Sunday, December 28, 2014

Angelic GPS December 29-January 4, 2015

December 29, 2014 - January 4, 2015

The powerful energy of this week revolves around creation through your intuition!

The year of 2014 is ending and the magnificent year of 2015 is beginning!  Breathe in the fresh, newness of it!

The angels show us that the seeds of creation intention you've been planting have taken root.  Behind the scenes the universe is working diligently to match to you the energy of what you desire. 

BE AWARE of your energy!  Are you getting nervous or anxious that you aren't experiencing everything you want?  STOP the less than love energy of worry - give it ALL to your Worry Angel!  (don't know your Worry Angel? Subscribe to the Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers newsletter and receive an audio introduction to your Worry Angel!)

As much as humanly possible, maintain the energy of what it would feel like to experience what you wish to BE, Do and Have! 

It is through your energy that you create your life experiences!  What is your energy magnetizing to you - love or above experiences?  Or less than love experiences?

The angels are with you to hold the space of loving patience.  Use this time to prepare for what it is you want to experience. 

Experiencing resistance to what you wish to create or transform?  Ask your angels to help you face the core of that resistance, disconnect from it and heal it!

Know that in every moment of your life, you have many, many angels, guides and teachers with you, supporting you, loving you - unconditionally!  Allow yourself to take in the "knowing" within you that this is true!

May your heart be open to the love essence that you are to receive the miraculous blessings of prosperity that are yours!

Sending you love and light,
ps: Living in a human body can be challenging... The Angelic GPS will help you flow with ease and grace as you experience your life path.  I invite you to share this information with your friends and family!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Angelic GPS December 22-28, 2014

December 22-28, 2014

This week begins with the powerful energy of the New Moon and holds magnificent energy of hope and limitless possibility!

The angels want you to know that what your human brain judges as impossible, is possible!  The angels want you to know the manifestation of what your heart longs for resides in your BE-lief!

The angels show us that the energies of the preceding three weeks come together powerfully this week.

1) Honor all aspects of you and BREATHE deeply of the breath of God
2) Trust and expand into the guidance of your Intuition
3) Claim your power as the Master Creator of Your Life

The angels ask that you sit with them and from their safe space of love, fearlessly ask them to show you your true beliefs about the life you have and the life you long for. 

From this safe space, allow yourself to see any less than love energy, disconnect from the wounds this energy has placed in or on your heart and heal it in all directions of time.

With the healing of this less than love energy, ask your angels to hold the space of love and fully step into your power through this love space.  Know it is safe to claim your power of limitless possibility! 

Ask for clarity and be open to receive it!  Know that what your heart longs for may look different than you imagined - demand what you want ------- or BETTER!

Use the Moon Cycle Blueprint for Prosperity (get your copy here) to guide you to anchor your intention for creation and transformation.

Sending you love and light,
ps: Angelic guidance plus support makes living in a human body so-much-easier!  Do you know someone who would benefit from this information?  I would love it if you would share the Angelic GPS with them!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Angelic GPS December 15-21, 2014

December 15-21, 2014

This weeks energy is of powerful manifestation!

The angels remind you that you are the Powerful Master Creator of your life - embrace the power with love and joy!  You've been getting clarity on what it is you truly wish to experience as the reality of your life and that clarity has signaled the Universe to deliver!

Your angels of the angelic realm and the angels of Mother Earth work in tandem, blending with the power of the Universe to support you to create your life experiences.  Open your heart to work with them!

Your angels ask that you nurture yourself as you shift into the magnetic energy of love creation.  As you shift into the joy of having already received what it is you wish to experience, your joy filled energy of receipt plants healthy seeds of prosperity. 

Nurture these seeds of sincerest true wishes and desires of your heart with excited celebration - and maintain that high vibrating energy of receipt as much as humanly possible by breathing into the joy of receiving what you want!

To gain even greater clarity, sit quietly, breathing deeply and ask your angels to join you.  Ask them to show you what is of your highest good to transform what has been weighing on your heart in less than love energy to the highest vibration of love possible.  This transformation of less than love energy to love or above energy will open the way for you to create your highest possible good as your physical world experience!

Each day is a time of new birth - of creation from limitless possibility!  Use the magnificent power within you wisely to create from love - nurture the loving seeds you've planted - nurture with loving intention... and more loving experiences and relationships manifest as your physical world experience!

In love and light,
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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Angelic GPS December 8-14, 2014

December 8-14, 2014

On the heels of the Full Moon, this week's energy expands your intuition! 

Intuition is the language of the spirit of our higher self through the vibration of the Angelic Realm.  Allow your heart and human-ness to be open to the nudges from within to have the "eyes to see" the "ears to hear" and to recognize the "knowing within" of the guidance to create your highest good in all areas of your life.

You'll discover signs and signals of what we humans call "coincidence" and our spirit knows as "Synchronistic Validation" that something bigger than ourselves is at work guiding us, helping us and protecting us.

By allowing your heart/intuition to speak and accepting the supervision and guidance delivered, then taking any action steps that may be revealed to you, life will be easier, magically transform and miracles of love and light will be experienced - in essence, life becomes a magical experience.

The reality of the human experience does include hiccups, but when you remain open to you intuition and follow it, opportunities to overcome and heal hiccups are revealed to you.

Your intuition signals you through your Truth Center.  Identify your Truth Center by evaluating how you feel when you think of something that you know is not true, such as:  Grass is purple.  You know that grass is not purple, and you feel this "knowing" in a place in your body - it feels uncomfortable.  Identify where that place is and how it feels to KNOW the statement is not true.

Now think of a true statement, such as: Grass is green.  You know grass is green, and you feel this "knowing" in the same place in your body, however it feels different - it feels "right" - warm, fuzzy and comfortable.

With the identification of your Truth Center it is easier to recognize your intuition when its telling you to "Pay attention!  Something isn't right here!"  or "This is the best decision for you!", even though your human mind may think otherwise!

Sending you love and light,
ps:  Do you know someone who would benefit from the Angelic GPS?  I invite you to share this with your friends and family!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Angelic GPS December 1-7, 2014

December 1-7, 2014

This week's energetic flow is about patience and honoring all aspects of you to BE in the highest vibration of love energy possible.

You are a spiritual being existing in a human body and during this hustle, bustle time of year and sometimes (probably most times) you don't even make the list of what is most important to tend to during your day - your day that often stretches far into the night before it completes.

The angels ask that you make time DAILY to BREATHE! - slowly... fully... completely filling your lungs and body with the breath of God!

They also ask that while you're consciously taking this time to breathe in the breath of God, ask them for their help in whatever it is you're doing!

They show me that by taking the time to breathe fully, you'll understand their guidance more clearly, experience clarity of thinking and... you'll be more patient with people and life situations that would cause you to be overwhelmed, frustrated or angry if you were in a less relaxed state of BE-ing.

The angels want you to know that through clarity of thought and energy, all that your heart desires will be revealed to you.  They say that it is through the energetic vibration of being clear about what it is you really want and planting your seeds of intention at this time, that miraculous results become your reality!

In this moment of NOW - Breathe in the limitlessness of your ability to create miracles through the breath of God!

Suggestion:  Place colorful reminders throughout your life to BREATHE!  Sticky notes on the fridge, mirror, notes in your pocket.  How awesome would it be to put your hand in your pocket and pull out a message from your angels?

"Breathe, dear one, breathe!"  ~Your Angels

Till next week, the angels and I send you love and light,
ps: I would love it if you would share the Angelic GPS with your friends and family!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Need Emancipation from Stress? Click here!

You have the world in your hands - is it glowing in love and light - guiding you, or are you stuck in the darkness of stress and worry?

Is emancipation from stress in order?

Don't put it off any longer! 

Right now, the registration doors are open for The Game of Life Mastery Program 3.0. 

This program is One-Stop-Shopping to:
* emancipate yourself from the energy of stress
* understand why pain of the past is coming up
* reveal the path to spiritual fulfillment - as one with God
* gain clarity on what makes you happy
* discover the guidance to shift your energy to the highest vibration of love humanly possible to clear away the fear clutter that's blocking you from living the life you long to live....

BUT.... the doors will be closing soon!

When you register before midnight on October 21, you'll receive a 45 minute one-on-one private session with me.

The program begins on Wednesday, October 22 at 6pm MT. 

You'll have access to HALF OFF payment options when you register before midnight on October 22! ---this includes Lifetime Membership!

After that, the program is full price, then the doors CLOSE on Friday, October 24! Then you'll have to wait till next year!

This program cuts years off shifting your energy by yourself!  Click here to learn more!

In love and light,

p.s. Dominikija shares with us: 
"In 2008 I enrolled in a 1 year mentor program with Bob Proctor. I have a better understanding of how to “play the game of life” in just the past two months with The Game of Life Workbook than after one year in Bob’s program. The Game of Life Mastery program has been a fantastic experience for me."

4... 3... 2... 1...

In just a few weeks, the countdown to 2015 will begin...  

Are you on track to accomplish the personal goals you set for yourself for 2014? 

Have you claimed your power and birthright of happiness and discovered that inner peace that brings you joy?

And most importantly... have you learned what to do when suppressed less than love energy reveals itself? 

There's still time to answer "Yes!" to all these questions BEFORE 2014 completes.  There's still time to create a new foundation of love, joy and happiness to make 2015 the Best-Year-Ever!

I'm teaching all the tools I've learned to - as consistently as humanly possible - live a life that brings you joy and laughter, happiness and peace, love and serenity in the Game of Life Mastery Program 3.0 - and the program begins October 22.

This program is LOADED with bonuses, tools, tips techniques, meditations, additional programs and most important:  Loving Support from me, the mastery community and our angelic realm.

Click here to learn more about the program and my commitment to you.
In love and light,

p.s. A message from Pam, Mastery Community Member:
"If you're thinking about doing the Mastery Program, I would absolutely encourage you to sign up! I’m so blessed I did and will be doing the Program again in the future .. I am shifting my energy and am creating in my life what I want to create .. I’m not where I want to be just yet, but I am so much closer to it than ever before and know it is about consistently moving forward, believing in myself, allowing my Angels to work with and for me .. its a really exciting journey for sure!

Kate, thank you so much for your love, support and belief in me and for holding the energy for me to be who I came here to be, to create what I want to create and have everything I want .. I’m so appreciative and thankful and so excited about the journey forward!"

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Energy Fluctuations: NO-One gets to Opt-Out

For years I've shared information about the fluctuations of energy that we and our planet experience.  I've shared how this energy is shifting us from a vibration of fear filled illusion to the higher vibration of Christ Consciousness energy - Awareness of the love that is our essence at a deep spiritual, soul level.

In order to BE in that higher vibration of love, we must do away with the less than love energy that has been hidden in the shadows of our heart.  .....painful life events that are laced in fear - experiences that we've suppressed for years because they've been too painful to face - and probably didn't know existed - it was so well buried...

Just 8 days ago, something came up for me that I had no conscious memory of - something that happened when I was a toddler!

This painful, "you don't deserve to be loved" energy was very real!  It was lurking in my subconscious and had been feeding on fear for over 50 years (OMG dated myself!)!

BUT!!!  I knew what to do with it when it came forward and demanded to be healed!  And when I took the simple action steps to heal it, I was propelled into a JOY Filled state of BE-ing that defies human words to describe ---- in essence, I was set free!

The bottom line is, No-One is getting to Opt-Out of healing painful energy that's been suppressed - sometimes - for years! 


Not me... not you...

...And you do NOT want to suppress it again when it comes up - or ignore it!  Because if you do... when it pops up again it will be even more painful than it is now!

Question is...  do you know what to do with it when it comes up?

In The Game of Life Mastery Program 3.0 I teach you how to recognize this energy for what it is: a Golden Opportunity!  Then I teach you the simple steps to face, disconnect and heal that energy in all directions of time.  Healing this energy at your soul, cellular level will set you free to experience the life of happiness you deserve!
The Game of Life Mastery Program is a safe, fully supported container that teaches you how to identify and shift your energy out of the lower vibration of fear, to the higher vibration of love - to claim mastery to create the life you long for and deserve!

I'm excited to welcome you into the fold of this loving, supportive community - where we work with the angelic realm to reconnect with the love that is our essence!

Message from Amy G about The Game of Life Mastery Program:

.....I absolutely love the fact that Kate incorporates talking to your angels, and a focus on God as the creator of all that is, with the law of attraction principles. Everything she teaches such as rewriting neural pathways, talking to your angels and raising your energy to a higher level, I have read about and tried before, but until now could not do it.  ....I thank Kate and this program for being the catalyst to allow this to happen!"
Click here to watch the short, powerful videos, download your bonus gifts and learn more about this extraordinary program that creates remarkable results!

In love and light,

p.s.  This program begins on Wednesday, October 22.  Cannot attend live?  No Worries!!!  All calls are recorded and transcripts are included!  AND...  Barbie shares this about how powerful the Energy of the program is:
"....I was having trouble with my computer and couldn't get on one of the calls. When I read the transcript, I was thrilled to discover as I read it that the loving energy that I receive on the calls was also very strong when I read the transcript!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Saturday, October 18, 2014

I can't fix "x, y, z..." for you, however...

I can't fix "x, y, z..." for you, however, I can teach you how to create and maintain the level of joy and happiness that your heart is longing for, no matter what is going on in your life!

When my dad, Big Jim, transitioned to the Angelic Realm in 2005, he came back in spirit and immediately began to point-out-to-me that we have no idea how powerful we really are, in an effort to "Wake-Me-Up" so I would discover how to BE happier!

He showed me how we worry, fret and maintain a level of anxiety over every-little-thing and create new experiences of that same awful energy. 

Then he showed me how most of this less than love energy is below our radar in our subconscious beliefs and thought patterns - and how through that "unconscious" energy of anxiousness we're creating our reality.

He specifically pointed out how we're unaware of this lower energy of creation and we keep "trying" to create something different from the same energy and the results... are of the same struggling, troubling energy.

I went to my angelic team for help. With their guidance, I learned how to shift my energy to the highest vibration of love possible and I created fantastic experiences! 

Only problem was... maintaining that level of love vibration!

So I asked more questions and listened carefully.  And I learned what to do with the less than love energies that got between me and what I really wanted to experience.  They taught me how to expose the "core" of the energy - the "root-of-the-problem" and revealed to me, step-by-step how to create and maintain a lasting solution of love energy.

Florence Scovel Shinn teaches in The Game of Life and How To Play It that "Love is the strongest magnetic force in the universe."  This is true.

Do you know how to access love energy and use that energy to transform and create wonderful life experiences?

The Game of Life Mastery Program 3.0 teaches this and so-much-more!  I invite you to click here to watch the short, short videos, download and USE the gifts and then...
and ask your higher self...
"Is this program of my highest and best good?"

This remarkable 60 day program begins Wednesday, October 22.  Doors are open to enroll now - and the investment is designed to fit every budget!

I'm excited to welcome you to the mastery family!

In love and light,

p.s.  This is the last time this year I'll be presenting this program. The investment is designed to fit every budget.  If you have any questions, click reply and ask me.  I'll respond personally as quickly as I can.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Colorado Gold-en Opportunity is Yours...

We must have had the perfect amount of sunshine and rain this year because the foliage is brilliantly alive with color here in Colorado! 

I love leaves and especially aspens in the fall.

The aspens in our prosperity corner are dropping golden coin leaves in our backyard.  While I was out with the Majik poodle, I noticed the breath of God had placed this branch on my path and now its in my office. 

It is a sign of the prosperity available to me when I allow myself to have the "eyes" to see opportunities and gifts from the universe.

One of the gifts I'm giving to myself, is to present the next Game of Life Mastery Program - and it begins next week!

We come together as a community and share loving support of one another as we learn tools to create the prosperity that is our birthright. This program has brought magic and miracles to the students and to me, too.

{{Oh my... as I type this I can hear an owl hooting outside!  The presence of the owl announces change - death, meaning transition in life - seeing through the darkness of illusion to opportunities and truth.  How perfect is this?}}

 As facilitator of the new Game of Life Mastery Program, together with the angels, we hold the safe space for transformation on a fast track - dissipating the darkness of fear to reveal thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us.  
Florence calls them "subconscious records" - scientists call them "neural pathways."  We're rewriting them in the mastery program to create the highest possible outcome as our reality - and the results are exciting!

The 4th video of the introductory video series for the next Game of Life Mastery Program is now available.  Click here to discern if this program is for you!

2015 will be here before you know it!  What will yours look like?  Living a more loving life of prosperity, or still trying to figure out what to do?

I invite you to click here to watch all the videos, download all the gifts and decide if this program is the one you've been praying for.

In love and light,

p.s. This will be the Last Time this year I'll be presenting this program!  2015 will be here before you know it, but wouldn't it be better to set a new foundation now to live a happier life in 2015, rather than to wait till 2015 to begin?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

What does your ideal life look like?

What does your ideal life look like?  
Are your relationships more loving and joyful?

Do you have 2 commas in your bank account?

Are you climbing 14er's and breathing the fresh air from the clouds?

Do you wake up in the morning excited to get up and go to work?

Or... or does the vision of your ideal life hold the image of you be-ing worry free, with a heart overflowing with joy, peace and serenity - with everything else falling into place?

What do you need to do to create your ideal life as your reality?

Answer:  Consistently (as much as humanly possible) BE love or above energy.

I've been sharing with you the steps to achieve love or above energy in the introductory video series for The Game of Life Mastery Program.  Each video gives you access to life changing information that you can implement immediately.  Have you seen them?  Its not too late...
Click here to take the first step to creating your ideal life.

In love and light,

p.s. Do you know someone who is longing to live a happier life?  Please share the link with them - and share through social media.  This is the LAST time this year this program will be presented.  Wouldn't you like to begin reshaping your life to that "Ideal" life now?


Spiritual Whispers Radio Show
I'm currently on sabbatical from the show, however you may listen to the archive or download the recorded programs here.  Thank you for your support, love and understanding...
In love and light,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What does "Transformation" look like for you?

What does Transformation look like for you? 

What are your dreams and desires - the things that make your heart sing with joy ---the experiences of happiness that is your birthright?

Transformation from what life is now, to what you really want to experience is looks different for everyone, but can be achieved!

However, for many transformation is elusive due to your baggage of limiting beliefs and your archive of painful past experiences.  These things become blocks between you and the joy your heart longs to experience.

Do you know what stands between you and your birthright of joy and happiness?

More importantly.... do you know what to do to remove it?

You deserve to be HAPPY!  Don't put off till tomorrow, or next week, or Next Year what you can do today to create a happier, more joy filled life!

On Saturday the first video of the new 4-Part Introductory series for The Game of Life Mastery Program 3.0 premiered.  Unlike most promotional videos, these SHORT, love filled bursts of information include tools you can apply to your life for immediate results ----- IMMEDIATE Results!

Got "7.44 minutes" to begin transforming your life?
Video #1: Wake up Happy EVERY Day... Let me show you how!

Got "6:43 minutes" to anchor transforming your life?
Video #2:
3 Steps to BE Worry Free!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Video #3 premiers: Learn the ONE Thing that Changes Everything!...  Get VIP priority access the moment the video is available when you register for Video #1 or #2 above.

You DESERVE to be Happy!  The simple action steps to transform your life from:
drowning in worry, but never physically dying
being trapped in helpless, powerless, victim pain
being stuck in a relationship or job that makes waking up in the morning an unhappy experience
....are revealed in-the-videos!
Today is the First Day of the rest of your life!  Make it a GREAT DAY of Opportunity --- watch these powerful videos and download your transformation tools from me and begin transformation to the Best-Day-Ever!

In as little as "14.27 minutes" you could be creating a new life for yourself.  Click here to begin! 

In love and light,

p.s. I struggled for years to live a happier life, then I discovered these simple tools.  Who knew "14.27 minutes" could be so powerfully life changing?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wake-up Happy Every Day... Let Me Show You How!

I LOVE this picture - the sunshine, the daisies, the green grass, the little kid feet, they all make me feel happy inside. 

My favorite and best memories as a child were waking up at Grandma's house in the summer time.  I could hear Grandma puttering around in the kitchen and I would lie there in bed reveling in the joy of the warm breeze spilling in through the open window, smelling the slight fragrance (or odor, depending on your viewpoint ) of the cows in the pasture. And I knew that when I walked into the kitchen Grandma would be happy to see me!

I savor those memories, because many of the years following that wasn't so warm and fuzzy...

The past few days I've been reminiscing about the changes I've made in my life.  From a place without pain, I've looked back at all the years I struggled, drowning in fear without physically dying.  ...and there were times that I would have beat the angels to the door had they come for me...

Even in the deepest pit of that fear, I knew there was something better - an easier way to live my life and to experience joy on a consistent basis - not just once in a while, but as my normal way of BE-ing - waking up feeling happy.
Struggling to figure out how to experience the happy life I longed for on my own took years.  
But I was determined and I opened my heart to the teachers and my angelic team ==== and because I was paying attention... they delivered tools and support for me to use to transform my life.

I learned that "I" create my life and that I have the ability to create something different.  Learning this and implementing the tools and new teachings that came to me guided me to transform my life from one of fear, worry, suffering and struggling to one of joy, love and happiness.

I don't struggle in fear anymore and Worry and I broke up --- we are no longer friends.

For the past 14 years I've shared the tools and teachings that I've received through the Soul Kisses website as support to anyone who is actively on the path to transform their life to something better.

This year, along with my angels and guides, I've been actively working with the spiritual essence of Florence Scovel Shinn to hold the safe space for others to learn at a deep level the magic of Florence's teachings and the tools the angelic realm has shared with me through The Game of Life Mastery Program.  We've formed a safe container of a loving, supportive community and members are reporting miraculous transformation they've been searching for all their lives!

Pam asked me to share this with you:

"I am attracting in so many wonderful moments/opportunities and helping so many other friends with all that I have learned this year, I have been truly amazed with my progress. I know I am doing a lot of work on myself, however without Kate’s guidance and love in my journey, I believe I wouldn’t have progressed anywhere near as quickly as I have, nor appreciated or acknowledged my progress. Kate has supported me and is so accessible it is wonderful. I have done lots of programs with others, but never has the Facilitator been so accessible as Kate .. to me this shows she is true to her word and really wants to help spread the message about Florence’s work.

If you're thinking about doing the Mastery Program, I would absolutely encourage you to go ahead and sign up! I’m so blessed I did and will be doing the Program again in the future (Lifetime Membership!) .. I am shifting my energy and am creating in my life what I want to create .. I’m not where I want to be just yet, but I am so much closer to it than ever before and know it is about keeping moving forward, believing in myself, allowing my Angels to work with and for me .. it is a really exciting journey for sure!

Kate, thank you so much for your love, support and belief in me and for holding the energy for me to be who I came here to be, to create what I want to create and have everything I want .. I’m so appreciative and thankful and so excited about the journey forward.

Bless you Kate.
Pam (Australia)"

I invite you to click here to consciously, purposefully begin your "Fast Track" journey to waking up Happy Every Day!  You'll receive immediate "Priority" access to the fr*ee 4-Part video series that begins today!  Each video has a bonus gift to support you to begin making the changes you wish to make to live a happier life. Please share those you love who are searching for help to live a happier, more joy filled life!

In love and light,

p.s. If worry is one of your best friends, please... click in and register to access these videos...  Video #2 which premiers on Monday, will share with you valuable information and steps to BE worry f*r*ee!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

What makes you laugh?

Laughter is the energy of love and it heals the body and mind. Laughter aligns the body/mind unit with our spirit and opens the door to joy and happiness.

When my daughter was a baby and toddler, I divorced her dad.  It was a very scary, vulnerable time in our lives.  At one point I remember being surprised when I heard the sound of my own laughter because I hadn't heard it in so long.  I'll never forget that first time - it was heartbreaking - on top of everything else...

My angels took care of us in those days - it was evident, because I sure couldn't. I was literally drowning in fear, but my physical body kept living.
It took me awhile, but I vowed that NO-THING would have that much power over me again - to stifle my laughter and suppress my joy!

Laughter lifts the energy of the body and opens the door to joy and happiness.
What makes you laugh?  Are you laughing?  Would you like to laugh more?  To FEEL that joy of happiness inside you from the inside out?

On Saturday, October 11, the f-re-e 4-Part Introductory Video Series for the new Game of Life Mastery Program 3.0 begins.  The videos introduce you to the magic of this exciting program and they will include some very special bonus material that will jump start your happiness vibration to make laughter your new best friend!
One student's experience: "I want to preface this by saying I have done different spiritual work for over thirty years, I have had A Course In Miracles for over twenty years for instance, and I have never had the kind of powerful breakthroughs I have been experiencing in The Game of Life Mastery Program. Maybe it is because I am ready now, the previous 30 years having laid the groundwork, but whatever it is I thank Kate and this program for being the catalyst to allow this to happen!" ~AG

The Game of Life Mastery Program provides a loving supportive community consisting of your angels, guides and other like minded people who, like you, are on a quest to live a happier life.  This program is facilitated by me and my angelic team.
Click here to gain access to these remarkable, extraordinary, SHORT introductory videos.   

Note: two of the videos include action steps you can take immediately after watching the video to begin expanding your awareness and creating a happier life!

This will be the last time this year this life changing program will be presented!  Register now to set a solid foundation for the happiest holiday season ever PLUS a joy filled New Year of 2015!

I hope you'll join me to share love and laughter!

In love and light,

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Speak with Your Angels on Monday!

Many of you have written to me asking for the easiest way to speak with and receive messages from your angels.  
The wait is over!

On Monday, October 6 I'll be presenting the Receive and Understand Messages from Your Angels teleseminar - and I'll be presenting it TWICE to accommodate people around the world.

This is the only time I'll be presenting this program this year.  I hope you'll join me from the comfort of your home as I share why struggle to receive messages and guidance from our angelic team, then I'll share how simple it really is to receive messages!

Together we will tap into the love of the angelic realm and identify the energy of your angels so you'll be able to recognize them when we're not on the phone or web together. 
We'll explore how you receive messages and guidance AND... you'll have the opportunity to receive an message from your angels during the program!

If you've wanted to speak with your angels and receive their messages and guidance, now is the time to join me for this fun filled program!

Oh yes, you'll also receive the bonus gifts: Meet Your Worry Angel program AND the report: 3 Steps to BE Worry Free.  Click here to register!

I hope to see you on Monday!

In love and light,

Monday, September 29, 2014

Falcon the Messenger...

I believe we all have an entourage of angels, guides and teachers of the angelic realm who help us to fulfill our life mission.  I believe they help us to expand our light into this physical world to dissipate the darkness of fear and bring more joy to the world.

When we exercise our free will and ask for their help, they do ---- and life is easier, more joyful, more fun.

Their messages and validation of messages often come to us from unexpected places. 
My husband and I have been enjoying the presence of a falcon in the greenbelt behind our house.  I work a lot at my computer and haven't been out on the deck much, but when I've been out there, so has this beautiful bird with the 3'+ wingspan.  Then he got close enough for my amateur photography skills.  I took this photo of the falcon on the neighbor's roof from my bathroom window:

I went to my favorite Animal Totem website: and looked up falcon and learned this:
When Falcon comes flying into your life:
You are being asked to be vigilant. An opportunity for big positive changes in your life is close at hand and it will require good planning and strategy as well as action on your part. You are reminded that you have all the tools and knowledge to take advantage of this opportunity and that your success depends on your quick reactions. Stay focused and grateful for all that is coming your way. Know that you have the ability to soar high and see things with greater vision!

My angelic team and I have been tweaking the calendar for services and programs through 2015.  When I asked for your feedback on what I absolutely must include in The Game of Life Mastery Program, many of you wanted more help with communicating with your angels.  So there will be more angel programs, beginning with the Receive and Understand Messages from Your Angels program on October 6! 

I'm so excited to be presenting this program to help you speak with your angels, recognize their energy and let go of the doubts surrounding your conversations!  If you haven't registered for this program yet, click here to get the scoop and reserve your virtual seat!

I'll also be presenting the 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels program as my holiday gift to you, so watch your emails for the registration information plus all the other exciting programs and services the angels and I have been working on just for you!

Allowing ourselves to have the "eyes to see" and the "ears to hear" as well as being open to the "knowing" within makes our lives easier, more joyful, more fun and filled with so much love.  Be open to the messages of your angels, Mother Earth and nature around you as you walk your life path and you will find that worries lose their grip, you can break up with your best friend "fear" {YAY!} and happiness has the opportunity to become your best friend!

May you easily have the "eyes to see" the support and guidance around you!

In love and light,

Monday, September 22, 2014

Solar Flares, Humans and Angels...

We've been experiencing extreme rushes of energy from massive solar flares from the sun and this energy has stirred the light energy within our human bodies as well as the body of Mother Earth.

With this influx of energy, our lives are illuminated with light and its easy to see where we need to make changes to experience a higher state of love and as a result BE happier. By recognizing this illumination for the gift that it is, we're then able to flow beautifully into a more graceful, joyful, light filled expression of self - instead of flailing, kicking and screaming in confusion questioning "Just what is going on?"

When we flow with the energy we more easily align with its higher vibration and from this higher state of love energy, its EASY and quick to manifest more love energy experiences in our lives.

However, when we fight this flood of energy, our human brain and body become tangled in the lower energy "that was" and the higher energy "that is" and we become bruised and battered from struggling - and as a result create more chaos and confusion in our lives.

As our human bodies work to align with this high vibrating energy, many have been experiencing headaches, nausea, exhaustion, irritability and anxiousness. And when we try to discern why, there's no logical answer. This is your sign that you're experiencing a wave of high vibration energy.

What can we do?

1. BREATHE! And breathe deeply! When we become anxious the human reaction is to hold our breath and the body suffers even more. Breathe deeply and focus on your breath, then the beating of your heart, then back to your breath as it enters and leaves the body. This focus will quiet the anxiousness and allow your body to adjust more easily.

2. Ground! Use your favorite grounding method immediately when you begin to feel a surge of uncomfortable resistance within you. And breathe deeply into the grounding process!

3. Hydrate! Drink lots of water to help your body flush out toxins that are being released as your energy shifts.

4. Focus on Gratitude! Focusing on gratitude ascends your energy and welcomes in the higher frequencies of love.

5. Send love! Send love to all that feels uncomfortable - life situations, relationships - anything that is less than the love vibration. From this love state life experiences will flow more easily, opportunities will be revealed and you will create more of the love or above vibration as your reality! 

6. Work with your angels to create the highest possible outcome in all areas of your live!
Are you actively working with your angels or are you doubting the messages and guidance you've been getting?  Join me on October 6 for the Receive and Understand Messages from Your Angels program.  This program will be presented twice on Monday, October 6: 11am MT and 6pm MT - and... it fits every budget!  Click here to learn more and register today!

Its an exciting time to be living a human experience! Open your arms wide to receive all that is yours by Divine right, under grace in a miraculous way!


In love and light,

Thursday, September 11, 2014

With Love and Light from the Angels...

On this anniversary of 911... I share a message from the angels:

Dearest Limitless Spiritual Being of love and light,

Release the fear and confusion - know there is perfection in all situations even though you do not see it - it is there! We are ready in all moments to help you, all you need do is ask and allow…

Your life path is one you do not walk alone, for we… your angels… are with you in every moment of your human existence and we love you unconditionally without exception! As messengers of God, it is our mission to help you raise your consciousness to the highest level of love possible. In this shift... hope, love and light springs eternal. You discover the limitless spiritual being that you are - as one with God! With this realization, you discover the separateness from God that you often feel is an illusion.

We invite you to open your heart to the love that you are and see yourselves as we do – holding the creation of your reality in your hands, fully capable of creating the highest possible outcome in all life situations. From love source energy you have the power to create as your reality the desires of your heart!

Love and light is yours through perfection of faith and angelic guidance is clear. The pathway of prosperous abundance is illuminated by the glow of the light of love from within. Be bold, step forth in this light of love and embrace the essence of who you are – One with The Creator.

With love from your Angels…

In love and light,

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Is there enough for you?

Over Labor Day weekend, Majik was playing on the hardwood floor and fell, resulting in a compressed disk in his back.  Maj isn't a puppy anymore...  With that anxiety of doing the best for him, other fears surfaced to be healed ---- because, I'm a human and as I grow and expand my consciousness, more of what no longer serves me is revealed.

Has this happened to you - lately?  Something has come forward that you thought you processed through and healed a long time ago - perhaps even years ago?  

Our first human instinct is to feel as though we failed before - like we didn't really heal it the first time, because here it is again!

But the reality is...  we did heal it the first time - to the level we were capable of.

And now we're at a higher vibration of love and we can now heal even more deeply than before.  This fear coming forward is a sign that a new golden opportunity is upon us to heal even more deeply ---- and as a result ascend our love vibration even higher.

But... our human instinct is to recoil and wallow in the fear thinking we failed the first time... and many times our human-ness takes this negative energy further by convincing us we'll never get over this pain!

Know that you have a choice.  You have a choice as to whether you focus on the pain of the fear that's come forward to heal - OR - focus on the energy of healing - and how amazing that energy is!
While slowly, gently, walking Majik in the greenbelt, my angels brought to my attention the beautiful Black Eyed Susan in the above photo.  The Black Eyed Susan was my Great Grandma Hailey's favorite flower.  So when they're brought to my awareness, I feel the love of her energy and I'm reminded of the hope and possibility that is my essence.  This beautiful flower was growing out of this parched soil - and next to a sticker weed that wasn't touching it (see image to the right):

We can choose to focus on worry of things that haven't happened yet (the sticker weeds that aren't touching us) and what we don't have that we want (water for the parched earth) or we can focus on the miracle of the energy of love (the beautiful Black Eyed Susan).  The choice is up to us.

What are you focusing your energy on?  Everything you don't have and worrying about something that hasn't happened?  Or are you holding to the higher energy of love and possibility that is your essence?

There is no water to be seen, but there is plenty of water to sustain the Black Eyed Susan - she's beautiful and healthy.  Everything you need to sustain you and more is available to you - just outside your scope of vision at a higher plane of existence - but still a very real part of your reality! 

Explore your energy of joy and form that energy into the substance of your new reality - use your joy energy to create the experiences you desire!  Choose and focus on Joy energy over fear!

May your life bloom beautifully - even though there may be no water in sight!

In love and light,

Monday, August 25, 2014

Does Mother Nature have a message for you?

It was deliciously cool this morning here in Colorado with a hint of fall in the air.  I asked the angels to show me what I needed to know today and happy surprises came my way in short order!

The greenbelt where I walk Majik was alive with frivolity.  Dragonflies the size of hummingbirds buzzed us and grasshoppers of all sizes are abundant.  One jumped on my blouse to wish me good morning up close and personal. 

I'm ok with that because grasshoppers are a sign of good luck and prosperity!  And the dragonflies are the essence of the winds of change, encouraging me to follow the whisperings of my heart.

Then we came across the Ladybug.  According to Spirit Animal Totems, "The appearance of a Ladybug heralds a time of luck in which our wishes begin to be fulfilled...  ...she signals to leave your worries behind... happiness is on the way."

Our Ladybug was leaving a deceased leaf for a healthy green one.  How much clearer could leaving worries behind and a new happiness on the way be?

I'm very grateful that I had the "eyes to see" the messengers of Mother Nature that surrounded us:

* Dragonflies - the essence of the winds of change
* Grasshoppers - good luck, moving forward and prosperity
* Ladybug - joy and wishes fulfilled

What is the universe showing you through nature around you?  Allow yourself to have the "eyes to see," the "ears to hear" and the wisdom of "knowing" within you. 

When you notice these messengers, Google whatever it is and add "totem" after - e.g. "Ladybug totem" - then take in what resonates and leave the rest.  I also recommend the books: "Medicine Cards" by Jamie Sams & David Carson and "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews.

Ask your angels to show you what you need to know!

May you find profound wisdom and guidance to fulfill the wishes of your heart.

In love and light,

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The All-Inclusive
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In love and light,

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Do you dare... to create a winning experience?

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In love and light,

Did you know you are a limitless spiritual being of love and light?

Do you have any idea how truly powerful you are?

We powerfully create our experiences every day through the Life Force Energy that is our essence.  We create from fear or we create from love.  Its easy to guess what we create with fear energy...

Tomorrow, August 21 at 11am Mountain Time, I'll be presenting the first call of the all-inclusive Game of Life Mastery Program 2.0.

I'll dive deep into the juicy nitty gritty of the secrets about energy.  Hand in hand I'll walk the mastery community members, step by step, to shift their energy to a higher vibration of existence.

We'll experience the shift to the strongest magnetic force in the universe: LOVE.

Then I'll share with them how to make this higher vibration of love their new "Normal".

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If we as a society new how powerful the energy of love truly is, this world would BE of a different description.

Many, many of you wrote to me, sharing your answers to this question:

"What are your two top questions about identifying and eliminating the "core-thing" that blocks you or gets in your way when you attempt to change your life that I absolutely MUST answer in The Game of Life Mastery Program?"

I've taken your responses to heart and will incorporate an answer to each of you in the program.

The number one response was "How to..."

The simple answer is this:  Choose to BE the energy of what you wish to receive/manifest instead of BE-ing the energy of not having.  BE the energy of having received as consistently as you humanly can.

The more in depth answer is: Even though you may not know what it would look like to have what you want, you can vision what it would FEEL like - inviting all your senses to participate.  Shifting your energy from not having what you want to the Blissful Joy of what it would feel like to experience what you want ----- is ----- magical!

I will dive deeply into the nitty gritty details of the answer to this question in The Game of Life Mastery Program 2.0 - in the first call - and we'll experience the shift together! 

Human support is key.... hold the space for transformation  that "sticks"!

You create the same things over and over because you leave out the vital step of shifting your energy to the energy of having already received.  It sounds too simple, but its true - I've proven it to myself over and over and over again!  BE-ing the energy of having already received is NOT, "fake it till you make it" - BE-ing the energy of having already received is enjoying what you wish to create while its still at a higher plane of existence.  Your energy of BE-ing what you wish to receive guides your desire to the material world. Its that SIMPLE!

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In love and light,

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How AWESOME would it be if...

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