disconnect from energies that we are no longer in alignment, we stand in our power fully supported by All That Is, The Universe, by Mother Earth - all that is Love... and that power is sweet, gentle and without ego.  That power is magnificent!  We no longer feel empty, lost and alone, for we feel that connection with God as One...

Everyone has the same opportunity to shift their energy to a higher plane of existence in love - everyone.  Many are choosing to experience the shift and flow in ease and grace.  Others are choosing to fight the shift to love tooth and nail and find themselves battered and bruised by life experiences.

Had I but "remembered" that I am and always will be fully connected to the love of the angelic realm, I would have saved myself the misery of feeling disconnected, alone and empty.

What is your energy this Valentine week?  Are you experiencing the physical world illusion of feeling lost, empty and alone or are you embracing the joy of your One-ness with the love of All That Is?

You are a beautiful, gifted, powerful being of love and light, whose dreams and desires are important.  You are important!  You are valuable!  Accept this knowing in your heart!

I hold you in the light of love, fully surrounded and protected by gentle, soft angel wings.  May love fill your heart and spread throughout your being to your home and community.

In love and light,

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fingerprints of God...

When I was a child I loved rocks.  Rocks that gave crystals a home, rocks that were an engaging shape and rocks that simply held an energy that resonated with me. They spoke to me.  I also loved leaves.  They spoke to me, too.  It was as if Mother Earth sent me messages of love through the stones and leaves. They understood me and the pain that living as a human, with humans, brought me.

I received comfort from holding a rock or leaf in my hand.  I would admire its exquisite beauty - the intricate texture and I would feel its living energy. Now I understand how we are all connected - nature and we spiritual beings.

My collection of rocks and leaves were my friends, without judgment, they were the energy of acceptance that all is in divine order.  They held the promise of something larger than myself, something that could guide me and aid me in the creation of joy.  My rocks and leaves were "Fingerprints of God..."  They reminded me that I wasn't alone.  They reminded me that my spirit is from a space of love and possibility.

Have you allowed yourself to feel and experience the living energy of Mother Earth today?  Have you felt the sun on your face or breathed in the fresh air - the fresh breath of God?

Today, allow yourself to open your heart to the gift that you are and reconnect with the limitlessness of your spiritual being-ness.  Allow yourself to breathe deeply of the essence of God and connect at a core level with the peace and balance of the life force energy of Mother Earth.

In love and light,