Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Angel?

Eight years ago today, my dad Big Jim, disconnected the etheric cord from his physical body and joined the angelic realm.  Many spiders (followed by heartfelt spirit laughter) have come and gone as physical world reminders that Daddy is still around - both for me and for many of you!  So much has happened in eight years and for some, including me, life has changed drastically.

When Daddy passed, he came in immediately and began to share his insight into human life and spirit life.  He visits often, but on Halloween, I get really excited because you never know what he's going to do next to make "this" Halloween more memorable than the last.

So far... he's on a roll!

"Daddy, are you here?"  I can feeeeeeellll the smile coming in....

Yes, indeed, it is I!

I thought I'd knock on the door, but I know how that riles up the little dog.  So instead I'll just hover around the room {laughter} - you know my freedom of movement is nothing short of miraculous!

Do you have words of wisdom to share with the Soul Kisses Community today?

But of course!  My message is one of acceptance to gather strength.  Accept this moment for what it is - the opportunity to gather strength of hope and possibility to create anew - and accept that knowing throughout your BE-ing.

Many of you have been through a lot these past few years.  It's time to make some decisions on what you really want, because we (on this side of the veil) believe what many of you have created really isn't how you want to live.  Know you can make changes! For those of you who have been choosing to create happier, more enjoyable lives, know that what you have been working toward is manifesting as we speak.
Hold to the BELIEF of Receiving!  Imagine your dreams of creating a new reality are like birthing a baby - you can't change your mind when you're in the delivery room!  No matter what happens know with every cell of your being that you have the power to create the life that fills your heart with joy - and don't give up when your human eyes don't see anything yet.

Focus on what the joy you want feels like and your world will expand into that joy as your reality!

Sending love and light to all - oh and Laurie, no promises on keeping the spiders to myself!
~ Big Jim

In love and light,

p.s. Daddy was my spider killer...  If you would like to learn more about our story, you may get your copy of Waiting in the Other Room, the book we wrote together after Daddy passed, directly from me (signed to you) or from Amazon.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Are You Claiming Opportunity?

As summer winds down I'm reminded of not only the end of summer, but the ending of life cycles.  These past few years we and our planet have experienced dramatic life changes from the inside out.  Even though these changes may have been less than joyful at times, when you held to the light of hope and possibility they gave way to opportunities that were more wonderful than you could have imagined. Were you paying attention?

We are in a magical time of transformation that we have dreamed of for years.  Each one of us is on the cusp of transforming our lives to a reality that fulfills our dreams in magical ways.  As we continue to ascend our energy and evolve our awareness, our open hearts are drawing to us opportunities to exceed our expectations.  Are you claiming your opportunity?  Or...  when you begin to embrace something new and exciting you feel like you get slammed by energies of the past that plant seeds of doubt in your ability to manifest a new reality?

Are life experiences of the past - perhaps things you've forgotten about - coming up in the past few weeks?  Painful experiences rooted in feelings of unworthiness, not good enough, and powerlessness?  If so, these are not to deter you, but to lead you to choose and choose firmly, that you are worthy, you are good enough and gosh darn it, you ARE Powerful!

You do have the power to manifest a new, wonderful, exciting, prosperous reality!  And the time to begin your transformation... is now.  Choose to!

You have the power to create a life that you love from the inside out.  No matter what is going on in your life at this moment.  If you're unhappy, you can change it.  If you're walking around in a state of bliss, you can expand that bliss even more.  You are powerful!  You are magnificent!  You are valuable and important and it is your birthright to live a life of joy, prosperity and love!

In love and light,

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Aspen Speaks...

My daughter Jessi is a gifted photographer who captures the essence - the very life force energy of her subject.  I recently had the opportunity to experience some of her photographs and receive a beautiful message from Mother Earth.

In particular there was a photograph of a grove of aspen trees.

Note: A Quaking Aspen clone in Utah is the world's largest and possibly the oldest living organism.  It is called Pando. Living on Earth® The World's Oldest Organism in Trouble.

As my eyes took in the mystery of the forest of aspens signaling season change, one began to speak:

We are of Mother Earth, here to support you, to show you and to tell the story of all that has come before and the possibility of this direction of time.  Through our roots holding us firm in the soil of Mother Earth, we connect with each other.  One connected to another, then another, then another - soil, water, trees, master elk, humans...

I know the story of humans on the other side of the earth.  I know the story of the humans in downtown Minneapolis, I know the story of the plains of Africa.  I know the playfulness of the dolphins.  I know.

My colors rejoice the tides of change in season and in the consciousness collective.  I feel the worry of the humans who love Mother Earth.  I feel the love of the consciously awake.  I am here to ask you not to worry, but to embrace perseverance mingled with the joy of possibility. 

Embodiment of material form comes and goes, but our essence never dies.  The landscape after fire and water tell a story, but the imprint of our existence continues - the essence of a forest after a fire is still there - it is you who have trained your eyes to not see.

It is human for you to grieve.  Experience your grief, but then allow yourself to "see" the essence of what once was and rejoice that it still lives.  Release the worry that plagues your heart and creates illness in your human body.  Release the worry and seize the eternal essence of life and possibility - for your forests, for your governments, for your selves, for your evolvement to a higher state of being.

We stand tall through snow storms, wind, rain, lightening and drought.  We embody the breath of life from the sun.  We are love in material form and we are many. The joy of this existence IS.  I am Aspen Tree with roots that stretch throughout Mother Earth - knower of all.  You are human being - limiter of thought and knowing.  Choose differently.  Allow yourself to BE the connection you are within to fulfill your mission without.

When you eyes see my beauty, when your ears hear the rustle of my whispers from the breath of God, breathe in the wisdom of time in all directions and the guidance you seek will be revealed to you.

I am Aspen Tree

The beauty and intelligence of our planet is limitless.  I ask you to include moments of breathing the fresh air of Mother Earth beneath the branches of the trees in your day.  Gently touch the tree with the palm of your hand and ask the questions that weigh heavy on your heart, then be open to receive the answers in whatever way they come - they will come!

Messages are revealed to us in remarkable ways.  The voice of Aspen Tree spoke clearly to me through Jessi's photograph while the physical tree resides on the western slope.  Your loving message may be in a song on the radio, a conversation overheard, from an intuitive medium connecting with those of the angelic realm, an aspen tree in a photograph...  Be open to receive and you will.

In love and light,

Photos by Jessi Large, Jessi Jay Photography.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

3x 3x Rabbits?

This morning when I took the Majik poodle out for his morning walk, we were joined by rabbits in groups of three - three groups of three.

The number three has spiritual significance, bringing to my conscious awareness the harmony of mind-body-spirit.

The physical form of the bunnies bring to my awareness Rabbit Medicine from the book, Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson.  Rabbit medicine is about worry and fear - "fear of tragedy, illness, disaster" - fear of losing what we have.  When left unchecked this fear energy becomes our reality.

When I went woke up this morning I felt a resistance I couldn't place, so I asked for help shifting out of it. Seeing the three sets of rabbits three times led me to look within at my inner mind-body-spirit balance from a different perspective. I specifically went in search of the resistant energy of fear.  I didn't think I was in fear, but resistance is fear and... three sets of three bunnies couldn't be wrong!  When I took the time to look within, I found it - the energy that shadowed waking to today's brilliance and possibility. By facing it, I felt it dissolve and the shadow between me and seeing the Golden Opportunities of this day disappeared.

And...  clarity became my friend from a more balanced higher state of vibration.

Mother Earth spoke to me through my awareness of seeing three sets of rabbits three times.  I followed the guidance and looked within, creating a better experience of these daylight hours.

As we expand our awareness and trust the guidance within, life flows in ease and grace more easily.  In today's world we are fully supported by Mother Earth as well as our guides of the angelic realm. Is Mother Earth speaking to you? Are you listening? What is she saying?

We are in a perfect time of listening, seeing and knowing guidance that is right here, right now to make our lives easier.  We are in the pre shadow of Mercury going retrograde October 21.  It is a magical time to be consciously awake to the subconscious guidance around us.

Are you open to being aware?

In love and light,

Thursday, October 3, 2013

You have Dominion over Darkness/Fear...

Has anything pushed your buttons today?  Gotten under your skin?  Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Are you worried about anything?  Are you creating today from yesterday or last week's frustration?

We're all being faced with decisions and choices of what reality we want to experience.  Do we want to continue with our status quo of creating from our archive of past experiences or do we want to step beyond what we "know" and allow a new awareness of time, space and creation?

How are you observing your energy flow today?

Everything is energy and our observation of it is what gives it form.

So...  when we visualize what we want, we give energy form with our thoughts.  When we hold that perception - that vision of creation - we create through our energy within... our reality.

Each moment is a Golden Opportunity to create something new and different - something that is not in our archive of past experiences.  We have the opportunity to re-write the neural pathways of our brain with a new version of be-ing.

You are an Infinite Possibility Creator and have dominion over the darkness of fear and negativity that surrounds your human body.  When you read this, do you feel resistance or do you believe it?  If you believe it, breathe into the energy and create the life you want!  If you feel resistance, take this moment to look deep within and find out where and why you feel this isn't true for you.  Ask your angels to "show you" what you need to face to be rid of the struggle within you to create changes in your life.


Each moment is a Golden Opportunity to create something new and different - something that is not in our archive of past experiences.  We have the opportunity to re-write the neural pathways of our brain with a new version of be-ing.  What does your new version of be-ing look like?  How much joy are you experiencing, how much happiness, how much love?

No matter what your life situation is in this moment, you have dominion over your reality including the darkness of fear.  If you don't like it, choose in this moment - this one Right NOW - choose a different reality.  You can do it!

In love and light,