Monday, May 25, 2015

Angelic GPS May 25-31 + Peek into Your Future + Specials

My phone, computer and all their software have developed a mind of their own.  Yes... Mercury Retrograde is in full swing.

Technology and communication have been or may be on the brink of being compromised.

What is a human to do?

Step back as the observer, from a more balanced, less anxious state and consciously set into motion a higher outcome!  For as the observer you have the opportunity to be calm, assertive and empowered - simply by observing from outside the anxiety of any life situation or event.

From this place of observer, its easy for you to see where you are out of alignment as well as opportunities to neutralize the situation.  Empowered through calm, assertive, love based energy you are a magnet for miraculous experiences.

The power of this week's energy shares more insight:

May 25-31 2015

The powerful energy of this week holds the guidance to Material Harvest when you implement and maintain Balance.

This last week of May is a time of completion.  You've been setting your intention to consciously be aware of your energy within.  And as a result you're mastering the ability to recognize when your conscious and subconscious are out of alignment.

Balance is the pivotal key to materializing prosperity as your external experience through your internal flow of energy.

Balance of mind, body, spirit.

What is happening around you is the realization of the externalization of your inner harmony or disharmony.  If you're experiencing disharmony within, Change-it-Today!  Choose to BE a harmonious!

Your external life is a perception of your human mind.  Do you want to BE experiencing something different?

Close your eyes in this moment and envision what it would feel like to experience what you really want; e.g. harmonious, loving relationships, hearing God's voice as best friends, being valued at your job, clients purchasing from your business or hiring you, a new home, all your obligations paid, breaking up with those extra pounds, unfriending and dropping them, optimal health, travel - a real vacation!  Whatever it is you would really like to experience - envision it with your entire body and breathe into the energy of how much joy you are in to experience this.

Embrace this magnificent energy of joy and celebrate it.  Know this is not faking it till you make it or lying to yourself, you're creating a new reality from the inside out. 

And when you're in this state of joy filled excitement, you're in harmony with mind, body, spirit.

And most importantly... when you are in alignment, you mold creation energy into form and create as your physical experience: a material harvest!

Mercury is in retrograde through the second week of June.  Be sure to ask your angels to help you:
~ check travel arrangements twice,
~ confirm appointments,
~ get you to where you need to be at the right time,
~ communicate clearly with your spouse, family, children, boss and coworkers
~ triple check contracts before signing
~ have patience with your cell phone and all technology
AND... ~ peek into your future at the limitless possibilities that are yours!

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In love and light,

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