Thursday, September 29, 2011

PTSD from a previous life?

Our energy creates the reality of our lives and that creation stems from the lowest vibration in which we exist.  For those of you who have been following my writings, you know I've been working through intention to face, disconnect and heal fear that has held me in its lower vibration all my life.
I want to live and create my life from the higher vibration of love so the universe obliges by matching to me life situations and relationships that stir up the deep seated fear hidden in the recesses of my heart - fear from previous lives that are anchored by events in this lifetime.
I know when I'm experiencing one of these "golden opportunities" to release fear when I have an irrational reaction to a life event or situation.  A dear friend and I were discussing this and she referred to this type of reaction as an emotional flashback from the previous life.  We further discussed that many times this emotional flashback is as PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 
In essence we as humans are experiencing PTSD from previous lifetimes to face, disconnect and heal in order to raise our vibration to the higher frequency of love as a collective to shift in tandem with Mother Earth.  The more experience we have in doing this, the easier it is and the more smoothly our lives flow.  We experience more balance, more peace, more love from deep within our being that radiates out to the world around us touching all with the brilliant light of love... ...and the darkness can no longer hide...
When you experience something like this, don't suppress it.  Instead open your heart to the guidance of your angels on how best to heal the pain of fear that now shadows your every step.
Tools to heal PTSD from previous lives and shift to love source:
* Prayer
* Meditation
* Past Life Regression
* Energy Psychology
* Forgive the Unforgiven - Healing Trilogy meditations - click here to learn more
* Communicating with Your Angels Self Study Class - click here to learn more
* Disconnect the Cords to Heal the Wounds of Your Heart ~ new program ~ click here to learn more
* Power of Two Spiritual Coaching - click here to learn more
Last week, September 22, Valerie Keating joined me on the Spiritual Whispers radio show to discuss Past Life Regression as a tool to help make our lives easier (click here and check the archive if you missed it).  This week she joins me to discuss Energy Psychology.  Energy Psychology provides a spontaneous resolution or healing of negative and painful thoughts, feelings and memories.  Be sure to join us tonight at 7pm US Mountain time/9pm US Eastern time to learn more.  Click here to set a reminder.
This time of transformation is very exciting on a spiritual level.  On the Human side... at times... not so much.  Irrational reactions to life events, situations and relationships throw us off balance until we discern the gift within the hiccup that is our golden opportunity to heal.  There are many humans who don't have a clue what is going on and they are struggling desperately.  I send blessings of love and light to those of you reading this in gratitude that you will receive benefit from what my angelic entourage guide me to share.
Super cyber hugs to each one of you...  May the tools to make your life easier find you...
In love and light,

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What is Victim Mind-Set?

Victim mind-set or victim mentality is a little sneaky.  Things happen in our lives that make us feel uncomfortable.  Things that make us feel like we are a victim of the situation - we rationalize that we were minding our own business and this "other person" did something or said something to us that was inappropriate and we feel like we are a victim - some times we do this subconsciously - yet the energy is still very powerful.

From the physical world stand point, these feelings of being a victim are justified.  From a spiritual world stand point, this simply is not the case.

When we allow ourselves to be a victim, we give our power to others and/or the situation and we are then power "less."  Feelings of being powerless are outside of love in the lower vibration of fear.  This creates a cycle of creating more in our lives of that victim/fear vibration.
I've experienced this myself - many times - oy vey... many times...  I've learned that the lower vibration of the fear of victim mind-set has held me hostage most of my life.  This fear has been a HUGE block that has prevented me from manifesting the life that I desire for years.  I would get close, but just... not... quite... there... to make the shift fully into love source and that victim mind-set subconsciously held me back.  Now I can clearly see how this fear in the form of victim mentality was my jailor.   
What about you?  If you step back from your life and take a look at it as an observer, what do you see?  Are you flowing in love energy creating the life that you desire or are you stuck in victim mind-set, albeit subconsciously, creating more things of that lower energy that you don't want? 
Look within, discern any relationships or life events that stir resistance within your heart - identify the pain of being the "victim" and open your heart to face, disconnect and heal from it.  Do this with all areas of your life.  Know that you are in a safe space at this time and be gentle with yourself as you move through this process.  
For me, I know when I've moved fully out of victim mind-set when I can sincerely send love to the person or life situation that initiated the victim energy.  If you cannot do that when you think back to the situation, look within again to discern what else is hiding there needs to be faced, disconnect and healed.
Tools to release victim mind-set and shift to love source:
* Prayer
* Meditation
* Daily Soul Kiss - click here to receive yours
* Forgive the Unforgiven - Healing Trilogy meditations - click here to learn more
* Communicating with Your Angels Self Study Class - click here to learn more
* Disconnect the Cords to Heal the Wounds of Your Heart ~ new program ~ click here to learn more
* Power of Two Spiritual Coaching - click here to learn more
I've learned that when these deep seated fears are healed, golden opportunities unfold and are offered to me. Avalanches of abundance in all areas of my life sweep into my reality and life takes on a balanced sense of peace that is filled with love.
Know that the energies sweeping through our planet fully support you in facing and disconnecting from all things painful to heal the wounds of your heart.
Know that your angels, guides and teachers are with you in every moment of your existence here - whether you feel them or not, they are with you and always will be.
In love and light,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Past to Enlightenment...

The Pain of the Past...
When life events occur in our lives that instill pain, I believe that pain is infused into our cellular makeup.  When those events are traumatic, I believe they transcend previous lives to our current lifetime.  And...  I believe that painful trauma becomes a mass of fear that blocks us from joy and love.  Making living in the pain of the past what we do as humans.

Painful memories of the past, whether they are stored in our current brain's memory archive or are illusive shadows from previous lifetimes are to be pulled forward, faced, disconnected from and healed.  So long as they are buried in our subconscious they are in control of the creation of our lives.  They are as stepping stones to shifting our core energy to the higher vibration of unconditional love.
I've actively been working at eradicating fear from my heart - fear from this lifetime and past lifetimes.  In order to disconnect and heal fear, I first had to face it.  

In order to face the fear, it had to be revealed to me. 
As a result of setting the intention to heal all fear in my heart, the universe responded by revealing deep fears of not only this lifetime, but past lifetimes as well.  

I've experienced two tailspins of fear this year that threatened to do me in.  One of them lasted three days before I got a handle on it.  I asked my angels to help me and they gave me tools.  The first tool I learned was a journaling method I shared with everyone in the Communicating with Your Angels Self Study Class: Angel Journaling for Guidance.  Through journaling with my angels they revealed to me the core of my pain and fear from a previous lifetime that grew roots in my subconscious through events in this lifetime.  

The angels revealed the web of these events to me then they showed me how to disconnect from the pain and fear that was revealed. I share this method with you through the Disconnect the Cords to Heal the Wounds of Your Heart tool.  If you need help disconnecting from fear you may preorder this tool by clicking here.
When the angels revealed to me the pain of a past life that controlled my life of today, I began to understand why I've made decisions that didn't turn out very well.  Each bad situation was an opportunity for me to face the controlling pain and fear of the past, disconnect and heal from it.  But I didn't face and disconnect, instead I buried the pain and denied to myself that I needed to look within and discern what was going on.  So.... I got another opportunity, and another and another - for years...  Then this past summer the pain was so intense that a tailspin ensued and I had no choice but to look within and ask the angels to help me. 

And they did!
The energies flooding our planet reveal the deep hidden fears of our hearts in order for us to face them, disconnect and heal them, thereby raising our core energy vibration to love.  When we disconnect from blocks of fear, Love flows easily from our hearts to create the lives we truly wish to live bringing our heaven to earth.

Healing the pain of the past is our doorway to enlightenment, it is the key to the ascension of our core vibration to that of unconditional love.
Are you burying the key that will set you free to shift your life from fear and lack to joy and love?
Past Life Regression
The angels guided me through a short, safe past life regression to help me understand what I needed to disconnect from and heal.  The experience was fascinating, revealing and just what I needed to help me.  On Thursday, September 22, Valerie Keating, MA, PsyD, LPC will join me on the Spiritual Whispers Radio show to discuss the benefits of Past Life Regression.  Valerie has over 25 years experience and is an expert in her field.  I invite you to email to me any questions you may have before the show, then join us as we answer them and share Valerie's expertise and guidance.  You may click here to set a reminder for Thursday's program.

In love and light,

Tools to help you face, disconnect and heal pain/fear from the past:
 * Meditation
 * Journaling with your angels
 * Communicating with Your Angels Self Study Class - 20% off through 9/23
 * Power of Two Spiritual Coaching - 20% off through 9/23
 * Disconnect the Cords to Heal the Wounds of Your Heart - 20% off through 9/23 - Pre-Order

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Standing in the Bow of Prayer

I've just returned from a road trip with my husband and Majik the poodle.  I received wonderful gifts along the road from Mother Earth and my guides in unexpected ways. While taking Majik out for his morning walk one morning a huge Weeping Willow beckoned us to come closer, to step into the protection of its branches.  As I stood before her, admiring her majesty, I could see her glowing in love.  

I ducked beneath her sweeping branches, stepped into the middle of her heart and stopped.  Quietly, reverently, Majik and I stood within the branches that almost reached the sidewalk where we stood and I allowed myself to "listen."

Immediately I felt the warm embrace of connection as one. I conveyed to the tree my "awe" at her energetic beauty and how I have always loved "Weeping Willows."

This lovely being gently corrected me. She explained she doesn't "weep," she is bowing in reverent prayer of gratitude to Mother Earth for sustenance and prayer to God for the blessing of living.

She showed me how all trees pay tribute to The Creator in their own way.  The "Weeping Willow" bows in prayer, while other trees lift their branches joyfully to the sun in gratitude.  Then she showed my how every tree creates a chorus of nature's song when the breath of God brushes the leaves against one another. 

As I stood within the branches she showed me the infinite possibility of hope that is ours when we choose to disconnect from the past and live in this moment - the one we are standing in right now.  She showed me that it is against our "natural programming" to live in the past creating our future from the pain of past life experiences.

Yet... creating the future from the pain of the past is what we do.  It is what we are taught by the physical world.  

No matter what is going on in your life, now is the time to choose to embrace the possibility of "this moment" without any preconceived ideas of painful outcomes.  Choose to claim the highest possible outcome.  Choose to allow yourself to feel the tingle of excitement in your heart that you did when you were a child in anticipation of something wonderful.

You are creating your life.  Shifting your core vibration to joy filled gratitude produces thought energy of gratitude to manifest wonderful things in your life.

Tools to shift your vibration to love filled gratitude:
* Meditation
* Journaling

Gratitude - The Power of Gratitude guided meditation as my gift here
* Angel Reading with Kate - use coupon code "gratitude" to receive 20% off!
Power of Two Spiritual Coaching
* 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels
* Communicating with Your Angels self study class

As we reconnect with the light of God within us, we discover we have the "eyes to see,"  the "ears to hear" and the "knowing within" to create the joy filled lives we truly desire. 

In this moment there is possibility, what energy are you giving it?

May your shift to love and light be of ease and grace...

In love and light,