Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Today is Memorial Day here in the US - a time of remembrance and often a time of gatherings with friends and family. I write these words in honor of all the loved ones who have transitioned before us for whatever reason. I send love to all to experience this day as a day of celebration of the life lived and shared with these loved ones.

Here at my house, my immediate family are here. Fred is working on a bid, Majik is exhausted from sniffing fresh air all day yesterday, Jesse is working on her new photography website and I'm just so grateful we're all together. Many of you read about Jesse being injured at work March 26. It has only been the past five days that she has actually had "good" days. Thank you, God and all the angelic and human healers who have worked with her!!!

Even though many of you reading this are living your days in grief of having lost a loved one, allow yourself to experience gratitude for the time shared and celebrate that sharing. Close your eyes and allow yourself to experience the love you shared with the loved one(s). The love in your thoughts will bring them to you. Acknowledge them - Big Jim says it is like "applause" and they can't get enough of it.

In love and light,

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I am my own flashlight to light my way...

Why are so many of us afraid of the dark?

I've felt the rush of adrenalin when I've stepped outside alone in the dark and there is a rustle in the corner of the yard that I cannot see the cause. If Majik barks and runs in that direction my heart kicks into full gear too. I really don't like that feeling. Oh yes, and then there is the emotions the body slices through when wakened by a noise during the night and you're the only one in the house and you can't remember locking the door, or even closing it... I really don't like that feeling... Or WORSE, you get up in the morning and go downstairs to discover you left the dining room door open all night (before the arrival of Majik, the Wonder Poodle) and you just
pray that the night was too cool for a snake to crawl in to take up residence... Now there's a rush...

The daily Soul Kiss for May 12, 2008 is: I am the light of God - I am my own flashlight to light my way through the dense physical world.

Don't you just love this? If one wraps their mind completely around this statement, then there is no room for fear, for in theory we would always "see" the path. Ahhh, and then there is the realization that the path is then within us... We are the light, we are the pathway... we are part of The Creator of All That Is - we are One... Embracing our "oneness" with The Creator means experiencing our existence from a basis of love and in love there is no room for fear. What would life be like?

The media practices striking fear into our hearts on a daily basis. We are continually bombarded with information that is negative - then there is the fear we have brought forward into this lifetime from past lives. How do we deal with this? How do we maintain living our lives from a basis of love?

As I evolve spiritually I continue to peel away the layers of centuries and hundreds of lifetimes of "negative issues" - including "fear issues." After Big Jim transitioned, I really worked hard at looking within and releasing fear and thought I was done with it. How naive of me. Then when Jesus told me to give him my fear, and I took off a coat of armor of fear and gave it to him, I was horrified because I didn't know I still had so much fear! But after giving it to Jesus, that fear was gone. Again, I thought I was "rid" of fear. Still naive...

In finding more fear within me, I thought I was not truly releasing it. Now I understand that I am growing spiritually and I am releasing it, but there are still layers to peel away throughout my journey of spiritual ascension. Now that I have realized it, instead of being discouraged at discovering more fear hidden deep within, I celebrate the discovery, because now I may rid myself of it and step into the next phase of my spiritual evolution.

What tools do you use to dissipate fear in your life?

May your life be based in love...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Infinite Possibilities!

Welcome to this day of Infinite Possibilities!

The words: "Infinite Possibilities" keep popping into my mind. I love those words and all that they represent. It is easy to allow ourselves to get caught up in the negativity and worries of the physical world. We're bombarded daily, almost moment by moment with negativity and sludge. For me, these two words create a "Miracle Shift" - they move me from being closed off to receipt of my highest good to being OPEN to receive my highest good. In breaking free from this we open the door to receive deliveries from the Universal Supply Warehouse!

Many of you clicked into this page feeling the strangling weight of the negative-ness of the physical world on your shoulders. Then you read the words... Infinite Possibilities... Lets read this again - Welcome to this day of Infinite Possibilities!"

Hmmm... something starts to change, perhaps a spark of "possibility?"

Now lets say it out loud... This is a day of Infinite Possibilities! C'mon, say it out loud...

Now say it with conviction: This is a day of Infinite Possibilities!

Hmmm, is there a chemical reaction going on? Because I feel lighter in my chest. I've transmuted my focus from negative sludge to the possibility of something good manifesting in my life - in MY life.

The words Infinite Possibilities, for me, are magical. They shift me from a negative state to that of excitement - I'm now in anticipation of experiencing something unexpected and fabulous.

Do the words Infinite Possibilities do this for you? Is there another phrase that opens the doors to miracles for you? What are they? Are you using them? Why not?

Discover your Miracle Shift and activate it NOW!

May you be open to receiving your highest good in this moment and in every moment after...

In love and light,