Monday, October 29, 2012

The End of the Mayan Calendar, What Now?

We are in the final days of the Mayan calendar.  What does this mean?  With a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in British Columbia on Saturday and Hurricane Sandy sliding into the East coast of the US toady, not to mention other "natural disasters" and human challenges, it would be easy to allow fear to clutch our hearts.  What we must remember is that fear is an illusion of man and is only of the physical world.  

When I was a child I was afraid of death of the human body and embraced teachings of all things fearful.  It took years to get my mind around that living in fear is a choice.  Granted it is a choice made most often subconsciously, but it is still a choice.  

In these final days of the Mayan Calendar, we are faced with the social drama of uncertainty laced with fear.  BUT, this fear is a choice!  When we open our hearts to the essence of who we are - One with God, we find a deep sense of peace and profound love.  There is no space for fear in love, so the fear must dissipate and therein lies our power and our control.

In this time of uncertainty it is more important than ever that we take advantage of the thinness of the veil and tap into the universal wisdom that is our birthright to have and understand. Through the Soul Kisses website I provide tools for transformation, comfort and guidance that I use myself.  Due to the challenges so many face in this very moment, I'm offering pre holiday specials to help you shift the energy of these coming days from fear to love, balance and joy.

You have a huge team of angels, guides and teachers with you in all moments.  Remember, the number one complaint of angels is that we do NOT ask for their help enough!  Know that you won't be bothering them when you ask them for help!  They are ready and eager to help you in every moment of your existence.  You don't have to go through life winging it on your own!  Open your heart and tap into the wisdom and guidance that resides within you!

In love and light,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Breathe through the Pain of Grief with Roland Comtois & Kate

Today when I pulled back the window shades I was greeted by several inches of snow.  The Majik poodle was thrilled - the only thing that would have made him happier is to go outside naked instead of wearing a snowsuit!  When we came back in I removed his snowsuit and wrapped him up in a towel and helped him pull the snow out from between his toes (he wasn't wearing any shoes...).

Then a wave of grief that my grandmother recently died swept over me and I started to cry.  Majik licked my face, then just snuggled against me while I sobbed.  When I gained control of my emotions I looked him in the eye and said, "We miss grandma, don't we?"  To which I "heard" from him, "I see her all the time, I don't know what your problem is!"  ...and I laughed!

It was in those moments that I realized the wave of grief was initiated because I felt Grandma's energy with us.  She was enjoying - for the first time - Majik playing in the snow!

Even though I often talk to loved ones who have died and are now in spirit, I'm still human and I grieve.  Grief has its own schedule and there are no rules.  It just is.

Roland Comtois and I are walking similar paths.  We communicate with spirits of loved ones whose physical bodies are deceased and we know they are all okay, but we still grieve the loss of the physical presence of those we love who have died.

Know that our loved ones whose physical bodies have died are but a breath away.  No matter how alone you feel, they are still with you and you are surrounded by angels to bring you comfort as you grieve and heal.  

In love and light,

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Love, Honor and Respect

Are your relationships based on love, honor and respect – you for the other person and the other person for you? Or is the relationship unbalanced with you loving, honoring and respecting the other person, but the other person treats you terribly, without love, honor and respect? But not all the time, just some times – more than you would like, but not all the time, because when they are loving to you the relationship is wonderful, but sometimes, it isn’t... Relationships are not meant to be complicated.

Relationships that are less than loving with only the outline of honor and respect are not fully of the light, they hold shadows of darkness. In this shifting time of NOW, darkness can no longer hide from the light that is transforming our planet and raising our energy. The light is revealing the darkness to you. These revelations are all around us, personally, professionally, politically, etc.

What can you do about it?

There is nothing we can do about the other person - it is not our job to "fix" them or make them treat us better, but we can change within ourselves and set boundaries for acceptable behavior.

Love, Honor and Respect Part One
We can only receive love to the level at which we love ourselves. So the first step to being in a loving relationship with someone else is to look deeply within and open our heart to loving US!  For years from a subconscious level I believed I was unworthy and undeserving of happiness, joy and being loved – I didn’t have a clue how to love, honor, and respect ME!  As a result I attracted to me people who did not truly love, honor or respect me. Then I opened my heart to the guidance of my angels and they helped me to see me as they do, as the essence of God.

We’re taught to put God first above ourselves, but the reality is that we are the essence of God, so in order to put God first, we must honor the divinity within us!

When I learned this, I was able to embrace the love of God within me and came to understand that I am worthy and deserving of happiness, love, joy, prosperity – all things of love that are my birthright. I learned to love, honor and respect myself and I attracted to me relationships that love, honor and respect me, too.

Love, Honor and Respect Part Two
We’re taught to “turn the other cheek.” I was taught that this meant to basically let people walk on me, but I believe the true meaning of this concept is to love, honor and respect myself enough to “turn my cheek and walk away.” This doesn’t mean I don’t love the other person, it simply means I refuse to wallow in the pain of being a victim. It means I stand in my power, loving, honoring and respecting the divinity within me. I’m not in agreement with the other person and so long as I stay out of the pain of victim mindset, I have the power to send love to the other person and bless them on their way.

This creates a void in my life that the universe rushes to fill with a relationship that is of Love, Honor and Respect, because that is the energy at which I vibrate!

The time is NOW to look deep within your heart and discern at what level do you love, honor and respect yourself. Leave others and their judgment of you completely out of the equation. Do you love, honor and respect yourself? Open your heart to see yourself as your angels see you, as the beautiful essence of God that you are whose birthright it is to live in love, joy, happiness and prosperity in all things.

When you love, honor and respect yourself at the deepest level possible, you will attract to you relationships that love, honor and respect you. If a current relationship does not expand to this higher level of love, it will fade away and the Universe will fill the void with the loving relationship you long for.

You are a beautiful spirit of love and light. Open your heart and embrace the divinity within you and love, honor and respect yourself as One with God. Allow the relationships that hold the shadows of darkness to dissipate – send them love and bless them on their way, then open your arms wide to receive the relationship that fills your heart with joy and love.

May you embrace the love light of God to illuminate your journey and make your life easier and filled with joy.

In love and light,

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Support from the Angelic Realm

Jessica Ridgeway is 10 years old.  She left her home in Westminster, Colorado on Friday, October 5 to walk to school.  She never made it.  She is missing.

Jessica is 4/10", 80 pounds, has shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes and was last seen wearing pink and purple glasses, a black jacket and black boots with pompoms.

Our prayers go out to Jessica, her family and friends as well as those who are looking and praying for her.

Support from the Angelic Realm + Radio
Many of you have written to me to about not receiving emails from me. Your email processor is fine and your email is still in good standing in my database.  I have not sent out a newsletter since September 27, my apologies.  Shortly after I returned from Arkansas my mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer.  After an exploratory surgery her doctors are confident chemo treatment will return her to good health.  Then my father-in-law experienced a health scare and spent several days in the hospital.  My husband is in and out of town for work and I have very human days of grieving the physical loss of my dear grandmother.  I'm human and life events caught up to me, so to speak.

The days leading up to my birthday in September were especially challenging - the first birthday without a card filled with love from Grandma.  My heart cried from my soul and I just wanted to get past it.  I'm working at shifting from a state of "numbness that protects me" to really living - breathing, laughing and loving life ...and I'm getting there.  This week I was thinking about the coming holidays and experienced a turning point in my grief.  I realized that I'll finally be able to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with Grandma - albeit she will be in spirit form, but that is okay!  I'm looking forward to it!

Grief at any level is almost too difficult for the human brain to comprehend.  Connecting with your angels through angel readings you have ordered has been a tremendous blessing for me.  I'm very grateful to each of you!  As difficult as this time has been, opening my heart daily to the love of the angels has made this time of transition and acceptance easier.

As my heart heals from the pain and adjusts to this new life without Grandma's physical presence and the ever shifting energies of this time, I get glimpses of incredible joy.  In Trudy Griswold's October newsletter she shared a message she received from her sister Barbara, of the Angelic Realm, and a group of angels who call themselves "The Messengers." Tonight on the Spiritual Whispers radio show we will discuss this exciting message from Barbara and The Messengers along with messages we are seeing repeated in angel readings with you about "healing in all directions of time."

Even though we are in the month of October, a time of ending for plants and trees here in the US, it is a time of renewal and a promise of hope and possibility.  As the trees transform themselves from brilliant and dusty greens to blazes of yellow, gold and red, the breeze turns brisk and reminds us to think ahead and dress for this time of change.  From within our angels whisper to us reminding us to let go of days past and live in this moment, setting our intention to breathe deeply and live from a space of joy without worry.

Our angels remind us that we are never, ever alone for in each moment they are with us fully supporting us to release the illusion of fear and embrace the promise of love - as one, with God.  I hope you'll join Trudy and I tonight as we share how easy it is to communicate with your angels and not only feel their loving support, but understand their guidance to help you create the highest possible outcome as the reality of your life.

In love and light,