Monday, July 29, 2013

You must let me go so I can live...

For my daughter and I, this summer has been one of remembrance.  Last summer we cared for my dear grandmother for 78 days.  Her health was "failing to thrive" (Hospice term).  We not only cared for Grandma, we had to be her voice, till the angels came to care for her.  It was a time of love beyond measure - a time of heartache, love, laughter and facing the pain of not only losing her physical body to death, but a time to acknowledge and accept a new path of living with Grandma's love - in a new form - spiritual energy.

I've been communicating with my loved ones who have died for years.  Nothing - NO-THING - prepared me for the death of my Grandmother - not pre-grieving, not knowing I would again communicate with her - not the love of all the angels in heaven - nothing prepared me for my physical human pain resulting from her death.

Through the stupor of my pain I reached out to my dear friend, Roland Comtois.  He had lost his mother in November of 2011.  He held the safe space for me to cry and grieve her physical loss while supporting me with love that gave me strength to breathe through the grief to the other side of living.

One year ago today I was working on an email reading for a client when Grandma's higher self came into the vision of my mind's eye.  She was beautiful beyond description!  We hugged each other with excitement, then she got right to business.  She had things to tell me.  Then I heard my grandfather, who died in 2007, calling her...

I knew she would be joining the angelic realm soon and even though I had been telling her it was ok to go, the pain of her physical loss engulfed me and I didn't want her to go and I started to cry.  She gently put one hand on each of my shoulders, looked deep into my eyes and said, "You have to let me go so I can live..."

She was right.  Our love was so strong that if I refused to let her go, my pain would go with her and shadow the angelic celebration of love that awaited her spirit returning to the angelic realm.

I agreed, I would let her go.  ...and in that moment I felt the cord between us disconnect...

THEN...  in that same instant I felt this tremendous WHOOSH of love that surrounded me and convinced me beyond any doubt that she would always be with me...

Grandma's physical body died July 29, 2012.  You may read about her, the love that we share and perhaps receive comfort that your loved one is still with you also, by clicking into the celebration of her life: here.

When our loved one's physical body dies, many times we want to go with them.  I did.  I told Grandma years ago that I didn't want to stay here on Mother Earth without her.  The week of Thanksgiving 2012 was the first time after her death that I "decided" I would continue to live here on Mother Earth in human form.  Just recently I realized that with every wave of grief, I'm faced with that "decision" again.  And I continue to choose to live - to live and love and laugh and not only enjoy my life here as a human, but to share that zest for living, loving and laughing with my friends, family and Soul Kisses Community.

If you are grieving the loss or imminent death of someone you love, know that it is OK for you to experience joy, love and laughter without them being here physically.  When you allow yourself to experience joy, you raise your vibration into that love state where they exist - and it is in those moments that it easiest for you to experience the depth of their love from the realm of the angels.  Allow yourself to grieve, but when you can, step into the love that you have between you and embrace the true joy-of-that-love - acknowledge that they are still with you - forever and always.  Daddy says, it is like applause and they cannot get enough of it!

To those who are grieving, I send you love...  I send you light...  I send you the spark of hope that love is eternal...

If you know of someone who is grieving, and you feel they will receive benefit from this newsletter, please forward it in its entirety.

Sending love and light to all,

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

16 Minutes with Roland Comtois

This week we celebrate Roland Comtois' new book, 16 Minutes: When One Breath Ends, Another Begins.

When I received Roland’s first book, And Then There was Heaven, I could feel the love radiating from within it before I lifted the cover.

It was with this knowledge that I knew 16 Minutes… When One Breath Ends, Another Begins would be very special – and it proved to be more than I could have imagined. I was profoundly gifted by Roland sharing a copy of the digital file of the book before it was printed.

16 Minutes… is the most beautiful book I’ve ever read! From the first paragraph I was welcomed in… to a pool of love so powerful that I was magically transported from my office in Colorado to quietly… reverently… sit with Roland and his mother as she breathed au revoir… for now. An understanding of a life well lived through love engulfed me and I didn’t feel so alone in my own grief.

Having recently lost the physical presence of my dear grandmother (who, when she was younger, resembled Roland’s mother), I was vulnerable to the abyss of grief that Roland so honorably shares. (As mediums, people are surprised that death of a loved one hurts us so much, but we too, are human and must grieve the physical loss.) With each word I identified from my soul with the pain of physical loss that defies human description.

Yet... through the pain, I felt the healing shift from the all consuming sadness and powerlessness of grief to the joy of miraculous... unconditional… love. Through the pain I was embraced by the gentle whisper of hope and the promise of reuniting in a different way that is sweet and certain.

As I read, I felt the peaceful energy of Roland’s mother’s loving spirit gently guiding my finger to scroll the mouse – I could not stop reading! The love of mother and son touched me deeply and I experienced the assurance that continuing to live a human life of joy and laughter without our deceased loved ones is okay.

My soul fragments scattered by grief began to return to me and I’m finally comfortable in my new, redefined skin – no longer a granddaughter – as Roland is no longer a mother’s son. Finally, I feel the gentle tingle of joy at the new definition of “normal.”

Roland’s journey rekindles the distant memories of moments of the past with dear ones whose physical bodies no longer walk the soils of Mother Earth. This gift of remembrance, ignites the flame of eternal love… And the healing of grief begins in earnest… 16 minutes, when one breath ends, another begins…

You may purchase 16 Minutes from Roland's website by clicking here:

If you are grieving the loss of someone you love - or your loved one's body is "failing to thrive" know you are not alone in your grief. Your angels and I send you love and hold the safe space for healing through the pain of grief.

In love and light,


Thursday, July 18, 2013

What happens when we die?

Death is so intangible.  The physical body dies and our loved one is gone.  ...but are they?  We can no longer see them, touch them or call them on the phone and hear their voice when they answer.  However, I did call my dear friend Barbara Mark's ( phone a year or so after she died.  Then after a couple of rings I freaked myself out when I thought, "What am I going to say if she picks up?" I should have let it continue to ring to find out if she would answer!

Barbara died in 2006.  As the webmaster for the Angelspeake website, I personally deleted her email account from the domain and the server.  Then on May 17,  2012 (yes, 2012) at 7:19pm - I received an email from her email account. It came during my Spiritual Whispers radio program while I was talking about her.  Hmmm....

My grandmother passed July 29, 2012.  While my daughter, Jesse and I cared for her for three months prior to her death, we created a Skype account for her.  During the wee hours of grandma's birthday, December 28, 2012, Jesse was working on her computer when she got a notice that Grandma accessed her Skype account.  Hmmm...

Just what happens when we die?  Are you afraid of death?

Tonight I'll be discussing my thoughts and beliefs on what happens when we die.  I'll also share what Barbara Mark told me the morning after her physical body died and what my dad shared with me after his physical death on Halloween 2005.  PLUS we will discuss how to have the "eyes to see, ears to hear and knowing from within" that your deceased loved ones are still with you.

If you're grieving the loss of a loved one, the book I wrote with daddy, Big Jim, two years after his death may help you breathe through the grief to a more loving space. Click here to order your personally signed copy of Waiting in the Other Room.

Fast Track to Transformation
I want to thank you for being a part of this exciting journey of shifting into the love of Christ Consciousness with me.  Through the years the Soul Kisses website and my work has undergone massive transformation.  Now we're at it again!

My grandmother's death last year was excruciating.  It took my several months to "decide" I wanted to continue living in my human body.  Just after the new year my angels, guides and I had a really deep heart to heart.  I told them how my heart yearns to hold the safe space for each of you to experience deep transformation in a more profound way.  And they have shown me how to do that.  Tomorrow you will receive the announcement of the first extraordinary program for transformation.

In the coming months I will be announcing an exciting program with Florence Scovel Shinn and the release of the new Game of Life Workbook.

There will be many more complementary webinars to support you as you release the physical world conditioning of fear and shift to the higher energy of love to create your version of heaven on earth.

Be sure to watch your email tomorrow for the exciting announcement and future emails for more support programs, webinars and information.

I hope you'll join me tonight for Spiritual Whispers radio.  Next week, Roland Comtois will be with me sharing his new book 16 Minutes: When One Breath Ends Another Begins. Click here to schedule a reminder or listen to the archive.

I look forward to holding the safe space of transformation for you in a huge way in the coming weeks!

In love and light,