Thursday, November 28, 2013

In Gratitude of Love Being Eternal and Forever...

This is 'year two' of no phone call to Grandma to wish her Happy Thanksgiving.  Last year people told me that the second year is even harder than the first.  I didn't believe that was possible...  I won't say it is harder, it is different.  I've experienced bouts of re-awakening to the fact that her physical body has passed and it feels a surprise to remember.  I know this 'surprise' feeling is because she lives so strongly in my heart and in my being-ness, that my essence knows she never left..

A few weeks ago I realized I had a full image of Grandma in a beautiful blue dress with other family members.  I cut Grandma out of the picture and gently placed her in the frame of the corkboard above my right computer monitor.

The heater vent in my office is near the ceiling across from my desk and when it comes on, the air blows things on my corkboard.

Last week, Grandma's shoulder came lose and she would wave back and forth when the heater was on.  I had to laugh.  It was fun to see her waiving to me.

She visited me recently while I was talking with my guides.  She is soooo beautiful - so full of life - and so happy.  And... she was pushing me to trust in the guidance of my inner light to show me the way - and that she was with me every step of the way.  ...and she is, because I feel her so close.

A few minutes ago, thoughts of her popped into my mind and I told her, as I've done all my life on Thanksgiving Day, "Happy Thanksgiving, Grandma!"  Immediately... without any hesitation... as clearly as I hear my keypad clicking as I type, I heard...  "Happy Thanksgiving! in her voice.

If your holiday celebration is missing the physical body of someone you love, know that they have "not left the building" - they are simply with you in another form that our human eyes have learned to block seeing.  Know that love is what we are and Love is Eternal and Forever and will never ever die or fade away - it simply changes form.

Nothing I can say will take away the pain of physical loss of your loved one, but I hope the loving energy of my Be-ing-ness and your loved one's will bring you comfort today and every day after.  Remember you are not alone as you grieve whether your loved one's passing was yesterday or twenty years ago. Even those of us who see and speak to our deceased loved ones regularly must grieve...

In gratitude and love I send this email to you on Thanksgiving Day for who you are, for your support and for being a part of my journey.

In love and light,

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels - my gift to you!

Do you have a stress reliever in place for the holiday season?

Stress can sneak up on us and sabotage our day - and our holidays - not to mention our ability to create wonderful things in our lives.  There are ways to stop stress in its tracks and I want to gift one of them to you!

I'm very excited to invite you to join me for a f*R*e*e 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels!

Register now to join me for 30 blissful, love filled minutes for 5 days to connect at a higher level of love with your angels and leave your stress of the physical world behind.

This LIVE program is scheduled for Monday, December 2 - Friday, December 6 at 6pm MT.

I know you're busy, so each meeting with your angels is a short, but powerful 30 minutes that will open your heart to the love that you are and pull that love forth into everything you do!

Register for this program by clicking here - You'll be So-Glad-You-Did!!!!

Be gentle with yourself as you experience these final days of 2013.  Each of you have shared so much love with me through the years.  I want to reciprocate that love by sharing this powerful 5 day program with you - and I invite you to share it with your friends!!  This program will be recorded and available as a digital download for a short time.  And...  shhhhhh... the live program will be available on CD at a hugely reduced price for you to give as gifts to others if you wish.

The Live program is my gift to you.  Indulge yourself in this relaxing, love filled 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels program beginning December 2.  I'm looking forward to sharing this beautiful space of joy, love and light with you!  See you there!

In love and light,

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Change Your Life from the Inside Out!

How is life for you today?  Does it look the way you want it to?  Are you feeling balanced in a state of joy and love when you look at your square of life - your relationships, finances, health and your service to the world?  For those of you who do, celebration {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} all around!  For those of you who don't - first do NOT beat yourself up!

You can change your life - no matter what your circumstances are - again... No Matter What Your Circumstances ARE - you can change your life!

Take the time you need for YOU to look at each area of your square of life - one at a time and discern if you feel resistance within - an unsettled, perhaps subtle resistance, or blatant OMG strong resistance.  Know that whatever resistance energy you discover is holding you back from creating joy in that area of your life.  You're creating from Resistance Energy.  I know... it doesn't sound good - and it isn't, BUT that Resistance Energy within you can be shifted into a balanced, peaceful, joy filled Creation Energy that will manifest as changes - higher outcomes - in your reality.

Not only do you have the power to do this, but it is your birthright to experience love, joy and blissful happiness!

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The energy of 2013 has pulled forward all the things we have not yet healed within the shadows of our hearts.  If you have stuffed uncomfortable emotions that have come forward, please, give yourself the best gift you can possibly give...  take the time you need for YOU to look deeply within and face those uncomfortable feelings!  When you face them, they lose their power and you can take YOUR power Back to create wonderful changes in your life, from the inside out!

In love and light,

Monday, November 18, 2013

This is the Best Day EVER!

One of my favorite Soul Kiss affirmations is This is the Best Day EVER!

I love the energy of it.  When I say the words powerfully - really powerfully, putting my energy behind it, a path for my day is created that is loving, balanced, productive and exceptional!  By the end of the day I may not have completed everything on my 'to do' list, but everything I did complete was completed well, with focus and joy.

But best of all...  When I'm in the energy of This is the Best Day EVER! I radiate out from me loving, balanced energy to everything - and everyone - around me.

And my day...  It is good...  Really good!

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In love and light,

Thursday, November 14, 2013

NOT good enough?

Have you ever experienced a situation where you walked away with a heavy sadness that started in your heart, but spread to the rest of your body and you weren't sure why?  There was an energy within you stirring... something that didn't have a name, but when you stopped and looked at it - looked within to the heavy lump of energy that was holding you, ...suspended from moving forward...  you discovered the energy was feelings of NOT good enough?

Sometimes the energy is elusive... it hides in the shadows of pain of the past, lingering, smoldering, till one day something happens.  That "something" is usually a direct result of interaction with another person - and that interaction forces the energy of NOT good enough into our face - and we don't know what to do with it!

It is with this revelation from looking within that we discover this NGE (not good enough) energy has been the foundation of creating the reality of our lives.  No wonder we could only go so far and we would hit a brick wall in creating the life of joy that is our birthright!  Subconsciously NGE energy had sabotaged the road map of our life - like GPS gone rogue!!!

The thought processes of our human-ness is complicated.  The spiritual BE-ingness that we are... is NOT.

Know that you no longer need to suffer with NGE energy running your life!

You are fully supported by your angelic team to rid yourself of the pain that charts your course and creates your life.  You are fully supported to step into your power as the limitless spiritual BE-ing that you are to create your version of Heaven on Earth!

The veil between our world and that of the angelic grows thinner daily.  It is our mission here on Mother Earth this lifetime to ascend our energy to love - we cannot do that while NGE energy hides in our hearts and rules our subconscious.  Look within.  Call the energy out! 

In love and light,