Wednesday, December 14, 2011

If you believe... unbelievable things are possible

"If you believe, then unbelievable things can sometimes be possible."
~ Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos Quarterback, 12/11/11

If you're a football fan and maybe if you're not, you've heard of Tim Tebow, the Broncos Quarterback.  I'm a football fan who has stuck with the Broncos and now I'm a HUGE fan of Tim Tebow!  I move chairs right in front of the TV and I record the game in case of interruption and use "rewind" and "pause" so I don't miss anything.  And now... I watch the interviews after the game.

Why am I such a fan of an NFL quarterback?

Tim Tebow allows God's light to shine from within him as an NFL football player - no matter who he's talking to, no matter what he's doing.  I see the Bronco players "hugging" one another after good plays - not just bouncing off one another in a body high five, but "Hugging" with their arms around one another - and I'm hearing the coach and players thanking God in interviews.

In the past I've felt the love within my own heart when I would see 200-300 pound players holding hands and kneeling in prayer whether before or after a game.  Now I see it every Bronco game.  Tebow's kneel in prayer has become viral through Tim Tebow's response to this?  No matter what the reason these people are mimicking him, the original intent was kneeling in gratitude and prayer to God - and intent is everything!

On Sunday, December 11, the Broncos trailed in the fourth quarter 10-0. With 2:08 left in the game Tebow threw a touchdown pass, then with 8 seconds left in the game the Bronco kicker, Matt Prater, kicked a tying field goal.  The Broncos won the game in overtime.  The stands were full.

Sports commentators are using phrases like "Divine Intervention," "Belief is more powerful than statistics" and "Tebow magic." Tim will be the first one to tell you, it isn't Tebow Magic, its the God light within him touching all his teammates.

Who would have thought that the NFL would be a source of God's light?

Our lives are series after series of choices. How many of us give up when all we see is adversity? In the past, the Broncos M.O. was to give up by the fourth quarter when they were trailing in points. Are you trailing 10-0 in what you perceive to be the fourth quarter? Are you wallowing in the fear energy of being overwhelmed and feeling helpless?  Many of us are faced - TODAY - with the choice of giving up OR we can choose to give the helpless, worry fear to God and embrace all that we are grateful for - even if all we feel we can be grateful for is the very air we breathe.

Gratitude is of love source and Love is All Powerful - Anything is possible in Love source Energy!!!

Choose to release feelings of helpless, powerless victim mindset and step into your power in love!

"If you believe, unbelievable things ARE possible."
~ Kate Large, Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers

In love and light,

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

People Pleaser VS Love, Laugh, Live!

As 2011 comes to an end, this time is also an end of fears haunting us both consciously and subconsciously. Mother Earth’s energy no longer supports fear so fear’s shadows are being revealed to us…

I’ve always been very close to my maternal grandmother. When I was old enough to walk, Grandma knew she had to be prepared to take me home with her if she visited my family, because I would demand to go with her. I love my parents, but my grandmother and I are deeply joined through spirit.

When I was four, my parents, siblings and I moved to another state and I was devastated at the physical distance between me and Grandma. I spent summers with her and felt safe, fulfilled and whole and would become physically ill every time we left my grandmother’s to drive 7-8 hours to get home. I’ve since learned that Grandma has held the space of unconditional love of the angelic realm in the physical world and being separated from her magnified my feelings of separation from God.

Back then I didn’t understand this, so when I was in school I lost myself trying to make friends and “fit in.” I tried to heal the wounds of my heart by trying to “please” everyone, but all I really did was give away my power. Then I actively stepped into my spiritual path and began to take back my power and life changed – for the better!

Now Grandma’s body is becoming alarmingly frail and spiritually she’s spending more and more time in the angelic realm with her mother and other family members whose physical bodies have died. I’m accepting the fact that the time for conversing with her in the traditional verbal way is all but over.

Spiritually I’m excited for her reunion with those she loves and this higher level of communication between us, yet physically my heart is breaking…

The pain of losing the safe space Grandma holds in the physical world has brought to my attention that from deep within the emptiness of feeling like I needed to “please” others still exists. I thought this driving need for acceptance outside of myself was long gone, but the higher energies of love that are sweeping our planet, revealed to me that the “need to please and to be accepted” still lingered in my heart.

A week or so ago I was discussing what is expected of “me” during this holiday season and feeling the tidal waves of pain with regard to Grandma’s decline. I was standing there on an emotional roller coaster going back and forth between fulfilling the "Norman Rockwell" expectations of others and struggling with my own need to grieve what is no more when…


I heard the cord of the need to “please others in order to be accepted” disconnect from my body as an audible sound and saw it flying away from me. In that instant I felt acceptance of who I am from deep within and the rush of unconditional love flooded my being. I saw in that instant my life flow as choices that I make.  I saw myself choosing the desires of others at the expense of my own needs. I shifted into putting me first from love source and the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders.

In the hours and days that followed, my body worked to align with this higher state of being - free of the shadows of separation. The stress of feeling overwhelmed by “every little holiday thing” is gone and peace has settled within my essence. I’m now free to grieve and release the pain of life changes, while embracing the stronger connection with God to Love, Laugh and truly LIVE!

As 2011 comes to an end, this time is also an end of fears haunting us both consciously and subconsciously. Mother Earth’s energy no longer supports fear so fear’s shadows are being revealed. At some level each one of us is experiencing the revelation of the shadows of fear – and remember worry is fear! Anything that is less than joy and love is fear: worry, anger, unforgiveness, depression, stress, anxiety, anxiousness, sadness - including concern (which is a form of worry) for others.

Allow yourself to let go of all that no longer serves you and open your heart to the inner knowing that you are not separated from God – God lives within your heart – within your every breath… Take a deep breath and accept in gratitude the guidance of your angels, guides and teachers to show you the path of your highest good.

Know that you are wonderful, safe, perfect and complete just as you are – you are love and you are loved unconditionally…

In love and light,

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gratitude with Big Jim

I look back at the years since I registered the Soul Kisses domain name and I am in awe of what has transpired - the transformation has been nothing short of miraculous for me and I'm sure, for many of you!  When I began typing this, my dad, Big Jim, made his presence known and has a few words for each of us...

Message from Big Jim

I've been watching - and not from "afar" as so many of you think. Someone, who shall remain nameless...  recently made a comment when he learned that my mother-in-law is spending a lot of time in the spirit world - one foot in the physical world and one foot in the spirit, so to speak.  She was insisting that it was almost noon, when the physical world time was only 9am.  He commented that it is good to know that there is only a few hours difference between physical world time and spirit world time.  He wasn't far off the mark.  Its all a perception.

I, along with my fellow spirits of this "other side" of living, are with you and we have a request of each of you:

We ask that ya'll laugh and really LIVE more!  Worry is robbing you of what you really want in your lives - let it go.  Breathe in the air around you.  In my day, "Stop and Smell the Roses" meant something.  I've seen you people with your computers and phones - even my kid here, Kate, stops to wait for spell check when she's hand writing something.  I always get a good laugh when she does that, but I digress...

We ask that you really live, while you're in the physical - there isn't one of us here that regrets having fun - the wish is always that we laughed and enjoyed life more.  You may feel that you don't have much to laugh about, but then again, everything is a perception.

This is an exciting time as the light is revealed there on Mother Earth.  Embrace all that you are grateful for and lift your heart in laughter and joy.  Let your heart sing - out loud!  We'll be right there with you!

~ Big Jim

On this day of Thanksgiving - no matter where you are in the world - I send love and light to you in gratitude of our being a part of one another's lives.  Sending a cyber hug - place your left hand on your right shoulder and your right hand on your left shoulder - {{{{{{HUG}}}}}}

In love and light,

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Mercury in Retrograde - How can it be Wonderful?

This week opens the door to the future by our choices of this moment. On Thursday, November 24 Mercury goes retrograde along with a new moon partial solar eclipse. What does this mean for the humans of Mother Earth?

The shift that has been affecting our planetary collective consciousness has increased exponentially since 11-11-11.  It is a magical time to discern the bigger picture - a time to step outside the emotion of stress and worry and view your life as an observer and look at the bigger picture and claim your power as the Limitless Spiritual Being that you are!

Ask yourself:  What is working and what isn't?  In what areas of your life are you happy?  In what areas are you unhappy?  What is going on in your life that makes your heart sing?  What is going on in your life that is preventing your heart from singing?  What do you really want your life to look like???

Here in the US we are preparing for Thanksgiving - a time of gratitude and reflection.

So many of us are just getting by - fulfilling all that we can on our "to do" list then falling into bed exhausted. We are surviving, trying to squeeze in some joy when we can, but mostly struggling to breathe under the mountain of stress, worry and fear that we have accepted as our burden.

Now is the time to and take your power of creation Back and Keep that Power!

Mercury becoming retrograde and the solar eclipse give new meaning to the first day of the rest of your life!

Mercury is the planet of time, communication and commerce.  Mercury in Retrograde affects earthly time and communication on every level possible.  Make it work for you!  With excitement embrace this as a time of renewal, reflection and re-invention of your life!

Use the energy of Mercury in Retrograde and the Solar Eclipse as your allies to show you the shadows of fear that hide in your heart - face that fear, disconnect from it and heal it.  Discern what no longer serves you and let it go to reveal what is of your highest good.  This is an exciting time of co-creation with All That Is to re-invent your life - letting go of what has blocked you from receiving your highest good so that now, in this time of enlightenment, you let go of stress, worry and fear and step into your power as the limitless spiritual being that you are manifesting as your reality... your heaven on earth!

Call on your entourage of assistants of the angelic realm and claim the power of this moment to create the change that you desire. Embrace all that you are grateful for and shift your energy to the unobstructed vision of love.

My dad, Big Jim, repeatedly tells me that we don't have a clue as to how powerful we really are.  Know that your heart light is activated and allow that light to shine brightly illuminating your path.

I hold each of you reading this in the light of powerful, whole and complete.

I invite you to take my hand, and together as one, with all the ascended masters who have walked the soils of Mother Earth, with our angelic entourage of angels, guides, teachers and deceased loved ones, As One with God... we claim our power and create our heaven on earth! Collectively as a group we dissipate the darkness of fear and flood our planet with love and light - shifting the space in which we reside to the higher vibration of love source energy!

You can Do IT!  You are Not alone!  We are One Together!

If you need additional help in actively taking part in this shift into fearless consciousness, the Soul Kisses website is a plethora of tools and recommendations to help make your life path easier.

In love and light,

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Veil Thins...

Since last week's 11/11/11 energy shift, you may be "feeling" different.  My dad, Big Jim, would call it "something else."  That "something else" is the thinning of the veil between our world and that of the angelic. You may be feeling the presence of your deceased loved ones more strongly while you're awake or dreaming about them while sleeping. You may be feeling an excitement of creative ideas surging through your thoughts as you breathe in deeply.  You may be feeling a sense of struggle from deep within to expand your heart to the "something more" that your inner light declares is available to you.  Know that the "struggle" is the fear of the physical world trying to hold you back - don't let it!

You and I are on this exciting path of spiritual enrichment and enlightenment - we all are!  In my world there are wonderful, exciting things happening while around me there are still atrocities, trauma and pain of the physical world that are often difficult to comprehend.

It is a choice as to whether we fall prey to the clutches of the fear filled negativity. I am human, just like you, and at times I do succumb to feelings of being overwhelmed and helpless, but then I pull out my tool arsenal and hug to me every angel around and shift my energy out of the fear and into a state of balance.  Some times it is harder to do this than others...

We all have the ability to sift through the negativity and fear to reconnect with the divine light of love essence that is our being-ness, but some times with just a little boost, input or guidance from another human its easier.  That's why the Soul Kisses website is here for you.

Back in the late nineties I was unable to find answers on the internet to questions I had with regard to my spiritual path.  So in 2000 I created the Soul Kisses website to help hold the light for others with a plethora of information.  Now that information has grown to include the tools I use to make my journey here on Mother Earth easier as well as recommendations for the work of others. The angels are guiding me to put together bundles of services and products to help make this time of transformation easier. The bundles will be available on Black Friday, November 25 (with a sneak peak in November 24's newsletter).

As the light continues to shift the energy of the planet, you will be coming into contact with more and more like minded people.  For some of you, I know this is an answer to your prayers, because you have no one to talk to about your spiritual path.  You may find yourself as a "way shower" - a "keeper of the light" - to help others find their spiritual way.  Know that our "spiritual way" is defining our physical reality.  If you would like to use information or tools you find at the Soul Kisses website for a class or gathering, contact me and we'll work out a plan to use the materials.

The veil is thinning exponentially - you know this - you feel this, even though you may not understand it.  When you feel the presence of your loved ones and/or angels of the angelic realm, acknowledge their presence and allow yourself to experience what comes to you.  Ask them the questions of your heart and allow yourself to experience the answers.

We are all One with God - One with each other...

In love and light,

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dementia/Alzheimer's touches everyone...

My grandmother is now 90 years old and lives in an assisted living facility.  Mondays and Fridays have been our scheduled day to talk on the phone for years, plus any other day during the week that I feel the urge to call her.  ...and we're talkers... This is why I don't schedule any client appointments on Monday or Friday mornings before 11am my time.

Recently when I called her, I woke her from a cat nap and when I asked her what she was doing, she told me she was trying to decide if she was going to call her mother or wait till later.  Grandma explained to me that her mother goes to church in the mornings and she wanted to make sure she was home before calling.

Grandma's mother, my Grandma Hailey, died in 1984.  My immediate reaction was a human one - my heart broke and I began to cry.  As I listened to her indecision as to whether to call Grandma Hailey now or wait, I swallowed my tears then told her that maybe she should wait a while to make sure she was home.

The phone call with grandma sent me into a tailspin of human emotions.  I'm clearly grieving this change in her and when I cry, the wracking sobs come from the very cells of my body.  I may only cry for a couple of minutes, but my eyes become so tender that light hurts them and I feel completely drained and exhausted. After we got off the phone I allowed myself to cry for a few minutes, then I washed my face and moved on with my day with the pain of this change hovering over me until I stepped out of the emotions and into the place of observer.

From the open heart of observer I connected with grandma's higher self.

Every time I've "stepped in" to chat with her higher self, she's been surrounded by her mother and sisters who are all in the angelic realm - and this day was no different.  They  were all together, talking excitedly and laughing so hard that grandma had laughter/joy tears rolling from her eyes - and she looked beautiful as a younger version of herself.

Months ago Grandma and I talked about life changes and death of the physical body, specifically, hers.  Grandma and I are very close with a very tight spiritual, telepathic connection.  She has held the door to unconditional love for my human and spiritual being-ness fully supporting me and my work without judgment all my life.  Months ago I told her that when she is ready to go home to the angelic realm, I fully support her.  After my phone call with her, I realized my spiritual self supports her life changes, but my human side is balking - fighting it every step of the way - taking back my support for her freedom of leaving the heavy, old physical body that we call "living."

So this time, when I chatted with Grandma's higher self, I thanked her for her love, her support, her non-judgment and her full acceptance of me as who I am.  Then I told her we are both ok and I'm looking forward to seeing more of her like I see my dad, Big Jim.  I told her these things because one, they are true and two, because I don't want to be the energy that is keeping her here in the physical world. Instead of clutching at the physical-ness of my grandma, I'm breathing deeply and blessing her with love from my heart.

I still allow myself to have my human grief moments, but then I end them with a deep, cleansing breath sending her love and light in joy of the continued communication that we will always have and blessing her on her journey.

In stepping outside my human pain as an observer I also realized that Grandma contemplating calling her mother as if she were alive, validates what I keep "seeing" when I step in to speak with Grandma's higher self - she is spending time with her mom and knows that she can call her - anytime.  She probably won't be physically calling her on the phone, but I can't say that if she does Grandma Hailey won't answer, because she just might!  The veil between the spirit world and our third dimension is growing exponentially thin...

We are all human and must allow ourselves to grieve the pain of loss.  But when it comes to a loved one experiencing an illness like Dementia/Alzheimer's and their ability to communicate with us in traditional ways is coming to an end, there are alternative ways to communicate.

When my grandpa had dementia in 2007 and was unable to communicate coherently with the family, I learned how to connect with his higher self and talk to him.  Through my experience I found that when our loved ones are not lucid they are in the angelic realm or spirit world - reconnected with other loved ones who are deceased AND... that they are fine - happy in fact.

As humans, grief of some life changes is inevitable.  Know that no matter who you are, you can communicate with your loved ones who have Dementia/Alzheimer's or any other illness that prevents them from conversing with you through traditional methods of communication.

If you need more help, I also share this method of communication in the Waiting in the Other Room book and through the Communicating through Dementia guided meditation and the Alzheimer's Alternative Care class.

In love and light,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Message from Big Jim...

Today, October 31, is the 6 year anniversary of Daddy, Big Jim's, death. Back in 2005 I waited to tell my daughter of Daddy's death till after I picked her up from a friend's house where she had been helping out in their Haunted House.  When we got home, Jesse immediately went to her room and closed the door and then I realized my husband had gone to bed, too.

The Majik poodle and I went outside and sat on the patio in the cool Indian summer night feeling numb and a little abandoned. Between the trees, still full with leaves, I noticed a bright star. I began talking to Daddy and my angelic entourage and the feelings of abandonment quickly subsided and I experienced the gift my "alone time" really was. I felt the warm fuzzy unconditional love from my angels, that love that changes everything and the sadness melted away. In its wake I felt comforted and peaceful.

Little did I know how quickly life was going to change. Daddy took classes in the spirit realm in order to help me with my spiritual work and to communicate with me more easily. There is no "time factor" in the angelic realm, so in "my time" he came on board immediately and more or less began "cracking the whip" like only a dad can do.  I had a reading recently where the medium told me that Daddy was the most fantastic connection she had ever worked with - his classes paid off! (Yes, I get readings, too, I AM human, you know!)

Now when Halloween draws near, I get excited at the new changes coming my way.  This year's anniversary connection  has miraculously topped the previous years and it wasn't even October 31st yet!  At 3:42am Sunday morning I woke and felt Daddy's presence, but I couldn't see him.  I asked, "Daddy, are you here?"  

Then I heard the rev of a motorcycle engine behind me.  I turned and there he was, grinning from ear to ear on a massive beast of a bike.  

I told him it wasn't nice to sneak up on people, to which he informed me that he couldn't "sneak" up on me doing this: and he revved the bike again and we laughed. He got off the bike and we walked over to a bench in a garden.  I was surprised to see that he was decked out in motorcycle "leathers." I asked him if he needed all that gear and he responded with a slow smile and drawled that the bike gear "felt good and it looked good, too."  I told him he looked great and he graciously thanked me.

We talked father daughter stuff then he passed on a message to all of you.

Message from Big Jim:
There is a serious misunderstanding that "worrying" is being "responsible." Stop worrying about life events of the world - the best thing you can do for yourself and the world is to enjoy living and never worry again.  You're wasting your energy and your time worrying.

When you let go of worry and let your hearts sing with joy, the Mother Earth and the Universe sing with you.
For many of you, your lives appear to be unraveling to an abyss of darkness - chaos without direction. This is an illusion of fear. With the impact of fear you've closed your eyes.  Choose to fearlessly open your eyes and you will find there is no darkness.  You'll find the Diamond Light of God shining from within you to light your way.

Stop worrying about loss and focus on the needs you have that are met.  I know for some, you may feel the only need you have that is being met is enough air to breathe - so be grateful for the air and embrace that gratitude.  From that higher vibration of gratitude energy you will manifest in your life more things to be grateful for!

The planet is changing.
Remember what your Shakespeare said in Macbeth, "Life is but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more."  This is only true when humans live their lives stumbling in the darkness of fear, like the character Macbeth did.  Worry, grief, sadness, depression, despair - energies of fear drain the light from you body and create more of the same in your life.
Choose to embrace in gratitude the blessings in your life.  Allow your heart to sing in joy to create more joy in your life - all areas of your life!
I can see the time waster that worry and fear are for humans. You can choose to live differently - you have more power than your human brain can understand.  Step into a little faith...  If you're unsure, accept the fact that it can't hurt to practice gratitude instead of worry of the unknown.
For those of you who are grieving the loss of a loved one.  Allow yourself to grieve, then step into your power and continue your human life. Know that grief is not an acceptable lifestyle for your human aspect or your spiritual being aspect. Those of you who are drowning in grief know who you are. Your loved ones are fine here in the angelic realm, as am I.  Everyone has help available at their time of transition from human form to spirit form - everyone. Know your loved ones are fine, they are still with you and you will meet again.
Living the coming days, months and years in Joy ARE within your grasp. Choose now - today - to live your life in joy instead of worry, stress and despair!  Know you have tremendous power - choose!
Big Jim

While Daddy was here we talked about the changes we've made to the Soul Kisses website and the information that the angels are pouring in. He showed me the difference between putting unreasonable pressure and stress on myself and letting my heart "sing" in joy from what I'm doing.  Yes... even though I love what I do, I still allow myself to fall into the fear state of "stressed to the limit."

I reiterate what Daddy says about knowing your deceased loved ones are near along with your angelic entourage.  Allow yourself to acknowledge their presence when you ask for their help and allow the peace within your heart that their love brings to you.

In invite you to join me in graciously accepting the blessings the coming days bring.  Together we will open our eyes, dissipating the darkness with the diamond light of God from within, to illuminate our life path of joy and love.

We continue to share with you The Power of Gratitude meditation as our gift.  To download the MP3, please click here.

In love and light,
Kate and Big Jim

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DavidPaul Doyle and The Voice for Love

We all want to make a difference in the world, now more than ever. Yet one of the biggest challenges we face is that we are all juggling so many things that matter to us these days: our families, our friends, our primary relationships, our work, our passions and interests, our health and well-being, following our hearts, serving and giving to others in need, having downtime, relaxation, and play in our lives… The list just doesn't seem to end.

The real challenge is…. How can we do it all WITHOUT the stress, anxiety, fear, attachment, personal agendas, frustration, burn out, and all of the other things that make what we truly love to do a struggle in our lives?

Today I have something special to share with you that will help you to accomplish, contribute, and experience all that you want in your life WITHOUT the struggle and challenge most of us face in doing so.

 If you haven't yet heard of The Voice for Love, you're about to have your life impacted by their wonderful work. The Voice for Love is a leading nonprofit organization and rapidly growing global community of people who join together in celebration to give and receive love, communication, inspiration, learning, and support for living in a consistent state of Divine Consciousness. For the past 10 years, they've taught their unique methods for living in Divine Consciousness to countless people around the world.

 Knowing how effective their methods are and the impact they've had on so many people's lives, for the very first time The Voice for Love is making their teachings available to everyone absolutely free through a series of inspired educational videos that will teach you some of their primary techniques for accessing Divine Consciousness within you and staying in that loving state all through your day.

 If you want to bring as much of your Divine Presence and awareness to every area of your life WITHOUT the stress, anxiety, and struggle the most of us experience in our daily lives, I encourage you to sign up for this free video series today so you can learn The Voice for Love's unique techniques for connecting with the Divine Consciousness within you, as well as how to use and integrate that divine awareness into your daily life.

DavidPaul has been a beautiful light in my life - I encourage you to click here to sign up now!

 In love and light,

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Communicating with deceased loved ones...

Love is eternal.  Love knows no time, nor space.  Love knows no bounds whatsoever.  

This month of October I embrace the love of my dad, Big Jim - not only while he was a living human, but also as a spiritual being of the angelic realm.  October 31 will be the 6 year anniversary of Daddy's death.  Clearly he had, and has, quite the sense of humor - Halloween - really?  

When Daddy died October 31, 2005, he immediately came to see me - I felt his energy with me.  If you've read the "Waiting in the Other Room" book that we wrote together (at his request) after his death, you know the sequence of events of his transition, riding into the light of God on a Harley in spirit and his continued communication with me.    

I still grieve the loss of my dad's physical body and the ability to pick up the phone and call him, but I must admit, the relationship I have with him now is not only amazing, but so much more than my human brain can even take in.  He has helped me with family issues as well as being a guide for my spiritual work.  Daddy even initiates things to lighten the mood in my life, because I'm "too" serious.  When I visited his grave in November of 2006 there were cobwebs all over the cemetery - like out of a scary movie.  I laughed out loud when I saw them and I heard him laughing, too.  But most of all...  my continued communication with my dad has brought me a profound sense of peace and comfort from deep within my heart and my soul - and life is better than okay, it is good.

When our loved one's physical body dies their spirit lives on and can continue to communicate with us.  I firmly believe WE Each have the ability to communicate with them.  All we must do is meet them half way and stay out of our own way by releasing all forms of fear with regard to communicating with them.  Grief, doubt, worry, anxiousness, these are all forms of fear - fear is what gets between us and them.  

Shifting our energy out of fear and into the higher vibration of love, opens the door to: "anything is possible" - even communicating with deceased loved ones.

You too, can communicate with your loved ones of the spirit realm.  These are a few tools to communicate with your deceased loved one:
* Acknowledge them when you "feel" them near you or you receive a sign that reminds you of them (Daddy says it is like applause and they can't get enough of it!)
* Meditation with intention and open heart
* Waiting in the Other Room
* Sacred Space ~ Build It and They Will Come
* Communicating with Your Angels - use this process and trust with the intention to speak with a deceased loved one as well as your angels

When it comes to the shifting of the season, October and Halloween instead of wallowing in the remorse of summer dying, I'm filled with the excitement of harvest - fulfilling my dreams of the year and planting seeds of hope and possibility for next year.  Instead of feeling the blues of "now it has been six years since Daddy died," I'm in celebration of our union of the physical world with the spiritual world and am in joyful anticipation of what he will reveal to me next!

In love and light,

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mother Earth Reveals Hope...

I've been traveling through Colorado the past few days embracing the change of season. As we've driven through the mountains, the changing foliage glitters like diamonds proudly displaying brilliant colors of green, yellow, gold and red. I've never seen such magnificent color! Through the mesmerizing scene a gentle message is revealed before me...

 Surrounding this gorgeous color of the fall season are thousands of trees killed by beetles. The message the glowing aspens and dead and dying pine trees shared as I sat with them is one of perfection. They emphasize that there is perfection in all things - including beetle kill.

 Beneath the trees killed by beetles, the forest floor is alive with growth, with new plants and trees pushing up to greet the sun and wave in the breeze that is the breath of God. The trees ask that instead of allowing your heart to break at so many dead and dying; instead rejoice at their gift of life both before and after the beetles. The trees even made a joke about the "beetles" that kill trees and the "Beatles" who sing making such an impact on the earth and her inhabitants.

 Mother Earth is releasing all that no longer serves her. She shows us that the fear of disconnecting from what is familiar, yet has served its purpose and must now be released is only an illusion. She shows us that trust will reveal the perfection within.

 Mother Earth is stretching, breathing and expanding into a greater awareness. In this time of ascension, the spiritual being that is us is stretching, breathing and expanding into a greater awareness - introducing our human-ness to the infinite possibility that is us.

 Before me the lake is as glass reflecting the beauty of the vibrant forest that is her shore. As I breathe in the possibility of All That Is and embrace the hope of life beating within Mother Earth, I step gratefully into the ability to do my part in this time of transformation by sending her unconditional, healing love. I am the human conduit bringing my heaven to earth.

 Remember, everything is not always as it seems - as with the thousands of trees killed by beetles, Mother Earth is releasing that which no longer serves her to open the way for new prosperous growth. What are you holding on to with both hands that no longer serves you? What do you need to let go of in order to experience prosperous growth and expansion?

 In love and light,

 Click here to join me on Sunday's to pray for Mother Earth, sending love to her collectively as a whole, but also sending love to her soils that hold trauma of her expansion and man's turmoil. As we send unconditional love to the earth, that love heals us and the soils beneath our feet lifting the vibration of all to the higher vibration of love.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

PTSD from a previous life?

Our energy creates the reality of our lives and that creation stems from the lowest vibration in which we exist.  For those of you who have been following my writings, you know I've been working through intention to face, disconnect and heal fear that has held me in its lower vibration all my life.
I want to live and create my life from the higher vibration of love so the universe obliges by matching to me life situations and relationships that stir up the deep seated fear hidden in the recesses of my heart - fear from previous lives that are anchored by events in this lifetime.
I know when I'm experiencing one of these "golden opportunities" to release fear when I have an irrational reaction to a life event or situation.  A dear friend and I were discussing this and she referred to this type of reaction as an emotional flashback from the previous life.  We further discussed that many times this emotional flashback is as PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 
In essence we as humans are experiencing PTSD from previous lifetimes to face, disconnect and heal in order to raise our vibration to the higher frequency of love as a collective to shift in tandem with Mother Earth.  The more experience we have in doing this, the easier it is and the more smoothly our lives flow.  We experience more balance, more peace, more love from deep within our being that radiates out to the world around us touching all with the brilliant light of love... ...and the darkness can no longer hide...
When you experience something like this, don't suppress it.  Instead open your heart to the guidance of your angels on how best to heal the pain of fear that now shadows your every step.
Tools to heal PTSD from previous lives and shift to love source:
* Prayer
* Meditation
* Past Life Regression
* Energy Psychology
* Forgive the Unforgiven - Healing Trilogy meditations - click here to learn more
* Communicating with Your Angels Self Study Class - click here to learn more
* Disconnect the Cords to Heal the Wounds of Your Heart ~ new program ~ click here to learn more
* Power of Two Spiritual Coaching - click here to learn more
Last week, September 22, Valerie Keating joined me on the Spiritual Whispers radio show to discuss Past Life Regression as a tool to help make our lives easier (click here and check the archive if you missed it).  This week she joins me to discuss Energy Psychology.  Energy Psychology provides a spontaneous resolution or healing of negative and painful thoughts, feelings and memories.  Be sure to join us tonight at 7pm US Mountain time/9pm US Eastern time to learn more.  Click here to set a reminder.
This time of transformation is very exciting on a spiritual level.  On the Human side... at times... not so much.  Irrational reactions to life events, situations and relationships throw us off balance until we discern the gift within the hiccup that is our golden opportunity to heal.  There are many humans who don't have a clue what is going on and they are struggling desperately.  I send blessings of love and light to those of you reading this in gratitude that you will receive benefit from what my angelic entourage guide me to share.
Super cyber hugs to each one of you...  May the tools to make your life easier find you...
In love and light,

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What is Victim Mind-Set?

Victim mind-set or victim mentality is a little sneaky.  Things happen in our lives that make us feel uncomfortable.  Things that make us feel like we are a victim of the situation - we rationalize that we were minding our own business and this "other person" did something or said something to us that was inappropriate and we feel like we are a victim - some times we do this subconsciously - yet the energy is still very powerful.

From the physical world stand point, these feelings of being a victim are justified.  From a spiritual world stand point, this simply is not the case.

When we allow ourselves to be a victim, we give our power to others and/or the situation and we are then power "less."  Feelings of being powerless are outside of love in the lower vibration of fear.  This creates a cycle of creating more in our lives of that victim/fear vibration.
I've experienced this myself - many times - oy vey... many times...  I've learned that the lower vibration of the fear of victim mind-set has held me hostage most of my life.  This fear has been a HUGE block that has prevented me from manifesting the life that I desire for years.  I would get close, but just... not... quite... there... to make the shift fully into love source and that victim mind-set subconsciously held me back.  Now I can clearly see how this fear in the form of victim mentality was my jailor.   
What about you?  If you step back from your life and take a look at it as an observer, what do you see?  Are you flowing in love energy creating the life that you desire or are you stuck in victim mind-set, albeit subconsciously, creating more things of that lower energy that you don't want? 
Look within, discern any relationships or life events that stir resistance within your heart - identify the pain of being the "victim" and open your heart to face, disconnect and heal from it.  Do this with all areas of your life.  Know that you are in a safe space at this time and be gentle with yourself as you move through this process.  
For me, I know when I've moved fully out of victim mind-set when I can sincerely send love to the person or life situation that initiated the victim energy.  If you cannot do that when you think back to the situation, look within again to discern what else is hiding there needs to be faced, disconnect and healed.
Tools to release victim mind-set and shift to love source:
* Prayer
* Meditation
* Daily Soul Kiss - click here to receive yours
* Forgive the Unforgiven - Healing Trilogy meditations - click here to learn more
* Communicating with Your Angels Self Study Class - click here to learn more
* Disconnect the Cords to Heal the Wounds of Your Heart ~ new program ~ click here to learn more
* Power of Two Spiritual Coaching - click here to learn more
I've learned that when these deep seated fears are healed, golden opportunities unfold and are offered to me. Avalanches of abundance in all areas of my life sweep into my reality and life takes on a balanced sense of peace that is filled with love.
Know that the energies sweeping through our planet fully support you in facing and disconnecting from all things painful to heal the wounds of your heart.
Know that your angels, guides and teachers are with you in every moment of your existence here - whether you feel them or not, they are with you and always will be.
In love and light,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Past to Enlightenment...

The Pain of the Past...
When life events occur in our lives that instill pain, I believe that pain is infused into our cellular makeup.  When those events are traumatic, I believe they transcend previous lives to our current lifetime.  And...  I believe that painful trauma becomes a mass of fear that blocks us from joy and love.  Making living in the pain of the past what we do as humans.

Painful memories of the past, whether they are stored in our current brain's memory archive or are illusive shadows from previous lifetimes are to be pulled forward, faced, disconnected from and healed.  So long as they are buried in our subconscious they are in control of the creation of our lives.  They are as stepping stones to shifting our core energy to the higher vibration of unconditional love.
I've actively been working at eradicating fear from my heart - fear from this lifetime and past lifetimes.  In order to disconnect and heal fear, I first had to face it.  

In order to face the fear, it had to be revealed to me. 
As a result of setting the intention to heal all fear in my heart, the universe responded by revealing deep fears of not only this lifetime, but past lifetimes as well.  

I've experienced two tailspins of fear this year that threatened to do me in.  One of them lasted three days before I got a handle on it.  I asked my angels to help me and they gave me tools.  The first tool I learned was a journaling method I shared with everyone in the Communicating with Your Angels Self Study Class: Angel Journaling for Guidance.  Through journaling with my angels they revealed to me the core of my pain and fear from a previous lifetime that grew roots in my subconscious through events in this lifetime.  

The angels revealed the web of these events to me then they showed me how to disconnect from the pain and fear that was revealed. I share this method with you through the Disconnect the Cords to Heal the Wounds of Your Heart tool.  If you need help disconnecting from fear you may preorder this tool by clicking here.
When the angels revealed to me the pain of a past life that controlled my life of today, I began to understand why I've made decisions that didn't turn out very well.  Each bad situation was an opportunity for me to face the controlling pain and fear of the past, disconnect and heal from it.  But I didn't face and disconnect, instead I buried the pain and denied to myself that I needed to look within and discern what was going on.  So.... I got another opportunity, and another and another - for years...  Then this past summer the pain was so intense that a tailspin ensued and I had no choice but to look within and ask the angels to help me. 

And they did!
The energies flooding our planet reveal the deep hidden fears of our hearts in order for us to face them, disconnect and heal them, thereby raising our core energy vibration to love.  When we disconnect from blocks of fear, Love flows easily from our hearts to create the lives we truly wish to live bringing our heaven to earth.

Healing the pain of the past is our doorway to enlightenment, it is the key to the ascension of our core vibration to that of unconditional love.
Are you burying the key that will set you free to shift your life from fear and lack to joy and love?
Past Life Regression
The angels guided me through a short, safe past life regression to help me understand what I needed to disconnect from and heal.  The experience was fascinating, revealing and just what I needed to help me.  On Thursday, September 22, Valerie Keating, MA, PsyD, LPC will join me on the Spiritual Whispers Radio show to discuss the benefits of Past Life Regression.  Valerie has over 25 years experience and is an expert in her field.  I invite you to email to me any questions you may have before the show, then join us as we answer them and share Valerie's expertise and guidance.  You may click here to set a reminder for Thursday's program.

In love and light,

Tools to help you face, disconnect and heal pain/fear from the past:
 * Meditation
 * Journaling with your angels
 * Communicating with Your Angels Self Study Class - 20% off through 9/23
 * Power of Two Spiritual Coaching - 20% off through 9/23
 * Disconnect the Cords to Heal the Wounds of Your Heart - 20% off through 9/23 - Pre-Order

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Standing in the Bow of Prayer

I've just returned from a road trip with my husband and Majik the poodle.  I received wonderful gifts along the road from Mother Earth and my guides in unexpected ways. While taking Majik out for his morning walk one morning a huge Weeping Willow beckoned us to come closer, to step into the protection of its branches.  As I stood before her, admiring her majesty, I could see her glowing in love.  

I ducked beneath her sweeping branches, stepped into the middle of her heart and stopped.  Quietly, reverently, Majik and I stood within the branches that almost reached the sidewalk where we stood and I allowed myself to "listen."

Immediately I felt the warm embrace of connection as one. I conveyed to the tree my "awe" at her energetic beauty and how I have always loved "Weeping Willows."

This lovely being gently corrected me. She explained she doesn't "weep," she is bowing in reverent prayer of gratitude to Mother Earth for sustenance and prayer to God for the blessing of living.

She showed me how all trees pay tribute to The Creator in their own way.  The "Weeping Willow" bows in prayer, while other trees lift their branches joyfully to the sun in gratitude.  Then she showed my how every tree creates a chorus of nature's song when the breath of God brushes the leaves against one another. 

As I stood within the branches she showed me the infinite possibility of hope that is ours when we choose to disconnect from the past and live in this moment - the one we are standing in right now.  She showed me that it is against our "natural programming" to live in the past creating our future from the pain of past life experiences.

Yet... creating the future from the pain of the past is what we do.  It is what we are taught by the physical world.  

No matter what is going on in your life, now is the time to choose to embrace the possibility of "this moment" without any preconceived ideas of painful outcomes.  Choose to claim the highest possible outcome.  Choose to allow yourself to feel the tingle of excitement in your heart that you did when you were a child in anticipation of something wonderful.

You are creating your life.  Shifting your core vibration to joy filled gratitude produces thought energy of gratitude to manifest wonderful things in your life.

Tools to shift your vibration to love filled gratitude:
* Meditation
* Journaling

Gratitude - The Power of Gratitude guided meditation as my gift here
* Angel Reading with Kate - use coupon code "gratitude" to receive 20% off!
Power of Two Spiritual Coaching
* 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels
* Communicating with Your Angels self study class

As we reconnect with the light of God within us, we discover we have the "eyes to see,"  the "ears to hear" and the "knowing within" to create the joy filled lives we truly desire. 

In this moment there is possibility, what energy are you giving it?

May your shift to love and light be of ease and grace...

In love and light,

Monday, August 29, 2011

Is your "joy" cup in a state of "over-flow?"

We humans as a collective and our planet are in an intense time of change. We are being forced to choose, the light or the dark - fear or love.  We are all experiencing some form of fear crawling into our reality from the deep recesses of our hearts to show us how to make this choice: continue to live in the lower vibration of fear or shift into the higher vibration of love and change everything.

This concept of "changing everything" sounds good till you get right down to that "step" into another reality - an unknown.  Then the old life of "fear source" doesn't look so bad because it is familiar and has the illusion of safety because at least we know how painful it is.  

What we don't know is how releasing that fear and embracing a higher consciousness of love will feel - it will be different and as a human we assign "different" and "change" experiences their own level of fear - Catch 22.

The angels show me how the world is at our feet "so to speak." Now is a time of miraculous manifestation of choice!  With a thought we reclaim our power and shift fully into love source through the God Part within us - pulling forth that unconditional love of self/God and projecting its higher vibration of energy into the "All" that we are.  Light and love burst forth and life is...


What would life on this planet be like then?  

Our cup of "joy" over-flows... 

Tools to disconnect from fear and claim your over-flowing cup of "JOY":
* Meditation
* Journaling
* Gratitude - The Power of Gratitude guided meditation as my gift here
* Healing Circle of Love meditation
* Healing Trilogy: Love, Worthiness, Forgiveness meditations
Power of Two Spiritual Coaching
* 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels
* Communicating with Your Angels self study class

As our world and lives shift and change, we must hold to the "truth" that there is perfection in all things.  As humans we are strong, pliable, resilient and survivors. In every moment of our lives we have a crowd of angels, guides and teachers to help us traverse this dense planet.  

In every breath there is hope, possibility and light.  

May your life become easier with each breath...

In love and light,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is Suicide an Option?

Tonight on the Spiritual Whispers Radio Program I will be joined by Linelle to discuss suicide. 

I've thought about leaving the planet myself - I never thought of it as "suicide" - more like I just didn't want to be here anymore.  The first time was in the 6th grade when the boy I had a HUGE crush on came up to me one crisp fall morning before school and told me LOUDLY, in front of all my friends that I was uglier than the South bound end of a North bound mule.  To add insult to injury I had Parry Romberg Disease (now it is a Syndrome) and the left side of my face had no fatty tissue - it was skeletal with skin stretched over the bone.

Of course I started to cry. Then the school bell rang and the teacher of my first class wanted to know what happened.  My "best friend" LOUDLY told the teacher what happened outside - word for word.  So anyone that wasn't standing near enough to hear outside, heard it inside.  My heart was crushed with embarrassment twice within fifteen minutes.

My mom had to come get me.  Then I had to see the school counselor whose approach really didn't help, instead I felt like others thought I was crazy.  So I didn't feel like I fit in, I was deeply embarrassed because the entire school knew I had a crush on this boy and how he felt about me and he was right - in our society of beauty, I was NOT going to win any beauty pageants. 

I was done and I wanted to leave.  

Then an odd thing happened...  something shifted inside me and instead of wanting to leave, I stomped my foot and refused to allow anyone to hurt me like that again - ever. I took my power back.  I couldn't control what I looked like or what was going on with my body, but I could control my grades and I worked my tail off to get "A's" - graduating in the top ten percent of my class.

About a year after graduation I ran into the boy I had a crush on, the one who "ruined my life" in 6th grade, at a convenience store.  No, I didn't physically run over him with my car...  I bumped into him when I came out of the store as he was going in.  And... he apologized for what he said to me that day seven years before.  

I was so surprised he even remembered.  I had forgiven him years before, but I never forgot.  I told him he was forgiven, we talked, laughed and I went on my way.

Then I saw him again on a Friday night in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot.  The parking lot was full of "partying" kids in cars, sitting on cars and walking around.  I remember standing beside his truck talking to him - he was driving and had been drinking.  Next thing I knew the parking lot was being raided by deputies and state troopers.  The sheriff himself walked over and told me to move my car and told my "friend" to get out of his truck.  I moved the car alright - out the back of the parking lot and all the way home.  I wasn't drinking, but my friend was, so he went to jail.  I really felt bad about that...  but like so many things, it was out of my control... 

There are so many moments in our lives that we "feel" like we have no options, but in my fifty (almost fifty-one) years on the planet I've learned that we ALWAYS have options.  When life events occur that are painful they are really golden opportunities to connect with the God Part within us and heal the pain.  It is in the reconnection with the light within that the options are revealed to us.  

There is no doubt that the physical world teaches us that we are separate and alone and sometimes that teaching of separation becomes a form of isolation that is all but unbearable.  It is in those moments of deepest despair that opening our heart to the love that we are and allowing God's loving light to guide us will give us the strength to step into our power and claim the life we came here to live.

Everyone has this power, no matter how deep in despair we are, we still have the spark of God's loving light within us.  Looking within and connecting with this light changes everything.  Through the light options are revealed and one of them is NOT suicide.

Tools to reconnect with the divine light within:
* Meditation
* Journaling
* Gratitude - The Power of Gratitude guided meditation as my gift here
* Healing Circle of Love meditation
* Healing Trilogy: Love, Worthiness, Forgiveness meditations
Remember, you are One with God and profoundly loved without conditions - no matter who you are - no matter what you've done - no matter what you think about yourself.  The fact is you are a glorious spark of love and light and this moment holds hope and possibility - embrace it.

May your be profoundly blessed in this moment and in every moment after...

In love and light,

NOTE:  If you are contemplating suicide reach out for human help and angelic help - both are available to you.

Special Invite:  On this Thursday's Spiritual Whispers Radio Show Linelle will be joining me to share a message of hope to those who feel so separate and alone that they are contemplating suicide. 

As always, your feedback is welcome!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I don't fit, my options are...

When I started the radio program, Spiritual Whispers, the subject of suicide wasn't on the list of topics, but it continues to come to me in a variety of ways. Until hope and infinite possibility become our conscious state as a collective the action of suicide will continue be a part of our lives.

The fact is that living as a human on Mother Earth has it's harsh moments and sometimes those moments turn into months and years.  As a child I didn't feel like I fit where we lived, then I moved to another state - still no fit, then to Colorado and hmmm... still not so much.  In the early nineties I visited my parents and stopped by to see a friend.  The friend's mother told me I never did "fit" there and then she said, "just look at me, I still didn't fit." 

My feelings weren't hurt, because she was right, I didn't fit and I had learned that many of my "spiritual" friends felt they didn't fit either.  One of my friends kept a bag packed under her bed when she was a child so that she would be ready when "they" came back to get her.  I asked her who "they" were - she didn't know, but she was going to be ready when they came!  

When I actively began to look within and discern my spiritual path I discovered my feelings of "not fitting" were the separation from (Father, Mother) God (Creator of All That Is) that the physical world teaches that we are - separate and alone.  When I reconnected with the essence of who I am - One with God - opening my heart to the connection with my entourage of angelic light beings, the feelings of "not fitting" melted away.

As a human walking the soils of Mother Earth, everyone has their own path of life emotions, pain and joy that they must experience in order to heal the wounds of their heart and shift to love source. Everyone is going through their own "rebirth" so to speak at this time. Everyone's heart is feeling the tug of the "need" for reconnection with the light within and so many don't know what that tug is about... or what to do...  this is where addiction and less than desirable behavior comes in - and sometimes suicidal thoughts or the act of suicide.

Growing up I felt separate and alone, like the majority of humans, and there were times I wanted to leave and go home.  I remember one day feeling incredibly low and unhappy and thinking that as I drove my car I could just crash it and be done with everything - I can still see the overpass at Bijou and I25 in Colorado Springs.  Then I thought about the mess it would make and that someone would have to clean it up so I abandoned that idea and began to embrace the things I was grateful for - it took time, but life changed for the better.

Somehow through the haze of pain that was my life and my thinking, a new thought made it through and that thought was that I did have options. 

We have the power to change our lives - and that power lies within us - each one of us.  We are energy and when we change our energy, we change our lives - reconnecting with the love source within us changes our lives in a huge way.  The step to begin that shift into love is gratitude.

Take this moment to think of something you are grateful for and embrace it with all the energy that is you - embrace the gratitude into your cells and consciously shift into this elation of gratitude every time you catch yourself succumbing to feeling lost in chaos, sadness and helplessness.  (You can do this even if the only thing you can think of to be grateful for is that there is enough air to breathe!)

What do you think the world would be like if our religions "taught" us that we are never alone - that we are always - in every moment - a crowd of angelic light beings that love us and wish to help us - instead of teaching us that we are isolated and alone separated from God by sin?  I believe the world would be a much happier place...

This urgency within us to reconnect with the essence of God within us is very real and goes against what many of our religions have taught us - from this perspective it is no wonder there are so many who feel helpless, powerless, lost and abandoned.
We each have the same power of creation within us.  Today is a great day to step out of the energy you've used to create a life you don't like and into the energy of gratitude to create a life that you love.

Tools to make life easier and help you fit in your body:
* Meditation
* Journaling
* Gratitude - The Power of Gratitude guided meditation as my gift here
* Healing Circle of Love meditation
* Healing Trilogy: Love, Worthiness, Forgiveness meditations
Power of Two Spiritual Coaching
* 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels
* Communicating with Your Angels self study class
* Prosperity Tool Kit   (50% off sale ends tomorrow Friday, August 26)

You are one with the light - where you live, work or what clothes you wear or car you drive will not change that.  Know that you have options in every life situation and relationship.  Open your heart to the guidance of your angelic light beings and create the highest possible outcome today!

In love and light,

NOTE:  If you are contemplating suicide reach out for human help and angelic help - both are available to you.

Special Invite:  On this Thursday's Spiritual Whispers Radio Show Linelle will be joining me to share a message of hope to those who feel so separate and alone that they are contemplating suicide. 

As always, your feedback is welcome!