Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Ripple Affect that Begins Within...

Collectively as a whole, we and our planet are experiencing a magnificent fluctuation of energy that holds the vibration of miraculous creation and transformation. 

I'm excited!

The oscillation of energy these past few months have intensified and many of us have felt like Gumby (I just dated myself...) being pulled from within in different directions, struggling to focus and coming face to face with painful experiences of the past that has been buried for years.

Know there is light at the end of the tunnel and that light is brilliantly illuminating possibility and opportunity!

Last week I talked about the Cardinal Grand Cross that the planets Jupiter, Mars, Uranus and Pluto have created and the crescendo of energy associated with their movement.  The magnetic pull of their energy has opened a beautiful doorway for you to look within in deep reflection and discern how you may best serve yourself and humanity to fulfill your true potential.

Limitless possibility has taken on new meaning as we open our hearts to this moment in time - this portal of opportunity - to get really clear on what brings us joy from deep within.  It is a time of reflection on what we believe about ourselves and what we want to experience.

Take the time you need to get clear on what you want your life to FEEL like - what joy do you wish to experience?  But... do you feel stuck in the goop of what you don't want?

Everywhere you turn people are talking about "What They Do Not Want" - about "What Isn't Working" and how they are "Not in Agreement."  Florence Scovel Shinn, author of The Game of Life, calls this an "Old Fashioned Chat."  The energy is focused on what they Do Not Want and it is monumentally destructive!

In this moment of today - right now - is the time to commit to excluding less than love energy conversation from your life!  This moment is the time to commit to love or above conversations of positive energy of what you WANT!  What you want your world to feel like - as well as the world around you.

Fanning this flame of love and above energy within you will illuminate a new pathway of possibilities and opportunities that you did not see before... and with this revelation an exciting ripple affect begins from within - a ripple affect of possibility that was struggling to exist before.

The opportunity to shift your energy and transform your life is knocking.  Will you answer? 

Change can be scary and some people avoid it at all costs.  But the fact is... Change is inevitable - nothing stays the same.  Now is your opportunity to be calling the shots of your life through clarity and your own powerful love energy instead of being tossed about in your tiny life raft on the sea of fear and desperation.

Be gentle with yourself as you acclimate to these new energies and changes from deep within!

If you're a business owner and you're ready to set a firm foundation for magnificent prosperity and service, join me tonight as Gina Husser joins me for the Spiritual Whispers Radio Show at 7pm MT. Click here to schedule a reminder or access the archive. 

In love and light,

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Are you using today's Energetic Gateway of Potential?

Scientists have proven that everything is energy - including our thoughts.  As the planets move in our solar system, they move energy. 

For years I've talked about the outside influence of energies that affect our planet and ultimately - us.  I've shared with you the information I've received from my guides and today I share with you more information from them - information that astrologers support as well.

Today we are experiencing a crescendo of energy that has been building for years.  We are at an energetic gateway or portal to realizing the true power and potential of our ability to create our reality - individually as humans and collectively as humanity.  The love of the Divinity within us is wakening on a global scale that is unprecedented - and through the light of that love, the darkness of man's illusion of fear is dissipating.

This gateway took on the beginning of massive expansion with the Total Lunar Eclipse on April 14.  Then on April 23/24 we will experience a crescendo of energy when Jupiter, Mars, Uranus and Pluto form a Grand Cardinal Cross.  The surge of energy this planetary formation creates will culminate with a Solar Eclipse on April 28.  However just as the energy leading up to this has touched our lives, the affects of it will be playing out for years.

At some level everyone has felt the surge of this energy.  Many of you have felt you are on the cusp of something magnificent - a breakthrough - something that transforms your life - and you are!

In this moment - and every moment after - claim the power that is yours by clearly defining what you want for yourself.  What is it that you want to be, do or have that you aren't already experiencing?  What would make your heart sing with joy?  And most important: what would the energy of that experience FEEL like?

Okay... I know you may be pulling in other people or situations, such as: "but my boss is a jerk" or "but I don't have the money to buy a new car" or "but the bank wants to foreclose on my house."

No, no, no...  this isn't about them or a life situation - this is about YOU!  What do YOU want?  Take the emotion of the influence of other people out of the equation and get really clear on what YOU want.  This extraordinary energy flowing throughout our planet and through you is fully supporting you to claim all that is in your Field of Potentiality to Be, Do and Have ---- Now!

Or... you may be feeling helpless.  The energy of helplessness is of fear energy - and fear is an illusion...

Know that adversity is a perception - a judgment of good or bad.  No matter what is going on in your life at this moment, you have the power to transform it to something different - something that makes your heart sing with joy.

How?  The first step is to get clear on what it is you want - really clear - define the energy of what it would FEEL like to be, do or have whatever is is you want and maintain that energy.  Prepare for receiving and listen to your internal guidance for action steps - and take them!

If fear comes up - don't STUFF it - FACE it!  The Love Divinity within you is wakening - and within that light of love is your power of creation!  Remember, the energy flowing throughout our planet, your angelic team and the Mother Earth fully supports you to transform your life to joy, love and light.

Fear is an illusion of man.  When you face it through your light, the darkness of fear dissipates to its native nothingness...

I'm not an astrologer, but I do trust my guides and the flow of energy that we're experiencing Right Now is structuring your future.  What do you want it to be?  Only you can decide and take the appropriate action steps to claim your power and create as your reality - all that makes your heart sing with joy!

I hope you will join me tonight for the Spiritual Whispers Radio show.  I'll be discussing the exciting possibility of transformation during this energetic gateway!

In love and light,

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"The Master Secret: Happiness is Success" by Eldon Taylor

My friend and colleague, NY Times best selling author Eldon Taylor, has released his amazing "The Master Secret: Happiness is Success" collection.  This is a program designed to bring you the inner happiness that is necessary for you to be successful. The collection includes inspiring lectures, headphone programs that give you an immediate boost, and a number of InnerTalk subliminal programs that will change your self talk from the inside out.

Your self talk inspires you or it brings you down - what is yours?  Do you naturally think about how much you love your job, your relationships and your life or is your self-talk negative, destructive and painful?

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In love and light,

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"The Ecstasy of Surrender" by Dr. Judith Orloff

I want to share with you an exciting new book:


"The Ecstasy of Surrender takes you straight into the light: our surrender to an intelligence, power, and love that is greater than our own. Dr. Orloff nails it." -- Marianne Williamson

Judith Orloff MD, a UCLA psychiatrist and intuitive healer, presents her unique approach for viewing SURRENDER as the secret element to success and intimacy (it doesn't mean defeat)--the complete opposite of what we've been taught! In this book, Dr. Orloff blows apart old stereotypes about sex, power, beauty, money, aging, and death.

In this ground breaking new book, she guides you to surrender toxic relationships, obsessive thinking--and how to stop absorbing other people's symptoms that may be making you sick!

You'll also learn the art of reading people and how to surrender to your true feminine and/or masculine power. Synthesizing neuroscience and intuitive medicine, THE ECSTASY OF SURRENDER liberates you from the exhaustion of excessive pushing so that you experience a more blissful and deeply surrendered life!

If this speaks to you, when you purchase the book be sure to get your FREE "Manifest the Power of Surrender" Downloadable Gift Collection at - including a special gift from me to support you to create a happier, less stressful life!

In love and light,