Sunday, January 25, 2015

Angelic GPS January 24 - February 1, 2015

January 26 - February 1, 2015

The powerful energy of this week anchors your firm foundation in the physical world!

We've  all been experiencing a MASSIVE roller coaster of energy that has been growing in intensity since the end of last year.  This energy has been uncomfortable because it has been "in our face" forcing us to look at the energy of hidden, subconscious beliefs that no longer serve us.

And now here we are in the last week of January 2015.  For those of us who have been refusing to face and hiding from the uncomfortable energy that's been in our face, we're struggling.

For those of us who have been facing what has come up, we're finally feeling more settled, as if we're standing on a firmer foundation of BE-ing.  We're expanding our awareness into a greater expression of ourselves and we're learning not only what true prosperity really is, but how easily it is attained in whatever form that makes us happy.

And... you may be doing both - facing and hiding - depending on what has come up for you.

KNOW that when uncomfortable energy reveals itself to you, its not a punishment.  Its a golden opportunity to look deeper - to follow the breadcrumbs of uncomfortable energy to its core and inundated it with light till the darkness of pain is gone.  AND...  the most painful moments are when its first revealed - so don't hide from it - you've already experienced the most painful part! 

Ask your angels to help you, to show you what you need to look at, and to disconnect you from it in all directions of time, so you may be FREE to boldly, fearlessly step into the greatest expression of yourself and manage your life experiences with ease, grace and great joy!

This week's energy fully supports you to stand firmly in your power to create and experience anything you want.  Decide what you want, set your intention, shift your energy to the joy of receiving, then open your arms wide to receive!

Sending you love and light to your success!
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Angelic GPS January 19-25, 2015

January 19-25, 2015

The powerful energy of this week revolves around balance!

This week we want to focus our energy on balance - balance from within, spiritually, and balance with the physical world.

Mercury goes retrograde on January 19.  You may have noticed hiccups with technology and communication in the past few weeks of the pre shadow of retrograde.  This underlying energy of chaos and anxiousness will magnify exponentially this week.  However, do NOT let this rule you! 

Instead, use this time - and this information - to focus on balance and harmony - both within and without.  Stop and Breathe!  Consciously take the time you need to be mindful of your intuition within and commitments without - specifically your interpretations of what others are saying to you and their interpretation of what you're saying to them. 

Communication wires are typically wild during this time - with this knowledge, take the time to secure them before moving on!

To achieve the balance your spirit and ultimately your human self require, you would be wise to schedule - yes, schedule, time to BREATHE and review your experiences of the day.  You may discover you're in need of a course correction to fulfill your goals.

During this time of "Breathing" look within and allow yourself to have the eyes to see the core of what isn't working for you and shift its energy to love or above.  Through this shift of energy, a new guided fully supported course will be revealed to you!

Scheduling this time IS a Lifestyle Adjustment!  When you BREATHE into this scheduled time of empowerment, clarity of thought, fully supported guidance and prosperous energetic flow become your experience.  The energy of Mercury Retrograde holds the space to peek into your future to preview the possibilities of your experience - be open to view, course correct and receive!

Sending you love and light,
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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Angelic GPS January 12-18, 2015

January 12-18, 2015

The powerful energy of this week revolves around transformation!

A time of endings is close at hand.  This week is ripe for abrupt changes in your life - in all areas of your life - your personal life, relationships, business, career and spiritually.  Its a time of conclusion in order to experience renewal - transformation on a grand scale.

Transformation is about ebb and flow ~ completion for renewal, ending for expansion.

This is an important time to take the time you need to look at your life closely and evaluate what in no longer important to you - look at what no longer holds your thinking and beliefs hostage.  When you take the time you need to assess what you truly believe about yourself and your abilities to BE happy, you'll find possibilities are available to you that you did not see before.

2015 is an infinity year:  2+0+1+5 = 8

Prosperity is the energy of life all around you and you will "see" it when you allow yourself to have the eyes to see.

This week, withdraw from the hustle bustle of your life and make time for you.  During this YOU time, dream big - allow your dreams to be Outrageous and Fun and Daring!  Form your dreams in writing - give them life through the transference from thought to written word.

How AWESOME would it be to live the life you've written about?

What does your bright new shiny life FEEL like?  Breathe even more life into your dreams when you step into the magic of visioning yourself experiencing what you've written! 

This practice jump starts your Creation Energy - and begins to form as your reality what your heart longs for. 

Know you are only limited by your thoughts and internal beliefs!  So allow what no longer serves you to end its cycle and welcome in the conception of something new!

Sending you love and light,
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Angelic GPS January 5-11, 2015

January 5-11, 2015

The powerful energy of this week revolves around your mental and spiritual strength based in the energy of love!

This new year of 2015 is action packed with energy and it will be easy for your human body to succumb to overwhelm if you hold your breath!  I know... that sounds kinda silly... who holds their breath?  We all do when we get stressed!

Now is the time to pull from within the higher vibration of loving joy filled energy and learn how to maintain it as much as humanly possible!

Take the time to revisit what joy feels like in your body.  With eyes closed... breathe into it with three slow, deep breaths.  Powerfully embrace the feeling of joy into your heart with all your strength! 

In these wee hours of 2015 you are fully supported to BE the light vibration of the awareness of love energy.  THIS is the energy that will master manifestation in all forms.  The more expansive your awareness, the higher your vibration, the more masterfully you create the desires of your heart as your daily experience.

This week's energy asks that you call forth past experiences that bring you joy and release the need to hold on to past experiences that are less than love.  The full moon of January 5 holds energy that supports you to release all that no longer serves you - and everything that is less than love energy... does not serve you...  This may be relationships and life situations...

Hold to the truth of your heart - breathe into it and discern what truly brings you joy - and what does not.  It is time to clean your house of relationships, the repetition of life experiences that do not bring you joy and your beliefs that do not serve you.

You ARE a Magnificent BE-ing of love and light - it is your birthright to live the life that brings you joy - claim it and release the rest!

Sending you love and light,
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