Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Space Between Nowhere and Nowhere

Recently I received an email from a dear friend in support of the latest Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers newsletter. She has retired and like most of us she is experiencing an "identity crisis." She shared that when she stays "in the moment" she maintains a sense of balance and peace, but when she falls back into old thinking - out of the moment - she feels as if she is in a space between nowhere and nowhere.

The space between "nowhere and nowhere." What a concept! This clearly
identifies our position when we live from the old paradigms.

Living "in the moment" fills us with the power of the God Part within and lights the way to set clearly our intentions.

Living "in the moment" is a time of clarity to focus on our intentions - without wavering.

When we are NOT living in the moment, when we're wandering around in la - la land allowing the winds of physical world fears to blow us to and fro our energy is of a lower vibration - drawing to us that which is not our highest good. Then when we receive what is of our vibration we feel as though the Universe is dumping on us.

Yet, as humans - well, for me anyway, this is when a burning ember of anger/frustration and fear bursts forth in sheer determination snapping me back into the present moment - back into my power - fearlessly. It is then that I "see" how "out of the moment" I was...

The snap back into the moment of determination reminded me of this cartoon:

Initially one might think the frog had breathed his last, but even what appeared to be his final moments, he still had a choice. The heron can only go so long without air... The frog will live another day.

The reality is that we, as spiritual beings living a human existence on Mother Earth today, have dominion. If life isn't as we desire, all we need do is look within, change the energy to what we truly want by setting our intention and just doing it. When we stay "in the moment" focused on our intention in glorious gratitude and we experience a situation that feels as though the Universe is dumping on us, it is time for celebration! Celebrate that the energy is shifting - don't give up five minutes before the miracle occurs and your intention comes to fruition. Celebrate in gratitude that your desires are that much closer to your reality!

Never, ever give up.

In love and light,

If you know the artist of the frog and heron image, please let me know so I can show credit for their work.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude

Sitting still and doing nothing is almost impossible for me. Recently I picked up one of my husband's construction magazines, Construction Dimensions to be exact, and was delightfully surprised at the article I opened it to: The Grateful Workplace: Six ways to create a culture of gratitude in your organization.

The construction community, like everyone else has felt the havoc of the economy. As a result, I hear moaning and groaning about the perceived realities of the field. So without invitation, I begin to share "be willing to change your thought patterns to create the life you truly desire - a good place to start is with gratitude!"

Then I pick up this magazine - this hard core construction magazine and there it is - the word GRATITUDE! How exciting is that!

This article talks about people feeling unappreciated at their job and suggests changing that by "infusing gratitude around you" through thanking or praising someone else for a job well done. The author states that "Gratitude is a two-way street. If you start making other people feel appreciated, nine times out of ten they will not be able to hold in their appreciation for you. You don't have to wait for one of your leaders from on high to implement a gratitude initiative. It will be just as effective if it starts with YOU!"

The veil is thinning significantly - we are manifesting what we focus our attention on in remarkable time. What did you focus your attention on today? What you focused on today is what you'll get tomorrow - make sure it is what you truly wish to experience!

Remember, you're the one doing the breathing - no one else can create your reality, but you! Discern what you truly wish to experience, set your intention and step into your power to embrace your heart's desires.

Blessings of love and light to you,

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Suppressed Anger will Steal Your Power

Since I fractured my ankle on May 25, life has taken on a new set of challenges. In the beginning, brushing my teeth was a "production." Oh my goodness, the things we take for granted!

Over the past few weeks I've learned:

* My belief that I am a gracious receiver was incorrect!
* My definition of "clutter" is important only to me.
* The difference in how my mind processes information and the way my husband's mind processes information only matters when I'm unable to do things for myself.
* Moving from point "A" to point "B" using crutches requires complete focus - without deviation.
* My world revolves around ice water and I'm picky about how it is put together as well as what glass it is in.
* Expressing anger and releasing it fully is critical to healing.

I discovered that my inner belief has been that anger doesn't help anything, so I stuff it. Hmmm... stuffing anger is not a wise choice! When we stuff anger back into our body instead of releasing it (in a constructive, healthy way) it finds another way to come out - typically through a physical ailment.

Louise L. Hay explains this in her book You Can Heal Your Life. She discusses how to identify suppressed anger and offers healthy ways to release it - one example is plummeting a pillow. No one gets hurt, nothing is destroyed and the anger is dissipated! Pounding a pillow hasn't been a part of my daily routine, but I've taken an oath that I'm willing to change my thinking patterns and beliefs that no longer serve me - and suppressing anger does NOT serve me!

What about you? If you step back as an observer and look honestly at your life, do you suppress your anger? Try pounding a pillow and take back your power!


Monday, June 7, 2010

True Healing Begins with Me

The past few months have been challenging at best - moving, settling in, freezing in my office and now I fractured my ankle.

Thank you universe for this blessed opportunity to focus on me!

As humans we get caught up in all the "things" we feel we must do each day and we forget or feel we don't have time to honor ourselves. I've learned the hard way that we cannot take care of others until we've cared for ourselves.

My dear friend, Jennifer Hoffman, channels Archangel Uriel. In one of her recent newsletters he talked about the things we don't really need to do falling away and losing their importance. I have definitely experienced this on many levels for many different things.

One thing I discovered is that I must be willing to change the need within me to experience the feeling of not having enough time. I must be willing to release the need to feel overwhelmed, for if I don't, I feel as if I've been beaten up at the end of the day. When I allow myself to release this need, I find myself much more peaceful and balanced at bed time, however, clearly I still wasn't giving my body and spiritual self the nurturing necessary.

So the universe has taken my growth a step farther to focusing my healing energies on me through this fracture.

In the beginning I was angry - very angry that I hurt myself by falling. Then I was able to shift into my knowing that there is perfection in all life situations and events - even though we may not "see" them. Now I am practicing gratitude for this opportunity to work from within to discern what is in my highest good - both physically and spiritually. What a blessing! What I am experiencing now will help me in all avenues of my spiritual growth and physical practices.

I'll be honest, the pain and uncomfortable-ness does interfere with my progress, but clearly when this occurs I'm reaching too far for what I want. I live in an abundant universe - if it is mine, I don't have to reach too far for it, through my intentions I will draw to me what I desire. I must live from a source of love in not only patience, but wisdom by listening to the quiet soft voice from within.

Are you making time for yourself? What have you done to nurture yourself today? This week? This month? If you can't think of anything, please step back and evaluate your desires.

The negative energies circulating throughout our global community are harsh. Your job, first and foremost, is to nurture, heal and care for you! Then you will be able to care for others

Blessings of love and light to you,