Friday, June 20, 2014

I lowered my vibration to that of the germ... OMGosh!

For those of you who joined me for the 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels program you know I developed laryngitis on day 2 of the program.  I lowered my vibration to that of the germ and it got me...  oy vey...  I know when it happened.  We've been preparing to move - locating a house (no stress there  ) and my husband was working crazy hours to complete two construction jobs and he got sick.  But I was maintaining a high energy - above the low vibration of the germ, then....  one evening after dinner, I felt this whoosh of losing my energy and the human side of me ignored it - and the germ got me.

As humans we get caught up in life and ignore the warning signs of energy drain and resistance in our bodies.  And there are consequences to blowing these signs off!  For me, I developed a cold that forced me to STOP what I'm doing and re-evaluate my time.  Did I have hours to sleep during the day?  My business mind said, NO!  But my body wouldn't take "no" for an answer.

I'm recovering and feeling much more human now and not so much out of my body - yay!

What about you?  What is your body telling you through resistance?  or energy drain?  Is there something you need to be looking at? 

Many of you feel the calling to do something more with your lives, could it be a business working for yourself?

I've joined Gina Husser, Spiritual Success Coach, and 21 other truly gifted entrepreneurs to share with you the game-changing strategies that put us at the top in business and in life.  This is the first annual "It" Factor Master Class.  This entire class, all 22 interview lessons, are free and delivered right to your inbox.  I encourage you to register even if you can't listen in every day as the recordings will be available to you for a limited time even after the event ends.

During this virtual master class series you will learn:
  The universal values and characteristics that successful people share.
   Proven strategies for getting your voice and message heard.
  How to get out of your own way so you can achieve your dreams.
   Mistakes you should avoid on your journey to prosperity.
Fresh, new ideas you haven't heard yet.
And so much more. Sign up here!

I invite you to join me and these bright, brilliant industry leaders so that you can experience this advice and guidance for yourself. Don't miss out. Leaders on this panel have soared to success in many different ways including:

* Writing multiple New York Times Best-selling books.
* Training and coaching Hollywood's biggest stars.
* Founding award winning pod casts and radio shows.
* Starting from zero and growing to multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses.

If you've been frustrated with your results in business or in life, register now. You just might hear the answer you've been waiting for! Register now before it's too late. It's your time to receive this information!

When we allow ourselves to BE caught up in the drama of the physical world, ignoring the resistance flag within our bodies and allowing subconscious fear to drain our energy, we miss out on Truly Living.  We miss out on fulfilling our true potential!  Many times all we need to change all of this is a little information. 

I invite you to register for the NO COST "It" Factor Master Class and open your heart to receiving miraculous tools to illuminate your life path! 

In love and light,

P.S.  Oh yes, this mastery class includes bonus gifts from each industry leader - including me!  Register now and receive these game-changing gifts, information and guidance!

P.P.S.  This amazing program begins Monday, June 23!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Join me for a Virtual Mini Vacation? My Treat!

I'm SO Excited!!!  Tomorrow, Monday, June 9 is the first day of the 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels program - and this program is my gift to you - fr*ee!

Will you join me?

This is the scheduled line up for each 30 minute session:

Day One: Meet Your Worry Angel
Step into BLISS when you meet and give your Worry Angel all your worries.

Day Two: Shift to Gratitude
Shift your reality to the prosperous abundance you desire as your angels hold you in the safe space of gratitude.

Day Three:  Embraced by Heavenly Love
Relax into the arms of your angels as they embrace you in unconditional love healing the wounds of your heart and those of your inner child.

Day Four: Align with the Love of Mother Earth
Take the hands of your angels and heal the soils of Mother Earth beneath your feet with pure love to bring peace and balance to your life and home.

Day Five: Tap into the Magic Vibration of Intention
Open your heart to the blessings of the angels when together you set your intention to live the highest possible outcome of your dreams!

I presented this program in December and it was SO-MUCH-FUN!  This program is one of my favorites because the love of the angels is so intense it is almost tangible!

This was Carolyn's experience:
Oh Kate, {Day 5} that was so powerful. Thank you so much for this gift. I am in tears. I will miss our week together. I have so enjoyed this.
With love,
~ Carolyn

During each short, love filled 30 minute session I'll share some information with you, then we'll experience a beautiful guided journey with the angels.

If you cannot attend this event live, not to worry!  Each session will be recorded and will be available to listen within an hour of the program completing.  AND... each session is as powerful recorded as it is live!!

PLUS...  I will be throwing in some extra goodies during the course of the 5 days - so be SURE to open your reminder and replay emails for access!!  You must register here to participate in this LIVE event!

I hope you'll join me for this exciting, love filled event!  You'll be so-glad-you-did!!!

In love and light,

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Are you willing to BE happy? Step One...

Are you willing to BE happy? 

Are you willing to allow yourself to expand into and experience your full potential in happiness and joy?  Are you thinking... yeah... I'd love to do that, but.... 

With love and respect... there are no "buts" - either you're willing to or you're not...  Wow... that sounded harsh - either you're willing or you're not... 

Lets look at that from the position of observer without any judgment:  Each one of us long for joy and happiness - experiencing joy and happiness on a consistent, daily basis.  Hmmm... what would that feel like?  To be filled with joy and happiness on a consistent daily basis? 

It would feel AWESOME, wouldn't it? it possible for you?  YES!  It is!

So... just what are the action steps you need to take to get there?

The first step is to be "willing" to be happy.  You may be thinking, "of course I'm willing!"  Are you???  When you say, out loud... "I'm willing to be happy!" what do you feel in your body?  Do you feel a warm fuzzy glow of joy or do you feel the discomfort of resistance?

If you feel warm fuzzy joy, embrace that to you and expand the joy energy throughout your body by breathing into it and claiming it as yours!

If you feel the discomfort of resistance, take a deep breath and look within at the resistance and ask your angels to show you where it stems from, then face it fearlessly!  Shine your light on the darkness of the resistance and claim your birthright of joy and happiness!

Your inner turmoil is an illusion of the physical world.  Your essence is of love and light.  Claim it! 

Summer Vacation with Your Angels
To support you in expanding into joy, I'm presenting the 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels LIVE program again - and its F*R*EE!  The program begins Monday, June 9 and completes on Friday, June 13.  I know you're busy, so the daily programs are only 30 minutes in duration and packed with fun, joy, happiness and intense love from your angels! 

The last time I presented this program we had SO MUCH FUN!  This is what Carolyn had to say:

Oh Kate, {Day 5} that was so powerful. Thank you so much for this gift. I am in tears. I will miss our week together. I have so enjoyed this.
With love,
~ Carolyn

I hope you'll be able to join me for this LIVE event, but if the time doesn't work with your schedule, you may listen to the recordings through June 16.  Click here to learn more and reserve your seat!

You deserve to be happy.  Are you willing to allow yourself to be - consistently?  Claim it!  And repeat after me:

I - deserve - to - be - happy!!!!!

I hold you in the light of receiving all that brings your heart joy now and always!

In love and light,