Friday, November 24, 2017

The "One Thing" that changes everything...

Dearest Beautiful Spirit of Love and Light,

I want to begin by telling you how grateful I am for you - for being a part of my world and for sharing your world with me.

We live in such a fast paced world that it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of it and forget to breathe, much less take the time to "Feel Gratitude."

As you know...  I live a very human life, like you do and I have my downs as well as ups.  Over the years I've learned some tools that ALWAYS work to process through a down time.  One of the easiest and most powerful, is Gratitude.

Gratitude. Changes. Everything.

It's so simple, yet more powerful than a nuclear weapon.

The energy of gratitude is of the vibration of love.

When we embrace this powerful energy fully throughout our body, we become a magnet for the love vibration in our life experiences.
====>no matter what is going on in our lives

When we embrace and become that wonderful, warm, fuzzy, energy of Gratitude, we change from the inside out and the outside changes too - for the better.

If life is already good and you practice embracing the energy of Gratitude, life gets even better.

If you're experiencing a hiccup, embracing the energy of Gratitude course corrects your life experiences to something better.

Energy matches Energy.

If you're stuck in the 'down' part of life, you'll keep recreating over and over again more 'down' experiences.

If you're in the 'down' energy and you refocus on what you're Grateful for, your energy shifts on the inside and it follows suit that the outside experiences will improve.

I know... it's hard to shift your energy when it feels like the universe is dumping on you, but you're more powerful than you think. 

Shift your focus from the "I don't like this energy" to something you're Grateful for - embracing that feel good energy - and open your arms wide for a higher outcome!  ---- when there's no higher outcome in sight!

In the Game of Life programs we use Gratitude Attraction Magnets.  In a quiet moment we make a list of the things we're grateful for, then incorporate focus on these things throughout the day to keep us balanced in this fast paced, hectic world we live in.  Give it a try!

I'll give you a heads up on a top secret project I've been working on...

In the next week or so I'll be announcing a HUGE opportunity to participate in an exciting new adventure - together!  Watch for the email with a subject line that reads:  The SECRET is revealed!

Until next time, please place your left hand on your right shoulder and your right hand on your left shoulder and give yourself a huge Gratitude Hug from me!

Sending angels of love and light,

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