Thursday, December 26, 2013

You Deserve To Be Happy

The night after Thanksgiving Freddy and I attended the Christmas parade in Estes Park. The night was cool,

After the parade when we went back to our cabin, we stood there in the quiet darkness and looked up at the milky way. The Colorado sky was so big it felt as if we were a part of it.

It was dark, but the sky was alive with light. Stars glowed brilliantly and as we stood there looking up, it was as if we were no longer standing on the soils of Mother Earth.  It was as if we became one with All That Is - all that surrounded us, the forest, the soils beneath our feet, the expansive space of darkness and light above us...

but not too cold - the air crisp and clean.

With a quiet, deep breath I could hear and feel my own heart beating - beating as one with the energy around us.

The moments were magical.

There was no worry, no fear, no grief of losing a loved one's physical body to death.  There was only love.

When I close my eyes I can still see the milky way above me and feel the expansion of possibility within my heart that dreams do come true when the human vibration aligns with the energy of those dreams.

We are on the doorstep of a new year. Are you on track to create the dreams of your heart as your reality in 2014? Do you know what your dreams are and do you believe you are worthy to create and receive them?

Know that  Mother Earth, and your angelic team fully support you to create your version of heaven on earth. You are worthy to create and receive all the dreams and desires of your heart.  You deserve to be happy - you are limitless possibility incarnate...

Throughout 2014 and beyond I'm scheduled to share my time, energy and gifts from the angelic realm - to hold the safe space with the angels, for you to open your heart to the limitless possibility that you are. Currently there are three new complementary programs available to you to illuminate the pathway to create your version of heaven on earth.  Watch your email, more programs are being scheduled with a very exciting transformational program in March.

I send you love and light to allow yourself to complete the energies of 2013 to step into the magical possibility of 2014!  I'm so very grateful that you are a part of my journey and I thank you for inviting me to be a part of yours!

All the love of my heart,

Thursday, December 19, 2013

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Joy and Sadness of the Holidays...

For many people the holiday season is a time of sharing joy filled experiences with loved ones creating new memories of love.

But for others, it is a time of knowing the warm hand of someone we love will not hold our hand this holiday season. We won't hear their voice and we won't hug their bodies, look into their eyes and tell them how much we love them, because our loved one's physical body has expired.


Our heart feels them.

Our human brain tells us our loved one is gone, but our heart feels them near...

...and they are...

The veil between our human, physical world and that of the angelic realm is thinner than it has ever been before.  The essence of the people that we love who now reside in that unsee-able place of angelic beings is right here - and we feel the loving presence of their energy.

I invite you to open your heart to the love that you shared with your loved one.  The love between you is eternal... a part of you and a part of them that lives always and forever. As you embrace that love, your vibration increases to more closely match that of the angelic realm and you will feel them even stronger. Allow yourself to experience your connection in whatever form that takes.

Allow yourself to have the "eyes to see" - you may see them in your mind's eye.
Allow yourself to have the "ears to hear" - you may hear their voice whispering in your ear.
Allow yourself to experience the "knowing in your heart" - that they are as close as a breath.

Allow the brilliance of the love light within you to shine brightly dissipating the darkness of sadness and grief.

Allow yourself to know throughout your being the love that you share with loved ones of the angelic realm is eternal... always and forever...

Sending cyber hugs of love and light,

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Creation Energy and Power Words

You know that everything is energy, including your thoughts and your words.  Words carry the power to share love as well as share energy that is less than love, but most importantly words are energy that create the every day reality of your life.

...And... that energy is creating your life more quickly than ever before!

If you don't like your reality, what is the energy of what you're saying and thinking?  Are you radiating loving energy or energy that is less than love?

Your core energy is reflected in your words - making your words: Power Words.  I'm delighted to share with you that today best-selling author, Sharon Anne Klingler, is releasing her new book Power Words.  This book is a remarkable tool to create lightening-fast results in every endeavor.  You'll learn to use the power of your words in an extraordinary and completely new, conscious way, where each and every individual word has a precise impact and immediate outcome.

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I'm so looking forward to seeing you there - And... calling your name as the winner of the super special bonus gift LIVE in each call!

In love and light,

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Blessings in the Cold...

Today it is very cold here in Colorado (below 0) - as it has been this past week.  Too cold for the Majik Poodle to go outside without his snowsuit and snowshoes. Thankfully Majik was relaxed as Freddy finished getting him ready to go outside.

 I'm not a fan of the cold, so I'm grateful Freddy took Majik out. When they came back in, Majik's fur brought in some snow, but most importantly, he brought in the freshness of outdoor air.

When I wrapped him in a towel to dry off, I breathed in deeply the crisp breath of God nestled in the curls on his head - and gratitude for the blessings and joy in my life burst from my heart.  I love it, this happens every time!  That fresh breath of outside air is magical!

Its easy to get caught up in the daily drama of living in this physical world. We have responsibilities that weigh on us and we worry about things -  consciously and subconsciously - and next thing you know, tomorrow is yesterday and we've allowed joy to escape us.

Are you worrying?  Are you experiencing joy?  Take a moment and embrace the things you are grateful for.  Embrace that gratitude from your heart and expand it out throughout your home.  Shift your energy from less than joyful, to joyful and claim this as The Best Day Ever!

In love and light,

Thursday, November 28, 2013

In Gratitude of Love Being Eternal and Forever...

This is 'year two' of no phone call to Grandma to wish her Happy Thanksgiving.  Last year people told me that the second year is even harder than the first.  I didn't believe that was possible...  I won't say it is harder, it is different.  I've experienced bouts of re-awakening to the fact that her physical body has passed and it feels a surprise to remember.  I know this 'surprise' feeling is because she lives so strongly in my heart and in my being-ness, that my essence knows she never left..

A few weeks ago I realized I had a full image of Grandma in a beautiful blue dress with other family members.  I cut Grandma out of the picture and gently placed her in the frame of the corkboard above my right computer monitor.

The heater vent in my office is near the ceiling across from my desk and when it comes on, the air blows things on my corkboard.

Last week, Grandma's shoulder came lose and she would wave back and forth when the heater was on.  I had to laugh.  It was fun to see her waiving to me.

She visited me recently while I was talking with my guides.  She is soooo beautiful - so full of life - and so happy.  And... she was pushing me to trust in the guidance of my inner light to show me the way - and that she was with me every step of the way.  ...and she is, because I feel her so close.

A few minutes ago, thoughts of her popped into my mind and I told her, as I've done all my life on Thanksgiving Day, "Happy Thanksgiving, Grandma!"  Immediately... without any hesitation... as clearly as I hear my keypad clicking as I type, I heard...  "Happy Thanksgiving! in her voice.

If your holiday celebration is missing the physical body of someone you love, know that they have "not left the building" - they are simply with you in another form that our human eyes have learned to block seeing.  Know that love is what we are and Love is Eternal and Forever and will never ever die or fade away - it simply changes form.

Nothing I can say will take away the pain of physical loss of your loved one, but I hope the loving energy of my Be-ing-ness and your loved one's will bring you comfort today and every day after.  Remember you are not alone as you grieve whether your loved one's passing was yesterday or twenty years ago. Even those of us who see and speak to our deceased loved ones regularly must grieve...

In gratitude and love I send this email to you on Thanksgiving Day for who you are, for your support and for being a part of my journey.

In love and light,

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels - my gift to you!

Do you have a stress reliever in place for the holiday season?

Stress can sneak up on us and sabotage our day - and our holidays - not to mention our ability to create wonderful things in our lives.  There are ways to stop stress in its tracks and I want to gift one of them to you!

I'm very excited to invite you to join me for a f*R*e*e 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels!

Register now to join me for 30 blissful, love filled minutes for 5 days to connect at a higher level of love with your angels and leave your stress of the physical world behind.

This LIVE program is scheduled for Monday, December 2 - Friday, December 6 at 6pm MT.

I know you're busy, so each meeting with your angels is a short, but powerful 30 minutes that will open your heart to the love that you are and pull that love forth into everything you do!

Register for this program by clicking here - You'll be So-Glad-You-Did!!!!

Be gentle with yourself as you experience these final days of 2013.  Each of you have shared so much love with me through the years.  I want to reciprocate that love by sharing this powerful 5 day program with you - and I invite you to share it with your friends!!  This program will be recorded and available as a digital download for a short time.  And...  shhhhhh... the live program will be available on CD at a hugely reduced price for you to give as gifts to others if you wish.

The Live program is my gift to you.  Indulge yourself in this relaxing, love filled 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels program beginning December 2.  I'm looking forward to sharing this beautiful space of joy, love and light with you!  See you there!

In love and light,

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Change Your Life from the Inside Out!

How is life for you today?  Does it look the way you want it to?  Are you feeling balanced in a state of joy and love when you look at your square of life - your relationships, finances, health and your service to the world?  For those of you who do, celebration {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} all around!  For those of you who don't - first do NOT beat yourself up!

You can change your life - no matter what your circumstances are - again... No Matter What Your Circumstances ARE - you can change your life!

Take the time you need for YOU to look at each area of your square of life - one at a time and discern if you feel resistance within - an unsettled, perhaps subtle resistance, or blatant OMG strong resistance.  Know that whatever resistance energy you discover is holding you back from creating joy in that area of your life.  You're creating from Resistance Energy.  I know... it doesn't sound good - and it isn't, BUT that Resistance Energy within you can be shifted into a balanced, peaceful, joy filled Creation Energy that will manifest as changes - higher outcomes - in your reality.

Not only do you have the power to do this, but it is your birthright to experience love, joy and blissful happiness!

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The energy of 2013 has pulled forward all the things we have not yet healed within the shadows of our hearts.  If you have stuffed uncomfortable emotions that have come forward, please, give yourself the best gift you can possibly give...  take the time you need for YOU to look deeply within and face those uncomfortable feelings!  When you face them, they lose their power and you can take YOUR power Back to create wonderful changes in your life, from the inside out!

In love and light,

Monday, November 18, 2013

This is the Best Day EVER!

One of my favorite Soul Kiss affirmations is This is the Best Day EVER!

I love the energy of it.  When I say the words powerfully - really powerfully, putting my energy behind it, a path for my day is created that is loving, balanced, productive and exceptional!  By the end of the day I may not have completed everything on my 'to do' list, but everything I did complete was completed well, with focus and joy.

But best of all...  When I'm in the energy of This is the Best Day EVER! I radiate out from me loving, balanced energy to everything - and everyone - around me.

And my day...  It is good...  Really good!

Soul Kisses Fan Page
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In love and light,

Thursday, November 14, 2013

NOT good enough?

Have you ever experienced a situation where you walked away with a heavy sadness that started in your heart, but spread to the rest of your body and you weren't sure why?  There was an energy within you stirring... something that didn't have a name, but when you stopped and looked at it - looked within to the heavy lump of energy that was holding you, ...suspended from moving forward...  you discovered the energy was feelings of NOT good enough?

Sometimes the energy is elusive... it hides in the shadows of pain of the past, lingering, smoldering, till one day something happens.  That "something" is usually a direct result of interaction with another person - and that interaction forces the energy of NOT good enough into our face - and we don't know what to do with it!

It is with this revelation from looking within that we discover this NGE (not good enough) energy has been the foundation of creating the reality of our lives.  No wonder we could only go so far and we would hit a brick wall in creating the life of joy that is our birthright!  Subconsciously NGE energy had sabotaged the road map of our life - like GPS gone rogue!!!

The thought processes of our human-ness is complicated.  The spiritual BE-ingness that we are... is NOT.

Know that you no longer need to suffer with NGE energy running your life!

You are fully supported by your angelic team to rid yourself of the pain that charts your course and creates your life.  You are fully supported to step into your power as the limitless spiritual BE-ing that you are to create your version of Heaven on Earth!

The veil between our world and that of the angelic grows thinner daily.  It is our mission here on Mother Earth this lifetime to ascend our energy to love - we cannot do that while NGE energy hides in our hearts and rules our subconscious.  Look within.  Call the energy out! 

In love and light,

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Angel?

Eight years ago today, my dad Big Jim, disconnected the etheric cord from his physical body and joined the angelic realm.  Many spiders (followed by heartfelt spirit laughter) have come and gone as physical world reminders that Daddy is still around - both for me and for many of you!  So much has happened in eight years and for some, including me, life has changed drastically.

When Daddy passed, he came in immediately and began to share his insight into human life and spirit life.  He visits often, but on Halloween, I get really excited because you never know what he's going to do next to make "this" Halloween more memorable than the last.

So far... he's on a roll!

"Daddy, are you here?"  I can feeeeeeellll the smile coming in....

Yes, indeed, it is I!

I thought I'd knock on the door, but I know how that riles up the little dog.  So instead I'll just hover around the room {laughter} - you know my freedom of movement is nothing short of miraculous!

Do you have words of wisdom to share with the Soul Kisses Community today?

But of course!  My message is one of acceptance to gather strength.  Accept this moment for what it is - the opportunity to gather strength of hope and possibility to create anew - and accept that knowing throughout your BE-ing.

Many of you have been through a lot these past few years.  It's time to make some decisions on what you really want, because we (on this side of the veil) believe what many of you have created really isn't how you want to live.  Know you can make changes! For those of you who have been choosing to create happier, more enjoyable lives, know that what you have been working toward is manifesting as we speak.
Hold to the BELIEF of Receiving!  Imagine your dreams of creating a new reality are like birthing a baby - you can't change your mind when you're in the delivery room!  No matter what happens know with every cell of your being that you have the power to create the life that fills your heart with joy - and don't give up when your human eyes don't see anything yet.

Focus on what the joy you want feels like and your world will expand into that joy as your reality!

Sending love and light to all - oh and Laurie, no promises on keeping the spiders to myself!
~ Big Jim

In love and light,

p.s. Daddy was my spider killer...  If you would like to learn more about our story, you may get your copy of Waiting in the Other Room, the book we wrote together after Daddy passed, directly from me (signed to you) or from Amazon.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Are You Claiming Opportunity?

As summer winds down I'm reminded of not only the end of summer, but the ending of life cycles.  These past few years we and our planet have experienced dramatic life changes from the inside out.  Even though these changes may have been less than joyful at times, when you held to the light of hope and possibility they gave way to opportunities that were more wonderful than you could have imagined. Were you paying attention?

We are in a magical time of transformation that we have dreamed of for years.  Each one of us is on the cusp of transforming our lives to a reality that fulfills our dreams in magical ways.  As we continue to ascend our energy and evolve our awareness, our open hearts are drawing to us opportunities to exceed our expectations.  Are you claiming your opportunity?  Or...  when you begin to embrace something new and exciting you feel like you get slammed by energies of the past that plant seeds of doubt in your ability to manifest a new reality?

Are life experiences of the past - perhaps things you've forgotten about - coming up in the past few weeks?  Painful experiences rooted in feelings of unworthiness, not good enough, and powerlessness?  If so, these are not to deter you, but to lead you to choose and choose firmly, that you are worthy, you are good enough and gosh darn it, you ARE Powerful!

You do have the power to manifest a new, wonderful, exciting, prosperous reality!  And the time to begin your transformation... is now.  Choose to!

You have the power to create a life that you love from the inside out.  No matter what is going on in your life at this moment.  If you're unhappy, you can change it.  If you're walking around in a state of bliss, you can expand that bliss even more.  You are powerful!  You are magnificent!  You are valuable and important and it is your birthright to live a life of joy, prosperity and love!

In love and light,

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Aspen Speaks...

My daughter Jessi is a gifted photographer who captures the essence - the very life force energy of her subject.  I recently had the opportunity to experience some of her photographs and receive a beautiful message from Mother Earth.

In particular there was a photograph of a grove of aspen trees.

Note: A Quaking Aspen clone in Utah is the world's largest and possibly the oldest living organism.  It is called Pando. Living on Earth® The World's Oldest Organism in Trouble.

As my eyes took in the mystery of the forest of aspens signaling season change, one began to speak:

We are of Mother Earth, here to support you, to show you and to tell the story of all that has come before and the possibility of this direction of time.  Through our roots holding us firm in the soil of Mother Earth, we connect with each other.  One connected to another, then another, then another - soil, water, trees, master elk, humans...

I know the story of humans on the other side of the earth.  I know the story of the humans in downtown Minneapolis, I know the story of the plains of Africa.  I know the playfulness of the dolphins.  I know.

My colors rejoice the tides of change in season and in the consciousness collective.  I feel the worry of the humans who love Mother Earth.  I feel the love of the consciously awake.  I am here to ask you not to worry, but to embrace perseverance mingled with the joy of possibility. 

Embodiment of material form comes and goes, but our essence never dies.  The landscape after fire and water tell a story, but the imprint of our existence continues - the essence of a forest after a fire is still there - it is you who have trained your eyes to not see.

It is human for you to grieve.  Experience your grief, but then allow yourself to "see" the essence of what once was and rejoice that it still lives.  Release the worry that plagues your heart and creates illness in your human body.  Release the worry and seize the eternal essence of life and possibility - for your forests, for your governments, for your selves, for your evolvement to a higher state of being.

We stand tall through snow storms, wind, rain, lightening and drought.  We embody the breath of life from the sun.  We are love in material form and we are many. The joy of this existence IS.  I am Aspen Tree with roots that stretch throughout Mother Earth - knower of all.  You are human being - limiter of thought and knowing.  Choose differently.  Allow yourself to BE the connection you are within to fulfill your mission without.

When you eyes see my beauty, when your ears hear the rustle of my whispers from the breath of God, breathe in the wisdom of time in all directions and the guidance you seek will be revealed to you.

I am Aspen Tree

The beauty and intelligence of our planet is limitless.  I ask you to include moments of breathing the fresh air of Mother Earth beneath the branches of the trees in your day.  Gently touch the tree with the palm of your hand and ask the questions that weigh heavy on your heart, then be open to receive the answers in whatever way they come - they will come!

Messages are revealed to us in remarkable ways.  The voice of Aspen Tree spoke clearly to me through Jessi's photograph while the physical tree resides on the western slope.  Your loving message may be in a song on the radio, a conversation overheard, from an intuitive medium connecting with those of the angelic realm, an aspen tree in a photograph...  Be open to receive and you will.

In love and light,

Photos by Jessi Large, Jessi Jay Photography.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

3x 3x Rabbits?

This morning when I took the Majik poodle out for his morning walk, we were joined by rabbits in groups of three - three groups of three.

The number three has spiritual significance, bringing to my conscious awareness the harmony of mind-body-spirit.

The physical form of the bunnies bring to my awareness Rabbit Medicine from the book, Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson.  Rabbit medicine is about worry and fear - "fear of tragedy, illness, disaster" - fear of losing what we have.  When left unchecked this fear energy becomes our reality.

When I went woke up this morning I felt a resistance I couldn't place, so I asked for help shifting out of it. Seeing the three sets of rabbits three times led me to look within at my inner mind-body-spirit balance from a different perspective. I specifically went in search of the resistant energy of fear.  I didn't think I was in fear, but resistance is fear and... three sets of three bunnies couldn't be wrong!  When I took the time to look within, I found it - the energy that shadowed waking to today's brilliance and possibility. By facing it, I felt it dissolve and the shadow between me and seeing the Golden Opportunities of this day disappeared.

And...  clarity became my friend from a more balanced higher state of vibration.

Mother Earth spoke to me through my awareness of seeing three sets of rabbits three times.  I followed the guidance and looked within, creating a better experience of these daylight hours.

As we expand our awareness and trust the guidance within, life flows in ease and grace more easily.  In today's world we are fully supported by Mother Earth as well as our guides of the angelic realm. Is Mother Earth speaking to you? Are you listening? What is she saying?

We are in a perfect time of listening, seeing and knowing guidance that is right here, right now to make our lives easier.  We are in the pre shadow of Mercury going retrograde October 21.  It is a magical time to be consciously awake to the subconscious guidance around us.

Are you open to being aware?

In love and light,

Thursday, October 3, 2013

You have Dominion over Darkness/Fear...

Has anything pushed your buttons today?  Gotten under your skin?  Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Are you worried about anything?  Are you creating today from yesterday or last week's frustration?

We're all being faced with decisions and choices of what reality we want to experience.  Do we want to continue with our status quo of creating from our archive of past experiences or do we want to step beyond what we "know" and allow a new awareness of time, space and creation?

How are you observing your energy flow today?

Everything is energy and our observation of it is what gives it form.

So...  when we visualize what we want, we give energy form with our thoughts.  When we hold that perception - that vision of creation - we create through our energy within... our reality.

Each moment is a Golden Opportunity to create something new and different - something that is not in our archive of past experiences.  We have the opportunity to re-write the neural pathways of our brain with a new version of be-ing.

You are an Infinite Possibility Creator and have dominion over the darkness of fear and negativity that surrounds your human body.  When you read this, do you feel resistance or do you believe it?  If you believe it, breathe into the energy and create the life you want!  If you feel resistance, take this moment to look deep within and find out where and why you feel this isn't true for you.  Ask your angels to "show you" what you need to face to be rid of the struggle within you to create changes in your life.


Each moment is a Golden Opportunity to create something new and different - something that is not in our archive of past experiences.  We have the opportunity to re-write the neural pathways of our brain with a new version of be-ing.  What does your new version of be-ing look like?  How much joy are you experiencing, how much happiness, how much love?

No matter what your life situation is in this moment, you have dominion over your reality including the darkness of fear.  If you don't like it, choose in this moment - this one Right NOW - choose a different reality.  You can do it!

In love and light,

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Prosperity and Choice...

Since the rains began here in Colorado back in the second week of September, I've been feeling a heavy, dark weight of expectancy - it wasn't 'doom' but something similar.  It was unnerving and it was huge - bigger than me and not about me.  When I looked within to discern its origin, my heart whispered that it was time to release it, but I felt at a deep, soul level that if I did, I would betray humanity.

I asked to be shown the 'what and why' and I was gifted visions of torment, oppression, destruction and darkness and knew these visions are fear filled shadows of pain that lurk in our hearts from past experiences - AND they no longer serve us - FINALLY!

I was shown that as a collective consciousness, we have transcended this lower vibration of creation and it is time to let the darkness and pain of past patterns and experiences go to create something new, something filled with joy and excitement.

The human brain asks, "how?" - this is how!

We allow ourselves to 'know without question or doubt' that it is safe to use our free will and choose to create from our limitless supply of raw Life Force Creation Energy life situations, relationships and things that bring us joy.  It is SAFE!  It is time to get clear on what we wish to be, do and have and step into the energy of what we want and the universe will rush to match to us that which brings us joy at our highest vibration.

Raise your vibration = create something better.

Some will be fooled by economic fluctuations, political uncertainty and threats of terror or disaster and hold on to the fear that these circumstances hold.  The true Master Creator will know and trust with every cell of their being that they can choose prosperity, love, joy and happiness...  or fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry and doom.

Many of you have written to me or talked with me directly about this, questioning, "why do I feel this heavy weight of expectancy?" Know the thrust of this energy isn't about you specifically, it is about "us" collectively.  Even though you are one person - I am one person, we have power - and the higher vibration of love is exponentially more powerful than the low vibration of fear.

Within a few days September will burst into October.  This ninth month of 2013 has been a time of completion for humanity at a very deep level whether we know it consciously or not.  It is not too late (never too late) to sow seeds of prosperity.

In love and light,

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Birthday wishes from Spirit...

Thank you for your birthday wishes.  It turned into quite the magical day with loving birthday wishes not only from my fellow humans, but also from spirit!

When I got up I picked up my cell phone to find out what the weather was going to be like and I clicked the wrong app.  The one I clicked on included images of cameras throughout the front range.  So I thought I'd "see" what was going on in other areas.  At the bottom of each image were advertisements.  I was looking at the image, not paying much attention to the advertisement, when a spider ran across the screen - I dropped the phone!  Due to all the rain, spiders have been coming into my home and the one on the screen really looked real!  When I picked it up, the spider was still running from left to right across the screen.  I could hear my dad laughing and I started laughing, too!

Happy Birthday, to me!

About an hour later the mailman delivered a priority mailer from my brother and sister-in-law.  Inside was a card, pictures of my new niece and a jeweler's envelope.  Within the small envelope wrapped in tissue paper was Grandma's mother's ring.  I had forgotten she had one - it wasn't with her things when Jesse and I took care of her last year.  My sister-in-law, Brenda, had found it, had it fixed and sent it to me for my birthday with a hand written note of love! 

I could feel Grandma's loving presence as I sat there on the bed crying while my heart expanded with all the love from Spirit that surrounded me.  What a beautiful day of love and light!

Happy Birthday, to me, indeed!

The laughter and spider from my dad, Big Jim, were bitter sweet.  I always called him on his birthday, but I missed his last birthday in the physical world in 2005.  I was busy doing whatever I was doing and completely missed the date.  I called him a few days later, but it just wasn't the same.  No wonder, he sent a spider to get my attention!  ;)

Grandma always made my birthday special - made me feel special - always.  Grandma promised me she would come to me from spirit and talk with me like Daddy does - when she wasn't busy.  Last year she was busy at birthday time, but this year she blew me away with her connection.  Thank you, Brenda, for following Grandma's guidance to find the ring and send it to me!

When we allow ourselves to have the "eyes to see," "ears to hear" and "knowing within" that our loved ones are still with us, albeit in spirit form, we receive the greatest gift of all - love - the love that is eternal.

If you had a day or time of year that was very special between you and a loved one whose physical body has died, allow yourself to celebrate that time.  It isn't a betrayal to them to experience joy.  When we allow ourselves to experience joy, our energy more closely matches the energy of the angelic realm and we can feel them near - know that what you feel is real.

The love we hold between us is eternal.  Nothing can change that - not time, not space - not death.

Allow the love between you and your deceased loved ones to be real - so be it and it is...

In love and light,

Sunday, September 15, 2013

We are safe! Thank you for your calls, emails and prayers!

It has started to rain again where I am in Colorado.  We've had over 18 inches of rain in the past few days here in Aurora, a suburb of Denver.  My family and I are safe.  I want to thank you, each and everyone of you for your calls, texts, emails and prayers!

The devastation of the flooding here in Colorado has been hard to comprehend.  When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, I was so grateful I would not experience such a disaster from a hurricane as I prayed for those who were trapped in the water.  But now the water is here, not from a tornado or hurricane, but simply from rain ...avalanches of rain.  For the past week we've been "in the clouds" instead of under them in our mile high city.  They have hung low, dark and full of lightening, then a sprinkle starts and before you can get inside the deluge begins as if the clouds were buckets and they turned over - and it keeps coming down...

For many life has changed forever as they have had to close their businesses and evacuate their homes.  Entire houses have been washed away with their occupants inside.  The national guard, along with soldiers and helicopters from Ft Carson have evacuated hundreds of people.  Our governor was surveying the damage from a helicopter, during a time that the rain had temporarily stopped, when they came across victims in need of rescue.  The pilot landed within feet of the raging Big Thompson river and picked them up along with their pets and they were safe!

I've been sharing with you that this month of September is a time to plant seeds of prosperity.  In light of all this tragedy, this could not be more true.  As spiritual beings we must hold fast to the hope of survival and possibility of recreation.  I admit, I am human and as an empath the drain of the fear and pain of tragedy around me has pulled me into an abyss of helplessness in dark moments, but with great faith, I call in my angels to lift me out to send love and light to rescuers and victims alike.

Yesterday morning it was beautiful where I am - lush and green and the sun was shining.  It was hard to believe just a few miles away water was destroying lives.  Then within a few hours the rain started again dumping over four inches of water and feet of hail, reminding me of the fragility of reality.

Colorado as a whole has been hit hard by this cleansing of Mother Earth.  Please join me in prayers of strength, hope, and love for all who have been affected here and elsewhere.

I pray that as you are reading this, you are safe - no matter where you are and what your circumstances, may your life path be illuminated with the light of love, hope and possibility - chasing away any shadows of fear in all directions of time.

In love and light,

Thursday, September 12, 2013

5 Steps to Create the Life You Love + Bonus Tip

This 9th month of September is an ending of the old and a beginning of the new - today is a wakeup call for your soul that opportunity is available.  A wake up call to decide, what energy do you wish to live in?

Hmmm...  your energy is what creates your reality...

It has taken me years to reconnect with my Life Force Creation Energy and now that I have I'm sharing the "how to's" with you!

But first, let me ask you this, what is the energy of your vibration in this moment? Are you in love vibration or less than love?

All that you dream of... the loving relationships, exciting life experiences and material things that would bring you great joy, all reside at a plane of existence that vibrates at the higher vibration of love. When you shift your energy to that higher vibration you open the way for the universe to deliver to you all that makes your heart sing with joy - you set in motion the creation of your version of heaven on earth as your reality.

Creating life experiences, relationships and receiving material things isn't as difficult as you might think. If you've been trying for years to create a life you love, with little to no success, then this information is for you!

First ask yourself these questions:
1. Do you believe you are the creator of your life or do you believe someone or something is in control of your life experiences?
2. Do you believe you are limitless in all you can be, do and have or do you believe you are limited due to your education, environment, or by what you've been told - or are you stuck in the pain of past experiences and are blocked at creating something new?

In answer to these questions -
You are the creator of your life. Everything in your life, including people who victimize you, life situations you don't like and relationships that are less than harmonious are all created by you.

Are you ready to change this? Are you ready to stop being a victim, create happy life situations and experience relationships that you love?

You are a limitless spiritual being whose birthright it is to Be, Do and Have all that your heart dreams of. If you dream about being, doing or having happy life situations, loving relationships or material things that bring you joy...  know that each and everyone of those things is already made manifest at a higher plane of existence and can become your reality.

5 steps to changing your life to something new, different and better:
1. open your heart and get clear on what you want
2. look within and identify any "resistance energy" that is blocking your Life Force Creation Energy
3. ask your angels and guides to disconnect you from the resistance energy
4. forgive others, life situations and yourself for creating the things you don't want
5. allow yourself to experience the energy shift out of the lower vibration of less than love energy to the higher vibration of love energy

I know these steps work to create the human version of heaven on earth, because I'm doing it myself.

I've experienced trial and error of what creates what I want and what creates more of what I don't want. As I learned these steps my angels gave me tools to help me make my power of creating the life I love easier - and I share these tools with you through introducing you to:

your Worry Angel in the 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels program,
step by step guidance to disconnect from painful resistance energy of the past in the Disconnect the Cords to Heal the Wounds of Your Heart program,
forgive all that has been held in unforgiveness with The Gift of Forgiveness program,
learn to Communicate with Your Angels program,
create the dreams of your heart when you implement the guidance of the How to Create Your Heaven on Earth program.
These programs are all self study at your convenience and are life changing when put into service.

For many of you who are longing to live a more happy, joy filled life, these tools will be enough, but for those of you who are ready and willing to invest the time right now to tap into the unfiltered higher vibration of Life Force Energy within you to create the life your heart dreams of, then a virtual day with me is what you've been searching for.

The one-on-one time with me is your golden opportunity that holds the safe space to teach you how to identify the resistance energy that keeps you stuck creating over and over again life experiences that you don't like, disconnect from that energy at a deep soul level with the aid of Archangels and Ascended Masters and release the flow of the Divine Life Force Creation Energy within you - unfiltered - to create the life that makes your heart sing with joy.

Many people are resistant to change - they want something different in their life, but they are squeamish to plunge fully into a life they love - after all, what would people think?

What if you stopped being a victim, developed loving relationships, got your dream job, moved into a house and neighborhood you love? What if you began to glow from the inside out with a loving light that attracted like a magnet wonderful, exciting blessings into your reality?

Perhaps people would want to know what you know!

Give the steps I shared with you a whirl. Try them out. If you need more support, but you want to do it on your own, go to the products page of the Soul Kisses website to learn more about my self study programs that I mentioned.

If you're tired of struggling on your own and you're ready for a fast track to massive transformation, go to the Virtual VIP Day page on the website to discern if this one-on-one - all-about-you-program - is for you.

Oh yes, your bonus tip: - align with the energy of what you wish to create as your reality - and it will.

Today is an exciting time to begin the creation of the life you love!

In love and light,

Thursday, September 5, 2013

What is your Prosperity Consciousness?

When we think of prosperity, our human brains typically follow the path of money.  But prosperity really isn't about money.  Prosperity is about what brings us joy, however, most of the time material things that bring us joy are purchased with money.

When we get hung up on needing money to pay for everything in our lives, we limit how the universe can deliver to us what we want, turning the energy of lack into a block in our flow of receiving and we become unbalanced.  We often get stuck in the vicious cycle of trying to create prosperity in our lives from the energy of "not enough" or lack.  The nitty gritty is this:  we sabotage ourselves because we've been taught we need money to receive what we desire, and we go into a panic of fear when we don't have money.

Lets look at this more closely.  We create the reality of our lives through the Life Force energy within us - ...specifically NOT with money.  When we're creating things we don't want, there is some belief or thought pattern hidden in the shadows of our heart that is filtering or blocking our Creation Energy.

This month of September is all about activating prosperity in our lives.  Just how do we do that?  By shifting our Prosperity Consciousness to the energy of what it would feel like to already receive what we desire.  We want to allow our Creation Energy to flow freely, unfiltered, to plant seeds of prosperity for whatever it is we wish to Be, Do and Have.

Your state of BE-ing creates your reality.  What state are you in at this moment?  Is joy flowing freely from your heart?  Or are you choking on the fear of not having enough money and you feel helpless and stuck?

In love and light,

Monday, August 19, 2013

Fall is in the air in Colorado..

This week the temperature has broken records in Colorado, but last week and momentarily this week, when I've breathed deeply of the breath of God, I smelled the promise of fall.  Fall signals a time for change - change in the weather, change to warmer clothing, and the promise of a time of ending, but also an opportunity for renewal, refocus, restructure and realignment of goals for the year.  School is back in session and the slower more relaxed days of summer are behind us, or are they?

In today's world, our physical time seems to almost evaporate. Yet, the perception of our expansion and contraction of time is morphing into a new state of BE-ing.  I've been so deeply involved in projects these past few weeks that my sensitivity to time has escaped me on more than one occasion - so much so that it has been almost freaky!  Have you been experiencing this?

With this new concept of the passing of time (or lack thereof) can we carry the limitless possibility energy of summer vacation into the fall and beyond?  Can we choose a reality outside the hustle bustle of our hectic To Do List and settle into the bliss of perceiving our life to be a joy filled vacation?  Hmmm... joy filled vacation, I like this idea!

Shifting our opinion of work, to play...  I LOVE this idea!

Hmmm... but what if you don't like what you're doing or there is an area of your life that is uncomfortable and unhappy?  What are you doing to change this?  What's holding you back?  Did you know your entourage of angelic beings fully support you to create life experiences and relationships that you love?  Did you know Mother Earth is also in full support of such experiences?

There is no time like the present - this moment - to let go of your fears and allow yourself to dream big about the changes you want to experience in your life.

What would you change first?

We live in a magical time of expanding our Creation Energy to new levels of magnificence!

The fall of limited and restrictive thinking is in the air in Colorado...

In love and light,

Monday, August 12, 2013

Selfish? Or Responsible

If you're unhappy in a relationship and you choose to leave that relationship, are you being selfish?  Is it your responsibility to make others happy?  Is it okay to put your feelings, needs and desires last after everyone and everything else?  Is it ok to choose not to do something, even though we know that our heart would sing with joy if we did, because we're vibrating in our normal state of fear and to do something different, even though our heart would sing with joy, is scary because it just might stop the fear and we'd be faced with a new state of normal?

The answer to all these questions isn't, "no" - it is a loud, forceful "NO!"

Living a human life is complicated when we buy into physical world teachings of what is acceptable.  Remember the quote "God helps those who help themselves?"  What does this mean to you?  Through a detailed discussion with a dear friend, I discerned what I believe this to mean.

I believe God helps those who help themselves by being wise enough to know when to ask God for help - and that "when" is always!  I believe that when we ask God to help us, we bring in the wisdom of our higher self - that aspect of ourselves that is right there with God at a higher plane of existence - where the vision of what the highest outcome of a situation is clear.

But the fact remains we live in a fast paced physical world that dictates our every move from a source of fear. I believe it is time to change that perception of living.  I believe its time to tap into the Divine light within us and dissipate the darkness of fear to reveal the truth of our highest good.  I believe when we open our heart to allow this, the love that is our essence will change the world we live in to a better place for us and everyone around us.

But of course, that would mean living a life of joy. For many of us, living in joy is a foreign place, yet...  a place that we long for and dream of.

Years ago when my grandmother would go somewhere or do something outside her normal every day routine, I would ask her if she had "fun."  She didn't have a definition of "fun."  She could enjoy something, but "fun" was something that was unattainable for her.  She resides with the angels now and she has assured me she is having "FUN" now!

What is your definition of fun?  Are you living a life of joy in all areas of your life - any area of your life?  What's your stress level right now?

If you yearn for more fun, more joy and and to learn how to manage the stress in your life, scroll down and click the links below to register for two complimentary programs that hold the tools to do just that!  In the mean time, ask God for help!  When was the last time you asked for help yourself, in your prayers?  Plus, I recommend using your favorite grounding method to manage the negative energies you are bombarded with on a daily basis.  By maintaining a grounded state of existence you'll balance the energies around you more easily.  Also, ask your angels to shield you from all that is less than love energy and embrace the energy of their love as they surround you.  As you ascend your energy life will be easier

When we tap into the Divinity within us, we discover that life can be so much easier than it is, AND so much more joy filled!  You deserve to be happy, it isn't selfish to make changes to be happy, it is the responsible action to take!

In love and light,

Monday, August 5, 2013

Seize Your Power...

In today's world the things that annoy us, things we don't like, things we aren't in agreement with, things that make us feel stuck and things we wish to change are stepping through the shadows of living to stand right in our faces.  They can no longer be ignored.

What are these "things?"

Things that no longer serve us, such as jobs we're miserable in, but we go to every day because we're convinced they're safe, secure and we can't get another one, relationships that have run their course and no longer hold physical love (much less honor and respect), feeling trapped in life situations and relationships, choosing to live an existence of lack and being a victim to name a few.  ...and...  we've been taught by the physical world that we have no power to change these life situations.  We've been taught that we just need to get over it and deal with it - PLUS, what would people think?  We retreat deep into the safest place we can find, feeling lost, powerless, helpless and alone ...and we suffer.  We're taught that this is the only thing we can do...

I believe its time to change that way of thinking!

This past weekend, Freddy, the Majik Poodle and I went to Breckenridge, Colorado to meet a dear friend from California who was visiting for a wedding.  She's from sea level and Breckenridge is 9600 feet above sea level - thin oxygen...  Obviously our bodies need oxygen and if you aren't acclimated to the altitude the human body can feel pretty crummy.  Just what can you do about that?  Get more oxygen!  The first thing we did when Freddy and I picked her up was take her to an Oxygen Bar where we all (except Majik) breathed in 30 minutes of 90% oxygen - and life was better for everyone.  We made a choice to make a life situation better and an option presented itself to us almost instantly when we made the "decision" to do something to create a higher outcome.

For many of us, making decisions is the key to a tailspin of panic.  A place where we feel alone because the energy of decision making is a foreign land full of uncertainty. Years ago living in a state of indecision was an okay place to live - it wasn't comfortable, but it was our normal way of living and it was tolerable.  However, through the years it has become a more and more painful place to be - this space of uncertainty, feeling powerless and helpless.  The universe no longer supports the energetic state of indecision.  To create a better reality we must become a society of decision makers - preferably decisions that create the highest possible outcome.

What we long for is clarity, support and validation that our choices are good.  We want the lights to flash and the earth to shake and an angel to stand there with a sign that says, "Kate this is exactly what you are to do... Step 1...  Step 2...  Step 3...  Follow these steps and you cannot fail - you will be successful and happy!"  I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon - at least not in my lifetime.

In last week's newsletter I stated:  "It is OUR job to put our needs and desires first, then everyone else will adapt.  From a human standpoint that sounds really selfish doesn't it?"  The reality is that being selfish is when you avoid making a decision because it is easier and more comfortable not to.  When you get clear on what it is that you want you expand your heart consciousness and options present themselves - like the Oxygen Bar did for my friend from California.

Not every decision will produce the highest possible outcome, but no decision will create nothing different - only more of the same.  Is this the way you want to live?  Like you have for years, or do you want to experience your heart singing with joy as your new normal?  Know that Mother Earth, the Universe - the love of All That Is fully supports your ability to create your version of Heaven on Earth!

My friend came to the Colorado mountains and experienced the unforeseen challenge of the altitude.  Lack of oxygen is something you typically would not expect - the planet is covered with "air" right?  As with any endeavor your own uncertainty may make change like going to a place on earth with less air and you're uncomfortable at first.  But when you keep your heart open to the guidance there's an Oxygen Bar on your path to help you.  However, it is up to you as to whether you accept its blessing then fearlessly move on to create your desire or retreat back into the state of feeling powerless, helpless and stuck.

Your birthright is to be happy - to create your version of Heaven on Earth as your reality.

If you are living the life of your dreams, I applaud you!  Congratulations!

This webinar is my gift to you to hold the safe space for you to choose to step into your power to create the life you wish to live.  Please share the link to this complimentary webinar with anyone you believe would receive benefit from it!

May you be profoundly blessed in this moment and in every moment after...

In love and light,

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Is there a relationship that no longer serves you?

The Chinese Zodiac tells us this is the Year of the Snake.  This year of  2013 is "a year for reflection and strategy." "It's a strong year for inner development, emotional renewal, metamorphosis, elimination and recycling." (

As humans we tend to hold on to things - forever...  I finally got rid of jeans I had in high school, but I still have two Corning Ware dishes - with the lids - that I received in 1978 (no chips, and yes, I use them) OMG!

We hold on to relationships with things, people, thought patterns, beliefs and money with both hands even though they've served their purpose and our lives would be better if we blessed them on their way and stepped forward without them.  Yes, this includes money - blessing money on its way, sincerely from our heart - without any fear - opens the way for prosperous financial flow to come to us!

The question is, how do we know when something has served its purpose?  My jeans and dishes are a perfect example.  I didn't wear the jeans any more, so they were taking up space that something I would wear could fill.  I use the dishes, so they are beneficial for me to keep.

Relationships with people are a little trickier.  For example... we're hardwired to believe that it is our job to make everyone else happy - as a result putting our needs and desires last.  When we do this, we're forever trying to accomplish something that isn't even our job.  The happiness of others is their responsibility.  The only person we are responsible for is US.  If you're unsure, ask yourself this question, "Who am I doing the breathing for?"

When we try to "make others happy" (a form of control) we interfere with not only their free will, but with their job of creating their own happiness from within.  It is OUR job to put our needs and desires first, then everyone else will adapt.  From a human standpoint that sounds really selfish doesn't it?

Lets look at the bigger picture:  First we attempt to read someone else's mind to determine what makes them happy, then we push our own desires out of the way (which can and often does lead to resentment) and most of the time our efforts fall flat and sure enough, resentment steps in.

When we put ourselves first, we get clear on what it is we want, which leads to communicating our desires to others, then they have the opportunity to weigh in on the result of a situation.  We may not agree, but it opens the door to negotiation with honor and respect, setting us up to produce the highest possible outcome for everyone.

This is how we stand in our power, with honor and respect for not only others, but most importantly... ourselves.  When we do this, creating the outcome that makes our heart sing is more possible.  When our heart is singing with joy, that loving energy touches everyone around us, including Mother Earth.

Relationships with thought patterns and beliefs are the most elusive.  What do you believe about yourself that no longer serves you?

Do you believe you're good enough to be happy?  Are you worthy to receive wonderful things as the reality of your life?  Are you deserving to be loved beyond measure?  ...the answer to these three questions is, YES!

If you felt any resistance in your body to a "yes" answer, take this moment right now to stop what you're doing and close your eyes and take some deep breaths.  Ask your angels to join you and allow yourself to feel them come near.  Take their hands and form a circle.  Instruct an aspect of you to enter the center of the circle - this aspect may be you as an adult or your inner child.  Now send love to yourself - the angels will do the same.  Send all the love of your heart to the essence of God within this aspect of you - no judgment, no beating yourself up over the past, no guilt, just love - all the love of your heart.

Know you are fully supported by your angelic entourage, the love of All That Is and Mother Earth to release all that no longer serves you and experience emotional, physical and spiritual renewal - your own private metamorphosis.  As you release all that no longer serves you with love, your energy will transcend to the light energy of Christ Consciousness.  You will then have the creation energy to manifest as your reality your version of Heaven on Earth - loving relationships, financial flow, optimal health and work that you love!

I hope you'll join us tonight!

In love and light,

Monday, July 29, 2013

You must let me go so I can live...

For my daughter and I, this summer has been one of remembrance.  Last summer we cared for my dear grandmother for 78 days.  Her health was "failing to thrive" (Hospice term).  We not only cared for Grandma, we had to be her voice, till the angels came to care for her.  It was a time of love beyond measure - a time of heartache, love, laughter and facing the pain of not only losing her physical body to death, but a time to acknowledge and accept a new path of living with Grandma's love - in a new form - spiritual energy.

I've been communicating with my loved ones who have died for years.  Nothing - NO-THING - prepared me for the death of my Grandmother - not pre-grieving, not knowing I would again communicate with her - not the love of all the angels in heaven - nothing prepared me for my physical human pain resulting from her death.

Through the stupor of my pain I reached out to my dear friend, Roland Comtois.  He had lost his mother in November of 2011.  He held the safe space for me to cry and grieve her physical loss while supporting me with love that gave me strength to breathe through the grief to the other side of living.

One year ago today I was working on an email reading for a client when Grandma's higher self came into the vision of my mind's eye.  She was beautiful beyond description!  We hugged each other with excitement, then she got right to business.  She had things to tell me.  Then I heard my grandfather, who died in 2007, calling her...

I knew she would be joining the angelic realm soon and even though I had been telling her it was ok to go, the pain of her physical loss engulfed me and I didn't want her to go and I started to cry.  She gently put one hand on each of my shoulders, looked deep into my eyes and said, "You have to let me go so I can live..."

She was right.  Our love was so strong that if I refused to let her go, my pain would go with her and shadow the angelic celebration of love that awaited her spirit returning to the angelic realm.

I agreed, I would let her go.  ...and in that moment I felt the cord between us disconnect...

THEN...  in that same instant I felt this tremendous WHOOSH of love that surrounded me and convinced me beyond any doubt that she would always be with me...

Grandma's physical body died July 29, 2012.  You may read about her, the love that we share and perhaps receive comfort that your loved one is still with you also, by clicking into the celebration of her life: here.

When our loved one's physical body dies, many times we want to go with them.  I did.  I told Grandma years ago that I didn't want to stay here on Mother Earth without her.  The week of Thanksgiving 2012 was the first time after her death that I "decided" I would continue to live here on Mother Earth in human form.  Just recently I realized that with every wave of grief, I'm faced with that "decision" again.  And I continue to choose to live - to live and love and laugh and not only enjoy my life here as a human, but to share that zest for living, loving and laughing with my friends, family and Soul Kisses Community.

If you are grieving the loss or imminent death of someone you love, know that it is OK for you to experience joy, love and laughter without them being here physically.  When you allow yourself to experience joy, you raise your vibration into that love state where they exist - and it is in those moments that it easiest for you to experience the depth of their love from the realm of the angels.  Allow yourself to grieve, but when you can, step into the love that you have between you and embrace the true joy-of-that-love - acknowledge that they are still with you - forever and always.  Daddy says, it is like applause and they cannot get enough of it!

To those who are grieving, I send you love...  I send you light...  I send you the spark of hope that love is eternal...

If you know of someone who is grieving, and you feel they will receive benefit from this newsletter, please forward it in its entirety.

Sending love and light to all,

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

16 Minutes with Roland Comtois

This week we celebrate Roland Comtois' new book, 16 Minutes: When One Breath Ends, Another Begins.

When I received Roland’s first book, And Then There was Heaven, I could feel the love radiating from within it before I lifted the cover.

It was with this knowledge that I knew 16 Minutes… When One Breath Ends, Another Begins would be very special – and it proved to be more than I could have imagined. I was profoundly gifted by Roland sharing a copy of the digital file of the book before it was printed.

16 Minutes… is the most beautiful book I’ve ever read! From the first paragraph I was welcomed in… to a pool of love so powerful that I was magically transported from my office in Colorado to quietly… reverently… sit with Roland and his mother as she breathed au revoir… for now. An understanding of a life well lived through love engulfed me and I didn’t feel so alone in my own grief.

Having recently lost the physical presence of my dear grandmother (who, when she was younger, resembled Roland’s mother), I was vulnerable to the abyss of grief that Roland so honorably shares. (As mediums, people are surprised that death of a loved one hurts us so much, but we too, are human and must grieve the physical loss.) With each word I identified from my soul with the pain of physical loss that defies human description.

Yet... through the pain, I felt the healing shift from the all consuming sadness and powerlessness of grief to the joy of miraculous... unconditional… love. Through the pain I was embraced by the gentle whisper of hope and the promise of reuniting in a different way that is sweet and certain.

As I read, I felt the peaceful energy of Roland’s mother’s loving spirit gently guiding my finger to scroll the mouse – I could not stop reading! The love of mother and son touched me deeply and I experienced the assurance that continuing to live a human life of joy and laughter without our deceased loved ones is okay.

My soul fragments scattered by grief began to return to me and I’m finally comfortable in my new, redefined skin – no longer a granddaughter – as Roland is no longer a mother’s son. Finally, I feel the gentle tingle of joy at the new definition of “normal.”

Roland’s journey rekindles the distant memories of moments of the past with dear ones whose physical bodies no longer walk the soils of Mother Earth. This gift of remembrance, ignites the flame of eternal love… And the healing of grief begins in earnest… 16 minutes, when one breath ends, another begins…

You may purchase 16 Minutes from Roland's website by clicking here:

If you are grieving the loss of someone you love - or your loved one's body is "failing to thrive" know you are not alone in your grief. Your angels and I send you love and hold the safe space for healing through the pain of grief.

In love and light,


Thursday, July 18, 2013

What happens when we die?

Death is so intangible.  The physical body dies and our loved one is gone.  ...but are they?  We can no longer see them, touch them or call them on the phone and hear their voice when they answer.  However, I did call my dear friend Barbara Mark's ( phone a year or so after she died.  Then after a couple of rings I freaked myself out when I thought, "What am I going to say if she picks up?" I should have let it continue to ring to find out if she would answer!

Barbara died in 2006.  As the webmaster for the Angelspeake website, I personally deleted her email account from the domain and the server.  Then on May 17,  2012 (yes, 2012) at 7:19pm - I received an email from her email account. It came during my Spiritual Whispers radio program while I was talking about her.  Hmmm....

My grandmother passed July 29, 2012.  While my daughter, Jesse and I cared for her for three months prior to her death, we created a Skype account for her.  During the wee hours of grandma's birthday, December 28, 2012, Jesse was working on her computer when she got a notice that Grandma accessed her Skype account.  Hmmm...

Just what happens when we die?  Are you afraid of death?

Tonight I'll be discussing my thoughts and beliefs on what happens when we die.  I'll also share what Barbara Mark told me the morning after her physical body died and what my dad shared with me after his physical death on Halloween 2005.  PLUS we will discuss how to have the "eyes to see, ears to hear and knowing from within" that your deceased loved ones are still with you.

If you're grieving the loss of a loved one, the book I wrote with daddy, Big Jim, two years after his death may help you breathe through the grief to a more loving space. Click here to order your personally signed copy of Waiting in the Other Room.

Fast Track to Transformation
I want to thank you for being a part of this exciting journey of shifting into the love of Christ Consciousness with me.  Through the years the Soul Kisses website and my work has undergone massive transformation.  Now we're at it again!

My grandmother's death last year was excruciating.  It took my several months to "decide" I wanted to continue living in my human body.  Just after the new year my angels, guides and I had a really deep heart to heart.  I told them how my heart yearns to hold the safe space for each of you to experience deep transformation in a more profound way.  And they have shown me how to do that.  Tomorrow you will receive the announcement of the first extraordinary program for transformation.

In the coming months I will be announcing an exciting program with Florence Scovel Shinn and the release of the new Game of Life Workbook.

There will be many more complementary webinars to support you as you release the physical world conditioning of fear and shift to the higher energy of love to create your version of heaven on earth.

Be sure to watch your email tomorrow for the exciting announcement and future emails for more support programs, webinars and information.

I hope you'll join me tonight for Spiritual Whispers radio.  Next week, Roland Comtois will be with me sharing his new book 16 Minutes: When One Breath Ends Another Begins. Click here to schedule a reminder or listen to the archive.

I look forward to holding the safe space of transformation for you in a huge way in the coming weeks!

In love and light,