Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why would God let this happen?

Right after I sent out the newsletter on Tuesday I learned that fire was burning homes IN Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Jesse and I were Colorado Springs residents for fourteen years (we now live in a suburb of Denver) and learned that our old neighborhood is on stand-by for evacuation.  Over 300 homes have been destroyed along with the beautiful Flying W Ranch and the fire is minimally contained.

Many will ask, why would God let this happen?  Why would God let hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes and fires destroy Mother Earth and kill humans?

Humans ask this because we live in a a world of duality where we judge everything as good or bad and fear reigns.

Mother Earth is cleansing, shifting and ascending her energy in the only way she can. As she shifts and belches we humans flood the region that is touched by what we term "disaster" with prayers of love...

...and Hope is re-born.

God doesn't "let" bad things happen.  In the realm of the angelic there is no judgment - things simply "are."

If my home burned, would this bring me comfort?  Probably not.  But the prayers of love from the human spirits would bring me comfort - prayers from "strangers."  We're taught that we're separated from God by sin and that we are all on our own here on Mother Earth - born alone and die alone.  This teaching is completely untrue!  We are all One with God - separated only by our beliefs. We are one with each other - interconnected through the breath of God that not only gives our bodies life, but fuels the life force energy of The Creator within us.

We are ONE.

From the soils of Mother Earth beneath the ash from fire, seeds will sprout a new life and man will rebuild with renewed vigor for life on a firm foundation of loving prayers from "strangers."  This process evolves with all "disasters" and Mother Earth ascends her energy to the higher state of love.

Each one of us is a magnificent energy source with dominion over it.  How do you use your energy and power?  Do you need rain where you live?  Have you commanded rain to replenish the soil where you stand for the highest good of all?  Do you need more sunshine and less rain?

The areas throughout Mother Earth that are on fire need rain WITHOUT lightening! Please take a moment to step into your power and command the amount of rain that is needed for the highest good of all in all areas of fire.

Now is the time for all of us to look deep within and tap into the life force energy that is our power and command it to create the highest possible outcome in all areas of our lives and environment.  Now is the time for us to expand the higher vibration of love that is our source to aid Mother Earth in her ascension.

May we send love collectively as a group to all whose lives are touched by what we humans deem as tragedy so that they will feel the comfort of the life force energy of love.

And through the darkness...  the light of Hope is revealed...

In love and light,

Monday, June 25, 2012

You Cannot Fail...

In last week's article "A Time of Evaluation/Life Review..." I stated, "Remember, nothing stays the same - energy is in constant flux - and you have the power within you to shift your energy to create a different outcome - to create the highest possible outcome - to create your heaven on earth!  You are fully supported by your angels, the Universe, by Mother Earth and by God...  You cannot fail!" then asked "What would you change in your life?  What would you stop creating? What would you create more of? (if you knew you could not fail)"

Did you answer these questions and make the appropriate changes in your life or did you just keep reading and go on to something else?  Hmmm????

We create everything in our reality through our energetic vibration.  The problem is that a lot of the things we create, we really don't want and we're unhappy with our creation.  Then we beat ourselves up and many times we slide into a downward spiral of feelings of failure believing we did not create what we wanted.

Chances are we didn't create what we wanted, but we did create what matched our energy.

The reality is that we are always - ALWAYS successful in creating through our vibration - we NEVER FAIL!  The hiccup is that the vibration at which we are creating is lower than the things we want to create.  Understanding this information is a huge part of our ascension process: recognizing our low energetic vibration that is less than love and then shifting to the higher vibration of love source energy.

Albert Einstein said the meaning of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome" (paraphrased).

How can you create something different if you don't shift your energy to a higher vibration?

The answer is...  you can't!

We create through our lowest vibration.  Step back as an observer and honestly, without emotion evaluate each area of your life.  Identify each area that is less than love/joy.  Write about that area of your life that is less than joy and define what you would really like for it to look like.

What does the energy feel like?

When you write about your reality, then write your definition of your ideal reality do you feel the shift from less than joy, to joy?  If not, are you hindered by thoughts like, "I can't have that - its too much" or feelings of resistance that you cannot receive what you want?  Perhaps you want a big nice house, but you don't "need" one or you want a new car, but you don't "need" one.  The resistance of not "needing" something when your heart would sing if you had it is your resistance.  Look deep within and discern if there are thought patterns/beliefs, unforgiveness, victim mentality - all things negative and of fear - that are screaming to be healed in order to shift your energy to the higher vibration of love to match what you "want" to create as your reality.  Ask your angles to show you what you need to heal to shift your energy.

If you need tools to help you heal and shift your energy, ask your angels to join you and click on the link to discern if one of these tools would be of benefit to you:

Know that no matter what you do, you cannot - you will not fail!  You are and will be tremendously successful at creating the reality of your life!  The universe always says yes - no matter what our energy is creating - whether we actually "want" it or not.  Now is the time to identify the vibration of your energy and if it is too low to create your heaven on earth, use the tools that resonate with you to jump on board the ascension process and shift your energy to the higher vibration of love.  The life force energy of love will flow easily through you to create as your reality your Heaven on Earth!

In love and light,

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Time of Evaluation/Life Review...

As we walk our life path we experience first hand the dualities of energy.  We experience joy and profound sadness, love and hate, anger and harmony.  Through these experiences and the shifting energies of our planet our hearts are opening to the nudge to reconnect with the love within and cast aside physical world teachings of being limited, helpless, powerless and living in an abundance of lack as our normal.

Many years ago when I first began speaking of the energy fluctuations of our planet with my circle of friends and acquaintances, many looked at me with uncertainty of my stability.  Yet my Soul Kisses family resonated with the information and joined me to hold the safe space to share and learn with one another.  As the years have passed, this information about energy has begun to pop up in TV shows, news articles and stories in mainstream media nudging the un-awakened to open their hearts and investigate the power of the life force energy within.

The veil between the angelic realm and the physical world of Mother Earth thins...

...and our source vibration ascends.

At times the process of our energy ascending creates a conflict of energies.  In essence we have one foot in the angelic realm and one in the physical world.  This has led to feeling not only confused and overwhelmed, but at times we feel we are "finished and ready to go home."  Before falling asleep at night we may pray that the angels come to get us and we're disappointed when we wake up in the morning and our physical body continues to breathe.

Do not despair!  This is the darkness before the dawn - you are at the cusp of shifting your energy to allow in the light that illuminates your heaven on earth!

The angels are showing me in both my own personal life and in readings that this is a time of "Evaluation."  Others of the spiritual community are using the term "Life Review."  This is a golden opportunity to discern what you really want your life to look like and trust the guidance of the Voice of God within you to make the changes necessary to create the highest possible outcome.  I implore you, take the time you need to step out of the emotion of your life and LOOK At IT!  Assess the areas that are less than happy, and ask your angels to show you what you can do to shift your energy to love, joy and happiness.

They WILL!

If you need tools to help you shift your energy, ask your angels to join you and click on the link to discern if one of these tools would be of benefit to you:

Remember, nothing stays the same - energy is in constant flux - and you have the power within you to shift your energy to create a different outcome - to create the highest possible outcome - to create your heaven on earth!  You are fully supported by your angels, the Universe, by Mother Earth and by God...  You cannot fail!

What would you change in your life?  What would you stop creating? What would you create more of?

YOU are the one doing the breathing in your life - you are in charge!  Ask your angels to show you what to do to shift your energy and experience joy, love and laughter in your next breath!

In love and light,

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Big Jim's Father's Day Message

Happy Father's Day to the father's who are reading this!  For those who are reading this whose father has returned to the realm of the angelic may you feel the love that lives forever between you!

This morning my dad, Big Jim (who is in spirit), popped in to visit.  I wished him a Happy Father's day.  He thanked me and he reminded me that all his days are happy.  With his visit he brought joy that soothed my heart and gave me strength.

He wanted me to share this message with you:

My days are happy because the humans who love me let my physical body go when it died and embraced my new state as a spiritual being.

We who are spirits of the angelic realm feel your pain when you grieve for us.  We feel your pain and we feel your joy.

When you're grieving, the lower vibration of that pain separates us.  When you remember the joy of our love together, your vibration increases to more closely match ours and you "feel" us with you.  Its in this vibration that we can more easily communicate with you.

Remember, as humans you must grieve the physical loss of your loved ones to dissipate the pain of their shift to spirit, but I ask that you let the physical body go and embrace the love that they are.

~ Big Jim

On this day of celebrating fathers, know that our loved ones who reside in the realm of the angels are as close as a breath.  The love we have between us never dies, it only grows stronger - especially now that the veil between our worlds has grown so thin.  If you would like to communicate with your loved one who has gone home, set the intention, ground yourself and open your heart to the connection and allow the experience to be.  When you are finished, thank your loved one and ground yourself before stepping back into your physical world space.  If you need help making this connection, you may use the method I do to communicate with my dad by clicking into the Sacred Space ~ Build It and They Will Come page.

May your heart be open to allow you to feel the presence of those you love who are at home in the angelic realm.

In love and light,

Monday, June 11, 2012

Why worry, it will probably never happen...

In Florence Scovel Shinn's book, The Game of Life and How to Play It, she states:

The object of the game of life is to see clearly one's good and to obliterate all mental pictures of evil.  This must be done by impressing the subconscious mind with a realization of good.  A very brilliant man, who has attained great success, told me he had suddenly erased all fear from his consciousness by reading a sign which hung in a room.  He saw printed, in large letters this statement - "Why worry, it will probably never happen."  These words were stamped indelibly upon his subconscious mind, and he has now a firm conviction that only good can come into his life, therefore only good can manifest.

Last week a terrible storm came through the town in Arkansas where we are living.  There was tornadic activity sighted a few miles from where we are.  I was working at my desk and Jesse was getting "alerts" on her cell phone.  Yes, Jesse's cell phone is as an appendage to her body, so I was being updated moment by moment.

We don't have a storm cellar where we are, so I asked the angels what is the safest room in the house and they told me the closet in my office.  There were boxes of Grandma's things stored in there, so Jesse pulled everything out, made sure there were no spiders lurking or hanging and prepared everything in case we needed to load Grandma in the Princess Chair, grab the boys and barricade ourselves in there - all while I sat at my desk working.

Finally in exasperation she asked me, "Aren't you worried?"

It was then that I realized I really wasn't.  The storm raged outside with lightening strikes all around us, the wind howled and rain hit the windows like bullets while I calmly worked at my computer.  I told her I wasted many an hour being terrified when storms came through here when I was a child and the worry changed nothing.

The storm abated and we finally went to bed.  Then at 2:30am it started again with a vengeance.  Grandma and I share a room -  Grandma in her Princess bed and me in a queen bed.  Next thing I knew Jesse and both boys (Majik & Jayden Michael) were in bed with me.  Jesse was filling me in second by second with "alerts" from her phone - including radar images.  Thunder would boom and rumble rattling the windows, then Grandma would snore - at least one of us was getting some sleep!  This went on for about 45 minutes, then I finally asked Jesse to check my email .

I knew if we heard the roar of a tornado the angels were with us to help us get into the closet, or to take us home - I still wasn't worried.

Worry is a sneaky low vibrating fear energy.  It robs us of experiencing pleasure of the moment, disguises opportunities and steals our joy.  When you realize that you are "worrying,"  please stop and pull yourself out of its clutches and let it go.  Like Florence's "brilliant man" said, "Why worry, it will probably never happen."  If "it" does happen, you'll fair better if you're in a state of calm instead of an anxious state of worry and if it doesn't happen, you'll have wasted your time vibrating in the energy of worry!

If you haven't met your Worry Angel, you may meet him/her by setting the intention, connecting with the angelic realm and asking for his or her name.  If you need help, the first day of the 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels program will introduce you.

Remember, worry is of the lower vibration of fear and fear is an illusion.  Open your heart to the knowing deep within you that you are fully supported and divinely connected, as One with God.  You have the power to release the lower vibration of worry and create the life that is the desire of your heart.

So be it... and it is...

In love and light,

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hawaii in the Living Room...

There weren't very many things that Grandma wanted to do in her life, but she did have a short Bucket List.  The only thing she didn't get to do on that list was go to Hawaii.  Grandma is afraid to fly.

So...  Grandma and I searched the internet for a picture of a Hawaiian sunset and with permission of our landlord I painted a mural of it on the living room wall.  Now when Grandma wakes from sleeping while in her chair in the living room, she'll open her eyes to a Hawaiian sunset (and when she is bed bound, the Princess hospital bed will be moved into the living room and she'll still see it).  The wall is approximately 17 feet wide by 8 feet tall.

This is the mural:


Grandma stayed awake watching me while I painted it.  She was in charge of making sure I didn't mess it up!

Days with names have ceased to exist.  Now we are living in each moment embracing the love to be found there.  Today Grandma had a really great morning and while she was bright eyed and bushy tailed we had a chocolate milk drinking contest and arm wrestled her!  We videoed her winning the contest and beating Jesse and I shamelessly at arm wrestling.

She laughed and laughed and laughed.

Some days Grandma is awake most of the day and some days she sleeps all day.  Most of the time she only nods her head when we talk with her, but sometimes she pops out an entire sentence - like this morning and we rejoice hearing her voice.

Several nights ago when I went to bed I heard Grandma call my name, but her physical body was sound asleep in her Princess bed beside me.  I could clearly see her in my mind's eye.  She was probably 40 years younger and looked just beautiful.  Her voice was very strong and her eyes were bright and full of mischief and love.  She told me she wanted me to know that she was just fine among other things!

Even though the voice of our loved ones may become trapped in their physical body, their higher self can still communicate with us.  They may come to you or you may initiate the communication by setting the intention with an open heart, ask permission to speak with them then allow the connection.

If you need help communicating with a loved one who can no longer physically communicate with you, you may use the method I do when I wish to connect with Grandma when she isn't physically speaking using the Communicating through Dementia guided meditation and/or the Alzheimer's Alternative Care program.

If you need help communicating with your angels, deceased loved ones or loved ones who are still living but are no longer able to use their physical voice click into the programs listed below to discern if they resonate with you:
Communicating with Your Angels CD/manual with the With Love from Your Angels Workbook and Journal
Sacred Space ~ Build It and They Will Come
Alzheimer's Alternative Care program
Communicating through Dementia guided meditation

In love and light,

Monday, June 4, 2012

Barbara held the space for me then and now...

As a child I knew there was something more, something bigger than me to help me walk the soils of Mother Earth this lifetime.  I knew in my heart that there was wisdom within me, a connection if you will, with life force energy - with God.  I struggled and struggled trying to find the key to tap into that connection.  In the mid nineties I began to read everything I could find that resonated with my energy to help me open my heart to reconnecting with those of the angelic realm.  I would think I was making the connection, then my human brain would intervene and convince me that I wasn't.


By 2003 I had created the Soul Kisses website with a plethora of information to help others who were seeking answers like I was.  In October of that year I wrote to Barbara Mark of Angelspeake asking her if she would reciprocate a link to her website from Soul Kisses.  Through our correspondence I shared my hopes and dreams of communicating with my angels as well as my frustration with feeling blocked.

Barbara wrote back to me telling me that I was closer than I thought to communicating with those of the angelic realm and she gave me her phone number.  I almost burst with excitement!  After a few weeks I called her and we became fast friends. Barbara held the space for me to trust and believe in my connection with the angels.

When Barbara died in 2006, her sister Trudy called me to let me know.  When I hung up the phone I walked into my office and looked around the room.  I said out loud, "I should probably get some work done today..."  Then I clearly heard Barbara's voice in my ear say, "If you can't take off when your best friend dies, then when can you?"  And she was laughing...

Now, I'm in Arkansas with my daughter caring for my dear grandmother as her physical body prepares to release her spirit to the angelic realm.  The human part of me grieves the pain of this time of transition while my spiritual self rejoices at the parting of the veil and the many angels and deceased loved ones who are visiting Grandma regularly bringing her the comfort of love that never dies.

And Miss Barbara continues to hold the space...  On May 17 after my Spiritual Whispers Radio show I checked my email to discover two emails from  We deleted Barbara's email account shortly after her death.  One of the emails was dated August 15, 2005 and the other was dated March 16, 2006.  They both came into my inbox May 17, 2012 at 7:19pm.  Barbara is still holding the space for me to believe in my connection with those of the angelic realm!

The connection I have with my angels, guides, teachers, deceased loved ones and with God are what has given me strength to move across the country, rent a house and care for grandma.  I would take her back to Colorado with me, but she is too frail for the trip.  Even though we are away from home, home is where our love is.

Those of the angelic realm are only a breath away.  When we experience pain here in the physical world, they are with us to comfort us.  I've experienced many signs from my angels and received many messages in these past weeks.  Barbara's email from an account that I deleted myself years ago brought me not only comfort, but great joy that she would reach out to me now - proving once again that our love never dies...

In love and light,