Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Last Week's Energy - OMG...

Last week was a tough week.  I found the new energy waves that swept our planet to be very harsh for my physical body.  I felt as though I was walking through mud and at times the nerve endings in my body were heightened considerably - to the point that sitting in my office chair for extended periods of time was more than uncomfortable.  Did you experience this, too?

We've been experiencing epic waves of energy these past few years and they are intensifying significantly.  Each wave leads us to an opportunity to expand the love that is our essence to create monumental positive change from deep within to then create our highest good as our reality.

The question is, are we?  Or are we fighting these energy fluctuations that we cannot see tooth and nail?

As humans it is easy to experience these waves of energy as conflict and struggle against it.  Fighting this shift of energy will leave us bloody, battered and bruised and send us into a spiral of worry, confusion and chaos.  Welcoming and recognizing the energy for what it is - an opportunity to expand the love within us, step into and stand firmly in our power, will help us to flow in ease and grace.  As the love light within begins to glow more brightly new options and opportunities will be revealed to us to help us create the highest possible outcome in all areas of our lives.

How do we do this?

When an influx of energy occurs, energy within us that is less than love comes forward as what we perceive as a hiccup in a relationship or as a life experience and begs to be healed.  Immediately our hearts will feel one or all of these emotions: victim, anger, frustration, hurt, anxiety, overwhelm - fear energy that is less than love. If we suppress these emotions, we will, probably sooner rather than later, fall into a spiral of worry, confusion and chaos and arrive at the same destination bloody, battered and bruised.  Remember, no one gets to opt out of ascending their energies - no one.

The recipe for standing in our power to flow in ease and grace, is simple.  When we experience a situation or relationship that causes inharmony and resistance within our heart, step back as an observer and ask, "What is this experience mirroring to me that I need to look at, disconnect from and heal?"  Take-the-time-to-look-within!  Acknowledge the seeming hiccup as the "golden opportunity" that it is and follow through with your tools to heal the core energy of the inharmony, shifting your energy from fear to love.  The result will be to ascend your energy and flow in ease and grace through the earth energy fluctuation.

I also recommend:
~ get more sleep if you can
~ give your worries to your angels and Do NOT take the worries back and play with them some more
~ practice breathing deeply - especially if you catch yourself holding your breath!
~ practice your favorite grounding exercise several times each day
~ ask God to make your life easier!

This time for many is laden with fear, but it doesn't have to be.  No matter what is going on in our lives, it is our choice to worry and wallow in fear or stand firm in the higher vibration of love.

May you easily release all that is less than love to live in joy filled blissful love.

In love and light,

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Onion Dynamic of Creation

I'm human just like you - as an onion.  As I grow and heal, "old" things I thought I had healed come forward.  Through experience I've learned that we can only release to the level that we can understand, hence the figure of speech, "we are as an onion."  As we grow and evolve, new layers of understanding are revealed to us.  Sometimes these new layers are exciting and joyful, other times when something we thought we had healed from the past is exposed at a deeper level, it is painful.

This past summer I was faced with many things that I thought I had healed years ago, and I did to the level I was capable of.  Now that I've raised my energy to a much higher state of love, the final shadows of life situations and relationships that were yet unforgiven surfaced.  I had several reactions to this, such as Oh my God - where the heck did that come from! frustration and anger.  Then when the initial shock of being faced with something I thought I had healed was over, I got to work.  I looked deeply within and with the help of my angels I faced it - I faced it all, disconnected from it and healed it.

With this healing, new energy of power was revealed.  This new energy is tricky to put into words...  Angels... need your help here...

Dearest Children,

This energy of which Kate speaks is the raw energy of creation.  This highly vibrating energy is within each of you.  Many of you do not feel it as yet because the shadow of fear hides it deep within you.

This time of existence on Mother Earth is revealing these shadows that stand between you and the powerful creative force that you are.  Know that we are with you in each moment of your breath to help you illuminate these shadows, and claim the power of love essence that you are.

The human way of your beings is to put power in people and weapons.  The power is in love.  Always has been and always will be.

We eagerly wait your request for help to make this time of the humans and Mother Earth's ascension easier!

The Angels of Love and Light...

This energy of power is very exciting and flows effortlessly from a state of balance and confidence.   In the last newsletter I talked about our "will being energy and how our will turns thoughts into reality."  (If you did not get the article, you may read it here (scroll down the page).)  Stepping into the "belief" of the ability to control the flow of life force energy changes everything.  The energy within becomes all but tangible!

What is standing between you and the life your heart longs to live?  Are you holding on to shadows of unforgiveness, perhaps the shadows have been with you so long, you don't even know they are there.

Set your intention and open your heart to work with your angels to face, disconnect from and heal that which has been hidden from you.  Work with them from their safe space to give fear a swift kick out of the way and claim your power as the master creator of your highest good that you can be!

In love and light,

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Your Will is Energy!

"Your will is energy. Your will turns thoughts into reality."

I finally watched the movie The Green Lantern and was surprised to learn of the power of its message: The power of the Green Lantern Warriors was only as limited as their imagination. One warrior explained to the new warrior that “Your will is energy. Your will turns thoughts into reality.” He then threw out his arm and made manifest before him what he was thinking of. The veteran Green Lantern taught the newbie how to focus his will to create ways to defend himself from the movie’s villain, the energy of fear.

Could it be any easier to understand how powerful we are over our fear? Granted, we don’t wear green spandex and have a glowing green ring. But we do have the power to focus our will – our energy – to turn thoughts into reality. All we have to do is focus our will to project our energy through us to manifest as our reality – we do this all the time with things we don’t want, why not do it to create what we do want?

We are each powerful master creators – turning our thoughts into our reality. What are you thinking of? Where is your focus? Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Are you hiding from paperwork, clutter, life situations or relationships because it is just too painful to face? If you’re experiencing any of this, then you’re probably also asking your angels repeatedly how to change it or to help you. You may even be thinking your prayers are unanswered because your human-ness feels as though you aren’t getting any guidance.

If this is the case, know that your angels are always with you – they haven’t gone anywhere – and they are trying to help you, but you are in the clutches of the energy of fear and it is blocking you.

It’s time to take control of your will/energy, like the Green Lantern newbie and focus on what you really want to create instead of what you don’t want. You may be asking, but how do I change my focus when I’ve got to be responsible and take care of all these things I’m worried about?

Please accept the reality that it isn’t necessary to worry about things to be responsible. The reality is that the responsible thing to do is to release all worry and accept that no matter what happens you are divinely guided, protected and provided for.

I’ve been in the depths of despair at times in my life. I’ve been a single parent divorced from a drug addict, hiding, struggling and drowning in fear. Somehow my angels stepped in and showed me that it was my choice to live in fear - or not. It was my choice to worry about money - or not.

So, how do we change our focus? We choose to and we just do it! It is that simple.

When the Green Lantern “Decided” he wasn’t going to be afraid anymore and claimed his power, his life changed and so can yours! No matter what is going on in your life you have the power to choose your thought energy. You are a powerful creator – you can choose to create more of what you already have in your life or you can choose to create something different. What will it be?

“Decide” you aren’t going to be afraid anymore and claim your power. Focus your thoughts on what you want to experience in your life and direct your will – your energy to flow through you to create what you desire. You can do it!

I hold each of you in the light of powerful master creators fully capable of making choices that will create the highest possible outcome as the reality of your life.

In love and light,

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Uncertain or unsure? Get clarity!

Mother Nature is giving notice here in Colorado that summer is sliding into fall.  Bright yellow leaves can be seen amidst the beautiful green of the trees around us.  Children are back in school and thoughts of holidays and colder weather are but a breath away.  2012 is in its final months...

Are you uncertain or unsure of the coming days?  Have you been reminded of people or life experiences from your past that stir emotions that you consciously feel are better left behind?  Are you experiencing endings to relationships on all levels, from personal to work?  Does time seem to evaporate into thin air?  Are you wondering, "What can I do now to make life easier?"

The shift of energy we've been experiencing from deep within is manifesting as our reality.  Some times these shifts are unexpectedly painful.  When life events occur that make us uncomfortable, we have a choice as to whether we address the resistance within us, or suppress it and just keep going.  The suppression will manifest uncertainty and feelings of chaos from deep within, while at a human level looking within to face a situation will also create feelings of uncertainty and chaos.  It is when we breathe into the power of our true essence - of the love light of the God Part within that we find balance, true healing, opportunity and guidance.  It is at this spiritual level of healing that we set a firm foundation for our human reality.

With a deep breath, open your heart to fully connect with Divine guidance of your angels.  Breathe in deeply of the breath of God and allow yourself to feel the tingle of the hope of possibility within your being.  Release your worries to your worry angel, letting go of uncertainty.  Set your intention for clarity to make decisions of your highest good to create the highest possible outcome in all areas of your life.

You are a limitless spiritual being of love and light and you have dominion over the creation of your life!  What are you going to create?

I believe in you!

In love and light,