Thursday, May 28, 2015

Message from the Angels May 28

It is so easy to get caught up in the urgency of work, housework, family and well... life.  Then the next thing you know, the week has evaporated, then the month, then the year and we're left standing there wondering, where did my life go?

Yet... the energy of our day to day living is shifting. 

Have you noticed that when you think back about your day, you "REMEMBER" more details?  You remember noticing the love in someone's eyes, or the beauty of nature, or how good it feels to BE where you are. 

If you've been noticing these things, its because you were "in the moment' during those experiences.

In-the-Moment is where we want to live our lives.  When we're in-the-moment, we have control of our focus.  By focusing our energy we create our lives.

The angels support the energies of this week (Angelic GPS) and share their wisdom with us:

Angel Message Hug of Support
Dearest Beautiful BE-ing of Light,

Breathe deeply with us dear one, and embrace the love that you are. 

Your world is one of hustle, bustle, but this is changing.  As your human spirit wakens to the light, you discover your time is not linear as you have believed. 

Time simply IS.

Your memories of before this moment make up your human belief systems.  They define what you believe to be your truth, but the light is revealing the fragility of the beliefs that are not in alignment with your truth.  And through this revelation you discover you have power within you that has been suppressed.

When you focus your attention in this moment - this one right here, as you read, your unrestricted energy creates a new reality of experience.

Your consciousness expands and your awareness of the power of your energy becomes clear.

BE-ing a limitless spiritual BEing is now understood.

This understanding shifts the axis of your human existence and powerfully brings in the Christ Conscious energy ascending the collective.

Limitless possibility is no longer a wish, but a tangible experience.

Breathe deeply with us dear one, and embrace the love that you are...
Your loving angels of light

We're told to "Live in the Moment" but in a hustle, bustle, hurried life, we wonder, "How do I do that?"

Mother Earth's energy is moving us into that place of BE-ing in-the-moment.  Embrace the moments you are in full consciousness and allow yourself to BE AWARE.

At first, the experience may seem surreal.  You've been so caught up in the physical that the power of this moment has eluded you, but now... here it is... 

When you experience this, make note of your energy:  what am I thinking?  Where am I focusing my energy?  If you're immersed in being worried, call on your Worry Angel and give the worry to him.  Then send love to the situation and everyone involved with the intention and focus of a higher outcome.  You'll be amazed at how beautifully everything works out.  Be open to miracle and hold your arms open wide to receive them!

With open heart, your angels will guide you and show you the way to reconnect with your soul to reveal the possibilities of your future - beginning with this moment of now.

YOU - ARE - POWERFUL!  Accept it, claim it, and use it!

In love and light,
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With love and gratitude, 
South Carolina, US

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Angelic GPS May 25-31 + Peek into Your Future + Specials

My phone, computer and all their software have developed a mind of their own.  Yes... Mercury Retrograde is in full swing.

Technology and communication have been or may be on the brink of being compromised.

What is a human to do?

Step back as the observer, from a more balanced, less anxious state and consciously set into motion a higher outcome!  For as the observer you have the opportunity to be calm, assertive and empowered - simply by observing from outside the anxiety of any life situation or event.

From this place of observer, its easy for you to see where you are out of alignment as well as opportunities to neutralize the situation.  Empowered through calm, assertive, love based energy you are a magnet for miraculous experiences.

The power of this week's energy shares more insight:

May 25-31 2015

The powerful energy of this week holds the guidance to Material Harvest when you implement and maintain Balance.

This last week of May is a time of completion.  You've been setting your intention to consciously be aware of your energy within.  And as a result you're mastering the ability to recognize when your conscious and subconscious are out of alignment.

Balance is the pivotal key to materializing prosperity as your external experience through your internal flow of energy.

Balance of mind, body, spirit.

What is happening around you is the realization of the externalization of your inner harmony or disharmony.  If you're experiencing disharmony within, Change-it-Today!  Choose to BE a harmonious!

Your external life is a perception of your human mind.  Do you want to BE experiencing something different?

Close your eyes in this moment and envision what it would feel like to experience what you really want; e.g. harmonious, loving relationships, hearing God's voice as best friends, being valued at your job, clients purchasing from your business or hiring you, a new home, all your obligations paid, breaking up with those extra pounds, unfriending and dropping them, optimal health, travel - a real vacation!  Whatever it is you would really like to experience - envision it with your entire body and breathe into the energy of how much joy you are in to experience this.

Embrace this magnificent energy of joy and celebrate it.  Know this is not faking it till you make it or lying to yourself, you're creating a new reality from the inside out. 

And when you're in this state of joy filled excitement, you're in harmony with mind, body, spirit.

And most importantly... when you are in alignment, you mold creation energy into form and create as your physical experience: a material harvest!

Mercury is in retrograde through the second week of June.  Be sure to ask your angels to help you:
~ check travel arrangements twice,
~ confirm appointments,
~ get you to where you need to be at the right time,
~ communicate clearly with your spouse, family, children, boss and coworkers
~ triple check contracts before signing
~ have patience with your cell phone and all technology
AND... ~ peek into your future at the limitless possibilities that are yours!

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In love and light,

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Angel Message May 21, 2015

Possibilities are being revealed!  Opportunities are knocking!  The power to transform experiences from disappointing to miraculously happy is here - within our grasp!

Just how awesome is this?

As humans, when we feel disconnected, scattered, separate and alone, we immediately jump on the bandwagon of "something is wrong with me" - well... this could not be further from the truth!

Today's message of love and guidance sheds new light on these less than love feelings and fully supports this week's Angelic GPS:

Angel Message Hug of Support
Dearest Children of Light,
We are aware of how you feel lost, scattered, disconnected and alone.
Know that this is only an illusion - you are expanding beautifully - acknowledge the separateness for what it is - a segment of transformation.
Not a failure...
Not a setback...
But a validation of moving forward!
You feel separated and alone because you have ascended your energy and from this new arena, you have nothing to compare it to - no compass to gauge your progress.
From this New Place of Human it is easy for your human 'freak out' to take over and halt or hinder your forward ascension momentum.
Do not let this happen!
Breathe in the knowing of ALL is Well - we have not left you - on the contrary, children, we are as a force field, deflecting that which does not serve you!
Hold fast and true to what you know:  Love is the most powerful force in the universe!  Breathe in the love and from this place of BE-ing One-with-God your heart will know the way...
Step beyond trust to Knowing - remembering God is never too late... You are following the whispers of your heart --- asking for help, for guidance -- live from your heart space -- instead of hiding in the shadows of fear.
See 'pre-occupation' for what it is - The Shadows of Fear.
Breathe deeply in the quiet to achieve the clarity you seek.
Allow your body to rest through Structured Motion - Stretching outside your fear zone to Experience and BE in the light.
All You've dreamed of is here now.  What do you want to experience first?
Your loving angels of support and guidance...

When I received this message from the angels, I knew within my heart - within every cell of my BEing that what they said is true. 

We're standing smack in the middle of a new paradigm of living that has no preconceived structure.  Its All NEW.

Don't let the limiting beliefs of the past way-lay your ascension momentum.  Acknowledge the energy you're in, pull into the light any less than love energy that is being revealed to you - face it, heal it and disconnect from it.  Then celebrate having ascended your vibration to a new, exciting level of "Knowing".  And set your intention to experience what brings you joy!

Then... open your arms wide to avalanches of prosperity!
In love and light,
 ps - if you received benefit from this message from the angels, I would love it if you would share it with your friends!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Angelic GPS May 18-24, 2015 - Observation to Achieve Financial & Material Changes

For centuries we've been searching for answers, to "why" we feel disconnected from God and "how" we can reconnect to feel God's loving support and comfort.  Our hearts tell us that we're not disconnected - we are As-One and we are discovering that this is true.

Accepting that we are As-One with God opens a new energy of BE-ing that we've been catching glimpses of.  Through these miraculous moments in time the way has been opened for our human minds to accept and explore the power of this knowing of our hearts.

Tonight the moon is New and the night will be dark.  The human belief is there is no light in the dark and in the dark we are lost.  This is not true.  When our eyes adjust to the darkness, there is light - the body perceives light!

We are learning that this belief in darkness is an illusion - for where there is breathing life... there is light.

The trees hold light, the plants hold light, the animals and the humans hold light. 

When you bravely open your eyes in the darkness of fear...  Allow your eyes to adjust....  the darkness will dissipate and you will see your path to experience a higher outcome.

May 18-24 2015

The powerful energy of this week implores Patience and Emotional Withdrawal to achieve Triumphant Financial & Material Changes.

The mechanics of being human drive us to endure and persevere through perceived challenges, tribulation and adversity.

The physical world teaches us to keep our head down and forge ahead holding mightily to faith.

We are now in a time of energy ascended from faith to "knowing" - that glimpse of BE-ing As-One with God.  From this place of "knowing" we discover there are new guidelines for creating higher outcomes.

This week, ask your angelic A-Team for help to step out of your emotional challenges.  Step into their loving arms and view your life as the observer.  From this safe place as the observer you will discover the darkness of adversity dissipates and you will see opportunities you could not see before.

Worry and fear that has haunted you (sometimes quietly hidden in your subconscious) loses its grip on you and the way is opened for you to breathe into your power to choose, demand and live a higher outcome!

YOU are incredibly powerful - the Master Creator of Your Life!  You've powerfully created your life thus far, now its time to create more of what you truly want forgoing the human need to struggle to get what you want.

Life is not meant to be a struggle - fear and worry make life a struggle. 

Allowing your inner vision to see through the illusion of the darkness of fear powerfully ascends your energy to BE As-One with God in joy and love.

Remember... stepping back as an observer is POWERFUL!  BE-ing the patient observer will show you Golden Opportunities to experience both triumphant financial and material changes!

As a fellow human, I know its against our nature to "let God have the wheel" - we struggle with guilt having been taught that "God helps those who help themselves."  These teachings come from feeling separated from God and they get in our way because we're not separated from God - we are ONE with God.  And in my opinion...  asking God for help IS having the wisdom to help ourselves - by asking!  Opening our heart to work with God, allows us to hear the voice of Mother, Father God guiding us.

There is no need to struggle - struggling is an option - and unfortunately so many of us CHOOSE the option:


Be conscious of keeping your Worry Angel employed!  And set the intention to work in tandem with the powerful New Moon Energy. PLUS Mercury goes Retrograde today opening the energetic portal to view the possibilities of your future and set the wheels in motion to create those possibilities as your reality.

Its time to powerfully create what you want - are you ready?

In love and light,

ps: There is no need for you to ever - EVER - struggle on your own.  Your Angelic A-Team are always with you, fully supporting you to ascend the illusion of worry and fear that has plagued you.  I'm walking human shoes, just like you and I have to consciously choose not to struggle and use the tools the angels give me to live my most Miraculous Life!  

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Angelic Message of Support May 14, 2015

I've been on sabbatical this week; resting, reading, meditating, looking within, working with my dream guides and my angels to process through shadow beliefs to experience clarity.

In moments of clarity we glimpse our true potential and our hearts soar with joy at the possibility!  But as a human who subconsciously focuses on what we call surviving, this flash of true inspiration is often pushed aside as 'impossible' - too good to be true. 

We forget that we are limitless spiritual BE-ings of love and light.  We thrive when we are open to our highest good, even though from a human perspective our highest good may seem outside our reach.

I'm just like you - human - and the physical world judgments and illusions muddy the waters of my thoughts, just like they do yours. This week the angels have been helping me to achieve crystal clear vision from within to without.

...and nothing is outside my reach.

Nothing is outside your reach.  This week's Angelic GPS opens a powerful portal of support with our angels and they support this in today's message:

Angel Message Hug of Support

Dearest BE-ings of Love and Light...

Today opens a portal - a doorway, if you will, to powerfully expand into a greater expression of your uniqueness. 

Will you access the love of this power?

We understand that you may be caught up in the physical world definition of love.  We are speaking of joy filled energy beyond your human comprehension. 

We speak of a feeling that is deeper than emotions - a feeling from within the cells of your BE-ing - the very essence of the spark of energy that you are.
Close your eyes, dear child and breathe deeply, welcoming through your breath your connection with us. 

Breathe deeply of our light essence, filling your body with hope, possibility and strength.

Take this moment to write to us - allow your deep breaths to guide your hand and you will discover messages of love, of possibility, of guidance to truly BE the singing of your heart.

Write:  "We love you and..."  continue to write from the whisperings of your heart.  You will discover the magic between us - words you do not us - turns of phrase that are not yours - whispers of us, your loving angels.

As questions and we will answer...

Your Angels of Love and Light...

Stop in this moment and open your heart to the limitless possibility that you are.  Breathe in deeply the support of your angelic A-Team.  Write to them and experience the magic!

In love and light,

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Angelic GPS May 11-17, 2015

Have you felt like - in some area of your life - you've been struggling? 

You're working toward a happier, more joy filled experience, but you just haven't.... quite.... gotten there?

Your break through energy is here - this week!

May 11-17, 2015

The powerful energy of this week holds you in the Light to easily work with your Angelic A-Team to experience a higher outcome!

The energetic flow of the love energy of these past few weeks has supported you to face, disconnect from and heal the vibration of thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.

And through the darkness of the physical world's illusion of pain, suffering, despair, uncertainty, anxiety and downright fear, you've persevered.  You've held fast to "Your -- Truth" - the Truth of your heart to breathe into and align with the heart of God as one.

In this time of now, with open heart, the light shines from within to without --- illuminating your pathway of miracles.  The brilliance within you is in alignment with your Angelic A-Team!

Together as one, you have the power to create from within: pleasure, happiness, contentment, growth, success, joy and the illumination of action steps to create the highest possible outcome in all areas of your life!

What will you do with this energy?

Will you trust the Divine guidance within you - that whisper of God to your heart - the angelic nudge to claim the energy of what you really want?

When you claim this energy - the joy that having what you want brings you, any remnant of what no longer serves you is revealed.  Know that this revelation is as painful as it gets! 

Use your tools... from a place of knowing you are walking your path of highest good... to process through this less than love energy.

From this place of energetic expansion, miraculous opportunities are revealed that you could not see before.

Follow the guidance of the voice of God within you.  Embrace and expand into the joy filled valley of expectancy, ushering in physical world experiences of Christ Conscious energy.

To claim the energy of what you wish to experience, simply shift your energy from what it feels like to not have what you want --- to the excited, joy filled energy of having what you do want.

Ask your angels to join you, and together - as one - send all the love of your heart to what you wish to experience.  This act of sending love shifts you from less than love energy to love or above to create a higher outcome.  Ask your angels to help you understand action steps you are to take to bring your desire to fruition.

You can do this!

In love and light,

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Gratitude for being chosen to be Jessi's mom...

At 4:02 am on a cold December morning my life began when my daughter, Jessi was born. For years being a mom was not on my radar due to medical reasons, then here she was - so beautiful... and so perfect... I was in awe - and I wasn't drugged... she decided to make her entrance so quickly there was no time for drugs - so I fully experienced giving birth to the most beautiful human spirit on the planet (in my opinion ).

In short order I learned that toddlers cannot sleep when they have a fever unless they're breathing in their mother's face, that stubbornness can be a virtue and how to explain that a mother's supply of hugs is endless.

When she was old enough to talk she, she informed me that I was born when she was, and she was right - that's when my life really began. My life took on meaning and purpose that I couldn't even imagine before.

Love is the most powerful magnetic force in the universe - making true Mother's love powerful beyond measure.

When Jess was seventeen I unexpectedly met the spiritual essence of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa during an intense time of helpless 'mother worry'. They taught me that holding Jess in the energy of love instead of worry creates a higher miraculous outcome.

During the summer of 2012, through the love of her heart, Jess agreed to help me care for my dear grandmother as her physical body failed. I witnessed first hand the true beauty of the love essence that they are - my daughter and her great grandmother, and I knew that as painful as the experience was... all truly was in Divine order. The love between us that is eternal brought us comfort and guided us then and still does today.

We teach our children from the love of our hearts, and they teach us how to BE that love.

Being Jess's mom has given me the opportunity to be a greater expression of who I am. Thank you, Jess for picking me to be your mom!  You - are - my greatest treasure!

To you, the reader, I send you all the love of my heart as you celebrate the love in your life!

In love and light,

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Angel Hug of Support through Harsh Energy May 7, 2015

This week's energy fully supports you to transcend the "mental conflict" of the human brain thought processes - Thank God! (see this week's Angelic GPS here)

The energies fluctuating throughout the planet have been harsh - harsh in the sense that the energy is seriously revealing what no longer serves us.  Sunday's Full Moon added to the fray of this magnetic energy that is not seeking to punish us, but to "none-too-gently" push us into BE-ing the greatest expression of ourselves possible.

For me, this revelation has shown me a depth of "despair with a dose of depression" that I didn't know existed within me.  Yet, here it is, right in my face demanding to be healed.  As painful as it is, I see it for "what it is" - a golden opportunity to blossom and expand and most importantly, be done with that shadow energy that's been poking me and hiding off and on for years. 

Angel Hug of Support
Dear One...

We ask that you take this time to be gentle with your human selves - to rest, to look within and bravely face - with our support - the low vibrating energies of unworthiness, not good enough, despair, depression, worry and anxiousness. 

We know that living in your human body brings with it a feeling of being alone in an empty space - unseen, unheard and misunderstood - and most painfully feeling separated from God.

This cannot be further from the truth.  For God is within you - breathing life into your body, allowing you to fully experience the duality of your planet, while supporting you to access your heart space where all things are possible.

We ask that you allow your spirit to acknowledge that loving support you access through your prayers is us - with you.

Ask for our help, trusting into 'knowing' that the results of our help is imminent in your physical world reality.

Dearest Children, you are not alone as you ascend and transform from the fear filled human to the limitless spiritual BEing that you are.

Give to us what no longer serves you and we will disconnect you from it in all directions of time so that you - YOU may freely experience the greatest joy of love and light that you human be-ing-ness can comprehend!

Your loving Angels of Light...

Be gentle with yourself as what no longer serves you is revealed and know that the less than love energy is not seeking to punish you --- it is coming forward to be healed - now and forevermore!   Recognize it for the Golden Opportunity it is to step into an even greater expression of yourself fearlessly BE-ing limitless!

You can do it!  We'll do it together!

Oh yes... one more thing...  the Soul Kisses website is undergoing a full facelift and remodel.  I'll be announcing an open house soon!  Watch your emails for the exciting details!

In love and light,

ps - if you missed the Angels & Full Moon Energy Reveal Your Pathway to Miracles or the New Moon program, the recordings of the live program are available.  Full Moon here -- New Moon here.

pps - if you received benefit from this information, I would love it if you would share it with your friends!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Angelic GPS May 4-10, 2015

We are in a time of transcending our old way of BE-ing worry magnets to reclaim our power to live - what we describe as a miraculous life - the angels would say, "finally stepping into who we are."

We're struggling with what has been - the past - and what we're feeling throughout our bodies today - the knowing from deep within that our power to create ...well... everything we want... is within our scope of possibility - now!
But...  (OMG - the human "but" that cancels everything before...) we're struggling with choosing: "something new and unprecedented - actually getting what I want" or "but I know and understand this old energy of lack and struggle, its familiar!"
The angels are with us to help us process through our human uncertainty:

May 4 - 10, 2015

The powerful energy of this week supports you to take your power back from Mental Conflict!

We live in a world where reality is a perception.  

Ask a group of people what they saw or what they heard during an event and the stories will encompass a full range of experiences with only a few being the same.
Are they lying?  No... their perceptions are different.
We each have our own individual neural pathways of belief and from those beliefs we base the perception of our experiences, which leads us to this week's energy.
Are you feeling stuck?  Unsure?  Perhaps your dreams are coming true, but you're hesitant to step fully into joy because "worry of change" is screaming fear in your ear?
Lets step back as the observer:
1. Feeling stuck is really a sign that you're on the cusp of something truly magnificent!  Allow yourself to shift into that energy of excitement and open your arms wide to receive the prosperity that is yours by Divine right!
2. If you're unsure, ask your angels to show you the action steps to your highest good, then step aside and be open to their guidance - then... Take. The. Action. Steps!
3. Really?  You're dreams are coming true and you're hanging on to worry and fear like its a lifeline?  Take your Worry Angel out of the unemployment line and give all your worries to him - so you can be free to enjoy the manifestation of your heart's desire!
Mental conflict within us is a direct sign that we're out of alignment with our higher self - our angelic team - and with our highest good - we're consciously or subconsciously choosing to struggle - and you know what? 
Struggle is an option.
Identify, claim and choose to be the energy of what you wish to experience and give everything else to your angels!
Listen to your intuition - the voice of God within you and allow yourself to shift from trust and faith to "Knowing!" -- 'knowing' that you are a limitless spiritual being whose birthright it is to live a life of prosperity!

We can blame our circumstances on -- well... our circumstances, but that's really a cop out because you, me and everyone else has the power to create a wonderful reality of experience.  When we choose to magnificently expand into the things that are wonderful in our lives --  we do.  Shifting all areas of our lives into something wonderful happens!
Set your intention to be aware when the human need to struggle sneaks in so you can process through it immediately and get back on track to living your miraculous life.
Need support doing this? Check out the Angels & Full Moon here!
In love and light,

ps - if you receive benefit from the Angelic GPS, I would love it if you would share this with your friends!