Friday, November 10, 2017

What to do when Adversity Blows up Your Manifesting Intention

Dear One,
Today I want to talk about what happens when we set our intention to manifest something we want to be, do or have.

1.  we decide what we want

2.  we get really clear on the energy of what we want

3.  ask our angels for guidance to any action steps we need to take

4.  revisit the excited energy of what it would be like to experience what we want

5.  we receive what we want


5.1.  some form of adversity blind sides us.  And we lose our grip on the energy of receipt because we're trying to put out the fire that looks like, walks like, talks like and feels like some form of adversity.

This adversity can be an unexpected bill, getting sideways with a loved one, or something seeming to fall apart.

This second scenario of being faced with some form of adversity is when most of us throw up our hands and give up, claiming that trying to get what we really want is TOO Hard!

This mental/spiritual shut down puts a screeching halt to the love energy that manifests what we want.  And throws us back into the despair of not having what we were working to manifest e.g. money, love, health, a great job or anything in between.

And... we feel like a failure - AGAIN!

Why does this energy blind side you when you're working so hard to make your life better? 

When I work with my Game of Life students, I help them to understand that at the core of this painful energy is some limiting belief - like not good enough, not worthy, not deserving or being unlovable. 

What we must understand is that the negative energy of this belief has been festering in our subconscious for years - maybe from childhood.  Now it's being revealed as an uncomfortable, painful life experience, not to punish us, but to be healed.

Note:  something no one tells you... this is as painful as this energy gets.

How do we heal this energy?

I show them how to stop and step back as the observer.  Identify the resistance of the energy in your body and face it head on - face to face - eyeball to eyeball --- stare it down.

You'll find that when the energy is observed it loses it's power and the pain diminishes.

Follow the energy all the way to it's core and you'll learn not only what the limiting belief is, but what life experience created it.

Chances are it came from an experience you had as a child that you had no control over that caused you to feel ashamed or not good enough.  And you'll clearly see that this really wasn't the case, you were just too young to understand that it really wasn't your fault.  (This is what I keep discovering for myself.)

While you're experiencing this, send love to the entire situation and all involved - including your inner child.  Forgive yourself and all involved - remember, forgiveness does not condone behavior, forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself. 

Then...  revisit what you wish to manifest.  Now you'll feel very powerfully that YES!  You Do Deserve what you want!  Follow steps 1-4 and this time step 5 will manifest the desires of your heart.

You DESERVE to experience what you want and Be Happy!
In love and light,

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