Sunday, December 31, 2017

Angelic GPS January 1 - 7, 2018

The energy of this first week of the new year of 2018 supports you to leave fear behind in 2017.

Fear is a huge component of living a human life on Mother Earth.  We're here to overcome that fear and ascend our energy to our true essence: LOVE.

You've carried fear around in some form all your life.  Is this the year you'll ascend to LOVE and leave fear behind?

I vote, YES!

This week's energy supports you to see fear for what it is - an illusion.
I know... you've lived in a vibratory state of fear for so long that it feels like your normal state of being.

It isn't.

YOU are a powerful BE-ing of Love and Light.

You have the power to choose to BE Love and Light instead of fear.

All you need to do is "remember" and  "use" your tools to overcome the illusion of fear, then next thing you know... it's gone!

Without fear, the LOVE that you are shines brightly, illuminating your path to powerfully manifest what brings your heart joy.

You deserve to BE Happy!

I see you and hold you in the light of Being Happy in all areas of your life - living your version of heaven on earth!

So be it... and it is...

In this moment and every moment after...

Many blessings,
“I don’t know how, but miracles happen in my life - Every. Day."

Friday, December 22, 2017

Angelic GPS December 25 - 31, 2017

This week's energy supports you to move forward and take action.

Self-doubt and indecisiveness may be knocking at your door because it seems as though this year has 'gotten away' from you.  The year of 2017 is drawing to a close and you may feel like it has passed you by - like time evaporated and now you'd like a Do-Over.

Honor these feelings, but know that no time has been lost.  During the time that seems to have evaporated, your human body has been acclimating to the new higher vibrating energies of our planet.

Less than love energies have been coming forward to be healed and whether during your waking or sleeping hours, you've been healing these energies - one vibration at a time.

Know that you have the strength, courage and power to make the appropriate course corrections to make 2018 a very profitable, joy filled, happy year - no matter what is going on around you.

It's time to make decisions on how you wish to FEEL - firm decisions - stomp your foot and accept nothing less!  I'm speaking of FEELING happy and filled with joy when you wake in the morning, throughout your day and when you rest your head at night.

The universe will 'match' experiences to this feeling of joy that you've defined.  And you will feel within you a peaceful feeling of 'time well spent.'

Your Angelic team are with you in every moment to support you to live your biggest, most magnificent life.  Commit to yourself to work with them to bring this life to fruition!

I send you love and light for Happy Holidays!

Many blessings,

Friday, December 15, 2017

Angelic GPS December 18 - 24, 2017

This week's energy supports you to understand relationships.

The holiday season can be an uncomfortable rollercoaster with regard to relationships and we're in the thick of it. 

What we must understand is that relationships are NOT about the other person. 

Relationships are about us.

Relationships are mirrors of our own lives - specifically how we truly feel and what we truly believe about ourselves.

Example:  If there is someone in your life whose energy causes you to feel inadequate or unworthy, this person is mirroring to you that deep in the darkness of your heart you feel inadequate or unworthy.

How do you overcome this?

1. Identify the energy in your body - where do you feel it?

2. Ask your angels to join you and help you heal this energy this relationship holds.

3. Pull it into the light and dive right into it - don't be scared, I know it's painful, but trust me, it doesn't get any more painful than it is right now, so you've already experienced the most painful part.

4. Follow the breadcrumbs of this energy to its core.  At the core you may discover that something happened in your childhood that initiated these painful feelings - something that you had no control over.  You will probably find that now as an adult looking at what happened, there was no need for you to feel unworthy.  It was your inner child mind taking on responsibility that wasn't yours to take.  Now you can see that you are worthy, lovable and deserving.  It's time to heal your inner child and heal this energy forever.

5. Work closely with your angels to send all the love of your heart to this person and the situation of being with them to create a higher outcome.

When you heal the energy that causes you anxiety between you and another person, they no longer have power over you and their behavior won't bother you any more.

Put on your warrior armor - wear it throughout the holidays.  Make BE-ing a warrior your normal way of existing - strong, resilient, yet operating from a place of profound love, acceptance and peace. 

This could be your best holiday season ever!

In love and light,

Friday, December 8, 2017

Angelic GPS December 11 - 17, 2017

This week's energy builds on overcoming the self-doubt of last week to support you to consciously become one with your Higher Self and listen to your intuition.

Be open and receptive or synchronicities and what appears to be coincidence.  These experiences are your angelic team working overtime to get you to 'notice' the power of what's going on for you behind the scenes.

We've passed through the Full/Super/Wishing phase of the moon last week and Mercury is now in Retrograde.  We need all the help we can get to maintain a sense of peace and balance.

You've set into motion the manifestation of the desires of your heart.  Use the energy of Mercury Retrograde to reflect on what your really want and open your mind and arms wide to recognize and understand any guidance to action steps to bring those desires to fruition.

If you're unsure if what you're getting is a real sign, ask your angels to clarify.

Be aware that your subconscious may be pulling the strings to make you doubt yourself, your higher self and your angels.  Know that this doubt is coming forward to be healed - not to punish you.

Follow the breadcrumbs of the resistance energy to its core and face it nose to nose.  It will reveal why it's coming forward to be healed.

Today is a POWERFUL time to manifest what you want.  

Stand in your power and know that your higher self has your back to produce the highest possible outcome in all life experiences!

In love and light,

Friday, December 1, 2017

Angelic GPS December 4 - 10, 2017

This week's energy supports you to overcome self-doubt and deflect indecisiveness and the inability to move forward.

 Self-doubt and indecisiveness have been sneaking into your subconscious to hold you back from moving forward.

Be aware that the energy that fuels these feelings may not be yours.

We live in a world that notifies us immediately when tragedy, chaos and trauma happens - no matter where it is on the planet.  If you're an empath you may be sucking this energy up like a sponge.

When you feel that resistance of self-doubt, indecisiveness and uncertainty sneaking in, step back as the observer and discern, "is this mine?"

If it is yours, then face the energy head on and follow the breadcrumbs to its core.  By fearlessly facing it, you will destroy its power and it will fade away to its native nothingness.

If it isn't yours, then you've already dissipated it by facing it.

Ask Archangel Michael to surround you with shields of light to protect you moving forward.

In love and light,

“I don’t know how, but miracles happen in my life - Every. Day."