Monday, August 31, 2009

Perfection in All Things

It has been months since I put finger to keypad and posted the musings of my human brain. No... I didn't fall off the face of the earth, but at times it certainly felt like I did.

The "startling and unexpected" life events of the year have certainly held their ups and downs - some were wonderful and some were not so wonderful, yet all held perfection.

One of the hardest things I have learned in the past few years is that there is perfection in all things - life events and people. Ideally I would see this perfection, yet what I have had to do is trust that the perfection is there - especially when it is nowhere in my sight!

Accepting and acknowledging from deep within that there is perfection in all things begins a reaction of dissipation of fear.

Personally I've lived my life running on fear at some level. In looking back I am pretty much horrified that this is true. What a waste of fun time - being in some form of constant fear - not to mention the wonderings of what it has done to my vital organs... No wonder Jesus has asked me so many times, "Where is your faith?"

This year I have accomplished more in my spiritual work than all the years put together - at least materially. Daddy and I finished Waiting in the Other Room the book, the journal, the website and created the production company. My entourage and I created four guided journey CDs: Sacred Space ~ Build it and They Will Come, Communicating Through Dementia, Communicating with Orbs and Healing Circle of Love as given by Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. I created my first workshop and traveled to Maryland to share it live on stage with Adele Linsalata of and Trudy Griswold of I have two other books in the works to be completed yet this year as well as a few other exciting projects. Plus I've taken on new clients creating several new websites along the way.

I look back at this and my first thought is no wonder I feel like I need a little more sleep!

These things were accomplished by firmly anchoring them in the Universe through creating my list of Exciting Highlights of 2009 in January of 2009. With paper and pen in hand I imagined it was January 2010 and wrote down the exciting things that I had completed, accomplished and participated in. When I wrote down that I would stand on a stage with Adele Linsalata and Trudy Griswold my human brain said, "yeah, right." But I did it in Maryland, July 26, 2009 and it was wonderful!

My focus has been less than desired this past month of August. I have many more things on my list to accomplish this year, yet instead of the rest of the year being a crazed frenzy of burning the midnight oil, I'd really prefer gentle, methodical, balance combined with focus to be the theme.

But how do I get there? What do I do differently to fulfill my to do list while experiencing a balance with the demands of my physical world existence?

First I researched how many days it takes to change a habit. Some say 21 days, others say 28 days. I believe it is determined by how much focused effort one puts into accomplishing the goal. I'm proposing 31 Days to Fulfillment - the month of September plus today.

Anchoring in the Universe is magical to bringing dreams to fruition. In writing in my journal to my entourage of angels, guides and teachers I'm given answers, doors to creativity and guidance are opened and love is the theme for my day instead of a physical world worry. Every day for the month of September I will chat with my entourage through journaling first thing in the
morning and share their insight here in this blog.

What about you, dear reader? Is your life a fulfillment of your dreams? Are you working with your angelic entourage or are you winging it on your own? Get yourself something to write on and join me this month of September 2009! Simultaneously we will open the doors to receipt of our highest good in all things as well as become more open to the guidance of how to best be of service.

Today is Day 1! I already know this month of September will be one of profound enlightenment, guidance and fulfillment for me, what will it be for you?

In love and light,