Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DavidPaul Doyle and The Voice for Love

We all want to make a difference in the world, now more than ever. Yet one of the biggest challenges we face is that we are all juggling so many things that matter to us these days: our families, our friends, our primary relationships, our work, our passions and interests, our health and well-being, following our hearts, serving and giving to others in need, having downtime, relaxation, and play in our lives… The list just doesn't seem to end.

The real challenge is…. How can we do it all WITHOUT the stress, anxiety, fear, attachment, personal agendas, frustration, burn out, and all of the other things that make what we truly love to do a struggle in our lives?

Today I have something special to share with you that will help you to accomplish, contribute, and experience all that you want in your life WITHOUT the struggle and challenge most of us face in doing so.

 If you haven't yet heard of The Voice for Love, you're about to have your life impacted by their wonderful work. The Voice for Love is a leading nonprofit organization and rapidly growing global community of people who join together in celebration to give and receive love, communication, inspiration, learning, and support for living in a consistent state of Divine Consciousness. For the past 10 years, they've taught their unique methods for living in Divine Consciousness to countless people around the world.

 Knowing how effective their methods are and the impact they've had on so many people's lives, for the very first time The Voice for Love is making their teachings available to everyone absolutely free through a series of inspired educational videos that will teach you some of their primary techniques for accessing Divine Consciousness within you and staying in that loving state all through your day.

 If you want to bring as much of your Divine Presence and awareness to every area of your life WITHOUT the stress, anxiety, and struggle the most of us experience in our daily lives, I encourage you to sign up for this free video series today so you can learn The Voice for Love's unique techniques for connecting with the Divine Consciousness within you, as well as how to use and integrate that divine awareness into your daily life.

DavidPaul has been a beautiful light in my life - I encourage you to click here to sign up now!

 In love and light,

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Communicating with deceased loved ones...

Love is eternal.  Love knows no time, nor space.  Love knows no bounds whatsoever.  

This month of October I embrace the love of my dad, Big Jim - not only while he was a living human, but also as a spiritual being of the angelic realm.  October 31 will be the 6 year anniversary of Daddy's death.  Clearly he had, and has, quite the sense of humor - Halloween - really?  

When Daddy died October 31, 2005, he immediately came to see me - I felt his energy with me.  If you've read the "Waiting in the Other Room" book that we wrote together (at his request) after his death, you know the sequence of events of his transition, riding into the light of God on a Harley in spirit and his continued communication with me.    

I still grieve the loss of my dad's physical body and the ability to pick up the phone and call him, but I must admit, the relationship I have with him now is not only amazing, but so much more than my human brain can even take in.  He has helped me with family issues as well as being a guide for my spiritual work.  Daddy even initiates things to lighten the mood in my life, because I'm "too" serious.  When I visited his grave in November of 2006 there were cobwebs all over the cemetery - like out of a scary movie.  I laughed out loud when I saw them and I heard him laughing, too.  But most of all...  my continued communication with my dad has brought me a profound sense of peace and comfort from deep within my heart and my soul - and life is better than okay, it is good.

When our loved one's physical body dies their spirit lives on and can continue to communicate with us.  I firmly believe WE Each have the ability to communicate with them.  All we must do is meet them half way and stay out of our own way by releasing all forms of fear with regard to communicating with them.  Grief, doubt, worry, anxiousness, these are all forms of fear - fear is what gets between us and them.  

Shifting our energy out of fear and into the higher vibration of love, opens the door to: "anything is possible" - even communicating with deceased loved ones.

You too, can communicate with your loved ones of the spirit realm.  These are a few tools to communicate with your deceased loved one:
* Acknowledge them when you "feel" them near you or you receive a sign that reminds you of them (Daddy says it is like applause and they can't get enough of it!)
* Meditation with intention and open heart
* Waiting in the Other Room
* Sacred Space ~ Build It and They Will Come
* Communicating with Your Angels - use this process and trust with the intention to speak with a deceased loved one as well as your angels

When it comes to the shifting of the season, October and Halloween instead of wallowing in the remorse of summer dying, I'm filled with the excitement of harvest - fulfilling my dreams of the year and planting seeds of hope and possibility for next year.  Instead of feeling the blues of "now it has been six years since Daddy died," I'm in celebration of our union of the physical world with the spiritual world and am in joyful anticipation of what he will reveal to me next!

In love and light,

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mother Earth Reveals Hope...

I've been traveling through Colorado the past few days embracing the change of season. As we've driven through the mountains, the changing foliage glitters like diamonds proudly displaying brilliant colors of green, yellow, gold and red. I've never seen such magnificent color! Through the mesmerizing scene a gentle message is revealed before me...

 Surrounding this gorgeous color of the fall season are thousands of trees killed by beetles. The message the glowing aspens and dead and dying pine trees shared as I sat with them is one of perfection. They emphasize that there is perfection in all things - including beetle kill.

 Beneath the trees killed by beetles, the forest floor is alive with growth, with new plants and trees pushing up to greet the sun and wave in the breeze that is the breath of God. The trees ask that instead of allowing your heart to break at so many dead and dying; instead rejoice at their gift of life both before and after the beetles. The trees even made a joke about the "beetles" that kill trees and the "Beatles" who sing making such an impact on the earth and her inhabitants.

 Mother Earth is releasing all that no longer serves her. She shows us that the fear of disconnecting from what is familiar, yet has served its purpose and must now be released is only an illusion. She shows us that trust will reveal the perfection within.

 Mother Earth is stretching, breathing and expanding into a greater awareness. In this time of ascension, the spiritual being that is us is stretching, breathing and expanding into a greater awareness - introducing our human-ness to the infinite possibility that is us.

 Before me the lake is as glass reflecting the beauty of the vibrant forest that is her shore. As I breathe in the possibility of All That Is and embrace the hope of life beating within Mother Earth, I step gratefully into the ability to do my part in this time of transformation by sending her unconditional, healing love. I am the human conduit bringing my heaven to earth.

 Remember, everything is not always as it seems - as with the thousands of trees killed by beetles, Mother Earth is releasing that which no longer serves her to open the way for new prosperous growth. What are you holding on to with both hands that no longer serves you? What do you need to let go of in order to experience prosperous growth and expansion?

 In love and light,

 Click here to join me on Sunday's to pray for Mother Earth, sending love to her collectively as a whole, but also sending love to her soils that hold trauma of her expansion and man's turmoil. As we send unconditional love to the earth, that love heals us and the soils beneath our feet lifting the vibration of all to the higher vibration of love.