Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An Earth Angel joins the Angelic Realm

Beautiful Earth Angel, Laura Mae Hailey-Stockam joined family members of the angelic realm for a magnificent celebration of her life early Sunday morning (3:15am CT 7/29/12) Earth time.

We grieve that the laughter of grandma’s physical body has been forever silenced. Yet we rejoice that she now laughs and giggles freely with the angels free of the physical restrictions of her frail human body. She is no longer afraid to fly and soars with the angels in joy and laughter.

Grandma's higher self visited me on Saturday before she passed, while I was doing an email angel reading.  She was beautiful.  We chatted for a bit, then I heard grandpa calling her.  I hugged her and didn't want her to go yet.  It was then I knew I had let her go consciously, but subconsciously I was holding on with both hands.  She told me "you have to let me go so I can live."  I let her go and knew she would be joining the family members of the angelic realm very soon.  Before my eyes closed in sleep that night I checked on her higher self.  The angels showed me the beautiful light of God bursting forth from her chest letting me know she had either crossed over or would be before I woke up.

We know that she is as close as a breath and are comforted with the love that binds us together always and forever. 

I will be out of my office for a few days.  The radio program will air on Thursday with Carole Matthews as my guest.  I've rescheduled all appointments that I cannot keep.  If you have an appointment with me this week and I have not contacted you, we are still scheduled to meet. I will respond to emails as I can.

I send huge angel hugs of gratitude and love to each of you for your love, prayers, support and patience as Jesse and I cared for Grandma these past three months.

May you be profoundly blessed in this moment and in every moment after...

In love and light,

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Karma, Drama and Blessings

Aurora Tragedy

This newsletter comes to you from Colorado - Aurora, Colorado.  We hold all who have been affected by the shooting at the Century 16 Aurora theatre in the light of healing love and ask that you as a member of the Soul Kisses family, collectively as a group, hold a moment of silent prayer for all who have been affected by violence.

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Karma, Drama and Blessings

I'm writing this newsletter from my office in Colorado.  Grandma's children told us to go home and they placed Grandma in a hospice facility. Jesse and I visit her higher self and she is fine, yet our human hearts are grieving.  During our time with Grandma we saw the angels tend to her spiritually as we tended to her physical needs.  It was devastating to pull out of the driveway without Grandma, but knowing that she was surrounded by angelic beings of love and light made it possible.

I've heard horror stories from friends about how families lose coherent thought when a family member is dying, then I learned first hand how my family is no different than any other family - we have hiccups and drama just like everyone else. My guides have shown me that our time with Grandma was complete and it was time to go. Jesse and I were fully supported throughout our trip arriving home safely. During our time in Arkansas we were adopted by our earth angel neighbors Miss Dorothy and Jules, 80+ and 94 respectively, who became our family.  When leaving after a visit, Miss Dorothy would lean over Grandma's chair, pat her hand and tell her how much she enjoyed being with her. For them and all who prayed for us and Grandma, we are forever grateful.

Jesse and I provided loving care for Grandma while learning the true meaning of forgiveness with regard to humans.  I was writing the Gift of Forgiveness program when we went to Arkansas, worked on it while I was there - and used it...  It will finally be a completed program next week (thank you, everyone who pre-ordered it, for your patience!).

I mentioned in a previous newsletter that we were there to hold the space for Grandma, but we discovered that she was also holding the space for us - for Jesse and I to learn the depth of healing in forgiveness.  It was through the love of forgiveness that Jesse and I were able to stay calm during the drama and are now able to understand the karmic healing that is in process.

The seventy-eight days Jesse and I cared for Grandma will live forever as a huge blessing in our hearts. To us she will always be the best grandmother ever!
Jesse and Grandma
in matching t-shirts

Kate and Grandma
Grandma is incognito as a diva waiving to her fans

We all have our part to play in the action packed drama of life.  Its up to us as to whether we embrace the blessings of what is mirrored to us through seeming adversity or struggle, kick and scream about it, fighting the opportunity to heal with every breath.

If you are experiencing what you judge to be adversity, if you are struggling to find peace and balance, stop what you're doing and look deeply within and ask your angels what is being mirrored to you that you need to disconnect from and heal.  Then be open to their guidance - they will show you the way.

If you are drowning in unforgiveness, click into the Gift of Forgiveness program to discern if it resonates with you.  When I began to work on the program with my angels, I had no idea it would become the foundation of my life to help me heal terrible pain from the past and the present.  It has healed my soul.

Thank you for joining me in prayer for all who have suffered from violence.

May you be profoundly blessed in this moment and in every moment after...

In love and light,

Monday, July 2, 2012


This past week has been challenging for many.  We've set our intention to create something different than before - something wonderful, exciting and new and yet...  with the act of setting this intention we've been slapped in the face with feelings of jealousy, helplessness, powerlessness, anger, frustration, overwhelm, anxiety, shame, guilt, doubt and a huge rash of worry because we KNOW that all these "feelings" are less than love and we cannot create what we want from energy that is lower than the vibration of love!

What the heck!  We've done the right stuff, now we want validation and creation!  So WHY are we suddenly on this roller coaster of emotion that reeks havoc with our energetic vibration?

Answer:  We are drawing to us life situations that reveal what stands between us and the manifestation of our intention.

Reality:  This is a Golden Opportunity!

Action Step:  Now is the time to look within and face all the feelings that are less than love - embrace them to our hearts and let them go.  As we dissipate this strong emotional energy we want to ask our angels to fill the void that is created with love and help us expand the love that is our being - out as our reality.

With this expansion of love we set a firm foundation to manifest our intention to create something new, wonderful and exciting!

This month of July is all about dissipating the shield of fear that lies between us and the dreams of our hearts that are already made manifest on a higher plane of existence.

Material things come and go, but we are more than a physical being, we are limitless spiritual beings of love and light with the power to create our highest outcome in all life situations.  At what energy are you vibrating?  Are you stuck in fear creating more things to be fearful of or are you facing your fear, dissipating/disconnecting and healing from it to open the floodgates of prosperity?

Now is the time to recognize seeming adversity as the Golden Opportunity that it is and ask your angels to SHOW you what your shield of fear is that you must face, disconnect from and heal.

Make good use of the energies of the full moon on July 3 to illuminate the path that you feel called to through the whisperings of your heart.  Ask your angels to show you action steps to take and ask for signs!  Cast aside worry and doubt and know that you are divinely guided in all things.

Tools to help you understand your Action Steps!

Communicating with Your Angels CD/manual with the With Love from Your Angels Workbook and Journal
Disconnect the Cords to Heal the Wounds of Your Heart
How to Create Your Heaven on Earth
5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels
Prosperity Tool Kit
Step into Your Field of Potentiality
Angel Reading with Kate
One on One with Your Angels and Kate

This time of transformation is all about shifting our energy from the lower vibration of fear (all that is less than love) to the higher vibration of love.  Life situations come in all forms to help us shift that energy and sometimes they are painful.  Remember there is perfection in all things.  Everyone has angels with them to help identify action steps.  If you need help dissipating doubt of your angelic guidance click into the links above to discern if one of the tools listed resonates with you.

In love and light,