Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Deserve to be Happy!

I deserve to be happy!  This is one of my favorite Soul Kiss affirmations!  When you say this out loud, "I deserve to be happy!" how do you feel in your body?  What happens?  Do you feel a warm flood of warm fuzzy love or do you feel the red flag of resistance telling you that somewhere deep within you feel undeserving or unworthy to be happy?  As a spiritual child of God, it is your birthright to experience happiness while experiencing a human existence here on Mother Earth.

As the collective consciousness wakens to the love light within, we are being offered opportunities to choose our energetic vibration for this moment.  I know it sounds too easy to simply choose, if we're going to be happy, sad, angry, joyful, frustrated, overwhelmed, helpless or limitless to name a few, but is is that easy.

Choosing - that is our key to creating the life we wish to live.

What are you choosing in this moment?

I deserve to be happy!  I hope you'll say this often today and tomorrow and the next day.  Embrace the energy of deserving to be happy, breathe it in and step into the energy of it - deserving and happiness.  When you vibrate at the energy of happiness, the universe will align to you a reality of happiness!

In love and light,

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Three Important Steps for Transformation

Life has been a handful lately for me - what about you?  Did you roll your eyes and whisper, "OMG?"

For years we've been steadily implementing actions to expand the light of our essence at the insistent prodding of Mother Earth's collective energy.  Now I'm finding that any area I've been shy on, the energy is in full "push" mode!  And... the Push Mode can be quite unpleasant because our superconscious is trying to get our attention.  From deep within the limitless spiritual being within us is struggling to help us create our version of heaven on earth and our human aspect is clinging to the old energy of physical world teachings of lack and limitation.

Example: I talk a lot about releasing what no longer serves us - and that does mean old computer files.  Last week my computer woke me up about 3am to tell me it was dying.  This in itself is a little creepy, but restoring a new computer to "comfortable work status" is enough to make the human brain "tilt" (at least my human brain - thank God for Tech Support!).  After hours of transferring thousands of files from the old computer to the new, installing software and deleting folder after folder of unnecessary information I still have hours (probably weeks!) of deleting to do, but at least I'm up and running again.

Could this massive hiccup in my time flow have been avoided had I deleted all those old files weeks ago?  Possibly, but probably not.  I've been implementing change at a titanic level and my environment has no choice but to energetically shift to keep up with me, so the overstuffed old computer was thanked for its service and laid to rest.

Transformation to create your individual version of Heaven on Earth waits for no one - no... one...  What we have not addressed that is blocking us from raising our energy to align with the desires of our heart will be revealed to us through life situations and relationships on a grand scale this year.  I know this sounds ominous, but there are things we can do to make facing and disconnecting from these blocks an easier, less painful experience.

Work with today's energy flow of Mother Earth instead of struggling against it with these steps:
1.  Get clear on what you really want - stop being unclear, wishy/washy and indecisive
2.  Look within to discern the resistance that is sidelining your creative energetic flow, face it even if you're afraid and choose to forgive all the shadows of pain/fear involved
3.  Be willing to choose to embrace something new and different - something unknown - if you're afraid, do it anyway

Even though "normal" has ceased to exist, this can be a time of excitement instead of fear of the unknown.  Use the three important steps for transformation and choose to experience the energy of love, laughter, joy and light.  The universe will rush to align your reality to that energy!

In love and light,