Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Transcending Fear to Ascend into Love

We are in an unprecedented time of ascension to Christ Consciousness.  Some are struggling, spinning out of control in fear, while others are opening their hearts even more to the love of God within them to share and send that love to others.  It is no coincidence that we are at the holiday of love and joy - the final days of this year of 2012 and we are being forced to choose - love or fear?

My human heart has been weeping while the rest of me has been working at staying out of anger and fear.  Our hearts will never forget tragedies that touch us so deeply, but we will heal.  Many are focusing on the anger and calling for the elimination of guns.  I'm reminded that a man wielding a knife stabbed 20 children in China on the same day of the shooting in Newtown.  We know there are no coincidences.  Guns don't shoot people by themselves, nor do knives stab people by themselves.  The core issue is the human holding the gun, holding the knife or making the bomb - the human that is lost in a abyss of fear.

On Saturday morning my guides woke me up very early showing me that the children were and always will be in the arms of Jesus - without pain or fear, playing with angels.  I saw Jesus and many angels in the school holding the space of love - not fear.  They then showed me that there are many, many more humans of tortured energy on the cusp of lashing out to hurt others.  My guides asked me to help hold the space for healing of not only those who are suffering from these tragedies, but also a safe space to send healing love to those who are contemplating such horrific attacks and to share that space with others.  You may download these guided journeys by pointing your browser here.

Then I read this article on Monday, Mom says 'I am Adam Lanza's mother,' details life with terrifying son and I understood the magnitude of how important it is for us to come together As One to share the love of God from deep within.  We each have a voice and can help!  Through loving, compassionate hearts we will have clarity of thought for words and action steps to bring healing to these tortured souls and their loved ones.

There will be more horrific tragedies to force us to choose to spin out of control into an abyss of fear or tap into the wisdom of the love that is our essence.  Fear holds us hostage, while Love holds power, healing and clarity of thought.

How do we live in love over fear when we have been conditioned for lifetimes that living in fear is normal?  We must choose!  The old teachings of the physical world condition us to hold on to the pain of unforgiveness, judgment and to seek revenge.  The new paradigm of living in Christ Consciousness holds the energy of compassion and seeing past the tragedy of a life event to the reality that the spirit lives forever and love is eternal.  Love source energy illuminates the bigger picture of healing from deep within ascending our energy as one.

 The energy of love knows no time or distance. 
The energy of love is All Powerful and embraces the human spirit with comfort.
Love Heals... ALL

 My business associate and EFT expert, Nick Ortner, lives in Newtown.  He is setting up a program of love for healing.  You may click here to learn more.

These past few weeks my focus has been to share tools to help those who are grieving to flow in ease and grace through the holidays.  In light of the pain of these past few days, my work is clearly divinely guided.  It has been challenging to hold the energy of joy, because as a human it feels as though we are betraying the pain of physical loss that others are feeling when we "go on about our lives in joy" and we feel guilty.  These feelings of betrayal and guilt are but an illusion of the darkness of fear.

Here - now is the fighting in the streets between fear and love.  Do you choose to stand in the light of love fully supported by powerful loving angels or do you choose to succumb to the darkness of fear?  Life events are forcing our hand - we must choose.

I send love and light to each of you in gratitude that you are with me on this journey through the darkness to the light.

In love and light,

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sending love to Newtown...

There are no words to take away the pain of the tragic event in Newtown, CT - or even ease it.  It would be easy to fall into the abyss of shock, anger and confusion and be lost.

Our human hearts are broken and we weep...

I light a candle to dispel the darkness and light the way for hope and healing.

Many are asking, "What can I do?"  Millions of us are too far away to physically hold those who have lost their loved one to death of the physical body, but what we can do is send "love" from the very essence of who we are to everyone touched by this horrendous experience.

The energy of love knows no time or distance.  
The energy of love is All Powerful and embraces the human spirit with comfort.

Love Heals... ALL

Our human minds are challenged to take in the pain of this tragedy.  Yet within us gratitude holds the light for the lives not taken.  We are grateful that our loved ones are safe - and with that spark of gratitude we can breathe into the comfort of love and send that love to others who are suffering the intense pain of loss.  We can send love to those who have memories of seeing, hearing and feeling things that cannot be unseen, unheard or unfelt.

On this same day, on the other side of Mother Earth in China 22 school children were injured by a knife wielding man.  On December 11 people were killed and injured at a mall in Oregon.  On July 20 people were killed and injured here in Colorado at a movie theater.  There are other troubled, tortured souls who long to inflict suffering on others.  Who are they?  We don't know, but instead of being afraid, we can send love to them, too.  The angels will guide the love of our hearts to the individuals who need healing.  All we need to do is set the intention and send it.

In this time of ascension we are being called on one by one to hold the light of love in our hearts as a brilliant flame.  These tragedies are fanning our flickering pilot light of love to a glorious, brilliant glow of light.  Sending love globally to all who are suffering pain and grief will deliver comfort.  Sending love globally to tortured souls who are considering hurting others will illuminate their darkness so that they, too, will see and feel the light of God surrounding them.

Through these tragic events we human spirits come together in love.  This time of ascension is serious.  I invite you to join me in dissipating the distance between us and come together As One to hold the safe space for healing with love.  The angels and I have created a safe space of comfort to send healing love to those who are suffering.  We've also created a safe space to send love to the tortured souls who feel the need to lash out at others.

This one thing - Sending Love from our hearts - we can do!  With multitudes of angels in attendance we have the ability to send the love of our heart to connect our essence with others - As One - to bring comfort and healing.

This pain is fresh in our minds and in our hearts, yet we yearn for a return to "normalcy."  Without guilt seek out ways to experience joy and laughter.  You won't be betraying those who have transitioned to the angelic realm, nor will you be betraying the pain of those who are still living.  By elevating your vibration out of the sadness to joy, the love that you send them will be that much more powerful to comfort.

You may add yourself or a loved one to the Pray it Forward Prayer List here.

On Thursday night's radio show, December 13, I shared a shielding exercise and a love exercise to help this holiday time flow in ease and grace and bring comfort for the pain of grief.  You may listen to the archive of that show here.

I send you love and light as we come together to heal our broken hearts,

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Grief and Holidays...

The holiday season can be very stressful due to all the hustle and bustle of families getting together, traveling, completing your "to do" list, not to mention people being away from work – both physically and mentally! But when you add grief to the mix, it can be very challenging to see the joy of the holidays, much less experience it.

And then there is the thinning of the veil between our physical world and that of the angelic realm where our loved ones exist whose physical bodies have died. This ascension of love energy to more closely match that of the angelic realm that we and Mother Earth are experiencing has increased exponentially this past year and continues to expand in all directions of time.

On the one hand, it is a very exciting time. On the other, it can be even more painful.

My grandmother passed July 29 of this year. I’ve been feeling better, but recently I felt a huge wave of grief envelope me as a thought of my grandmother popped into my head. I sat down in the chair sobbing (because I’m human, too, and I must allow myself to grieve) and Majik (the poodle) jumped into my lap. I hugged him close, then looked him in the eye and asked if he misses Grandma, too?

Without hesitation I clearly heard him say with some confusion, “I don’t know what your problem is, I see her all the time!”

Needless to say, I was surprised, then… in my mind’s eye, I saw her sweeping my kitchen floor! ;) I had to laugh! I cried through the grief, then I experienced laughter.

It was then that I realized that it was Grandma’s energy coming in to see me that initiated the wave of grief in the first place! Hmmm… well, in that case the experience wasn’t so bad - it was comforting!

This year I won’t be able to call my grandmother on the phone to wish her Merry Christmas or Happy New Year (or just chat at least twice each week). When I began to fret about this an angel whispered in my ear reminding me that I haven’t had the opportunity to spend the holidays with her since the 80’s, but I will this year! She won’t be here in physical form, but she will be here in spirit. She’s here now watching over my right shoulder as I type this – but she’s a little distracted with the other loving spirits in the room!

Grieving isn’t only for loss of life, it can be initiated by the loss of a way of life - including, but not limited to:
Death of a human loved one or pet
A child leaving home
Loss of a home or job
Loss of a relationship
Reliving the trauma of a tragedy

Tools to help breathe through the grief:

  Consciously breathe deeply – we often hold our breath when we are stressed. Our angels communicate with us through our breath, so breathe deeply to help your physical body feel better and allow your heart to open to the comfort of those of the angelic realm.
Before getting out of bed, ask your angels and set the intention to experience joy and laughter at some point during the day.
Allow yourself to experience the grief, then shift your focus on the love you have between you and embrace that love – allow the love to pull you from the depths of despair and experience the joy and comfort of the love. Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel the energy of your loved one. Allow yourself to experience fully the love that they send to you through the veil, from the angelic realm. Then “allow yourself” to carry that love throughout your day without guilt.
Read a book that is written with love and humor about the experiences of others who have experienced physical loss. My recommendations: Waiting in the Other Room written by my dad and me, of course, And Then There was Heaven by Roland Comtois, however, there are many good books out available. Your loved ones in spirit will guide you to the right book.
Talk to someone and let them know that you aren’t asking them to “fix” your grief, you just need an ear (or eyes if you’re emailing) and for them to send you love. (It is okay to ask for others to send you love)

When someone is experiencing the deep profound pain of losing someone they love to death of the physical body, it sounds weak from a “mainstream” viewpoint to say, “I’m praying for you” or “I send you love.” But the truth is – the amazing real truth is - that love is more powerful than anything – ANYTHING! Love heals and Love is all Powerful!

The intense pain of feeling “loss” never goes away, but it heals to a higher level of love when you allow it to.

I invite you to join me for tonight’s Spiritual Whispers radio show. I’ll be sharing tools and stories to help you if you’re grieving – or not grieving – to flow in ease and grace through this holiday season. And I’ll share some private thoughts about my personal grieving process. I will also share the last thing my grandmother said to me before her physical body passed and what happens when we “let them go” sincerely from our heart.

Oops, Grandma just reminded me, we’ll also experience a shielding exercise with the angels of the angelic realm and the earth angels to help make this time easier!

There have been times in my life when I’ve been so far down that when I’ve heard the sound of my own laughter, I was surprised, because I had not heard it nor experienced it for so long. Physical life is toooooooo short. Yes, we must allow ourselves to grieve, but we must also allow ourselves to “Live.” Living and experiencing joy and laughter is exactly what our loved ones want us to do – and when we do, they FEEL that joy and laughter just like we do!

I send you love and light sincerely from my heart to each of you reading this.  Please put your right hand on your left shoulder - your left hand on your right shoulder and accept a physical cyber hug from me!

In love and light,