Thursday, February 23, 2012

Healing through Your Dreams...

About a year ago I had one of those "vivid dreams" that you know is real - you know that it really happened - you were there and those who were with you in the dream, were really there - with you.  Through this experience I met my main dream guide.  At first I was unsure about him, but my other guides vouched for him, so I stepped into trust and embraced his energy to help me this lifetime.

I opened my heart to learn that there is a lot going on with my spiritual being-ness while my physical body is sleeping.  I set my intention to work with my dream guide during my sleeping moments and through my dream state he helped me to release pain and fear blocks of past lives. This Subconscious and Superconscious disconnection from past lives opened my heart to more love, creating more love in my life - making my physical, human life easier.

In this time of NOW, we are fully supported to disconnect from everything that is of the energy that is "less than Love" to shift into the higher state of love source being-ness.  We are fully supported by our angels, guides, teachers, Mother Earth and our Dream Guides...  Fully supported in all states of being - both awake and asleep!

Have you met your dream guides?  Would you like to "remember" your dreams and learn what they mean and how you can work with them to make your waking moments - your life - easier?

Tonight my dear friend, Lynette Turner, joins me on the Spiritual Whispers Radio Show to discuss our dreams and how important they are in this time of transformation and enlightenment!  Click here to set a reminder to listen to the show - 9pm US ET.  If you have questions about your dreams, click reply and send me your question.  Lynette and I will do your best to answer your question on the air.  You may also call in using this number: 323-580-5740 or type your question into the chat room online.  We look forward to visiting with you live!

If you cannot participate live in the webinar, the program will be available as a digital download - you won't miss a thing!  With your registration you will be included in the Mercury in Retrograde After Party in April!

Angel Communication...
If you've been thinking about working with your angels, but aren't sure how to start or if you've been working with them, but are doubtful of your connection, the Communicating with Your Angels self study class may be your missing link. Click here to learn more about it and our special bonus...

I hope you'll be able to join Lynette and I tonight as we take away the mystery of dream interpretation to help make your life path easier!

Super cyber hugs to all of you!

In love and light,

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Your Joy Guide and the Power of Laughter...

Right now it is late afternoon on Thursday.  This newsletter was to be emailed to all of you much earlier today, but I stepped out of my office and didn't make it back in.  Instead of working this afternoon, I spontaneously had a play date with the lady who lives above me on the second floor and the lady who lives above her on the third floor.

When I took Majik out for a walk after lunch, I saw them on the second floor balcony and my Joy Guide whispered, "ask them if you can join them."  My human brain pointed out how much work I had to do this afternoon, but next thing you know I heard my voice asking if I could join them (like I have nothing else to do) and they said, "Yes!"

So... I spent the past couple of hours laughing and it was So Much Fun!  It was only 36 degrees (there are still several inches of snow on the ground), but we sat in the sun, enjoyed the fresh air and the blessed energy of friendship.

Laughter holds so much power to shift our energy from the lower vibration of worry and fear to the higher vibration of love and light.  Laughter is magical!

When was the last time, you did something spontaneous?

When was the last time you laughed so hard you couldn't catch your breath?

Now is a time of honoring and loving yourself!  Call in your Joy Guide and do something spontaneous - AND set a play date with a friend and laugh, laugh laugh!

Do you know your Joy Guide?  Would you like to?  Set your intention to meet him or her, close your eyes and ask them to step into your mind's eye.  Allow yourself to see whatever they show you.  Ask your Joy Guide their name and take the first name that pops into your head.  When I asked my Joy Guide his name, he told me, "Sprite, because I'm bubbly..." He showed me a can of "Sprite" then he laughed because he made a joke!

Its just that easy!

Now, set your worries aside and do something that brings laughter to your lips!

In love and light,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Message from the Angels...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I send you super cyber hugs today along with a message from the angels:

Dear Ones of Love and Light,

On this day of celebrated love, we celebrate with you!  Open your hearts to feel the love of God within you and outside of you!

We implore you to reach out a hand to help another from the love of your heart.  The moment your two hands collide a rainbow burst of love explodes showering everyone with more love!

And the angels sing - yes, we sing!  You feel the joy of our singing when your heart begins to sing!

We implore you to leave your worries with us and embrace the love that fuels your hearts.  Each step into love that you take the veil between us thins!

In this glorious time of shifting love, we rejoice at the veil thinning between the worlds as you know them to be. We are with you in every moment of your human lives on the blessed planet, Mother Earth.  Your human hearts are opening to the divinity within you and the love that we are.  We are "a-flurry" of activity, excitedly working with you to create your heaven on earth!

Know that we are one, with you - not separate as you have been led to believe.

Allow yourselves to feel the caress of our angel wings for we are with you, in love!

Your loving angels...

And the veil thins...  Can you imagine walking into a gathering of people and seeing angels among the humans?  What an exciting thought!

Mercury Retrograde and Technology...
Yesterday I received a surprise in my email inbox.  I received a click thru tracking update from AWeber (the database program I use for all my email lists) at 1am.  I didn't send anything out last night, so I opened the email and discovered it was tracking information for a newsletter I sent out April 12, 2009.  2009?  Yes, 2009!  My first thought was, that's just weird.  The next thought was, there is a message in there for me!

I went into my files and found the newsletter (I never delete web files) and quickly read it. This spoke to me:

...we discussed the energy shifts and how we are being affected by them.  We're all moving from a place of fear that we know as normal to a place of love - and we don't have anything from the physical world to compare it to.  This generates feelings of being at a loss and without direction - even though the basis is love.

If you're experiencing the lost, unfocused feelings, shake yourself up.  Set a play date and laugh - I mean really LAUGH.  I know some may be concerned about not being "serious" in these "serious" economic times, but when we laugh, things change - life changes - we change.  We shift from fear to joy with laughter.  When we change within, life changes outside of us.

Plus, doesn't it feel good to laugh?  There was a time in my life that the sound of my own laughter surprised me because I hadn't heard it in so long. I didn't recognize my own laughter.  Are any of you there?

I encourage everyone to "Laugh" today!  Shift your energy to love and BE a burst of rainbow love that showers everyone around you!

There was also a message from Big Jim in that newsletter.  This snippet pertains to today:

As one shifts into the state of love everything changes - including your ability to see and know.  Allow these things to be.  All you need to do is set the intent and be open to the answers.

~ Big Jim

The synchronicity of this miraculous email makes my heart sing!

Back to Mercury in Retrograde looming on the horizon...  On March 2, Kim Loftis and I will be hosting an exciting Survive Mercury Retrograde webinar.  We're still working out the details, but you may register now by clicking here.

Love wish...
Happy Valentine's Day ~ I send love and light to each of you as you read this.  May your days be filled with love, laughter and joy!

In love and light,

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Loving Ourselves...

The month of February brings up thoughts of sharing how much we love others.  We ponder and we plan how to show our loved ones just how we feel.  If we aren't in a relationship, sometimes we fall into a pool of sadness.

Today I suggest we take the time to honor and love ourselves. Take a few minutes and think of something that makes your heart sing with joy - something you can do right now or later today - perhaps something you can do every day this month! What would that be?

My last article was about dancing around my living room with the Majik poodle and my angels. That was SO much fun!  Majik's little head was bobbing to the music and I was singing and rocking out - like nobody was watching...

Our energetic vibration holds great power of creation.

Adding dancing around singing to my daily agenda gives my body some great exercise, my heart sings with fulfillment and I raise my energy to love.  My creative energy is primed with love and I manifest life situations and relationships that make my heart sing with joy!

Abundant Prosperity of Creation is that easy!

What can you do for yourself that would shift you into the higher energy of love, making your heart sing?

In love and light,