Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Glorious Love from Spirit

Last night I was talking with a dear friend about trusting divine guidance to walk our spiritual paths.  Years ago we were both professionals of the mainstream world; he was a nurse and I was an admin assistant.  Then spirit stepped into our lives and told him to quit his job and told me of what I would be doing today.  We compared notes about the turn of our conventional reality to our spiritual reality and the avalanche of gratitude began.  As we talked and laughed and shared the ascension of our spiritual work, love began to fill our respective space and loved ones in spirit stepped in.

He said, "Your grandmother is here!  May I share what she has to say?"  I immediately, excitedly whispered, "Yes!" and the magic began.  His voice took on a different energy as he shared messages from my grandmother who passed July 29 of last year.  Moments later my dad stepped in and my heart felt as if it would burst with all the love.  Then Archangel Michael hugged me and I felt it!

Our loved ones in spirit are never far away.  The distance we feel between us and them is our physical world teaching of the illusion of separation and disconnection.  There is no time and no distance in the realm of the angelic.

Recently I learned that our animals don't fear death, for they "see" spirit.  A few weeks after my grandmother died I felt a huge wave of grief so I sat down in the chair, held little Majik (poodle) and cried.  He looked me in the eye and I asked him if he missed grandma, too?  I clearly heard him say, "I see her all the time, I don't know what you're so upset about!"  I was very surprised at what he said, then I saw her in my mind's eye sweeping my kitchen floor!  My human brain would never have "imagined" her sweeping the kitchen floor!  It is in these moments that you "KNOW" the vision is real!!

Remember, our loved ones who have returned to the angelic realm are as close as a thought!

In love and light,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Embrace Your Power in Mercury in Retrograde!

Mercury is the planet of communication.  Mercury Retrograde is the period of time that it appears from the earth to go backward in space.  Mercury is in retrograde through March 17, then we are in the shadow of this illusion through April 6.

What does this mean for we earthlings?

Possible confusion with communication and technology.  So back up your computers, double check scheduled times and dates and be patient when communicating with others.

The retrograde time is ALSO a time to reflect and review your thought patterns, beliefs, relationships and environment, and ask, "What no longer serves me?"  Note:  The relationship may be with yourself!  Be honest with yourself as you go through the review process and letting go of what no longer serves you.  Know that during this time you are fully supported by your angels and by the energy of the universe itself!  You are fully supported to release that which is no longer of benefit or useful to you.

Also know that the time of Mercury Retrograde (I LOVE this) is a time that is fully supported energetically to not only vision your future, but almost see into it!  We're able to "see" what we're capable of - what really lies within that higher plane of existence as our field of potentiality.

What are you capable of that you've been hiding out from?  You know what I'm talking about...  You want something different in your life, but you're afraid to believe that you could really have the desire of your heart.  Know that when the energy of receiving something resides within your heart, it IS within your scope of reality!!

Ask your angels to "show" you what you need to know to create something different as the reality of your life, then be open to what they show you!

In love and light,

Thursday, March 7, 2013

What if Birth Certificates had expiration dates?

As humans we struggle with confidence, being worthy/deserving, being vulnerable and being in "control" of the outcome of our lives.  The reality is we are in control - we create the lives that we live through our energy.  Question is, what is that energy?  Is our core energy's vibration guided by misplaced feelings of being unworthy/undeserving - or feeling out of control?

Each one of us is a beautiful spirit of love and light, children of God whose birthright it is to Be, Do and Have anything our heart desires!  And we create our reality - good or bad!  If the Universe had feelings, imagine its surprise that we would want to create all the things we are afraid of and worry about as our reality!  Yet, we do this when we focus our energy on worrying and fretting about things we don't want to happen in our lives.  We worry about things that haven't happened yet, but will happen if we continue to feed them our energy!

What if you KNEW you could not fail?  What if you KNEW that no matter what you did, it would be a success?  The reality is there is no failure, there is only the judgment of failure.  Thomas Edison successfully discovered hundreds of ways the light bulb would not work, then he successfully discovered how it would work!

What if your birth certificate had an expiration date?  How would you live your life?  Our human bodies will only live so long.  We only have so much time to come to terms with the physical world's illusion of fear and step into our power in the higher energy of love to create more love and joy.

If you knew you could not fail, but instead learn something new and valuable with each experience, how would you live your life?  Do you believe its time to stop worrying and expand your heart and life into the blissful state of love source energy creating more things of love?

Consciously make the choice to choose all things of love and joy and you will be amazed at how that loving choice ripples throughout your reality!

In love and light,