Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall... sounds ominous, doesn't it? 

People come into our lives that rub us the wrong way, get under our skin, become a thorn in our sides and fan the flame of anger and frustration deep within us.  Sometimes "they" make our lives miserable.  As a human this is just annoying.  As a metaphysical student this is a sign that these people are mirroring back to us something within us that we do not like about ourselves.  This other person is not making us miserable, we are giving them our power and we are making our lives miserable.

Having these people in our lives is a "Golden Opportunity" to look within, discover the core issue that generates our misery, face it head on and dissipate it.

Avoiding or ignoring what is being mirrored back to you will escalate your pain and keep you imprisoned in lack on many levels.  If you are struggling with a person or persons who are causing inharmony in your life try these three exercises:
Step One: Don't avoid the relationship.  Ask yourself, "What is the core issue within me with regard to this person or persons?"
Step Two: Open your heart and spirit to this "Golden Opportunity" to step fearlessly in confidence into wisdom consciousness through forgiveness and trust in the knowledge that you are a limitless spiritual being.
Step Three: Breathe deeply in solitude and leave behind what is familiar: inharmony and avoidance from fear - by stepping into the glory and power of healing love and gratitude. 

Pause to discern, release and heal.

It is impossible to be in the energy of inharmony and the love of gratitude at the same time - choose gratitude!

Now is the time to fulfill your dreams!  Embrace the fact that these inharmonious relationship(s) are indeed "golden opportunities" to step into a greater expression of yourself.  Know that if you don't do it now, the universe will prove to you how much you are loved by delivering to you yet another "golden Opportunity" Relationship.  Shift your energy from that of fear sourced annoyance to that of love in gratitude for the inharmonious relationship and person.  After all, they were brave enough to agree to help you face your fears in this lifetime by "being a pain."

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...  I am in harmony with all...

In love and light,

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Help! My Law of Attraction is Broken!

Over and over I hear people say that the Law of Attraction doesn't work because they are experiencing lack in at least one area of their lives.  What we must realize is that the Law of Attraction works all the time.  However, the energy within us that attracts our reality may be of the lower vibration of lack so all we can attract is more of what we don't want.

The fact is we live in an abundant universe with more than enough for everyone and money, the number one concern for most people, has not left the planet! The problem is most people are living from a source of fear - fear of not enough money to pay for things they want, but more importantly, not enough money to pay for necessities like food, utilities and housing.

Most people are living in a Catch 22 - they don't have enough, so they are spiraling out of control in fear and they attract:  more of not having enough.  Their Law of Attraction isn't broken, it's working great, attracting more of where they focus their energy - fear and lack.

So... how does one change this cycle of lack in a world whose media feeds the population a diet of doom, gloom and fear?

First Step:  Be willing to change your thought patterns from lack to prosperity.
Second Step:  Celebrate in gratitude the things that bring you joy - think about it, you'll find something to be grateful for.
Third Step:  Embrace the feeling gratitude brings your body in as many waking hours as possible, then fall asleep in gratitude.
Fourth Step: Upon waking breathe deeply the possibility of the day and claim your day as prosperously abundant in every moment. 

You are doing the breathing in your body and you are the one in charge of your energetic vibration.  You have the power and tools to shift your energy from the lower vibration of fear to the higher vibration of joy and love.

What is your energetic vibration attracting to you?

In love and light,

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan's Compassion Vortex

The unfolding of events since March 10, 2011 in Japan has resurrected and instilled fear in the hearts of many.  I remember clearly opening my browser window on Friday morning to MSN's home page to see the initial horror.  It was then I knew why I slept fitfully the night before because earthquakes produce waves of energy.  Many of you reading this actively feel the fluctuations of the energies affecting our planet as I do and understand this.

It is our human nature for the initial shock of life events like this to create fear in our hearts. This fear spreads throughout the earth like wildfire. It is a choice as to whether we continue to live in fear or choose to shift our energy into love source.

As with other earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and floods, what we term "natural disasters," we unite as a collective consciousness and send love to the affected areas with our prayers.  This coming together as One creates a compassion vortex of love, light and healing that spreads across our planet and helps not only those we pray for, but Mother Earth as well.

In a time of uncertainty we have the opportunity to release the results of past experience and expand our hearts to experience something different from the past. Chernobyl's tragic outcome is of the past.  Even though we are not physically in Japan fighting a nuclear reactor, our prayers can be.  We have the opportunity to share unconditional love through prayer to produce a different outcome.  Praying for dissipation of the radiation seeping into the atmosphere sparks a flame of eternal hope.

In God all things are possible.

As One our prayers help to connect the Crystalline grid of love, healing and hope neutralizing the rampant fear of Mother Earth.  This grid helps to heal Mother Earth as well relieving her of doing her healing work on her own.
Remember, you are one person, but you are a Powerful Limitless Spiritual Being and your prayers of love heal and provide comfort. 

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Tomorrow is Friday, the Soul Kisses Pray it Forward day of the week.  I welcome you to join me in a healing, compassion vortex in prayer.

See you there!

In love and light,

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shifting Energy

In the previous article: Powerful Master Creator I expanded on how to hold someone in the light of Powerful Master Creator and why.  This was a follow up to a question I received about the article What Would Florence Do?  I had suggested using the following tools to help not only ourselves, but others:

1. Hold others in the light of powerful master creators - not helpless victims.
2. Shift your energy from fear source to love source.
3. Focus on what you truly desire - NOT what you don't have - words and thoughts are energy that create your life - use yours wisely!

Several people wrote to me and asked how does one "hold someone in the light of a Master Creator" and how does one "go about shifting the energy from fear to love?  If you missed the previous article, it is still available on my blog and in the Newsletter Archive on the Soul Kisses website.  In this article I will address how to shift your energy from fear source to love source.

We are born as love source unhindered by the physical world illusion of fear.  Then we grow up and we are continually bombarded with the negative teachings of the physical world that we are limited in what we can be, have and do.  Our love light is suppressed and often completely overshadowed by fear of some kind.  Living in fear source becomes our "Normal" way of living. 

Our mission in incarnating to Mother Earth is to work through the fear that holds us hostage and reconnect as One with the essence of which we are, Love.

The first step to shifting your energy from fear source to love source is to recognize that you are living in fear.  You may think, "I don't live in fear..." 

Ask yourself these questions and answer honestly:
* Do you worry about anything?
* Do you hold anyone or yourself in unforgiveness?
* Do you feel like you're not good enough to receive something you would like to have?
* When you look in the mirror and say, "I love you" to yourself does it feel awkward and uncomfortable?
* Do you experience frustration, anger, feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, helpless or sad during your day?

How many of these things apply to you?  If you answered yes to any of the questions you are living in fear source.   In recognizing fear within you, you are able to identify what it feels like.  Take a moment - what does it feel like? 

Hmmm...  It isn't a good feeling...

These things that you answered "yes" to are a part of the experiences of your life path.  Your life path is unique to you and consists of lessons or experiences to help you reconnect with the essence of who you are - Love, One with God - without fear. 

Today you will consciously take a step to fulfill your Soul Purpose of incarnating to Mother Earth.  Read on...

Now that "fear source" has been brought to your attention.  Think for a moment about something that brings you profound joy.  Don't keep reading.  Stop and think about it and allow yourself to feel the joy all over your body.  Breathe into it. 

Think of what the fear felt like and compare it to what joy feels like.  This is shifting your energy from fear source to love source.

We are spiritual beings of limitless possibility experiencing a human existence burdened by the physical world teachings and conditioning of fear.  I read somewhere that fear is the pain of a life event that has not happened yet and it resonated deeply within me.  It clarified that fear is an illusion of man and steals from us the magic, potential and joy of living in the limitless possibility and perfection of this moment where there is no fear.

Shifting from fear source to love source is a simple concept, yet as humans we often make it a difficult process.  YOU Can DO This!!!  If you need help with this, the focus of the Florence Scovel Shinn's Game of Life Empowerment Self Study Course is to shift out of fear source energy to love source energy and create the life of your dreams.  I'm also available to help you one on one through Counseling with Kate and the Council.

You have the ability to shift your energy from fear to love and live the life of your dreams.  Are you ready to live the life of your dreams? 

In love and light,
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