Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to Survive Feeling Like a Deceased Loved One is Still With You...

Our heart felt sympathies to those who have lost a loved one.

When we lose a loved one to death of their physical body, they really aren't lost. Our physical brain and physical world teachings tell us they are lost, gone forever, but our spiritual essence knows they are still with us albeit in another form. The grief we experience after the death of a loved one takes us to another world - a surreal reality where we function as if on autopilot often times feeling as if we are drowning in sadness.

As the days and weeks pass at times we may feel as if our loved one is still with us, feeling their presence with a tickle of joy in our hearts. Our human brain then steps in and tells us they are dead - gone. Yet... there it is again! That tickle of joy that reminds us of them. What is this? It is our loved one in spirit form - still with us.

On October 31, 2005 my dad, Big Jim, died during open heart surgery. Within a few hours of my being told he had died he was here, at my house, in spirit form causing my poodle puppy, Majik, to growl. I knew he was here. I could feel it - I could not see him, but Majik could. As the days and weeks passed, Daddy came back often chatting with me and giving me fatherly advice. One day as I was raking leaves the bag kept falling over so I asked him to help me - he informed me he didn't like yard work while living and he wasn't going to do yard work as a dead person. Yup, that's my dad, same sense of humor!

I began to share my visits with Daddy with the Soul Kisses readers, then he started dictating an article for the Soul Kisses newsletter. Next think I knew he wanted to write a book about our continued relationship since his death. Together we wrote Waiting in the Other Room to help those who FEEL their deceased loved ones are still with them, but they think they are unable to validate it. Our prayer is that our story will help others to not only survive the loss of a loved one, but to continue their relationship for Love Never Dies - it lives on in spirit form!

Also included in the book is the method I used to communicate with my grandfather while he was living with Dementia and could no longer communicate. I was able to connect with his higher self and give messages to my grandmother that gave her great comfort as his physical body failed. The messages amazed me leaving me in no doubt that we were, indeed, communicating through our higher selves with 700 miles between our human bodies.

Waiting in the Other Room provides tools to help move on with life without our loved one including a meditation to connect with them. To get your copy click here. Be sure to register for the drawing of the prizes and to receive the wonderful bonus gifts from our sponsors!

May you recognized and embrace the love of your deceased loved one!

In love and light,

Communicating Through Dementia

Sacred Space ~ Build It and They Will Come

Monday, October 12, 2009

Breathe in THIS Moment...

The past few weeks I've been a very busy girl between the Waiting in the Other Room book launch, 31 Days to Fulfillment, 30 Days to EveryDay Miracles, family and clients. At one point I was thinking that when I've completed my work on the book launch I will relax, BREATHE and return to a routine. I clearly heard "yeah, right..." Not sure who was whispering in my ear, but they were correct. The routine that I have come to expect is gone forever, as gone as life pre Civil War. The southerners lives changed the moment the first shot was fired, mine changed when I printed Waiting in the Other Room.

So now that I have recognized that life has change all that is left to do is to BREATHE now, to relax now and to live in this moment in joy. I still have a huge "to do" list, but I'm not so anxious about it and this process of fulfilling my dream has become easier and a LOT more fun. I'm sure my family thanks me for realizing this.

In the middle of adding sponsors to the book launch website pages it was 2:10pm on Sunday afternoon. It was five minutes to kick off of the Bronco game with the Patriots. I managed to see kick off and stay out of my office for the entire game. At one point I was sitting there with my family and told them - "Wow, we're watching the Bronco game in HD together with good food, life is good!" I can't say that I was totally relaxed, the game did get exciting a time or two and some yelling was done by me, but I was definitely breathing and having a good time - and we won!

At the end of the game our new coach Josh McDaniels was running down the field letting loose his emotions. I loved it! I feel like that - a few weeks ago I felt like I was running screaming into the night in overwhelm and anxiety, but now I'm running into this next phase of my life with grand, glorious excitement - enjoying the journey and embracing the change!

What about you? Are you waiting for something to happen before you enjoy your life? Kids off to college? Next summer? Ski season? Vacation? Don't wait! Enjoy this moment - BREATHE into this moment and embrace the joy to be had - it is a choice!

May you embrace the joy of living in this moment!

In love and light,

Friday, October 9, 2009

Reconnecting with Self...

This morning I woke at 4 something - o'dark thirty... Surprisingly I felt refreshed and my guides showed me the words "Reconnecting with Self". Then we talked about it and I went back to a sound sleep. I hope I can remember the conversation!

I don't know about you, but at times I get so caught up in my "hurry up and get it done" days that my time becomes a blur and literally seems to evaporate! I am reminded - usually through upsetting situations to slow down and Live in the MOMENT.

If I stop the crashing, chaotic momentum and BREATHE I hear birds singing outside, I notice my puppy panting and breathing hard because he was running around playing and now he's ready for a nap. I feel the cushion of the chair against my legs and back and I truly experience the breath as I pull it into my body and exhale it. And... the answers to whatever dilemma I'm working on appear.

Living in this moment moves us from the frantic pace of our physical world and reconnects us with the God Part within - Self - the place of all creativity.

Some people are afraid to do this - to be alone with who they are. Are you?

The 31 Days to Fulfillment continue daily - looking within to discern who we truly are - connecting with our Authentic Self as One with the Creator of All That Is. Our POWER lies in this connection - our ability to create the life we truly desire and to experience true joy and happiness from deep within. It is through this connection that we may discern and release all that no longer serves us and move forward embracing the essence of who we truly are - Self! It is through this connection that the pathway is open before us - illuminated and welcoming with angelic beings to help us with every step.

Cast fear aside, look within, discern who you are - open your heart to the tools (books, teachers, classes, the pen to write in your JOURNAL) and connect with the essence of you - Self.

Self has an infinite field of possibility. Aren't you ready to understand it? Now is the time, grasp it with both hands, pull it into your reality and live!

Acknowledge who you are - a limitless spiritual being of infinite possibility!

Big Jim shared a message with us in the October 5, 2009 newsletter - click here to read it! (scroll down to Big Jim's message)

May you fearlessly look within and connect with Self!

In love and light,

Monday, October 5, 2009

Speaking with Jesus

Casey read All is Not as it Seems... and asked: "How are you able to connect with and talk with Jesus? Do you have a special place in your mind that you relax into to feel his presence? I am able to connect with my guidance but I have never connected with Jesus, that would be awesome."

This is a really great question. A few years ago I shared a visit I had with Jesus with a friend and the friend asked me, "What makes you so special that you can talk with Jesus?"

I was actually naively surprised because my first response was, "Doesn't everyone speak with Jesus?" He didn't think so... The answer to his question is, "Nothing makes me any more special than you are." Which translates to the fact that ANYONE can speak with Jesus.

The answer to Casey's question is: When I wish to speak with Jesus, I set the intention and simply go to my meditation place in the essence of me and He's there. I see Him as a man wearing a white robe like garment. He has long hair and a beard. To me he looks like a picture that I remember my great grandmother having on her wall. I understand that others see Him differently - that some even see Him as geometric shapes! I believe He and the angels show themselves to us in a way that WE will recognize them.

Do you wish to speak to Jesus? You can! He is available to anyone who wishes to visit with him! Set your intention and go to your meditation space - He'll be there!

May your visit be clear and memorable!

In love and light,