Thursday, December 26, 2013

You Deserve To Be Happy

The night after Thanksgiving Freddy and I attended the Christmas parade in Estes Park. The night was cool,

After the parade when we went back to our cabin, we stood there in the quiet darkness and looked up at the milky way. The Colorado sky was so big it felt as if we were a part of it.

It was dark, but the sky was alive with light. Stars glowed brilliantly and as we stood there looking up, it was as if we were no longer standing on the soils of Mother Earth.  It was as if we became one with All That Is - all that surrounded us, the forest, the soils beneath our feet, the expansive space of darkness and light above us...

but not too cold - the air crisp and clean.

With a quiet, deep breath I could hear and feel my own heart beating - beating as one with the energy around us.

The moments were magical.

There was no worry, no fear, no grief of losing a loved one's physical body to death.  There was only love.

When I close my eyes I can still see the milky way above me and feel the expansion of possibility within my heart that dreams do come true when the human vibration aligns with the energy of those dreams.

We are on the doorstep of a new year. Are you on track to create the dreams of your heart as your reality in 2014? Do you know what your dreams are and do you believe you are worthy to create and receive them?

Know that  Mother Earth, and your angelic team fully support you to create your version of heaven on earth. You are worthy to create and receive all the dreams and desires of your heart.  You deserve to be happy - you are limitless possibility incarnate...

Throughout 2014 and beyond I'm scheduled to share my time, energy and gifts from the angelic realm - to hold the safe space with the angels, for you to open your heart to the limitless possibility that you are. Currently there are three new complementary programs available to you to illuminate the pathway to create your version of heaven on earth.  Watch your email, more programs are being scheduled with a very exciting transformational program in March.

I send you love and light to allow yourself to complete the energies of 2013 to step into the magical possibility of 2014!  I'm so very grateful that you are a part of my journey and I thank you for inviting me to be a part of yours!

All the love of my heart,

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Complementary Programs - My Gift to YOU!

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Learn the secret to make your affirmations Always Work!
* Affirmations: Your Passport to Happiness with Dr. Anne Marie Evers and Kate Large

Affirmations are words of intent that command something to be true.  Have you been using affirmations that seem to be useless?  Or do they seem to be working, then they fall flat and what you've felt manifesting in your life falls apart?

Dr. Anne Marie Evers affirms: "Affirmations when properly done always work!"

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You Deserve to be Happy in Love
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Joy and Sadness of the Holidays...

For many people the holiday season is a time of sharing joy filled experiences with loved ones creating new memories of love.

But for others, it is a time of knowing the warm hand of someone we love will not hold our hand this holiday season. We won't hear their voice and we won't hug their bodies, look into their eyes and tell them how much we love them, because our loved one's physical body has expired.


Our heart feels them.

Our human brain tells us our loved one is gone, but our heart feels them near...

...and they are...

The veil between our human, physical world and that of the angelic realm is thinner than it has ever been before.  The essence of the people that we love who now reside in that unsee-able place of angelic beings is right here - and we feel the loving presence of their energy.

I invite you to open your heart to the love that you shared with your loved one.  The love between you is eternal... a part of you and a part of them that lives always and forever. As you embrace that love, your vibration increases to more closely match that of the angelic realm and you will feel them even stronger. Allow yourself to experience your connection in whatever form that takes.

Allow yourself to have the "eyes to see" - you may see them in your mind's eye.
Allow yourself to have the "ears to hear" - you may hear their voice whispering in your ear.
Allow yourself to experience the "knowing in your heart" - that they are as close as a breath.

Allow the brilliance of the love light within you to shine brightly dissipating the darkness of sadness and grief.

Allow yourself to know throughout your being the love that you share with loved ones of the angelic realm is eternal... always and forever...

Sending cyber hugs of love and light,

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Creation Energy and Power Words

You know that everything is energy, including your thoughts and your words.  Words carry the power to share love as well as share energy that is less than love, but most importantly words are energy that create the every day reality of your life.

...And... that energy is creating your life more quickly than ever before!

If you don't like your reality, what is the energy of what you're saying and thinking?  Are you radiating loving energy or energy that is less than love?

Your core energy is reflected in your words - making your words: Power Words.  I'm delighted to share with you that today best-selling author, Sharon Anne Klingler, is releasing her new book Power Words.  This book is a remarkable tool to create lightening-fast results in every endeavor.  You'll learn to use the power of your words in an extraordinary and completely new, conscious way, where each and every individual word has a precise impact and immediate outcome.

When you purchase this new book today, you will have access to many enlightening bonus gifts, including one from me!  You may learn more about this exciting new book by pointing your browser here:

More Complementary Programs with me!
Whispers of the dawning of 2014 are softly stirring the air and life is changing. Tomorrows are sliding into yesterday as time accelerates to almost lighting speed and we as humans are frantically working at keeping up.  Are you ready for a break?  Last week hundreds of people joined me to de-stress the holidays with the complementary 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels program and the love energy was almost tangible!

Today I'm excited to announce three more complementary programs! Each of these programs will be delivered on a Saturday and will be recorded. Replays will be available for a limited time.  And... even though these programs are virtual (by phone or web) seating is limited.  AND... one person participating in each live program by phone will be selected to receive an extraordinary bonus gift!

You may register for these programs today and receive access information.  You will receive a reminder email prior to the program.

* Meet Your Worry Angel and Give Him Your Worries of 2013

* Affirmations: Your Passport to Happiness with Dr. Anne Marie Evers and Kate Large

* Create More Love in Your Life with ONE Simple...

These programs and all the programs that follow next year are designed to hold the safe space for you to tap into the Divinity within you and expand your awareness creating the highest possible outcome as your reality - your version of heaven on earth!

I'm so looking forward to seeing you there - And... calling your name as the winner of the super special bonus gift LIVE in each call!

In love and light,

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Blessings in the Cold...

Today it is very cold here in Colorado (below 0) - as it has been this past week.  Too cold for the Majik Poodle to go outside without his snowsuit and snowshoes. Thankfully Majik was relaxed as Freddy finished getting him ready to go outside.

 I'm not a fan of the cold, so I'm grateful Freddy took Majik out. When they came back in, Majik's fur brought in some snow, but most importantly, he brought in the freshness of outdoor air.

When I wrapped him in a towel to dry off, I breathed in deeply the crisp breath of God nestled in the curls on his head - and gratitude for the blessings and joy in my life burst from my heart.  I love it, this happens every time!  That fresh breath of outside air is magical!

Its easy to get caught up in the daily drama of living in this physical world. We have responsibilities that weigh on us and we worry about things -  consciously and subconsciously - and next thing you know, tomorrow is yesterday and we've allowed joy to escape us.

Are you worrying?  Are you experiencing joy?  Take a moment and embrace the things you are grateful for.  Embrace that gratitude from your heart and expand it out throughout your home.  Shift your energy from less than joyful, to joyful and claim this as The Best Day Ever!

In love and light,