Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Connecting with Our Angelic Entourage

Blessings, and welcome to Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers.

We are, indeed, a crowd. When I look in the mirror, my physical eyes, see my physical body. My spiritual eyes, see my angelic entourage of angels, guides, teachers as well as deceased loved ones and friends - I am a crowd. This brings me great comfort. The physical world can be a challenging place. Shifting from logical physical world fear, to trust and faith of the generosity of the Universal Supply Warehouse and the safety and comfort of residing in the palm of God can be challenging at best.

The Soul Kisses website, began as a place to not only find comfort that we are profoundly loved spiritual beings experiencing a human existence, but also to offer support that we are so profoundly loved and are, indeed, a crowd. Since my dad, Big Jim, transitioned in 2005, the site has evolved into one of support that love does live forever. Big Jim didn't fear death, he had already brushed against the veil during angioplasty surgery twelve years before his spirit transitioned home. I know he's fine and he looks great when he's here, but I still grieve for the loss of his physical presence.

Now the website offers yet more support that death is not to be feared, but celebrated as a life loved and lived, and as a life continuing to live in another form. At the same time support is offered to grieve for the loss of the physical presence, for as humans, we must experience grief. We must experience the stages of grief - acknowledge them, embrace them and bless them on their way - releasing the grief emotions and feelings so as not to suppress them in any way.

Honestly it is easier to suppress grief than it is to deal with it. However, this is very unhealthy on many levels.

How long does grief last? In my opinion, it never goes away. It only gets easier. Big Jim often breezes through here, laughing and chatting, yet it is not the same. I still move to pick up the phone to call him, then realize he will never be on the other end of a telephone conversation. Some times I cry. Some times I just acknowledge that he just winked at me.

We are strong spiritual beings, limitless in our potential and unfailing in our power, when we choose to embrace it and accept who we truly are. As we walk through the illusion of the valley of the shadow of death, there is no evil to fear, only love to embrace. When we know this and accept it, life is easier. For there is no room for fear in love. In living from a love base, joy springs forth, eternally generating gratitude of all that is. Living from a love base, makes us a magnet for more love.

Living from a love base, opens our hearts to the crowd in the mirror as seen by the "spiritual eye." They are with us always - in every moment of every day and every night. It is up to us to discern between our "mind chatter" and our angelic entourage. We can all do it if we so choose.

My angelic entourage has encouraged me to share Sacred Space: Build it and They Will Come to help those who wish to connect with their angelic entourage. You may download it here as a PDF file.

Practice creating your Sacred Space and connecting with your entourage as much as you possibly can. As you look within, your life will shift from the fear of the physical world, to that of safety, peace and serenity with the angelic realm.

May you allow yourself to release the fear and embrace the love.

In love and light,

Monday, April 7, 2008

Become One with the Essence of God

Blessings to you in this moment of infinite possibilities!

Life has had many twists and turns since I last placed fingers upon the keyboard to share thoughts with you. My daughter was hurt at work and spent three days in the hospital. I shared the blessings of that evening in the Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers Newsletter of March 31, 2008. Each day she improved, but by the sixth day there was great improvement. Thank you to all who sent to us love and healing, may you be profoundly blessed for your generosity and kindness.

The day Jesse was hurt, I had been feeling stuck and overwhelmed by my human "to-do" list. As I sat there, beside Jesse in the stillness of the hospital room with only the beep of the IV machine and the gentle sound of her breathing breaking the silence, I was reminded of my "to-do" list. It had lost its importance. The accident was a wake up call on so many levels for both Jesse and myself. As each day unfolds, information and revelations are appearing. The energy shift is phenomenal.

Archangel Metatron has joined me to help me with writing this blog as well as adding more information to the Soul Kisses website. I graciously and excitedly welcome him!

Friday morning he spoke with me regarding the air that we breathe. The angels tell us to breathe deeply to connect with them, with God, with our guides and our deceased loved ones. Archangel Metatron went into more detail explaining that our air is truly the essence of God. There is a God Part within each one of us. As we breathe deeply, we interlock together our God Part within with the essence of God (air) that we are all breathing, hence we all are One with God through our breath.

As we breathe in the essence of God (air) our connection becomes clearer, more refined, more tangible. We open the way for our spirit to draw in the knowledge that we seek. We are open to remember the spiritual path we came here to experience. It is through our breath and intention that we reach out our hand to grasp the support of our angels, our guides, our teachers, our deceased loved ones, our Creator of All That Is. The action of setting this intention elevates us in the ascension of our spirit to a higher level of faith and understanding.

When we exhale, we have complete faith that there will be more air to breathe when we inhale. We experience no worries whatsoever about this. The limitless quantity of air is directly parallel to the abundance of the Universe. The Universe is a limitless supply warehouse of everything that we as humans could ever desire. When we, as spiritual beings living a human existence get our human minds around this, acknowledge it, accept it and practice the knowledge that the Universe provides for all our needs, abundance will be ours in all things. There will be no fear of lack, of not enough - only abundance, only a knowing deep within that our cup of plenty runs over.

Fear will be eradicated from our hearts forever. For as we live in gratitude of plenty, there is no room for fear, only love. As we shift into living our lives from a love base, everything around us shifts. It is as a Domino Effect - touching first one, then another, then another.

Big Jim, my dad, who transitioned on October 31, 2005 showed me this in December 2006:

A few days ago, I set the intention to visit with my Master Teacher, Ezra. I usually find him sitting on the edge of a high plateau overlooking a beautiful green valley. There are two chairs, one for me and one for him. On this day, as I hiked to where he was sitting, I was surprised to find that my hair was braided - so was his. Then I noticed my Protector Guide, Chief Running Bear to my left - his hair was braided too. I sat down between them and asked why my hair was braided. Ezra told me they had a surprise for me.

Next thing I knew my dad, Big Jim, roared up on his Harley and stopped right in front of me. We were all going to go for a ride. Daddy's skunk, Alvin was riding on the gas tank and was ready. Snuggles, his dog, got off the bike and sat in my chair (she doesn't like to share, so she wasn't going with us). I briefly gave thought to how Daddy likes to ride really fast and how I don't, but decided they wouldn't kill me, so I climbed on the bike, daddy twisted the throttle, and we were off!

As we roared into the sky, the day shifted into early evening. Below us I could see points of light - but they were not like city lights - these lights were projecting up into the sky, as beacons, and were of rainbow colors. Daddy explained to me that the lights were the spiritual element of us humans. We are seen as beacons of light from the other side by our deceased loved ones and our angels. The graduated intensities of the lights show the level of spiritual development.

As we watched the lights below, the lights would grow brighter when they connected with another light. This was the sharing of love. As one light touched another, then another, then another, all the lights began to grow brighter - it was a Domino Effect. The sight was truly breathtaking and filled me with awe.

As we traveled through the sky the feeling of peace was palpable. Amazing - peace on earth...

I could see the turmoil of Mother Earth and of the people I could also see great patches of vibrant, loving energy. Yet where we were, above everything traveling through the fourth dimensional realm of divine mind, the feeling was one of peace, joy and an all encompassing blend of opulence and love.

The meaning of the word "surprise" doesn't come close to describing the experience of my connection that day. Know that you too, can connect with those you love who have transitioned as well as your guides, teachers and angels.

We are all a part of something so much bigger than ourselves - what keeps me in awe (without ego) is that we are such an important part and we all have our spiritual mission. In Macbeth, a play by Shakespeare, Macbeth said:

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
Creeps at this petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death; Out, out, brief candle
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing!

I love this passage - because it is SO WRONG! In the bigger picture of everything, my "to-do" list doesn't matter. It is the spiritual path, the people I touch, the unconditional love that I offer as a gift to others that becomes the catalyst for a Domino Effect of Love. I certainly have my humanoid moments of whining about my "to-do" list like I did on March 26, but now I remember that love is the most valuable, most precious, most important thing there is and Love is where my focus must be to fulfill the experiences of my spiritual path - for both myself and others.

Breathe deeply and allow yourself to experience the connection of One with The Creator Of All That Is. Your breath will help you put into perspective your "to-do" list. Your breath will merge into the cells of your body the peace that comes with the Love of God.

Breathe deeply and allow yourself the experience!

In love and light,