Sunday, October 12, 2008

LightWorkers, Claim Your Power!

There is great fear running rampant over the soils of Mother Earth. Between the economy, gas prices, food prices, health care, diseases that eat away at our bodies, terrorism, biological warfare, and now clearly visible space ships predicted to descend upon us on October 14, 2008:

Now read about what Lord Amin Ru has to say through Adele Linsalata:
NOTE: Any channeling from an ascended master MUST be read slowly and carefully to fully and completely understand what they are saying. We must remember these ascended beings are of the angelic realm where thought is the mode of communication – not words. Keep in mind if you read a channeling from an ascended master that reads like you’re talking to a fellow human, it is not a true channeling from an ascended master. The Channeler may have been chatting with an ascended master, but they have added their human spin to the words.

Jesus woke me this morning talking to me about all of this.

Fellow humans, we are in a magnificent spiritual shift. There is no doubt about it, however, there is no way that I am going to believe the “plan” is to bring to fruition the footage of a Hollywood movie as in Independence Day.

Quote from Big Jim, “Some people will believe anything.”

The level of evolvement of the peoples of Mother Earth is extensive, from those who have separated themselves from their God Part within due to teachings and conditionings of the physical world to those who have direct connection with Spirit and truly understand the workings of the ascension. Those who have separated themselves from God typically do not even know that they have – they are often times devout followers of their religious leaders. These people would certainly spontaneously combust into fear and chaos should a space ship become visible in the skies of Mother Earth.

The spiritual realm that I work with would not allow this.

The epidemic of fear that is running throughout our planet will take on form if it is not stopped. We as limitless spiritual beings can and do hold great power within us to manifest what we focus on – whether we desire it or not. When we focus on fear it can become a shadow in the room that follows us around grabbing us unexpectedly by the throat, scaring us so badly our physical body bursts into a panic attack – our eyes see the fear in shapes and forms.

Fear is man made! Fear is how we are controlled by one another.

Fear is not of God. There is no fear in the angelic realm.

Lightworkers! Now is the time to stand tall in your truth – to claim your birthright as God’s messengers to stop this insanity of fear. What are you waiting for? Stand united. Release the ego, release your own fears – claim who you are immediately!!! Teach and touch all you can with the love you came here to impart. There is no fear in love.

Lightworkers, your mission is clear, your service is necessary to help the planet of Mother Earth heal and balance. The people around you need you. It is time to take the sword Archangel Michael hands to you and fearlessly cut the cords of fear surrounding you. It is time to stand tall, fearlessly and shout clearly for all to hear, “No MORE!!!!!!!!”

We are the hope of this planet. We are the hope of the people who are looking to us to initiate the change – the shift into the collective consciousness of love. As we get our minds around the source of love – as we truly grasp the concept of the power of love the momentum of love builds – fear dissipates – balance is restored.

Fear claws at the steps of the Lightworkers. Face it and it will dissipate to its native nothingness. Remember Fear is the illusion. Fear is man made and truly cannot harm us when we face it.

Here in the US the election nominees are calling for change. Change must occur, change from fear base to a true source of love – it must or the lives of the peoples will dissolve into collective chaos. Change begins with one person – you – one person – me.

The Soul Kisses articles abound with the uncovering of my own layers of fear – how I’ve discovered them and how I have faced them and dissipated them. I am no longer afraid. I have the peace of God within me – calmly – assertively guiding me. I see myself as this huge spirit of strength pulling to me the humans who are fearful – opening the way with a mighty swipe of the sword Archangel Michael handed to me so the angels may cleanse away their fear.

This also, is you – each Lightworker reading this has the power to help others – in love and light – purely without ego – in love only.

The energies that are integrating into Mother Earth – the energies that are balancing her, healing her are also working at balancing and healing the humans. There are those who are struggling to discover their truth. Many of you do not know why you are feeling the imbalance within. Do you know who you are? Look within to discern and Do NOT give up! You are strong, you are vital, you are important in what you are here to do. Look deeply within – discard all that no longer serves you – discover the God Part within you – make that connection to no longer be separate.

The reality is that we are all One with God. It is our own deep seated beliefs that we are separate and alone – often being told that we come into this world alone and that is the way we leave it – alone. This is NOT true! We are always, at every moment in our lives, a crowd of angels, guides and teachers. It is up to us as to whether we have the eyes to see, the ears to hear them and the knowing within to acknowledge, accept and follow their clear guidance of love.

Again, I call to you, Lightworkers stand tall – scream at the top of your lungs – No MORE! Embrace the source of love that you are and hold fast to the power of that love. Leave the ego behind and fulfill your mission as the messenger, the Lightworker of God.

We are limitless spiritual beings based in love – pull from within that love, that strength and the “change” we call for will happen – the “change” that is required for the ascension of Mother Earth will happen. Be discerning of the darkness for there will be those who appear to be of the light, who are not. Look within, you will know.

I am evolving and learning just as each of you. As each one of us pulls from within the strength to fulfill our mission of love in this incarnation on Mother Earth, others will find their strength to join us. Look within yourself to discern what resonates with you - do not take anyone's word for the happenings - not even mine - look within - discern...

The collective consciousness of the planet can shift to one of love. Which side are you going to be on? Fear or Love? It is YOUR choice - look within - discern...

In love and light,