Thursday, September 26, 2013

Prosperity and Choice...

Since the rains began here in Colorado back in the second week of September, I've been feeling a heavy, dark weight of expectancy - it wasn't 'doom' but something similar.  It was unnerving and it was huge - bigger than me and not about me.  When I looked within to discern its origin, my heart whispered that it was time to release it, but I felt at a deep, soul level that if I did, I would betray humanity.

I asked to be shown the 'what and why' and I was gifted visions of torment, oppression, destruction and darkness and knew these visions are fear filled shadows of pain that lurk in our hearts from past experiences - AND they no longer serve us - FINALLY!

I was shown that as a collective consciousness, we have transcended this lower vibration of creation and it is time to let the darkness and pain of past patterns and experiences go to create something new, something filled with joy and excitement.

The human brain asks, "how?" - this is how!

We allow ourselves to 'know without question or doubt' that it is safe to use our free will and choose to create from our limitless supply of raw Life Force Creation Energy life situations, relationships and things that bring us joy.  It is SAFE!  It is time to get clear on what we wish to be, do and have and step into the energy of what we want and the universe will rush to match to us that which brings us joy at our highest vibration.

Raise your vibration = create something better.

Some will be fooled by economic fluctuations, political uncertainty and threats of terror or disaster and hold on to the fear that these circumstances hold.  The true Master Creator will know and trust with every cell of their being that they can choose prosperity, love, joy and happiness...  or fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry and doom.

Many of you have written to me or talked with me directly about this, questioning, "why do I feel this heavy weight of expectancy?" Know the thrust of this energy isn't about you specifically, it is about "us" collectively.  Even though you are one person - I am one person, we have power - and the higher vibration of love is exponentially more powerful than the low vibration of fear.

Within a few days September will burst into October.  This ninth month of 2013 has been a time of completion for humanity at a very deep level whether we know it consciously or not.  It is not too late (never too late) to sow seeds of prosperity.

In love and light,

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Birthday wishes from Spirit...

Thank you for your birthday wishes.  It turned into quite the magical day with loving birthday wishes not only from my fellow humans, but also from spirit!

When I got up I picked up my cell phone to find out what the weather was going to be like and I clicked the wrong app.  The one I clicked on included images of cameras throughout the front range.  So I thought I'd "see" what was going on in other areas.  At the bottom of each image were advertisements.  I was looking at the image, not paying much attention to the advertisement, when a spider ran across the screen - I dropped the phone!  Due to all the rain, spiders have been coming into my home and the one on the screen really looked real!  When I picked it up, the spider was still running from left to right across the screen.  I could hear my dad laughing and I started laughing, too!

Happy Birthday, to me!

About an hour later the mailman delivered a priority mailer from my brother and sister-in-law.  Inside was a card, pictures of my new niece and a jeweler's envelope.  Within the small envelope wrapped in tissue paper was Grandma's mother's ring.  I had forgotten she had one - it wasn't with her things when Jesse and I took care of her last year.  My sister-in-law, Brenda, had found it, had it fixed and sent it to me for my birthday with a hand written note of love! 

I could feel Grandma's loving presence as I sat there on the bed crying while my heart expanded with all the love from Spirit that surrounded me.  What a beautiful day of love and light!

Happy Birthday, to me, indeed!

The laughter and spider from my dad, Big Jim, were bitter sweet.  I always called him on his birthday, but I missed his last birthday in the physical world in 2005.  I was busy doing whatever I was doing and completely missed the date.  I called him a few days later, but it just wasn't the same.  No wonder, he sent a spider to get my attention!  ;)

Grandma always made my birthday special - made me feel special - always.  Grandma promised me she would come to me from spirit and talk with me like Daddy does - when she wasn't busy.  Last year she was busy at birthday time, but this year she blew me away with her connection.  Thank you, Brenda, for following Grandma's guidance to find the ring and send it to me!

When we allow ourselves to have the "eyes to see," "ears to hear" and "knowing within" that our loved ones are still with us, albeit in spirit form, we receive the greatest gift of all - love - the love that is eternal.

If you had a day or time of year that was very special between you and a loved one whose physical body has died, allow yourself to celebrate that time.  It isn't a betrayal to them to experience joy.  When we allow ourselves to experience joy, our energy more closely matches the energy of the angelic realm and we can feel them near - know that what you feel is real.

The love we hold between us is eternal.  Nothing can change that - not time, not space - not death.

Allow the love between you and your deceased loved ones to be real - so be it and it is...

In love and light,

Sunday, September 15, 2013

We are safe! Thank you for your calls, emails and prayers!

It has started to rain again where I am in Colorado.  We've had over 18 inches of rain in the past few days here in Aurora, a suburb of Denver.  My family and I are safe.  I want to thank you, each and everyone of you for your calls, texts, emails and prayers!

The devastation of the flooding here in Colorado has been hard to comprehend.  When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, I was so grateful I would not experience such a disaster from a hurricane as I prayed for those who were trapped in the water.  But now the water is here, not from a tornado or hurricane, but simply from rain ...avalanches of rain.  For the past week we've been "in the clouds" instead of under them in our mile high city.  They have hung low, dark and full of lightening, then a sprinkle starts and before you can get inside the deluge begins as if the clouds were buckets and they turned over - and it keeps coming down...

For many life has changed forever as they have had to close their businesses and evacuate their homes.  Entire houses have been washed away with their occupants inside.  The national guard, along with soldiers and helicopters from Ft Carson have evacuated hundreds of people.  Our governor was surveying the damage from a helicopter, during a time that the rain had temporarily stopped, when they came across victims in need of rescue.  The pilot landed within feet of the raging Big Thompson river and picked them up along with their pets and they were safe!

I've been sharing with you that this month of September is a time to plant seeds of prosperity.  In light of all this tragedy, this could not be more true.  As spiritual beings we must hold fast to the hope of survival and possibility of recreation.  I admit, I am human and as an empath the drain of the fear and pain of tragedy around me has pulled me into an abyss of helplessness in dark moments, but with great faith, I call in my angels to lift me out to send love and light to rescuers and victims alike.

Yesterday morning it was beautiful where I am - lush and green and the sun was shining.  It was hard to believe just a few miles away water was destroying lives.  Then within a few hours the rain started again dumping over four inches of water and feet of hail, reminding me of the fragility of reality.

Colorado as a whole has been hit hard by this cleansing of Mother Earth.  Please join me in prayers of strength, hope, and love for all who have been affected here and elsewhere.

I pray that as you are reading this, you are safe - no matter where you are and what your circumstances, may your life path be illuminated with the light of love, hope and possibility - chasing away any shadows of fear in all directions of time.

In love and light,

Thursday, September 12, 2013

5 Steps to Create the Life You Love + Bonus Tip

This 9th month of September is an ending of the old and a beginning of the new - today is a wakeup call for your soul that opportunity is available.  A wake up call to decide, what energy do you wish to live in?

Hmmm...  your energy is what creates your reality...

It has taken me years to reconnect with my Life Force Creation Energy and now that I have I'm sharing the "how to's" with you!

But first, let me ask you this, what is the energy of your vibration in this moment? Are you in love vibration or less than love?

All that you dream of... the loving relationships, exciting life experiences and material things that would bring you great joy, all reside at a plane of existence that vibrates at the higher vibration of love. When you shift your energy to that higher vibration you open the way for the universe to deliver to you all that makes your heart sing with joy - you set in motion the creation of your version of heaven on earth as your reality.

Creating life experiences, relationships and receiving material things isn't as difficult as you might think. If you've been trying for years to create a life you love, with little to no success, then this information is for you!

First ask yourself these questions:
1. Do you believe you are the creator of your life or do you believe someone or something is in control of your life experiences?
2. Do you believe you are limitless in all you can be, do and have or do you believe you are limited due to your education, environment, or by what you've been told - or are you stuck in the pain of past experiences and are blocked at creating something new?

In answer to these questions -
You are the creator of your life. Everything in your life, including people who victimize you, life situations you don't like and relationships that are less than harmonious are all created by you.

Are you ready to change this? Are you ready to stop being a victim, create happy life situations and experience relationships that you love?

You are a limitless spiritual being whose birthright it is to Be, Do and Have all that your heart dreams of. If you dream about being, doing or having happy life situations, loving relationships or material things that bring you joy...  know that each and everyone of those things is already made manifest at a higher plane of existence and can become your reality.

5 steps to changing your life to something new, different and better:
1. open your heart and get clear on what you want
2. look within and identify any "resistance energy" that is blocking your Life Force Creation Energy
3. ask your angels and guides to disconnect you from the resistance energy
4. forgive others, life situations and yourself for creating the things you don't want
5. allow yourself to experience the energy shift out of the lower vibration of less than love energy to the higher vibration of love energy

I know these steps work to create the human version of heaven on earth, because I'm doing it myself.

I've experienced trial and error of what creates what I want and what creates more of what I don't want. As I learned these steps my angels gave me tools to help me make my power of creating the life I love easier - and I share these tools with you through introducing you to:

your Worry Angel in the 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels program,
step by step guidance to disconnect from painful resistance energy of the past in the Disconnect the Cords to Heal the Wounds of Your Heart program,
forgive all that has been held in unforgiveness with The Gift of Forgiveness program,
learn to Communicate with Your Angels program,
create the dreams of your heart when you implement the guidance of the How to Create Your Heaven on Earth program.
These programs are all self study at your convenience and are life changing when put into service.

For many of you who are longing to live a more happy, joy filled life, these tools will be enough, but for those of you who are ready and willing to invest the time right now to tap into the unfiltered higher vibration of Life Force Energy within you to create the life your heart dreams of, then a virtual day with me is what you've been searching for.

The one-on-one time with me is your golden opportunity that holds the safe space to teach you how to identify the resistance energy that keeps you stuck creating over and over again life experiences that you don't like, disconnect from that energy at a deep soul level with the aid of Archangels and Ascended Masters and release the flow of the Divine Life Force Creation Energy within you - unfiltered - to create the life that makes your heart sing with joy.

Many people are resistant to change - they want something different in their life, but they are squeamish to plunge fully into a life they love - after all, what would people think?

What if you stopped being a victim, developed loving relationships, got your dream job, moved into a house and neighborhood you love? What if you began to glow from the inside out with a loving light that attracted like a magnet wonderful, exciting blessings into your reality?

Perhaps people would want to know what you know!

Give the steps I shared with you a whirl. Try them out. If you need more support, but you want to do it on your own, go to the products page of the Soul Kisses website to learn more about my self study programs that I mentioned.

If you're tired of struggling on your own and you're ready for a fast track to massive transformation, go to the Virtual VIP Day page on the website to discern if this one-on-one - all-about-you-program - is for you.

Oh yes, your bonus tip: - align with the energy of what you wish to create as your reality - and it will.

Today is an exciting time to begin the creation of the life you love!

In love and light,

Thursday, September 5, 2013

What is your Prosperity Consciousness?

When we think of prosperity, our human brains typically follow the path of money.  But prosperity really isn't about money.  Prosperity is about what brings us joy, however, most of the time material things that bring us joy are purchased with money.

When we get hung up on needing money to pay for everything in our lives, we limit how the universe can deliver to us what we want, turning the energy of lack into a block in our flow of receiving and we become unbalanced.  We often get stuck in the vicious cycle of trying to create prosperity in our lives from the energy of "not enough" or lack.  The nitty gritty is this:  we sabotage ourselves because we've been taught we need money to receive what we desire, and we go into a panic of fear when we don't have money.

Lets look at this more closely.  We create the reality of our lives through the Life Force energy within us - ...specifically NOT with money.  When we're creating things we don't want, there is some belief or thought pattern hidden in the shadows of our heart that is filtering or blocking our Creation Energy.

This month of September is all about activating prosperity in our lives.  Just how do we do that?  By shifting our Prosperity Consciousness to the energy of what it would feel like to already receive what we desire.  We want to allow our Creation Energy to flow freely, unfiltered, to plant seeds of prosperity for whatever it is we wish to Be, Do and Have.

Your state of BE-ing creates your reality.  What state are you in at this moment?  Is joy flowing freely from your heart?  Or are you choking on the fear of not having enough money and you feel helpless and stuck?

In love and light,