Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are You Stuck?

Are you stuck?  It's 2013!  It's the time of tremendous, exhilarating change for the better - a time of love and light.  A time to stand firmly in your power as the master creator of the reality of your life creating your heaven on earth!

But... instead of experiencing wonderful exciting things in your life, you feel stuck.  Are there people around you experiencing tremendous, exciting transformation, yet you feel stuck in the same old cycle of overwhelm, exasperation and pain on some level.  Are you experiencing this in one or more areas of your life?  Do you feel like a victim and the universe is shooting arrows at you and there is nowhere left to hide?

If so, ask yourself this question:  What is holding you hostage and making you feel stuck?  Is it one thing or a myriad of things?  Is it one area of your life or more?  Are you able to discern what it is?

Know that identifying the feeling of being stuck places you in the doorway for transformation to a higher vibration of existence!

Through the holidays I took quite a bit of time off.  Since Christmas Eve my guides have been helping me process a lot of "remnants" of thoughts and deep seated beliefs.  These residues of fear no longer serve me.  With their release more and more love and light is filling the space left behind.  You may be experiencing this, too. You may not be aware of it consciously, but you may remember glimpses of dreams from your sleep and feel yourself shifting.

If you feel stuck, please take the time you need to look deeply within and ask, "What is holding me hostage and making me feel stuck?"  Identifying and facing your captor will help you take your power back and shift your energy!  You need only do this if you're ready to step into your power as the master creator of your life, ready to create your heaven on earth.

In love and light,

Monday, January 21, 2013

I have a dream

"I have a Dream..."

When Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke these words in the early 60's they became a light of hope and possibility that reverberated across the land.  Almost fifty years later lets take these powerful words to a deeper level of understanding and commitment.

I have a dream that we who populate Mother Earth in human bodies release our limiting shackles of fear and judgment - all the fear that has held us hostage in limitation and powerlessness in all directions of time.

I have a dream that the veil of the darkness of fear dissipates and the light of love floods the soils of Mother Earth and radiates through the very cells of our being bringing joy, love and light to our hearts.

I have a dream that our hearts open to the loving essence of Christ Consciousness - reconnecting As One with The Creator and with each other from the infinite power of love.

I have a dream that standing in our power as master creators of love and light is our reality and the illusion of fear is but a fading memory.

I have a dream that together we live in the ascended energy of love with our hearts singing in gratitude of the bliss of joy and love.

I have a dream that we graciously accept all that is our birthright - all that we can be, do and have, so that our hearts sing with joy and we bring the loving energy of heaven to earth.

We are as one in the light of God - energies of light with the power to focus our energy into creation.
I have a personal dream to exist at the highest vibration of love possible in all moments.  I consciously focus my energy to fulfill the expectation of joy within my heart in all things.

I have a dream... what is yours?  Are your personal dreams elusive?  To what end is your energy focused?  Have you been worrying about possibilities that have not happened yet?  Has your worry blinded you to the options and choices available to you? Are you unable to "see" what your highest outcome of a situation is, but you know what its energy feels like?

If you cannot "see" what you desire as your reality, but you know what the energy of it feels like, stand tall in your power and embrace that energy of outcome - embrace it tightly to your heart till it is a part of your being.  Remember, we are energetic beings of creation.  By embracing the energy within you of the outcome you wish to experience, it will manifest outside of you as your reality.

You are a creator of reality.  What is your creative intention?  I hold you in the light of powerfully creating the reality that makes your heart sing bringing your heaven to earth!

In love and light,

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is Your World Crumbling?

Many of us have lived our lives building the foundation of our reality based on physical world teachings.  Teachings that we are limited in what we can be, do and have.  Teachings that have held us hostage in the low vibration of fear through doubt, anxiety, worry, and feelings of helplessness, powerlessness, as well as experiencing feelings of being undeserving and unworthy.

The energies of our planet will no longer support the low vibration of fear.  As a result the foundation of the areas of our lives that are based in fear energy are crumbling.  From an outsider looking in - or standing in the shoes of this fear...

this time may be perceived as our worst nightmare.

This is the time of the end of our world of the past - the uncertainties, the questions, the doubt, the feelings of helplessness and powerlessness.  That time is over.

The angels tell us, "Do Not Fear!" 

For the reality is this is a time of liberation and re-birth!  It is a time of golden opportunity to recreate the core foundation  of our lives soundly and solidly through the energy of Gratitude, Trust and Love.  Now is a time of completion - what is less than love is crumbling away. From the ashes of our illusion of fear emerges a glimmering light of Divine Guidance that we cannot miss - "limitless possibility."  This light grows and glows more brightly through trust and love from deep within our hearts. 

Through life situations the new energies of Mother Earth are forcing us to choose our energy - adversity/fear or love blessing?  We must remember, there is perfection in all things.  In all life situations, events and relationships there is a silver lining, if you will, and we have the power to shift our energy from anything less than love, to love.

Our first step is to choose.

Our second step is to expand our heart in gratitude from deep within.

Our third step is to embrace the energy of what we wish to experience and breathe into it fully and completely.

Our fourth step is to expand our hearts even more in gratitude and allow the Light of Divine Guidance to show us the way with action steps if necessary.

Gratitude, Trust and Love are as an energetic charge that spills forth the light of creation.
The light from the loving palm of God.

Is there an area of your world that is crumbling?  Cast away the pain of letting go of the past and embrace the limitless possibility of new creation!  Embrace all that you are grateful for deeply in gratitude and allow the light of God that bursts forth from your heart to guide you to acceptance of a new paradigm of living:  Limitlessly Powerful vibrating from Love Source Energy!

Again, Remember!  There is perfection in all things - even seeming adversity!  Stand in your power and allow your heart to trust that the highest possible outcome will manifest as your reality!

In love and light,

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Power of Gratitude is Yours

Here in Colorado we have had gorgeous, warm days with cold nights.  Just before bed at night my husband takes the Majik Poodle out for his evening business.  When he comes back in, Fred removes the harness and Majik runs and jumps into my lap so I can smell his head - strange, right?  Remember, we're talking Kate here...

While taking his walk, the cool, crisp breath of God weaves through the curls on Majik's head and comes in with him, so I can breathe it in. Within those breaths is the energy of hope and the promise of limitless possibility.  For me this is the very essence of God.  When I breathe this "outdoors fresh air fragrance" joy sings in my heart and bursts into the room.

And I am grateful - grateful in joy, love and light.

Receipt of gifts of joy, love and light = "the Power of Gratitude."

The power of Gratitude helps us to more easily shift our energy from the shadows of fear to love. AND... these "Powerful" events are with us all the time.  When we open our hearts and allow ourselves to have the "eyes to see" the power of gratitude emerges and "magic" occurs!

Are your eyes open?  What "magic" have you experienced today?

This is an exciting time as we fully release the limiting conditioning of the past and allow the prosperity that is our birthright to manifest as our reality!  Please be sure to watch your emails in the coming weeks.  I'll be sharing exciting programs and information to help make it easier to shift your energy even higher and co-create, hand in hand with the universe all the desires of your heart!

In love and light,

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Angelic Message

Dearest children of love and light,

We gently hold you in our wings of love at this time of high emotion on Mother Earth. We feel your pain, we feel your joy, we feel your love – we are one with you. Our request to you, is to allow us to take all that is less than love from you to heal. We surround you with our angel wings of love and whisper loving messages in your ear.

We come together as one in love to honor your celebrations of light. In days past you have often felt as though you were alone and wondered, “is there a higher power?” Know that the answer is, “Yes!” The Creator of All That Is now holds you within the palm of His hand. We ask that you allow yourselves to feel this divine support of love.

Many have questioned the significance of the ending of your Mayan Calendar. It is but a shift of time - as one second is to another on one of your clocks with hands –
“tick – tock”

It is as your shift of time from day to night and night to day, yet more… this time is the shift from darkness to light = fear to love. Some call this Christ Consciousness.

You cannot “see” the shift of time, but your human body feels it – day to night and night to day. Open your heart to the loving essence that you are and allow your spiritual etheric body to feel this shift from deep within. Welcome the divine connection.

Your old way of living is over. It is time you claim your power of creation through love. The illusion of a veil between our dimension and yours thins. Many of you feel us and question whether we are real – know that we are!

We are with you to guide you through this shift of consciousness from fear to love. We are with you in all moments to help you create your reality from your essence of love.

Open your hearts to our loving guidance – for we are one…

Your loving angels of light…

2013: Hope & Limitless Possibility!

To you, the family of the Soul Kisses Community, I send you love – love from my heart to yours in deep gratitude that we are together on this physical world journey. I hold you in the light of prosperous, joyful, healthy and enjoying loving relationships!

We’ve begun a new year of 2013, but with this shift of time we begin a new era of love and light that is unprecedented. Now, more than ever before, our senses are on high alert to the shifting frequencies of our planet and we are experiencing the golden opportunity to “choose” our state of being. Do we choose to be sad or joyful? Happy or unhappy? Cluttered in chaos or perhaps joyful with clarity in peace, harmony and prosperity?

Are you willing to release the thought patterns and beliefs that have held you hostage from living your full potential in a blissful state of love? It is never too late to choose a higher energy. You are fully supported by not only the angelic realm – your entourage of angels, guides, teachers and deceased loved ones, but also by the angels of Mother Earth and the Light Beings from afar.

I invite you to join me tonight for the Spiritual Whispers radio show. I’ll be discussing the energy of 2013: Hope & Limitless Possibility, the Light Beings and exciting experiences to come! I will share an angelic shielding experience to help you traverse the coming days with clarity from a vibration of love. I will also share with you a special gift.

As many are grieving, we will collectively hold the light of love for healing.

My voice is still a little raspy and I'm coughing, but with angelic help I'll be able to speak clearly throughout our hour together. I look forward to seeing you there!

I send you love…
I send you joy…
I send you cyber hugs…

In love and light,