Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Best-Kept-Secret for Creating Prosperity is Revealed!

The Game of Life and How to Play It changed my life - in a magical way.  As I mentioned in last week's newsletter, my life was at its lowest ebb when I was introduced to Florence's teachings.  I was drowning in a sea of despair and hopelessness. 

I knew there had to be a way to help myself, but what was it? I was praying and praying, asking for help, but then I negated my prayers by feeding into my human belief that I was helpless and powerless to change anything.

In short, life sucked. I was stuck in the darkness and I couldn't find the light switch.

Then I held The Game of Life and How to Play It in my hands, opened the cover and began to read.

....and life changed.

With the turn of each page, I felt the strength and power within me returning. Magic was happening deep in my consciousness and I couldn't put the book down.

I found the light switch. I turned it on - and my life changed forever. 

Florence's physical body died in 1940, but know that Florence Scovel Shinn has NOT left the building!  Her spirit is alive and well! From the realm of the angels, Florence came to me and we created an e-course based on The Game of Life.  I'll be sharing how this came about this afternoon on the two hour Celebration Party on Spiritual Whispers Blog Talk Radio show. (2pm PT / 3pm MT / 4pm CT / 5pm ET).

Now we've written The Game of Life Workbook - we've breathed 21st century life into The Game of Life with interactive exercises, contemporary language and the magic of Florence's energy.  And today is the official promotion day!  I'm so very excited!  Over 100 partners have joined me with a combined list of over 1 million emails to share with their communities!

The most amazing, wonderful, fantastic thing is... the energy of love, the clarity for Universal Laws, and the practical conceptual teachings that helped me take my power back and change my life all those years ago, is now available for others who are looking for help. 

Our mission is to hold that safe space for those who know in their hearts there is more for them -- more joy, more prosperity, more love, more happiness, more peace, and yes, more cash flow - to hold that safe space for YOU to shift your energy into the brilliance that you are and BE the happiest you can possibly be in human form.

I invite you to ask your angels to go with you to www.TheGameOfLifeWorkbook.com - read through the information there and allow your heart to tell you if this is the action step you've been looking for to help you achieve more happiness.  When you purchase the workbook - even if you already have it, be sure to claim your bonus gifts here: www.TheGameOfLifeWorkbook.com (If you don't have your order number, let me know.)

I invite you to share this with your friends.  This is the year to make the changes you've been longing for - no matter what is going on in your life, you can step into a more prosperous, joy filled existence - it is your birthright!

You, are my family - my community of love and infinite possibility!  I hope to see you this afternoon on the Spiritual Whispers Radio show for the Celebration Party with Florence and Jessi!  We will be sharing as many stories as we can during the 2 hour celebration 3pm - 5pm MT / 5pm - 7pm ET. Please click reply and email to me your favorites Florence Scovel Shinn story.  Or call in live to the radio show! 

Thank you for being a part of my journey.  See you this afternoon!

In love and light,

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Extra! Extra! Read All About It - Florence Scovel Shinn and Kate Large Collaborate!

YOU are invited to a virtual celebration party with Kate & Jessi!!
(Florence will be there in spirit)

In 1925 Florence Scovel Shinn wrote and self published The Game of Life and How to Play It. A book that was way before its time and subsequently one of the Best-Kept-Secrets of the 20th Century. Her down-to-earth practical insights about how to use your inner power to create a more joy filled life had and continues to have miraculous results for millions of people in all walks of life.

Florence and I have collaborated to rejuvenate and update The Game of Life and How To Play It as a NEW workbook.

I'm so excited to ask you to join me
in celebrating the release of
The Game of Life Workbook!

This new workbook rejuvenates and expands the original Game of Life with 21st century contemporary language and includes over 45 life-changing inside assignment exercises and tools that dive deeper into the energy shifting wisdom of Florence's teachings.

The Game of Life book came to me during a time that I had given my power away to others and I was drowning in painful, desperate-helpless-despair. Then I met Sherry Lewis, an earth angel who saw the light within me that was struggling so frantically to survive and she wanted to help me.  She went to her book case and asked her angels, what book could she share with me that would help me?

The Game of Life by Florence Scovel Shinn fell to the floor!

Sherry shared the book with me and when I read Florence's words of wisdom, I connected with the energetic strength of her teaching and my life began to change instantaneously as I took my power back! Now twenty years later, Florence (from the angelic realm) and I are presenting the NEW Game of Life Workbook.

What about you, are you a student of Florence Scovel Shinn? How were you introduced to her work? How has she helped you to create a more wonderful life? Has The Game of Life fallen to the floor to get your attention just when you needed it most? Your experience is important!  Would you gift the world by sharing your favorite Florence Scovel Shinn story with me and Jessi on the Spiritual Whispers Blog Talk Radio SPECIAL Celebration Party?

I want to invite you to an exciting event on Tuesday, January 28 on the Spiritual Whispers Radio show.  This is a very special celebration party from 3pm - 5pm MT / 5pm - 7pm ET.

Jessi and I will be sharing as many stories as we can during the 2 hour celebration radio program on January 28.  Click Reply and share with me your Florence Scovel Shinn stories: how you were introduced to her work and/or how you've taken your power back to create a better reality for yourself.  Your story will go in the queue to share with the world!

You may order your copy of The Game of Life Workbook at Amazon here.  When you order from Amazon on January 28th you will have access to bonus gifts from all the partners who are helping me to share this extraordinary new workbook!  My collective partners are helping me to contact over 1,000,000 (YES, that is 1 MILLION!!!) people by email about this exciting new life changing workbook on Tuesday, January 28!

I'll be posting all this exciting information on Facebook and Twitter. I invite you to share this information with your friends.  If you're not following me yet, Like my Facebook here (be sure to add me to your news feed/directions on my cover photo) and follow me on Twitter here.

I hope you will accept my personal invitation and join Jessi and I as we share this exciting day of promotion with all of you - LIVE on Blog Talk Radio!  Click here to schedule a reminder!  Be sure to CLICK REPLY and share your Florence Scovel Shinn stories with us!

I'm so excited to see you there!

In love and light,

Heavy Energies ~ BE an Affirmation Rock Star!

There has been some incredibly dense energy flowing throughout our planet - like a low dense fog.  Our human eyes doesn't see this, but our bodies feel it.

For me it became quite intense leading up to the full moon on Wednesday, January 15.  It seemed as if I were walking through sludge.  Unfortunately I was caught up in my "human to-do-list" and didn't recognize the full impact of its energy drain being outside of me till a few days prior to the full moon.  When my consciousness identified it, I was able to see it for what it is: a signal to release and finally be finished/complete with energy creations of the past - cutting the ties to disappointments, grief, plus shifting out of the energy of believing and thinking small.

When I acknowledged this for what it is, with the aid of the sweeping energy of the full moon, the heaviness dissipated.

Have you been experiencing this kind of energy?  Heaviness from within, but when you look at it, it isn't from you, its for you - a sign to help you step out of the past and into a new beginning.

You (we) are held back from enjoying what you desire by your own energy.  What are you doing to create today something more wonderful than yesterday?

With that question in mind, I want to give a HUGE thank you to those of you who joined Dr. Anne Marie Evers and I for the Affirmations: Your Passport to Happiness webinar.  Dr. Evers is such a beautiful light of love and she shared so much wonderful, practical, easy to implement information with us.  The replay expires today.  If you miss it, you may still experience the magic of the webinar and receive all the exciting information with your own personal digital copy or CD by pointing your browser here: http://soulkisses.com/specials/

As my gift to you, to help you create a higher outcome each day, I've included the 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels and the Meet Your Worry Angel recordings of the live programs to this page: http://soulkisses.com/specials/  This SPECIAL expires Tuesday, January 21.

Our lives can get complicated between our human to-do-list, families, friends plus the influx of energies flooding our planet.  What we must remember is this:  We are each, you and I, limitless spiritual beings who have the ability to choose to create our reality.  Are you consciously choosing?  Or is your subconscious unsupervised and in control of creating what you don't want?

You can create a new reality!  Listen in to the exciting program with Dr. Anne Marie Evers and BE and Affirmation Rock Star!  Be open to the tools that will help you to let go of your archive of past experiences that left you flat and/or disappointed and open your heart to the new!

In love and light,

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Stretching with Expansion, Pushing Back and Bursting Forward!

Have you ever been in your creative zone, moving forward, joyfully living your life, then... BAM your flow hits a solid wall - not a knee-wall you can step over, but a skyscraper?  Or the energy of others in your world pummel your energy and you're left standing there bruised and battered unsure of what just happened?

What you've just experienced is your expansion meeting the resistance of your inner fears that have been hidden within your subconscious-ness.  Fears from the past - perhaps from your archive of past experiences this lifetime or a previous lifetime. At first glance, the wall appears to be outside of you - other people or life circumstances interfering with your flow, but the resistance is really within you.

Not to worry!  You have power over energy within you!

The fact that you were flowing joyfully prior to the energies outside of you becoming a wall, reveals how powerful you've become. You're rewriting your neural pathways creating a new reality for yourself and some of those pathways are resisting.  That resistance manifesting in something outside of you is energy's way of pushing back to force you to decide if you really want to flow in joy or the struggle energy that has been your normal way of doing things in the past.

Even though hitting the wall is painful, whether it is a life situation or people throwing a hiccup in your flow, once you understand that the halt in your flow is only permanent if you choose for it to be, you can choose what you really want.  This is your opportunity to choose and solidify who you are becoming and the life you are creating with gusto!

With this conscious decision of choice, you will burst through the wall as if it were tissue paper!

When we expand our consciousness, our creativity and our joy, there is a natural contraction of sorts. The contraction can be huge.  The contraction can be minimal.  Knowing, understanding and accepting that expansion and contraction are a natural process, makes us powerful and the contractions lose their power.

This year is about taking our power back through the nuclear power of love.  My mission is to share with you through programs, complementary webinars, the Spiritual Whispers Radio Show and other opportunities, tips, techniques and tools to help you find the light within you and expand it brilliantly to create your most wonderful reality ever!

Be sure to click into the link below to access personal growth and business building gifts AND register for my complementary webinars to receive these wonderful tools to aid you on your life path.

In love and light,

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome to Your Best-Year-Ever!

As the sun came up this morning in 2014, I woke to the exciting energy of Hope and Possibility of this being the Best-Year-Ever!

We create our reality through the energy of our choices.  I choose and claim this year to be an Abundance of Prosperity in all areas of my life!  I claim my experience as joy, love, laughter, great health, fulfilling work, financial flow, and loving relationships!

Will you join me?

Do you know how to make this the Best-Year-Ever?

A large portion of my joy is my service to humanity.  This year I'm stepping-to-the-plate to present life changing programs and classes for you to learn/remember "HOW" to create your most joy filled reality.  Many of these events will be free - but all will require the investment of your undivided attention (no multi-tasking!).  I'll be asking you to step-to-the-plate to fulfill your life purpose ---- that purpose being to live in love energy to joyfully live your version of Heaven on Earth.

How do I know you can make miraculous changes in your life to live in my joy, happiness and love?

Because when I was lost, helpless and powerless, searching for the light to guide me --- a dear, beautiful lady believed in me.  Through the darkness of fear, she reached out her hand to me.  And even though I hesitated... I did take her hand and I ran with the opportunity to create something different as my reality. When I opened my heart to her support my life began to change immediately!  Immediately - when I took her hand, my life got easier and joy began to thaw my cold fear filled heart.  Then before I knew it every time I turned around I came face to face with a miracle - a blessing that left me ecstatic saying, "Wow!  That really did just happen!"

Now, it is my turn to hold out my hand to you and tell you sincerely from my heart: "I Believe-In-You!"

No matter what your life looks like right now - in this moment... if you are unhappy and you feel within you that there is more available to you...  or if you are happy, but you feel there is still more available for you...

There is.

My mission is to help you open the door to the prosperity that is your birthright to be, do or have what brings you joy and makes your heart sing with happiness.

I invite you to share this information and all my events, programs and classes with your friends.  Sometimes when we are ready to step into the unknown of creating something different, we feel alone, because the energy of friends and/or family is "who do you think you are to change your life to something better?"  (That's where I was years ago, when the hand of light came in through the darkness.)  If like I did, you feel alone, know you're not alone anymore...  you and I are the Power of Two for you to tap into the prosperity, joy and love that is your birthright!

And this year can be YOUR year to shift into love, joy and happiness as your new normal!

This can be the Best-Year-Ever for you - claim it and so it is!

Be sure to watch your email next week for an exciting announcement from me!

Remember, you are love... you are light... you are a limitless spiritual being experiencing a human existence and it is-your-birthright to shift into the energy of love to live a miraculously happy, prosperous life of joy.

Happy New Year, my dear one...  The world is at your feet, what do you want to experience?

With excited love and light,