Monday, May 28, 2012

Honoring with Love

Here in the US we celebrate the last Monday of May as Memorial Day.  I remember as a child Grandma called it Decoration Day and explained to me that it was a day that we honored those who fought and died for our country.  My dad, Big Jim was in the Army and Grandpa fought in World War II and received a Purple Heart when his hand was injured by shrapnel.  When  died in 2007 I asked Grandma if I could have the Purple Heart and she shared it with me.

Last week while going through boxes of Grandma's papers we found a letter Grandpa sent home while he was in Germany during the war.  The last line asked that his mom and dad not worry about him while he was away...

As humans we're taught that if we don't worry, we really don't care.  This simply is not the case.  When we worry, we emit the lower energy of fear that not only holds our vibration at a low level, it also surrounds our loved one or life situation with low vibrating worry energy.

Many of you know someone who is or has been in the military.  I ask that you "employ" your Worry Angel and give him or her your worries of those you love.  Then sit quietly and embrace the love that you have for this person.  You will raise your vibration from the lower vibration of worry that is fear and step into the power of love.  Ask your angels to join you forming a circle around your loved one and send them all the love of your heart.  The angels will do the same and your loved one will feel all the love!

As the years passed Grandma and Grandpa's ritual of placing flowers on the graves of loved ones who served our country grew to include all family members.  This year Grandma won't be placing flowers on the graves of her family because we are too far away.  Many of you have moved away from areas where your family are buried and some may have been cremated so there is no grave to visit, but you can still remember and honor them.

Remembering those whose physical bodies have died is painful.  I ask that you embrace the pain to dissipate it, then focus on the love that is and always will be between you.  Love never dies - love lives in our hearts connecting us always and forever as a candle burning brightly to light the way.  Celebrate and honor the love that lives with joy and laughter by remembering the moments of joy and laughter while your loved one walked the soils of Mother Earth with you.

And... open your heart to communicate with your loved ones of the angelic realm.

The veil has thinned exponentially and now more than ever it is easier to connect and communicate with them.  Set your intention, ground yourself, embrace the love you share and step into their world to visit with them.  If you need help, you may learn more about the method I use to communicate with deceased loved ones with the Sacred Space, Build It and They Will Come guided journey by clicking here.

You may learn more about your Worry Angel in the 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels by clicking here.

If you've been thinking about communicating with your angels, you my learn more about the Communicating with Your Angels self study class and With Love from Your Angels workbook/journal Package Special by clicking here.

There have been many huge energy shifts in this year of 2012 and everyone has been affected by them.  Now more than ever it is easier to part the veil between our world and that of the angelic.  Know that you have the ability to connect and communicate with your angels and with your loved ones of the angelic realm.  In our book, Waiting in the Other Room, my dad and I share many ways our deceased loved ones communicate with us and let us know they are still with us.

It is so easy to get caught up in our To Do List of daily activities and then the physical time is gone, but it is never too late because... Love never dies...

In love and light,

Thursday, May 24, 2012

What is an Angel Reading?

 All my life I knew there was something more than I could see - something bigger than I was that surrounded me and guided me. My parents were members of a Southern Baptist church whose Sunday school, revivals and services taught we are separated from God by sin and that we are judged and punished for that sin. I had a really hard time getting my mind around that because the God I knew in my heart was of love and light.

My grandmother and I held that space of love and light together.  She lived in Joplin, Missouri and I lived in Arkansas a few miles outside of Memphis in farming country.  We were separated by miles of Mother Earth, but together we had this amazing bond of connection of the heart.  Now I know she was and always has been a human reminder of the unconditional love of the angelic realm.  It was through this loving connection that I KNEW there was more - something bigger than all of us and if I could open my heart and mind enough I would be able to tap into it - whatever "it" was.

For years I searched for answers to learn what "it" was and how to tap into it.  After my daughter was born in 1988 a series of events began to unfold that opened the door to my spiritual path.  First I met a lady who introduced me to Reiki and the work of Florence Scovel Shinn.  I was at the lowest point in my life that I've ever been - one of those places where the only way to go was up - even dying was up!  I stepped back into my power and more doors opened for me.  I found the teachings of Doreen Virtue, John Edward, James Van Praagh and Sylvia Browne.  I tried so hard to meditate and connect with deceased loved ones and my angels. Most of the time I fell asleep, but sometimes I would connect and the connections were amazing!

Then my angels guided me to the book Angelspeake, How to Talk with Your Angels and everything changed.  I began to write to my angels and receive messages from them.  I learned I didn't have to meditate to connect with those of the angelic realm!

I discovered that when I connected with my angels, my energy shifted to a higher level of love and my normal state of some kind of fear (anything less than love, e.g. worry, concern, anxiousness, feeling overwhelmed, etc.), because that is the space the angels hold for us - love.

By communicating with my angels I learned to trust the Voice of God within my heart - my intuition - to guide me when making decisions of my highest good and that life was easier.

Then one day while talking with a lady who was an Angel Therapy Practitioner, she suggested to me to offer angel readings to others.  Sharing messages from the angels specifically to individuals is a huge responsibility!  It took me weeks to decide.  I offered them for awhile, then I stopped.  Then the angels began to nudge me strongly to offer them again and I'm so glad I listened!!

When I connect with the angels to share information to others through an angel reading something magical happens!  The love that rushes forth conveys to the client whether it is an email reading or a phone reading.  The angels are of love and light and in every reading they show me the highest good of the person I am "reading" for.  They share tools and guidance to help the client open their heart to the Voice of God within them and shift from fear source energy to love source energy.  They share insight and guidance on how to pull from a higher plane of existence all the desires of your heart to create your heaven on earth.  The readings are amazing, magical and so full of love and light that there are no human words to describe the experiences.

I'm so very blessed to participate as a conduit the love of the angelic realm to you, the client.

So what is an Angel Reading?  It is an angel hand of support to step into the safety of the palm of God to open your heart to the essence of who you are - One with God.

Remember, everyone has the capability to communicate with their angels - EVERYONE!  Open your heart to the love that you are and allow your angels to guide you!

In love and light,

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Princess in My Life...

 Everyone on the planet of Mother Earth is experiencing to some degree life events that are forcing choices of love or fear.  All forms of relationships are shifting - some are ending, some are beginning while some are simply changing to something different than they were before.  It is up to us as to whether we perceive these changes as good or bad.  The term "relationship" includes relationships with money, health and jobs as well as relationships with people.

In April my 91 year old grandmother got pneumonia and our family had to face the reality that she could no longer be left alone while family members worked outside the home.  She needed someone to be with her all the time, so my daughter and I stepped up to be her caregivers. We packed up the car, drove to Arkansas from Colorado, rented a house in the town where she lived with other family members and moved her in with us.

After caring for her for only a few days it was determined that she is now "failing to thrive" so Hospice is helping us.  Through Hospice we've received guidance as to our role as caregivers during this time of body shutdown.  We are no longer freaking out about grandma's blood pressure being high - erratic blood pressure is now our normal. The shift of what is "normal" has been a little disconcerting - like high blood pressure, inability to communicate, failure to swallow food or even to maintain hydration with liquids. These are the painful aspects of this time.

Then there is the joy of laughter. Grandma is our Princess now - she has a new Princess Bed (hospital bed), Princess Chair (wheelchair) and Princess Power Panties ("Depends" - I think we have a new marketing theme for people with dementia: Princess Power Panties for women and King Power Pants for men!).  Grandma has an amazing sense of humor and teases us often.  There have been many times in the past nineteen days that I've laughed with her so hard that my ribs are sore!

Through all the pain and the joy everything is laced with a deep love that has no measure. As I sit beside grandma's recliner in the little red chair from my mom's Sunday School class (yes, that makes the chair about 65 years old - Hmmm... better be more careful sitting in that chair!) and I look into her beautiful blue eyes, time stops and we reside "in the moment" safely supported in the palm of God...


...there are no worries - no life, no death, no humidity, no family drama, no guilt from not working at my desk, no longing for a life left behind in Colorado, no pain - only the power of "this moment" of unconditional love.

As our physical world time ticks away, grandma's light grows brighter - bursting forth with a beautiful glow when she laughs.

...and we are blessed.

Jesse and I are profoundly blessed with this time with grandma, yet we are still human.  Throughout this journey our Worry Angels have worked overtime taking our worries and concerns.  The 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels program has helped to open my heart to the miracles of the pure love of this magical time together.  I use the gifts from the five day program every day!  Each night my Worry Angel, Paul, stands beside my bed to take all my worries and concerns, I embrace all that I am grateful for, relax into the unconditional loving arms of my angels to heal the wounds of the day, work with Mother Earth to heal the earth beneath my feet and set my intention to create love filled moments with others.

As each of you experience your defining life choices, know that you are fully supported by bands of angels, guides and loved ones of the angelic realm.  They are with you to guide you and help you as they have helped us to discover the perfection in the shifting of relationships - the shifting of life.

I want to send a huge thank you to everyone for your patience with my getting settled in Arkansas to care for my Princess.  It took much longer than I anticipated to get my office set up.  I also want to thank everyone for your prayers, love and support as Jesse and I share this special joy filled, yet very painful time as Grandma's spirit prepares to return to the angelic realm.

In love and light,