Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What's coming up for you?

Winter seems to finally be taking a nap here in Colorado and warmer weather is settling in, but with that warmer weather an influx of negatively charged energy has come with it.

The negative charge has been diligently working to pull forth fears that we've been struggling to suppress - in some cases for years or even lifetimes - and it feels as though we're being punished.  We overcome painful doses of guilt, shame, victim mentality, anxiousness, sadness, grief, fear and "this sucks" energy and then another wave comes in!

The reality is we're not being punished.  The less than love energy that has been hiding in our subconsciousness is being pulled forth so we may transmute it to love.  When we no longer hold fear energy within our mind, body, spirit collective Be-ingness its easier for us to maintain the higher vibration of love consistently.  It is through love that we have the ability to bring to Earth our version of Heaven.

Just how exciting is that?

I know when we're in the throes of the pain of drama with others, or even within ourselves, its uncomfortable, but do not despair.  It is our sign that we're standing at the cusp of tremendous expansion and transmuting the pain is not as difficult as our human brains lead us to believe.

Suppressing pain instead of facing it and processing through it is the "Old Paradigm" of human existence - existence without living.  The energies of today will no longer support simply existing.  The energies of today, implore us to live - to live in this moment and experience joy throughout our being.  In order to fully experience joy, the pain of the past that lurks in the shadows of our human subconscious must be revealed and dissolved to its native nothingness.

Fear is the greatest illusion of man.  When we embrace it for the illusion that it is, it is swallowed by the light of our essence and we are then free to BE joy!

Tonight, I will be a guest on Roland Comtois' Soul Stories on Talk Stream Spiritual Radio "Streaming the Spiritual Light Into the Heart of Humanity" to discuss this topic of fear vs the light and how you have the ability to reclaim your power of light! I hope you'll join us!  Click here to begin listening live at 8pm ET.  (The program begins at 8pm ET - I'll be joining at 9pm.)  Be sure to register for Roland's newsletter at You may download the free APP to listen LIVE at your mobile APP store.

I look forward to seeing you there!

In love and light,

Friday, May 23, 2014

What are you preparing for?

What does the possibility of your day hold? Excitement? Joy? Happiness? Frustration? Overwhelm? Dread? 

Subconsciously we are continuously preparing for, and creating our experiences through our energy.  We live in a busy, don't have enough time society. So most of the time our subconscious is completely unsupervised, operating from a rushed, anxious vibration - preparing for, and creating more to be rushed and anxious about.

I want to ask you to stop whatever it is you're doing, and right now take stock of your internal energy - the energetic vibration you've been functioning at today.  Are you anxious? Have you been rushed or felt overwhelmed?  Or has your day been pleasant and joy filled?  Are you happy to be home - or wishing you were?  Are you wishing for something that isn't a part of your reality - yet...  are you preparing for it to be?

We create the reality of our lives through our internal vibration of energy - joy creates more joy, anxiousness creates more to be anxious about.  Through our energy we're incessantly "Preparing" for the next moment.  What are you preparing for?

While I cooked my breakfast I was thinking about this and dancing around my kitchen listening to an Eagles CD.  I was having a pretty good time.  My happy dancing energy fired up the Majik poodle and he wanted me to pick him up so he could dance too, he has rhythm, what can I say?  My joy conveyed to him and an avenue to prepare for a joy filled outcome became very clear to me. 

Dancing around singing created a tangible excited energy of joy - joy that prepares for success.  Success can have many forms, but it always holds one thing - love or above energy!

When was the last time you sang like no one was listening and danced like no one was watching?  And if someone is watching... perhaps its a good thing - everyone wants to be a part of joy and laughter - even the Majik poodle!

Your energy is preparing for and creating your reality.  Are you preparing for joy filled success?

Take this moment to get really clear on the energy you wish to be experiencing.  Does it feel wonderful?  This is the energy you want to focus on to prepare to create the best, highest possible outcome as your reality.

Crank up the music and dance around the room!

In love and light,

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tips to extinguish or create "the one thing...."

Many of you wrote to me of relationships, money, abundance, health, the desire to move, be transferred and freedom.  I also received messages of love shattered by physical death of those we love as well as thorns in your side.

For those who identified something you want in your life that you do not have:
What did it feel like to vision yourself experiencing what it is you want?  Go back to that moment where you defined the relationship, money, health, new home - the freedom to do what you really want to do.  What does that moment FEEL like?  Do you feel the exhilaration in your body?  Do you FEEL the expectancy?  Do you FEEL the energy of JOY?  Do you feel the energy of what it would be like to experience as your reality what it is you want?

This energy is real.

This energy isn't faking it till you make it and it isn't lying to yourself.  This energy is your first step to creating your new reality - the one you really want.

Hold on to it with both hands.... and feet.... wrap yourself around it and stay in that energy - that beautiful, wonderful, joy filled energy as much as you possibly can.  Your reality WILL change!

Many people have healed their physical bodies by forgiving the pain of the past, visioning and holding to the energy of perfect health.  Florence Scovel Shinn teaches that all dis-ease is caused by disharmony in the body - resentment, unforgiveness, etc.  Follow your doctor's directions, but include help from your angels by asking them to reveal to you anything you hold in unforgiveness.  Ask them to reveal to you any disharmony and/or resentment with others that blocks your body's ability to heal.  Then forgive and send love.  Know that forgiveness does NOT condone behavior.  Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself to be free of pain.  And hold your body in the belief of the perfect health of Divine Mind - heal from the inside out!

For those who identified something you do NOT want in your life:
If you have a "thorn" in your side, first look deep within and discern if there is something this person is mirroring back to you that you don't like about yourself.  I know this sounds harsh, especially when what they're doing doesn't appear to have anything to do with you, but humor me...  Ask your angels to show you what it is and look anyway and pull the resistant energy these people stir within you out into the light.

Then ask the angels to help you heal what they reveal to you.  Forgive those involved and yourself - and bless the person who has been a "thorn" in your side.  Bless them and send all the love of your heart to them.

Trust me on this... Love is like nuclear power energy for good!!!  When you send love, sincerely from your heart, to someone or a situation, you take your power back and create a higher outcome than you've been experiencing.

Oh... and FYI... Sending love sincerely from your heart, is not saying "I send love to ____" and being done with it.  Sending love sincerely from your heart is ascending your energy to the highest vibration of love throughout your BE-ing and directing it at them!

For those who have lost a loved one to death of the physical body, I know you celebrate the life they lived with you, but when you can, forgive them and yourself for their dying.   Grief has no time table and is as individual as we are.  Its ok to miss them. Its ok to be angry that they're gone.  Its ok to cry. Then choose to BE in the love that you hold for them - and for yourself.  Send love from your heart to them and to yourself - they will feel your love and you'll feel better!

One of the first things my dad, Big Jim, told me when he joined the angelic realm is how powerful we are - how powerful we are and we don't even know it.  He explained that the love that is our essence holds tremendous power.  When you look at the one thing you need or the one thing you wish to extinguish from your life, you have the power to create or terminate through the love within you.

Creation of something new and different begins with deciding what it is you want.  You've identified something.  Now use your power to transform your life to the experience your heart desires.


My heart swells with love for you claiming and stepping into your power!  I ask angels of love and light to you to hold you safe, bring you comfort, joy and happiness as you experience this journey we call life!

In love and light,

Thursday, May 8, 2014

What is the one thing.... ?

Do you have joy and happiness in your life?  All areas of your life?

Answer this question:  If you could choose one thing that would make your life complete (e.g. money, loving relationship, etc) or one thing you could remove from your life (e.g. a person who is a thorn in your side), what would it be?

What would that one thing be?

And when you looked at it... looked at it from your heart... what does that one thing boil down to?

How would your life be different with or without that one thing?

Please ponder these questions, click reply and respond to what that one thing would be.  In the next newsletter I'll share some tips on how to make that one thing a reality!

In love and light,

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Feeling helpless??

The pain of tragedy holds our heart hostage with feelings of helplessness.  

The US is feeling the unstable, uncertainty of the breath of Mother Earth as winds, storms and tornadoes force unexpected, brutal changes in our lives.  We watch the news, mesmerized by the devastation and try to recognize landmarks, but they are gone.  We live far away and we feel helpless...

The media reports of violent murders taking place in our schools, work places and homes.  This information shakes us to our very core and we feel helpless...

Yesterday I was talking with a new friend and we shared with each other that the commercials of animal abuse twists tears from our hearts - and she mentioned she felt helpless...  I shared with her that we are never truly helpless...

The pain of tragic experiences numb our minds with grief and hold our hearts hostage with feelings of helplessness, but helplessness is an illusion of our physical world. 

For within each one of us there is power - the power to send and share love to heal without touching--- without even being present.  The power of love knows no boundaries and is not restricted to time or distance...

For love is the energy of eternal hope, possibility and healing...

We are never... truly helpless...  We have the power to send love and light to the situation, to Mother Earth, to all the people who are touched by tragedy.

....and in that love is light - light to see through the darkness of pain to the hope and possibility for healing.

Through tragedies the human spirit unites from all across the soils and waters of Mother Earth to send prayers of love and light to those whose physical bodies are suffering.

The light of love consumes the darkness and brings comfort and strength.

Through the darkness... there is hope...  there is possibility... and healing begins...

We send love and light to all who are recovering from tragic events. Know that through the darkness, there is light shining just for you to illuminate your path.

May you feel the comfort of all who love you in both this world and that of the angelic...

In love and light,