Monday, July 27, 2015

Angelic GPS July 27 - August 2, 2015 + Exciting News About Majik!

Angelic GPS - July 27 - August 2, 2015

This week's energy takes us to a new level of Awareness.  

Fearlessly step to the plate to fully experience expanding your awareness and you will breath effortlessly into the fulfillment of your wishes!

Sound exciting?  It is!

This week's energy reminds us that we already possess everything we need to create a reality that We. Love.

Take the time you need to get really clear on what you want to experience - Every. Day.

With clarity of purpose and intention you will set into motion the molding of formless matter into the fulfillment of what your heart wishes for.

You're ready for this.

No more excuses.

It's time to BE in your power to breathe effortlessly into the life you long for.

Friday, the last day of this month of July, brings the energy of the Full Moon.  It's time to welcome in the miracles that are yours!

Again, take the time you need to look within - decide what YOU want - not what you "should" be, do or have - put aside the "shoulds" and decide what You. Want.

Then allow your entire BE-ing to expand into that energy and embrace it throughout all the cells of your body to a full body, YES energy!

Face and heal any resistance you hold within you with regard to what you want and be fully open to whatever magnificent way the Universe delivers what you want to you!

Place your order and prepare with full expectancy to receive.

Receive - the fulfillment of your heart's truest wish.

You. Can. Do. This!

In love and light,

Majik Update

I promise when I can sit still, we'll post clearer pics!
Right now, I'm wiggling with happiness!

Majik visited Dr. Swieckowski at the Franktown Animal Clinic on Friday, July 24. 

Your prayers and healing energies are working!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
His tumor has decreased in size by 60%!! 

We are thrilled with these results! 

We humbly ask you to keep him in your prayers - and he is still gratefully accepting Reiki!  We go back to see Dr. Swieckowski in three weeks.

All our love,
Kate and Majik

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Magic Moments with Majik - July 25 - Exciting News!

I have Exciting News everyone!

Your healing energies, prayers and love are working!  My tumor has reduced in size by 60% - Whew!  No wonder I feel better!

We go back to see Dr. Swieckowski at the Franktown Animal Clinic in three weeks and I KNOW we'll get more good news!

This is a picture of me and mom on our walk - we're looking into our future... and we're together!

I want to thank you again for all your love, prayers and healing energies - we're beyond words grateful!  

Till next time, put your left paw on your right shoulder and your right paw on your left shoulder and give yourself a HUGE thank you hug from me!

In gratitude, love and light,

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Magic Moments with Majik - July 22 - You can't bury Goat's Milk...

I ate too much breakfast and didn't want my goat's milk right away so I tried to bury it. 

You can't bury goat's milk. 

Lesson learned --- well... till next time!

I'm feeling good, getting good rest and not worrying about a thing!

I'm enjoying my life.  Some of my favorite things to do:

sitting on my deck surveying the green belt and barking at dogs that are not on a leash - no one would guess how sick I've been when I do this! ---that's me with my head on the rail, resting while I survey...

sitting in mom's lap while she works with the angels

playing with my toys

sleeping while Mom or Dad rub my tummy



going for a walk

All of these things are my favorite thing to do - when I'm doing it.  

I love my life.

Day before yesterday mom dumped all my toys out into the living room floor.  

I watched her do it.  

I didn't know what got into her, but I really was excited about it! 

Mom and I played and played with the toys.  I wore myself out playing in them - we had the BEST Time!  It was AWESOME!

Then dad came home.

Mom fessed up that she did it - and guess what?  My toys are still all over the place and we've played with them every day!

We go back to the vet on Friday - I'm also going to see Miss Jennifer that day.  She makes me handsome...  AND I'll get a new bandana!
I love my bling!  One day my bandana came off while I was lying on the sofa with Mom.  She saw me trying to put it back up on my shoulder so she went shopping and got me a bunch of them.  

Now I'm always stylish.  I have a yellow one that mom says I look "dapper" when I where it.  I'm not sure about "dapper" but the girls think I'm "smokin' hot"!  (don't tell mom - some things its better moms just don't know )

But then... there are other times that its a good thing for moms to know what's going on.  Two weeks ago we spoke with Martha Grace, Animal Communicator.  She heard about me from mom's friend the beautiful Rachel.  

Mom and I talk, but it was really nice to have a third party share some things I really want mom to know.  So if you would like to know what's going on between your fur babies ears, contact Martha, she's a beautiful, loving voice for folks like me.

Okay...  Mom needs her computer... gotta go!

But before I do... I want to thank you again for all your love, prayers and healing energies!  Till next time, put your left paw on your right shoulder and your right paw on your left shoulder and give yourself a HUGE thank you hug from me!

In gratitude, love and light,

Monday, July 20, 2015

Angelic GPS July 20-26, 2015 + Majik is looking younger...

Angelic GPS - July 20 - 26, 2015

This week’s energy supports us to overcome Mental Conflict to receive Material Harvest!

As humans we typically agonize and stress over making decisions – sometimes even simple decisions, like what we’re having for dinner. I believe this hesitancy to make decisions is based on a hidden belief that we don’t deserve what we want. The subconscious thinking: “If I don’t make a decision on what I want, then I won’t be disappointed when I don’t get it.”

You do deserve to get what you want: deserving from a source of love – not from a source of superior entitlement.

Can you feel the difference between the energy of:  ~ deserving from a source of love, and ~ deserving from a source of superior entitlement?

The energy of deserving from a source of love feels natural – fluid with effortless ease.

The energy of deserving from a source of superior entitlement feels harsh, uncertain and forced.

When you look within and access the love essence within you – the Source of All That Is – the barrier between you and your ability to make decisions dissolves to its native nothingness and you will be liberated to receive the material harvest that is yours by Divine right.

Your material harvest may be of material things or may be of love energy so deep and so profound that it too, is a material substance within you --- even though it is an experience, it is so deep and so profound that it feels tangible.

How do you access this blissful energy of love within you?

By embracing the emotions within you instead of suppressing them. Take the time you need to embrace the anxiety, the fear and the pain. Follow the bread crumbs to the energy's core and face it. Facing it will begin the disconnection process to heal it. As a result, the bread crumbs will then lead you to joy filled love and light like you’ve never experienced before!

Don’t let fear hold you back – you got this!

If you need help, there is a surplus of tools to help you on the Soul Kisses website.

“I don’t know how, but miracles happen in my life - Every. Day."

Majik Update

Majik has had been acting as if he feels pretty good!  Mornings seem to be best for him. 

He LOVES his walk in the mornings.  He's a man on a mission - leaving no smell unsmelled and reveling in being a dog.

When we picked up more medication last week from the vet, he had put on 6 ounces.  He had lost a pound at the previous visit, so I was thrilled!

I told him he has great color for being so sick and he thought that was funny.

He's barking at every dog that is not on a leash who walks by our deck - and definitely does not act like he's ill - till he gets tired...

Then he lies down for a nap and sleeps and sleeps and sleeps.  And that's ok.

He's still straining to potty, so the tumor is still blocking his urine somewhat, but its no longer just drips - there's a stream at times! 

NOTE: Maj says this is TMI, Mom - TMI! (too-much-information)

We go back to the vet next Friday, July 24 for another ultrasound.  We'll know then how much the tumor has reduced.

Thank you for your love, your prayers and your healing energies.

All the love of my heart,
Kate and Majik

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Magic Moments with Majik - July 19, 2015

Hello....  I'm Majik Payden, Kate Large's Majik Poodle.

I've been diagnosed with inoperable bladder cancer.  I know... its rare - like me.... 

The tumor is causing me to strain to expel my bladder (better than saying I have a hard time peeing - eh?).  Bet you didn't know I was so eloquent!

When the news was delivered to my family, my life expectancy looked - well... bleak.  And my mom went on a crying jag for four days...

Just to be clear, I’m not afraid. 

I’m not afraid and I’m enjoying my life. 

I do get sad when my mom cries, but I - Am - Not - Afraid.

My mission has been to take care of my mom – your Kate. She asked God for love in poodle form.  A little guy to sit on her lap and snuggle and BE LOVE.  I raised my paw and next thing I knew I incarnated to Miss Bunni’s poodle compound in South Carolina.

When I was old enough I flew to Denver in a crate. I was still a little disoriented when mom opened the door and saw me for the first time. She looked into my puppy eyes that were bigger than my face - how that can be, I don't know... but she instantly fell in love with me – and I her.

We’ve been together now for 10 years this past June - and it has been quite the adventure!

I was only a few months old the first time Big Jim came to see mom from the angelic realm. He didn’t bring Alvin that first time, but when I growled at him, he decided that bringing someone with him for me to play with would be a good thing – and it has been. I love playing with Alvin (by the way, Alvin is Big Jim’s skunk in spirit – and no, I do not get confused between spirit skunks who are fun and physical skunks who can cause problems).

I helped mom get through the grief of the physical death of the dear lady – grandma. We all love grandma and I didn’t mind that I was too heavy to sit on her lap and Jayden wasn’t. We shared grandma and loved her together.

I still see her. That one time mom was crying really hard so I got up on her lap and looked her right in the eye and asked her to stop. Instead mom asked me, “Majik, do you miss Grandma, too?” I calmly told her, “I see her all the time, I don’t know what your problem is!”

Mom looked surprised and started laughing. Then she saw grandma, too. Grandma was wearing a pink duster and she was sweeping the kitchen floor.

I want to thank everyone for your love, prayers and that ooo-la-la Reiki you’ve been sending! 

I LOVE it!!!  

At the time of my diagnosis I was feeling R-E-A-L-L-Y bad, but mom reached out to you and between your healing love, my new food, all the magic powders, medication and that glowing Holy Water blessed by John of God from my dear friend Roland, I've been feeling So-Much-Better!

In case your fur baby gets bladder cancer, this is what I'm getting:

~ Liquid Piroxicam - My buddy Dr. Swieckowski of the Franktown Animal Clinic mixed cherry flavor liquid with it so I can have it, because I don't weigh enough for the dry stuff.  I really don't like it, but mom told me my sis, Jess used to take cherry flavor Tylenol when she was a baby to make her feel better.  AND... Jess... I didn't spit it in mom's face like you did the first time she gave you the Tylenol!

~ Chinese Herbs from Dr. Swieckowski - he's had good results with these = magic powder

~ Renal support = magic powder

~ Delicious food from My Perfect Pet - I've always had good food, but this is really good!  My buddy Aiden at Gannon Grooming told mom about it.  He also suggested Goat's Milk and I LOVE IT!

~ Holy Water blessed by John of God from my friends Lillie, Mable, Mara and their human Roland Comtois - did you know Holy Water glows?  Mom doesn't see it, but I do! 

~ and of course...  All the love from you, my extended family.

Life is good.  Even though I've been diagnosed with cancer - Life is Good - and I'm enjoying every minute I'm awake - oh and mom tells me I'm enjoying dreaming, too!

And...  I met some girls on my walk tonight - some really pretty girls - and they thought I was cute!

Till next time, put your left paw on your right shoulder and your right paw on your left shoulder and give yourself a HUGE thank you hug from me!

In gratitude, love and light, (yes, I do know what love and light is - I've seen it!)

p.s. - yes, that is a rainbow on my chest.  I was laying in my bed on Mom's desk when Big Jim splashed a rainbow on me - mom was so excited - me, too!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Angelic GPS July 13-19, 2015 + Majik Kisses the Morning - with both lips!

Angelic GPS - July 13 - 19, 2015

This week's energy supports
moving forward triumphantly!

The power of the light energy within you is pushing and nudging you steadily forward. 

Of course the first step is deciding what you want to experience.  Right now it is essential to carefully follow through energetically -- from choosing to fully experiencing being, doing or having what it is you want.

Whether you're setting new goals, developing ideas or planning a journey, take the time you need to experience the energy of the outcome you wish to achieve.

When you access your inner guidance and balance it with intention, Attention and the joy filled energy of receipt, you will flow into manifestation of the desired outcome.

Know that your Angelic A-Team are with you in all moments to support you and guide you to any action steps that are necessary to achieve your goals.

This week you will experience the powerful energy of the new moon on Wednesday, the 15th.  During this time you will have access to your prosperity portal - make good use of it!

Majik Update

Majik has been in the bliss of Love.  We've seen improvement and we've digressed.  He's had an exceptional appetite and then no appetite.  He's had days he didn't feel very well and days he felt better. 

Today, (Sunday afternoon) as I write this, he has had a fabulous day!  He woke me up wanting to go out and kiss the morning - with both lips!  On his walk he checked out all the doggy social media spots, then enjoyed his breakfast of:

~ natural food
~ medication
~ magic Chinese Herbs
~ splash of Holy Water blessed by John of God
~ and a side of Goat's Milk in a special ramekin

We played and he barked and he growled and he chased his toy.  He tugged and dug around in the covers till the bed was a total mess.  He pushed his bed off my desk, tried to dig a hole in it till he was told to stop, and then finally took a nap.

Good days are the best!

One of the mastery students asked for permission to share Majik's photo with her Facebook groups, then she shared the love with us.  One of her community members said she recognized Majik and she's already in the prayer circle for him! 

Majik is not afraid.  On his good days he's the life of the party.  On other days I hold him as he sleeps.  I'm human so I spontaneously burst into tears, but we're claiming Maj to be whole and healthy in all ways.  We've discussed it and we will be updating through the blog.  Apparently Majik has a lot to say... ;)

Love has no bounds and holds us safe as we process through painful life experiences.  Thank you in deepest gratitude for your loving prayers for little Majik and for us.

All the love of my heart,

PS - you have my permission to share the image of Majik with your community if you wish to build the healing love supporting him.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Will You Pray with Us? + Angelic GPS July 6-12, 2015

On Tuesday night I presented the first Class Module Call for the 5th presentation of the GAME of LIFE Mastery Program.  During that call I talked about how we have the power to choose the energy we wish to BE in.  When we experience life events that disappoint us, hurt us, upset us - even traumatic life events - we react with human emotions, but after the shock wears off, we then have the opportunity to choose what energy we wish to BE in.
I didn't know on Tuesday that on Wednesday I would be working to get over the shock of traumatic news from our vet.... 

As many of you know I've asked for prayers for my little Majik (four legged fur baby) because he has been experiencing bladder challenges.  On Wednesday our vet ruled out everything except cancer, then on Thursday it was confirmed, little Majik has an aggressive cancerous tumor in his bladder and it is inoperable.

I went to Facebook and asked for prayers and Reiki.  The comforting, healing love has been pouring in and little Majik has been in Reiki Bliss.  He's always eaten good food, but now we've stepped his diet up and our holistic vet has him on Chinese herbs along with some other medication.  Plus a dear friend is sending him Holy Water blessed by John of God.

Human words cannot express my gratitude for your loving, healing energy and prayers.  But I will try --- Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The instantaneous recognition of the frailty of life when we learn of traumatic events, injuries and illness leads the human brain to jump off into an abyss of fear filled pain.  Our human reaction is to take traumatic experiences to the very limit of the pain threshold and embrace it - blocking out everything else, till we can work through the shock.  
Our human-ness struggles with this fear while our spiritual BE-ingness knows that the spirit is truly safe and being cared for by angelic hosts of love and light.

Some times we can overcome the fear quickly, sometimes it takes awhile...  With full transparency, five days later I'm still working through the shock to embrace the truth: MIRACLES Happen Every Day!

Miracles. Happen. Every. Day.

Angelic GPS July 6 - 12, 2015

This week's energy supports Changes...

We live in a world of duality - judgment yielding perceptions.  My awareness of my world may not be your perception of my world.  Your awareness of your world may not be my perception or your world.  Yet our awareness and perception are true for each of us.

We have the power to change our perception and change reality - even when our life situation is dire or traumatic.

Can we change the outcome?  Sometimes.

However, we can definitely change our experience after we overcome our reaction to a higher outcome.


By choosing to live our Spiritual Truth - life and love are eternal.

And when we are steady in that belief, we transcend the bondage of fear to BE Joy, Love and Light - fear free. 

Life as a human never stays the same - it is always changing, evolving and expanding even when we feel stuck - feeling stuck is a sign we're on the cusp of transcending the less than love energy we've been wallowing in.  (no judgment... I've wallowed, too)

Human life is short in the full scheme of existence, what are you wallowing in that you need to change?

You have the power - no matter what the challenge, you and I have the power to create a higher outcome from within our energy.

Take my hand and lets do it together!

Love is the most powerful magnetic force in the universe.

I send you love, light and angels to bring you comfort as you overcome any challenges that have been revealed to you.

My family and I thank you for your love and support.  
All the love of my heart,

PS - you have my permission to share the image of Majik with your community to build the healing love supporting him.