Sunday, November 30, 2014

Angelic GPS December 1-7, 2014

December 1-7, 2014

This week's energetic flow is about patience and honoring all aspects of you to BE in the highest vibration of love energy possible.

You are a spiritual being existing in a human body and during this hustle, bustle time of year and sometimes (probably most times) you don't even make the list of what is most important to tend to during your day - your day that often stretches far into the night before it completes.

The angels ask that you make time DAILY to BREATHE! - slowly... fully... completely filling your lungs and body with the breath of God!

They also ask that while you're consciously taking this time to breathe in the breath of God, ask them for their help in whatever it is you're doing!

They show me that by taking the time to breathe fully, you'll understand their guidance more clearly, experience clarity of thinking and... you'll be more patient with people and life situations that would cause you to be overwhelmed, frustrated or angry if you were in a less relaxed state of BE-ing.

The angels want you to know that through clarity of thought and energy, all that your heart desires will be revealed to you.  They say that it is through the energetic vibration of being clear about what it is you really want and planting your seeds of intention at this time, that miraculous results become your reality!

In this moment of NOW - Breathe in the limitlessness of your ability to create miracles through the breath of God!

Suggestion:  Place colorful reminders throughout your life to BREATHE!  Sticky notes on the fridge, mirror, notes in your pocket.  How awesome would it be to put your hand in your pocket and pull out a message from your angels?

"Breathe, dear one, breathe!"  ~Your Angels

Till next week, the angels and I send you love and light,
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