Thursday, November 29, 2012

Messages from the Aspens...

Thanksgiving weekend my husband took me to Estes Park, Colorado.  When we go there we spend a lot of our time in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  There is an area of the park where the Thompson River flooded in 1976 that has often made me feel uncomfortable, but this time when we drove into the area, I felt right away that the energy was different.  It was welcoming instead of full of anguish.  Since I was there last, the area has healed at a very deep level.

As we drove between the Aspens that lined the highway to the other side of the flooded area, I was, as always, in awe of the hieroglyphic images etched into the bark of the trees.  I've always believed these images tell a story and on this day, that belief was confirmed!

My husband stopped the truck and I watched, mesmerized as the images in the bark of the Aspen trees came alive and began to speak in hushed whispers.  They were all talking at once - too many at one time to understand what they were saying, so I asked for one to communicate with me.  The excited whispers subsided and I clearly heard a deep Native American voice begin to speak.  He explained, "The images tell the story of those who have walked the soils of Mother Earth before.  They are not stuck spirits.  They are the essence of their imprint energy."  He explained that the Aspen trees are all connected beneath the soils of Mother Earth and how the energetic imprints are connected from all over the world through Mother Earth's soils to the Aspens.

Oh My Gosh - how cool is that!

I've felt the "eyes" of the Aspens and have often wondered about them.  This was my opportunity to learn more!  I asked about the feeling of their watching and was answered with laughter, "The eye of the Aspen is as the eye of the Mother and the eye of God as one.  Ever watching, ever seeing, but do not fear little on the seeing is from the heart of love."

If you've ever stood with open heart under an Aspen tree you can feel the presence of God.  With the whisper of the breeze, you can hear Him breathing...

One morning we got up early and went to the same spot to eat breakfast.  Freddy had the heater on and his window down when we stopped.  He teased me to watch for forest animals on my side of the truck, but he was the one who needed to be on the lookout - moments later a Magpie tried to join us through his open window!  Fortunately he decided inside the truck was not the best place for him and settled for the side mirror.

As we sat there eating breakfast Fred voiced his concerns of the beetle kill and fires changing the forest forever.  It was then the Native American of the day before returned.  He said not to feel sorry for the forest, for change is the cycle of life.  Instead he asked that we send love to the forest and all its inhabitants for through the love is healing for all - the forest, the critters, the soils of Mother Earth as well as we human spirits.

This time of "change" is accelerating at a dizzying pace.  I encourage you to use your favorite grounding method to keep you grounded and balanced as we experience transformation of our spirit and body to the higher dimensions of love and light.  Allow your heart to be open to the voice of Mother Earth as well as your angels.  They are speaking and sharing love of The Father.

Please know that you are not alone in this hustle bustle time of year end, holidays and ascension changes!  We're all in this together!

May you feel and accept the comforting guidance of your angels...

In love and light,

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Love, Honor and Respect in Celebration of Veterans

Today I share with you a tribute of love, honor and respect to those who serve their country and humanity to preserve freedom.  My maternal grandfather, Chester Stockam, fought in World War II.  My dad, Big Jim, was in the army when I was little, then was a deputy sheriff when I was a pre-teen.  My step father-in-law fought in Vietnam and my father-in-law was in the Navy.  One of my daughter's best friends now serves in the US Air Force and was in Afghanistan.

This past summer Jesse and I had the honor of living next door to Jules, a World War II veteran.  He is 95 and makes the best Sock It To Me cake ever!  Since we were caring for Grandma, we didn't have much of a social life, so Jules would come over and visit us as often as he could.  I loved to hear about his travels while serving our country and he enjoyed sharing them.  The hours we spent reminiscing took me back to Grandma's kitchen table listening in fascination to every word my Grandpa Stockam shared with me about his time away from home during World War II.

Grandpa was called to serve our country first, then while he was away, one of his brothers was called.  Several months later while eating in a mess tent with hundreds of other soldiers on the other side of the world, Grandpa ran into his brother, proving that even though there were no cell phones or social media, we were still connected.

Grandpa received the Purple Heart when his hand was injured by shrapnel.  He was proud of serving his country, but shared with me when he showed me the scar on his hand, that he felt he was undeserving of the Purple Heart because the wound was so insignificant.  Little did he know then that he needed that Purple Heart so five years after his death, I could finally have it in my possession, to love honor and respect not only him, but all who serve to protect.

Grandpa's Purple Heart holds tremendous energy - it is almost overwhelming.  When I hold it I feel the pain of separation from loved ones as well as being a part of something so much bigger than one person or one family - or even one country.  I feel the connection we each have to one another through the essence of God within us.  Holding it magnifies God's love that transcends time, distance and even death.

As I hold the Purple Heart I'm reminded of Grandpa running into his brother in a mess tent in a foreign country.  In my mind's eye I see him in full uniform - saluting me - and the veil thins...

In love and light,

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Message from the Angels

Message from the Angels
Dearest Children,

We walk with you in all moments of this time of transformation of your earthly plane.  We hold the light to dissipate the shadows of darkness, but it is you who hold the switch to turn on this light.  We ask that you open your heart and ask for this assistance.  We hold the safe space for you to stand tall in your power to take control of the creation of the coming days of your physical lives and your physical world.

Sit with us, in nature if you can and breathe in our love.  Ask for our assistance to help you shift from the illusion of fear that clutches at your confidence to the magical strength of your true power - the love of God that is your essence.

Know that through this essence of God within you all is possible.

Your Angels, the Messengers of God

In love and light,

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reconnect with Love during the Holidays

Yesterday while I was out I noticed Christmas decorations at a local shopping center.  This year has practically evaporated!  Since the holidays last year everyone on the planet has experienced significant changes in their lives.  Many have lost loved ones, including me, and this will be the first Thanksgiving and Christmas without their physical bodies.

On my birthday this year the absence of my grandmother's physical voice was deafening.  Her love always made me feel very special. I looked forward to my birthday and would put a candle on the cake for every year of my life.  Granted the cake has become quite the fire hazard, but nonetheless, all the candles had to be on there and lit.  This year I just wanted to get through the day - no cake, no singing and no candles.  The sadness of the first birthday without Grandma was very painful, but I (we - my family and I) got through it.  My grief was so strong I could not feel her with me, although I knew she was here.

Then almost two weeks later my brother had a birthday.  I was in a much better place, embracing joy and setting my intention to laugh each day.  That morning Grandma woke me up kissing me on the forehead.  Then her spirit sat down beside me, took my hand, like I had taken hers so many times last summer, and she talked with me.  Just how special was that?!!

A day or two later as I made the bed I thought about the coming holiday season.  Immediately I remembered Grandma's physical body won't be here to call or honor with a special gift.  Then an angel whispered in my ear...  "You haven't spent Thanksgiving or Christmas with Grandma for years.  This year she will be with you in spirit!"

OMG - of course she will!  This was a perspective I had not anticipated - my heart began to sing with joy and anticipation!  Grandma will be here for Thanksgiving and for Christmas!

I share the experience of taking in this new perspective because for many of you this will be the first holiday season without someone you love - or the second or twenty-second...  No matter how long they have been physically removed from Mother Earth, the love lives on - and they are only a thought away.  

Today the veil between our worlds is thinner than it has ever been and tomorrow it will be even thinner.  Those you love are not buried or ashes.  They are love and light and they are here.  Take a deep breath and open your heart to the love and joy that they are.  Embrace the joy of reconnecting with them and welcome them!  Sit down and have a conversation with them.  Ask for a sign that they are still with you and allow yourself to have the eyes to see and accept the validation!

The holidays can be the most stressful time of year.  Many times we feel alone and often a little lost.  Set your intention now to experience love, joy and laughter this holiday season with those you love - especially those who are of the angelic realm!

In Honor of Grandma
I've added a page to the Soul Kisses website in honor and celebration of my grandmother's life.  You may read it by clicking here.  Again, I thank all of you who supported Jesse, Grandma and I with your loving thoughts and prayers!

I send love and light to each of you reading this.  May your heart open easily to the guidance and love of your team of the Angelic Realm.

In love and light,